Conan the Barbarian - JonTron

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Jon unleashes his inner beast with Conan the Barbarian!
Co-Writing/Cinematography - Paul Ritchey :
Title Cards + Intro - Michael Azzi :
Runtime: 10:26


Devil of Wrestling
Devil of Wrestling - 2 dager siden
But only for rugs
PsyGuy - 2 dager siden
JonTron's accent was spot-on. Couldn't do it better if I tried.
Coneh - 3 dager siden
Well if JonTron's not gonna upload anything, I guess I'll just binge the old ones... again... again-again...
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer - 3 dager siden
Jack Tv rell
Jack Tv rell - 4 dager siden
When in doubt: 9:57
Vigi1antVort3x - 7 dager siden
Nah it's probably nothing.
Imported Emperor
Imported Emperor - 14 dager siden
I need more Jon man. Old school Jon is best Jon
Firedrake 724
Firedrake 724 - 17 dager siden
I love seeing the jontron warpath ad before this video 😂😂
Soup Pest
Soup Pest - 18 dager siden
There's a survival game based of this
Soup Pest
Soup Pest - 18 dager siden
It's called Conan exliles
John Davies
John Davies - 19 dager siden
Cheers jontron!!! always have a good laugh.
JewsOwn TheMedia
JewsOwn TheMedia - 19 dager siden
End this kid.
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown - 20 dager siden
So this is where that meme came from...
Audiowave Music
Audiowave Music - 21 dag siden
7:29 its an arrow lol
MichaeLJPS - 22 dager siden
a) the beach
b) to crush your enemies
c) tO cRuSh yOuR EnEmIES!!!!!
Max Mccune
Max Mccune - 24 dager siden
I got this on fucking blue ray
Landen Kempson
Landen Kempson - 26 dager siden
Conan Exiles: am I a joke to you?
Derek Ulrich
Derek Ulrich - 29 dager siden
Looking at your view ratio, I can full heartedly swear that Foodfight's view count should be swapped for this video.
Pizza Problems
Pizza Problems - 29 dager siden
Such a golden age of Jontron. Perfect rhythm, having fun behind the scenes, elevating the performance with great improv as a result...
DON STRONG - Måned siden
1:34 Igor
Aidan Bertone
Aidan Bertone - Måned siden
Dude Arnold was built like a god and he was perfect for this movie
The Grand XBunny
The Grand XBunny - Måned siden
The true and superior LEGO Grievous
Fun fact: the original books of Conan the barbarian take place in the Cthulhu mythos
The King86
The King86 - Måned siden
Jontron where did you get that Conan sword from? That looks really well made.
Oscar De Leon
Oscar De Leon - Måned siden
6:45 god dammit
Vincent Chang
Vincent Chang - Måned siden
Go play Golden Axe which was the best Conan Game in History.
Phillip Smejkal
Phillip Smejkal - Måned siden
Damn you instantly nailed it after a few secounds. Had to laugh so hard hear your impression of Arnie, because it was pretty accurate.
Wesley Harvey
Wesley Harvey - Måned siden
back then we had conan the barbarian and now we have conan o'Brien
Knuckles The Enchilada
Knuckles The Enchilada - Måned siden
Any body else revisiting the classics?
Brendan catino
Brendan catino - Måned siden
its still funny even though its old
phoenix johnson
phoenix johnson - Måned siden
jordan evenson
jordan evenson - Måned siden
oh yeah
Western gopnik
Western gopnik - 2 måneder siden
That accent was on fire (that's a compliment).
Western gopnik
Western gopnik - Måned siden
Hello I have been expecting you have some wine and something to eat and relax OK.
Cameo64 - 2 måneder siden
Is the other dude in the video the same guy who works on comment etiquette commercials?
Faic Legion
Faic Legion - 2 måneder siden
Oh, the horseradish is for if you get a mushroom infestation
Kunisake - 2 måneder siden
So what exactly do you do when you're under attack? Do you solve a math equation or some shit?
thebladingblur - 2 måneder siden
Uh guys... Jon hasn’t made a video in a while and Halloween just passed!... do you think he ever got to take his life saving medicine???
