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Jon Jafari - Director, Writer, Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Useless
Michael Shayne - Gaffer/Lighting
Lynell Vinuya - Hierarchy Pointer Outer
MELANIE LIcATA- Makeup/Special Effects
Keaton Hild - Sound
Andrew Reynoso - Editor
Michael Butler - Friggin' Beast lmao
Trevor Lazinski - Head Cheesemeister
Kevin Zobre - Himself
Sarah Grace Long - Assistant Set Dec
Lydia Milich - Assistant Set Dec/Scenic
Mike Butler - Set Dresser/Grip
Trevor Lazinski - Set Dresser/Grip
Gnome Paintings by Jeff Delgado
"You Are Not A Gnome" Instrumental by Tom Ryan
Runtime: 16:48


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Asher Williams
Asher Williams - 17 timer siden
Paid: sellout legends
Two lung crew
Two lung crew - 19 dager siden
GManHeavy - 20 dager siden
David mingle
David mingle - 20 dager siden
Are you aware that raid is owned by a slot machine company? It's literally just gambling for kids.
Francis The frog
Francis The frog - 22 dager siden
@Iskald the Communist AND WELCOME TO GAME THEORY
Dave Why
Dave Why - 12 minutter siden
but he IS a gnome a big one
The Red Baron
The Red Baron - 7 timer siden
*This is Jon's choice now*
DarkStrikes - 8 timer siden
Ngl You Are Not A Gnome is lit
Bruh Luigi
Bruh Luigi - 10 timer siden
The_fellowfollow - 15 timer siden
wait smoking a beer last night bro you high
Babatunde - 15 timer siden
for 10 dollars you can save a chil- But first from our sponsors, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS AND ONLIN-
Awesomeman 2000
Awesomeman 2000 - 16 timer siden
" I was smoking a beer"
JonTron 2019
Fresh4Lyfe Gaming
Fresh4Lyfe Gaming - 20 timer siden
This video was made on my 15th birthday!
Vikingconan - 22 timer siden
Exceptional Animations
because it's jon tron's gnome it prolly is worth bout a million now
tommy Chong
tommy Chong - Dag siden
11:03 Jon said the R slurr 😱
Zach Willetts
Zach Willetts - Dag siden
1:00 I was smoking a beer
Kaede - 2 dager siden
smoking a beer
thank you for the idea
Foxy Rimbert
Foxy Rimbert - 2 dager siden
smokin a beer
bannedfahim asmr roblox
bannedfahim asmr roblox - 2 dager siden
First raid advert
DuckyTheBuilder - 2 dager siden
-Jontron 2019
idontevencare - 2 dager siden
I knew I’m a year late but the pillow should have said kono dio da
Hugo Pearce
Hugo Pearce - 2 dager siden
This was a Tax write off
Snap_ Dragon
Snap_ Dragon - 2 dager siden
Did he just say smoking a beer
Lori Doolin
Lori Doolin - 2 dager siden
I’m going to put the Zoerb in the zoerd
What am I Guy
What am I Guy - 2 dager siden
Kevin almost looks like my government teacher kevin
What am I Guy
What am I Guy - 2 dager siden
Jon almost looks thin in this video
Cameron h
Cameron h - 3 dager siden
I am 11
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez - 3 dager siden
Ohhh smoking a beer
Rothana Low Altitude Assault Transport
“I was smoking a beer-“
Ethan Timberman - LEH Student
i almost died watching this i will never drink water agian
4of92000 - 4 dager siden
8:45 Q R S, T U... _uüee_
Dezired.exe - 4 dager siden
Being gay is gay
Orphan Prism
Orphan Prism - 4 dager siden
Doge coin
Malachi Winston
Malachi Winston - 4 dager siden
Those drone crash sounds physically hurt to hear.
Domo tree
Domo tree - 4 dager siden
A real Esonian guy
Snaking Gamer
Snaking Gamer - 4 dager siden
Sloppy Flyer
Sloppy Flyer - 5 dager siden
when he had the lip on it was on upside down
Devers - 5 dager siden
Why am I just finding this guys channel
Theman Does stuff yea I changed it big deal
Smoking a beer
Noodle Cat
Noodle Cat - 5 dager siden
I clicked this video and a Raid shodow legends ad and when it ended the first this I saw the jontron playing Raid shodow legends
Leafcrafter wings of fire
Leafcrafter wings of fire - 5 dager siden
Raid shadow legends
Madjdfg Playz
Madjdfg Playz - 6 dager siden
You were smoking beers? Lol
What's even Happening!?
What's even Happening!? - 6 dager siden
Keemstar!? Wait nvm my bad
Zakár Maxim
Zakár Maxim - 6 dager siden
The underpants needs hot water not cold
The Spy
The Spy - 6 dager siden
The face slimmer
Aka, the poggers creator
FNAFfan1 - 7 dager siden
I got an ad for raid shadow legends on this video before the ad for raid shadow legends
naysebtc - 7 dager siden
Yeh we call it a zebra. It’s our language if you dont like speak a different one. Nobody asked you to speak English Jon
Bryan Wells
Bryan Wells - 7 dager siden
7:55 best part of the video (I think)
edit: and 11:00
Rico Jones26
Rico Jones26 - 7 dager siden
“I was smoking a beer” as do we all Jon.
no bread for you
no bread for you - 7 dager siden
This is the first time i enjoyed a raid shadow legends sponsor
Minecraft TechnoWizard
Minecraft TechnoWizard - 7 dager siden
I love how he says in the song that the he is not a gnome, and them immediately contradicting this by referring to him as a ‘$2,000 gnome’.
