Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts - JonTron

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JonTron taks a look back at Banjo Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts.
The game that shattered an era finally comes to justice.
Thanks to Plasma3Music for JonTron Remixes:
Thanks to Jose Dieck for Select CGI sequences!
Runtime: 17:48


Emerald chief
Emerald chief - 21 time siden
LlamaLegate - Dag siden
Can we just ban Microsoft from buying things? Even Minecraft (imo) suffered from it.
Green Alien
Green Alien - Dag siden
All I can say is
Da ha 👍
Gator159 - Dag siden
I miss when I was a Happy Young Adult in the 2012.
Lucky - Dag siden
Czech mate
Czech mate - 2 dager siden
1:03 I like the detail that the ominous theme is the jontron main theme just with an ominous instrument. I like it.
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - 2 dager siden
So weird. Always thought it was pronounced
Donkey Kong: Country
Not Donkey kong country
RussianGravy *
RussianGravy * - 2 dager siden
Anyone hear after the new one released
Ezreal 'TrueWOPR' Clownguard
Looks like an average 6/10 to me.
But that's a 6/10 following a pair of 10/10 N64 titles.
Dash's DDR Channel
Dash's DDR Channel - 2 dager siden
“gamers today just want to shoot things” this game pulled the kojima death stranding card before it was cool
Sergio Marti ez
Sergio Marti ez - 2 dager siden
I played this game in a hospital waiting room once now i have a fear of hospital's
Cam - 3 dager siden
10:49 can I get this track on Amazon music?
Seab The Vortian
Seab The Vortian - 3 dager siden
13:00 this aged... poorly?
Michael Rasch
Michael Rasch - 3 dager siden
I liked this as a kid
Thefan1001 - 5 dager siden
The game ruined Johns day
Lightning Shy
Lightning Shy - 6 dager siden
Honestly everything about the L.O.G. guy makes me cringe
Beelzebub Crumpethorn
Beelzebub Crumpethorn - 6 dager siden
"I lost a ROCK!"
~ _Jontron, 2012_
Joe Loos
Joe Loos - 6 dager siden
After Effects!
oogity Boogity
oogity Boogity - 6 dager siden
Kalekidsav - 7 dager siden
At least like 5 memes came from this video
Coopatroop537 Gaming
Coopatroop537 Gaming - 7 dager siden
8:38 a person when the die in Fortnite be like
sssamurai - 7 dager siden
10:42 Joseph Joestar every three seconds in JoJos Bizarre Adventures part 2 Battle Tendency.
Moodle - 8 dager siden
Alright I don't know shit about this game, but from what I can gather from the cutscene footage, this game looks like it's trying to be satirical and self-aware but ends up being an hypocritical jerk
Not only does it shit on the old banjo games with that beginning sequence but there's also a bit of "back in my day" mentality with the line "gamers these days just want to shoot things"
Grace Mora
Grace Mora - 8 dager siden
DarkurSrike - 8 dager siden
-Joseph Joestar.
Kirby Kirbyfan18
Kirby Kirbyfan18 - 10 dager siden
What's wrong with cars
Kafu and Yoshi
Kafu and Yoshi - 10 dager siden
Banjo Tooie is my favorite of all Banjo games....I realize that sequel is *SO MUCH MORE* engrossing and complex than the 1st. The worlds of Tooie are bigger and more interconnected, and the characters and gameplay are 10x more engaging than the 1st or 3rd.
Riley Taylor
Riley Taylor - 10 dager siden
Nothing has changed
TheGreatEmuWarrior24 _
TheGreatEmuWarrior24 _ - 10 dager siden
Aaron Carlston
Aaron Carlston - 10 dager siden
Whatever happened to jacque?
The Randomizer1010
The Randomizer1010 - 11 dager siden
I wonder if we will ever get a real sao game
Luke Saltiboi
Luke Saltiboi - 11 dager siden
Rare’s newer stuff like sea of thieves is amazing too
Luke Saltiboi
Luke Saltiboi - 11 dager siden
I like Jacques so much
TeciorRibbon - 12 dager siden
_President Jon Jafari, 2003 colorised_
BuzzLightYearPFP - 12 dager siden
'mairo city simulator'
my god. he predicted new donk city.