No one Loves me
No one Loves me - 2 måneder siden
Conan exiles is good but that didn’t exist when this came out
Vincent mercades
Vincent mercades - 2 måneder siden
6:00 there's a fist by the side of the screen
Janete Rezei
Janete Rezei - 2 måneder siden
No joke, Jon's impression of a young, hard-accented Schwarzenegger sounds more like him than current-day (AH)rnold trying to relive the golden days
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 2 måneder siden
That fucking Metal as fuck 1:05
Michael Jackson Lalaloopsy Barbie
Zoe Pappas
Zoe Pappas - 2 måneder siden
It says a lot about the original Conan movie that even Jon's goofy parody opening still got me hyped.
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD - 2 måneder siden
Is this the Flex Tape guy?
R'lyeh the Dead
R'lyeh the Dead - 2 måneder siden
That first Conan game was giving major Attack on Titan Theme song vibes.
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 3 måneder siden
2:26 You think John?
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 3 måneder siden
1:12 That fucking metal as fuck
ItsGuttersnipe - 3 måneder siden
Wait, did youtube edit out a few segments? I thought I remembered an N64 game in this video
Black Ice
Black Ice - 2 måneder siden
thats the hercules one there was no conan n64 game
Waggle - 3 måneder siden
very sad about not having xbox original conan in here...
CrasherX 2000
CrasherX 2000 - 3 måneder siden
That impression was so spot on it sounded just like Arnold himself
ShockDragon - 3 måneder siden
Matthew Landin
Matthew Landin - 3 måneder siden
Fun fact. Conan the Barbarian is part of the Cthulu Mythos. Look it up. Its true.
DIO - 3 måneder siden
"Especially in a game when you need to push down very quickly in a storm of never ending Buttfeasting Gremlin Skeletons to get the item that only falls from the teleporting purple Satan Demon, that only spawns when you cut down the one random skeleton hanging from the ceiling, that is the only item that can kill the boss that kills *YOU* in one hit unless you have that item and YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT UNLESS YOU *READ IT ON THE INTERNET WHICH DIDN'T EXIST WHEN THIS GAME CAME OUT."*
Demétrius Jr.
Demétrius Jr. - 3 måneder siden
Braden Little
Braden Little - 3 måneder siden
Quote from the books.
"I offer you life conan."
"I offer you death wizard!"
Sugewin - 9 dager siden
Conan does not give a single fuck, I love him.
Joseph Lisowski
Joseph Lisowski - 3 måneder siden
Rember when Johntron reviewed games
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire - 3 måneder siden
Covid running through 2020

Ahh its probably nothing
James mcaulay
James mcaulay - 3 måneder siden
Conan Exiles is fucking amazing
Mr Hankey
Mr Hankey - 4 måneder siden
Howdey ho jon
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - 4 måneder siden
I love the random mention of the Horseradish at the end.
Lord Headass
Lord Headass - 4 måneder siden
*There's a jar of horse radish up there idontknowwhatitis it's scaaaary*
bud389 - 4 måneder siden
Commodore 64 was actually capable of a whole lot MORE than the NES. Had better sound, more RAM, more memory, and higher resolution. It just didn't have the ability to do scrolling as much as the NES, and the NES had a more powerful CPU, which is pretty much it.
bud389 - 4 måneder siden
"by a bunch of white guys named Eric"...I mean...Conan was a white guy...seems fitting.
Bender Bending Rodríguez
Bender Bending Rodríguez - 4 måneder siden
*that's F*$%N Metal as F*$^K dude*
Still kills me everytime
Billy Kauker
Billy Kauker - 4 måneder siden
Only for rugs and shit seriously 😂🤣
TheAggroShow - 4 måneder siden
Why is there green liquid in the horseradish container? That does not belong lol
AtlasSolid - 4 måneder siden
why did that "high adventure" intro actually give me chills
Apocryphal Dude
Apocryphal Dude - 4 måneder siden
Have you played the newer ones yet?