Andrew Chillz
Andrew Chillz - 7 dager siden
12:41 wait i'm an estonian
Jordan lara
Jordan lara - 7 dager siden
Is this a jojo reference?
vruv vv
vruv vv - 8 dager siden
That alzheimers dad one day is gonna forget his yodeling pickle one day pretty sad
Frogger - 8 dager siden
Gnomeo & Juliet
veesaos - 8 dager siden
zorb ball tournaments is the perfect social distancing activity
Catandogclone 13
Catandogclone 13 - 8 dager siden
I hate looking at Jontron with the lip thing in his mouth.
Tristin Blaisdell
Tristin Blaisdell - 8 dager siden
please never let me see Jon in leather pants again
just another person 777
just another person 777 - 8 dager siden
0:52 ad ends here
Bespin guard
Bespin guard - 8 dager siden
MaxiDoesStuff - 9 dager siden
Here needs to be a girlfriend pillow now.
Astros Air Bubble
Astros Air Bubble - 9 dager siden
That girl man..
Max G3
Max G3 - 9 dager siden
7:53 that's such a horrible sound
Coroanavirues Cococcoococco
Coroanavirues Cococcoococco - 9 dager siden
John no you to
DigitalHarmony - 9 dager siden
Yes, we Australians do say Zed. And it’s a zebra, like zedbra without the d.
DigitalHarmony - 8 dager siden
@ForeverLaxx 😂😂😂
ForeverLaxx - 8 dager siden
Why you running around and chopping the D off all the zebras?
Fenris Wesslowski
Fenris Wesslowski - 9 dager siden
But why why would you do that.
Caleb Tabb
Caleb Tabb - 9 dager siden
Smoking a beer. John wtf
I am Satire
I am Satire - 9 dager siden
7:10 10G-Snake Eater
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne - 9 dager siden
How did Jon buy keemstar?
X Anonymous
X Anonymous - 9 dager siden
Mrbeast did it first, in 2018
Colorsphere - 9 dager siden
*Seattle yodel* O_O
Raiko Jänes
Raiko Jänes - 10 dager siden
did he just say fucking Estonia? Dude, my country as noticed!!
BLeaf - 10 dager siden
6:45, that's what she said
L1ZARDK1NG24 - 10 dager siden
I finally found his review on the boyfriend pillow on amazon
ALL IGNORANCE - 10 dager siden
That song at the end wash hilarious af😂😂💯
Aric Reyes
Aric Reyes - 10 dager siden
SMOKING A BEER!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?? HOW DOES THAT WORK????!!!!!?!?!?!?!
Jackie Gawne
Jackie Gawne - 10 dager siden
RAID SHADOW LEGENDS buy dumb stuff for free
jose susi
jose susi - 10 dager siden
i like what what the fuck
X TEAM OFFICIAL - 10 dager siden
anyone else notice he said 'smoking a beer?
Virtual Vespi
Virtual Vespi - 10 dager siden
I guess you could say the delivery drone went... POSTAL
Mr0kleiner - 10 dager siden
Love that the raid promoted video is about regrettable purchases
Zero Four
Zero Four - 11 dager siden
raid shadow legends looks more awesome with Jon inside it
Luuk Scheelbeek
Luuk Scheelbeek - 11 dager siden
8:47 e EAE
Jonas L
Jonas L - 11 dager siden
8:25 rofl 🤣 🤣🤣
Promiscuous Crab
Promiscuous Crab - 11 dager siden
There are factories with industrial machines, supply lines, workers, design teams, shipping logistics etc. producing this stuff.
Danny watkins
Danny watkins - 11 dager siden
what a bargai
Yeet is Goated
Yeet is Goated - 11 dager siden
Jon you got a nice voice
LerX 06
LerX 06 - 11 dager siden
I was smokin a beer with my friends last night and I blacked out
Ducks For Hire
Ducks For Hire - 11 dager siden
when he bought the " pillow of the web " i thought he was gonna buy body pillows lol
Turtle Boy
Turtle Boy - 12 dager siden
Smoking a beer
Glorp Wallaby
Glorp Wallaby - 12 dager siden
I love smoking beer too
William Brinkley
William Brinkley - 12 dager siden
The boyfriend pillow is like a hypnotist.
Every review channel goes in thinking it’s stupid, then like four seconds into usage they’re suddenly part of the Boyfriend pillow cult I M M E D I E T L Y.
Luka Marijan
Luka Marijan - 12 dager siden
This is about two toddlers getting drunk on a sun day with coffee
Octogon - 12 dager siden
What ya were SMOKING a BEER
Spooks G
Spooks G - 12 dager siden
707 Yam
707 Yam - 12 dager siden
Damn Jon can sing
Bill - 12 dager siden
4:30 Jokes aside, what's this music name?
Snorr - 12 dager siden
Piranha Plant Lullaby from Super Mario 64
The Doctor Is In
The Doctor Is In - 12 dager siden
A'ight. Did you put that sound effect in, or is that actually the sound it made, because both options concern me.
Leon _
Leon _ - 12 dager siden
It soo nice for John to sing a song about keemstar
Ibiles Fighter 3.1
Ibiles Fighter 3.1 - 12 dager siden
0:54 to skip sponser
Jake Farrand
Jake Farrand - 12 dager siden
This is a year early
os -zodiac
os -zodiac - 12 dager siden
Going onto this video I went through hell and back lucky for me there is a skip button
Kenji Sakamoto
Kenji Sakamoto - 12 dager siden
Mouth slimmer is basically a sex toy and categorized as a "mouth slimmer" so can seem normal for your purchase.
Honestly I think you could of sold it double or triple its original price especially when you had the gallery.