NikoRamos102 - 12 dager siden
What’s the name of the music in 6:16
Darkness Trapped
Darkness Trapped - 11 dager siden
Its from the first banjo thats all i know i think
GeRmOnIc x
GeRmOnIc x - 12 dager siden
I remember hearing that "I will always love you" bit from Zedge never knowing where it was from so I set it as my ringtone for a couple months then came across this magnificent man and started watching all of his stuff and found this
Caroline Johansen
Caroline Johansen - 12 dager siden
Can i just say
Kameo elements of power and perfect dark zero were two pretty good games
Personally i thoroughly enjoyed playing both
Both had cool mechanics and decent stories
Datboi Gokumi
Datboi Gokumi - 12 dager siden
Legend of Zelda Modern Warfare was my favorite part of the video, followed closely by the legendary meme at 10:49
That0neGuy - 12 dager siden
Rare makes such great games, like Sea of Thieves!
Ahmed malaki
Ahmed malaki - 13 dager siden
I remember watching this video before knowing anything about rare but thank you jontron
Jrsonic_yt Animations
Jrsonic_yt Animations - 13 dager siden
His old voice is mememable
veriety - 13 dager siden
Anyone else get reminded of birdemic at the end of the video? Just me??
Martin Valenzuela
Martin Valenzuela - 13 dager siden
I like that game though
TroyToaster001 - 14 dager siden
I lost all my freinds so I dont think I can do that.
mobiussp - 15 dager siden
I vividly remember playing this when I was like 5 or 6
Faic Legion
Faic Legion - 15 dager siden
Genuinely sad that the only good game in the franchise is universally hated
UntitledRealism - 15 dager siden
and we never got a DK country review
kernowparadise - 15 dager siden
Heres the thing, the game is fantastic in terms of gameplay, especially for kids with constructive and creative minds. However, Microsoft buying Rare and then making something that is about building vehicles a Banjo Kazooie game is just not really a smart move.
Have whatever thoughts about the game, I don't care and I will not try to defend this game but I as a person who played this game as a kid and thoroughly enjoyed it has a very strong sentimental connection with this game.
TB 7788
TB 7788 - 16 dager siden
“you can’t change the game mechanics and still have the old level design” uhh you might wanna check back up on your favorite game of all time there, yo
GO Yellow! UwU
GO Yellow! UwU - 16 dager siden
I'm here just for this 10:49
Wake me up inside
Wake me up inside - 16 dager siden
8 years
Joseph Knight
Joseph Knight - 16 dager siden
Came back to say i unironically really like Banjo-Kazooie Niuts and Bolts. Idek why there's just something about the game i find incredibly appealing.
Matt - 16 dager siden
Pixar's latest sequel: 10:46
Matt - 16 dager siden
now I would play Legend of Zelda: Modern Warfare.
BooDaBlackCat - 16 dager siden
Forever a classic
›› french toast ‹‹
›› french toast ‹‹ - 16 dager siden
Crap Tastiko
Crap Tastiko - 16 dager siden
same year as fallout 3
Crap Tastiko
Crap Tastiko - 16 dager siden
oh he does mention dat
Jackson Berrigan
Jackson Berrigan - 16 dager siden
The ending of this was like that one bird movie you reviewed I remember it well
Yukron - 17 dager siden
Banjo Kazooie, Heart Attack & Mobility Scooter.
Mason - 17 dager siden
i need tissues
EGAMA - 17 dager siden
10:48 we witness the greatest meme of all time
cayed 6
cayed 6 - 17 dager siden
You know when Jon's fucking PISSED when his voice starts to get high and really loud
Michaeladon - 17 dager siden
His editing was god like even if it's from 8 years ago
Lukenukemson - 18 dager siden
Controversial opinion time. Banjo kazooie nuts and bolts is one of my favourite games. It's just good fun. It's not really a banjo kazooie game, but if you look past that you can really enjoy it.
gravysamich - 18 dager siden
there is more time between now and the release of nuts and bolts than there is between the releases tooie and nuts and bolts. let that sink in...
noobly nuggets
noobly nuggets - 19 dager siden
man early 2010s game reviews were good
BoyVOL - 19 dager siden
I think devs are not excited about this whole concept either. Cause the HUGE amount of irony through the whole intro brings up some thoughts.

But I would like to play it. I like cars. Especially craftable ones.
Bing Bulao
Bing Bulao - 19 dager siden
Banjo and Kazooie in Smash it's because Microsoft made a mistake
Kade Vader
Kade Vader - 19 dager siden
Am I the only one that thinks that Nuts and Bolts is a decent the game. I mean it's not best but there is worst out there, and I like it as a kid. But I can see why people hate this game. Never mind I found some people that don't hate this game.