Youtube Doge
Youtube Doge - 4 måneder siden
Aaryan Panda
Aaryan Panda - 4 måneder siden
Melk Lima
Melk Lima - 5 måneder siden
8:12 Rap God
CHALUPACABRA - 5 måneder siden
To bad you can't thumb down a whole channel. This guy is a ASS HAT, total waist of time.
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
To bad you can't go to school and learn to spell waste
HeroesToKings Special
HeroesToKings Special - 4 måneder siden
Why do you say that sir
Celeste Slovacek
Celeste Slovacek - 5 måneder siden
I thought the video was about the comidiean
KingTort979 - 5 måneder siden
Nostalgic Critic reviewed Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Warrior like the old movie's
Nicholas Mammen
Nicholas Mammen - 5 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure that jon was possessed by the ghost of Arnold
Harrison Largue
Harrison Largue - 5 måneder siden
1:33 yeezus
The Tenth Art
The Tenth Art - 5 måneder siden
If you haven't did it untill now, you should check the Palace's Barbarian game, released in the 80's for Amiga/Atari ST/C64/Amstrad CPC/Spectrum/MS-DOS. It was based in Conan and was for a long time the only good game portraiting this persona.
Seighta - 5 måneder siden
Sad your sword is a cheap 100$ fake counterfeit one XD
Come see mines on my channel
ALIEN CHASE - 5 måneder siden
2:55 an arrow Jon I think it’s an arrow
H Wilson
H Wilson - 5 måneder siden
One of the best movies ever put to film
kyle ashby
kyle ashby - 5 måneder siden
actually loved xbox conan
Marin Hrabrić
Marin Hrabrić - 5 måneder siden
6:22 hahaha
Screw The Net
Screw The Net - 5 måneder siden
@ 4:50 "Butt her ARSE is okay, right, Healer? PLEASE tell me her arse is OKAY!" T>T
Oof Seth
Oof Seth - 5 måneder siden
That was a good Arnold impression
Epic Man
Epic Man - 5 måneder siden
Sword is for rugs
Filip Zavođa
Filip Zavođa - 5 måneder siden
00:50 ngl he actually sounds like Arnold
Hank Frank
Hank Frank - 6 måneder siden
HigherKhaos - 6 måneder siden
Now do Conan Exiles xD
Chronic Passion
Chronic Passion - 6 måneder siden
No one had said this yet. Conan exiles is an amazing game and worth doing a video over, I promise
Electragedy - 6 måneder siden
The mysterious jar of horseradish kills me every time
the wolf studio
the wolf studio - 6 måneder siden
Still love this video. lol
Definitely feel like Jon should check out Conan Exiles.
Terrarian Gamer
Terrarian Gamer - 6 måneder siden
Nah its probably nothin
lord beerus god of destruction
lord beerus god of destruction - 6 måneder siden
Nah its probably nothing
Homem - 6 måneder siden
This is from 2014. Jon has maintained great quality over the years
ObiFourKenobi - 6 måneder siden
I miss 2014
Declan Huber
Declan Huber - 6 måneder siden
2:55 it's only now that I realize that it's an arrow pointing toward the exit of the level
Gandhi the Great
Gandhi the Great - 6 måneder siden
All I can think of when I hear the name “Conan” is Conan O’Brien
I feel like his show may have tainted the Conan’ barbarian brand. I mean it’s hard to get into to the senseless violence when in the back of your mind all you can think about is a late night talk show host
Epic Octoling
Epic Octoling - 6 måneder siden
Normal Boots
Me: *he is friends with peanutbuttergamer*
Predetermined Meat
Predetermined Meat - 6 måneder siden
Conan hall of volta:Engage bwwwwwawawawawawwawaawwawawawwawwawawawawawawwawwawwawaww
Angry Vulpix
Angry Vulpix - 7 måneder siden
Drop a comment If ur watching in 2020
Jen Douglas
Jen Douglas - 7 måneder siden
Oh that's where this meme is from
Kaitlyn Wickham
Kaitlyn Wickham - 7 måneder siden
1:51 The music almost sounded just like Attack on Titan.