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - 20 dager siden
on my x-box one i have rare replay that have all the oldern game like in 1999 or 2000 and others
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - 19 dager siden
jon get this game please more history more amazing gameplay
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - 19 dager siden
and the banjo-kazooie games
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster - 20 dager siden
by rarewear
owen edger
owen edger - 20 dager siden
Aww 2012a sipole time
Waffles - 20 dager siden
huh who knew that he would predict mario odyssey aka mario coty simulator
кιℓℓυʍιηαтι - 20 dager siden
I can't believe they wasted such a beautiful game design on this
Phantøm HeaRt DXP
Phantøm HeaRt DXP - 21 dag siden
I mean it’s fine by me
Ege S.
Ege S. - 21 dag siden
and yet again here we are
awalllen212 - 21 dag siden
What the original bano Kazooie was to some people this game was to me. It was one of my all time favorite games as wee lad and it will allways have a special place in my heart.
Darthkion Johnson
Darthkion Johnson - 21 dag siden
Men you are meme
King Penguin
King Penguin - 21 dag siden
Everyone hates rusty bucket bay BUT NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT BUBBLEGLOOP SWAMP
gravysamich - 18 dager siden
bubble gloop is my second favorite level. it really is super easy though. with there was a bit more platforming challenge. all the main challenges in the level come more from timing puzzles or memory games than from any platforming.
King Penguin
King Penguin - 20 dager siden
@Antoine Morand Pirannas bitey fish I don’t know how to spell that
Antoine Morand
Antoine Morand - 21 dag siden
@King Penguin there aren’t any fish in Bubblegloop Swamp though.. Are you sure you’re talking about the right level?
King Penguin
King Penguin - 21 dag siden
@Antoine Morand it was got me I hope those fish burn in hell
Antoine Morand
Antoine Morand - 21 dag siden
Probably because it’s pretty easy?
RizkyMariant - 22 dager siden
I came to 10:50 because i watch Shotaro ate 23 sushi 😭
Invader Vim
Invader Vim - 22 dager siden
As an uncultured heathen that never played the first two games, I really enjoyed this one. I honestly just loved (and still do, i play scrap mechanic for gods sake) building stuff.
Please feel free to hang me for me blasphemous statement.
orran animates
orran animates - 22 dager siden
“Broadening the demographic”
“racing game”
Something doesn’t add up
Matthew Martinez
Matthew Martinez - 22 dager siden
This is sacred grounds. It being the spawn of many memes, classics. Like the best cover song, holy sh*t, and the man who saved the world.
sick milk
sick milk - 22 dager siden
I liked nuts and bolts... Ever since I was 7 or 8.
Blueknight1031 - 22 dager siden
Jack Hall
Jack Hall - 23 dager siden
I love Jons singing honestly
Profeta degli Dei
Profeta degli Dei - 23 dager siden
Ask The Gods.
Bobo Monkey
Bobo Monkey - 23 dager siden
No wonder Microsoft treats Rare’s newer games like most of Disney’s live-action remakes! As a fan of the Nintendo-era Rare and a fan of both the original 1998 Banjo-Kazooie game and its sequel Banjo-Tooie, I was sorely disappointed and insulted when Rare gave us this pile of crap instead of Banjo-Threeie. I’ve lost all faith in Rare because of what Microsoft did to them ever since their purchase in 2002.
The Conductor Esplin
The Conductor Esplin - 23 dager siden
My last video in 2020
Bootleg Boomer
Bootleg Boomer - 23 dager siden
Dang man, I can’t fully relate, but this reminds me of what happened to Skylanders. In particular the superchargers.
ImmaLittlePip - 23 dager siden
16:29 I need a gif of this
DUCKBRINGER - 23 dager siden
this is why we shouldn't have Half Life 3
Marcus Coll
Marcus Coll - 23 dager siden
Love your vids me and my mom love them
Alfredo Gaitan
Alfredo Gaitan - 24 dager siden
I miss Jacques
ItsYee - 24 dager siden
I can't believe I found several famous JT quotes in one video!
Mecha Zero
Mecha Zero - 24 dager siden
10:43 everyone when they see this game
JustShaun - 24 dager siden
Mario city simulator more like "Mario odyssey" :????))
the running man
the running man - 24 dager siden
This is the game that gave jon nightmares
ckfeliz - 24 dager siden
Tim C
Tim C - 24 dager siden
I still come back to watch this video every now and then because I'm still not over what they did to my boy Banjo