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Jon Jafari - Himself
Richard McMiller - Skullboy #1
Joseph Hernandez - Hobo/Skullboy #2
Kate McGarrigle - Skullgirl
Jon Jafari - Director/Writer/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer
Mike Shayne - Gaffer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor
Melanie Licata - Make-Up Artist/Special Effects
Lynell Vinuya - Production Designer
Charlotte Claw - Production Assistant
Trevor Lazinksi - Art PA
Mike Butler - Art PA
Kevin Zobronso - Literally Epic Guy
"Weight In Diamonds" Animation Infographic by Lewis "FaKanza" Bown (twitter.com/FaKanza)
Intro Animation by Studio Yotta
Intro Music by ToxicxEternity (noburn.info)
JonTron Logo by Eileen Delgado (www.uber-unicorn.com/)
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Runtime: 21:59


Snowbro 22
Snowbro 22 - Time siden
There is really no truer form of entertainment than watching a 30 year old man pour a bottle of vodka on a cardboard cutout of Dan Ackroyd while a distorted version of the ghostbusters theme is playing.
LectricMan - 2 timer siden
18:22 "That one didn't age quite so well" -JonTron, whenever he said it.
don loool
don loool - 2 timer siden
18:15 Oh no.... RIP Larry King
Babeuscus - 3 timer siden
Years have past and the crystal skull vodka managed to finish off larry king
ultraomega - 3 timer siden
lol dan is talking like vodka is healthier than water
Phoenix Gray
Phoenix Gray - 4 timer siden
Soo i looked up larry king , and that vodka finally got him. RIP
David Ganimations
David Ganimations - 6 timer siden
“Now I know why he survived for so long” uhhhhmmm
hurb - 6 timer siden
So the vodka really did kill larry king :(
Mothost - 7 timer siden
18:23 well that clip is awkward now
[ZER0] LucioGT
[ZER0] LucioGT - 7 timer siden
I just rewatch this a few weeks ago.

RIP Larry King
John Edelman
John Edelman - 9 timer siden
larry king has died from long term effects of the lack of glycol in the alcohol, rip
P Sharma
P Sharma - 10 timer siden
RIP Larry King
Sydney Jacques
Sydney Jacques - 11 timer siden
I blame the vodka for Larry King’s death 😔😔
Ho Moe
Ho Moe - 11 timer siden
Tim Lamb
Tim Lamb - 11 timer siden
The “Ghost of Late-Night Television” gag is so underrated.
Bryce McCoy
Bryce McCoy - 12 timer siden
I knew exactly what the comment section was gonna look like as soon as I saw the news about larry king
Amanita Atramen
Amanita Atramen - 12 timer siden
RIP Larry King
Canlex - 12 timer siden
9:45 I’ve been thinking about this but for so long
Quincy Demarco
Quincy Demarco - 14 timer siden
Rip the King
Possumine - 14 timer siden
Thunder Force ninja
Thunder Force ninja - 15 timer siden
R.I.P Larry 😔
Verdii Sykes
Verdii Sykes - 16 timer siden
RIP Larry King, your honest reaction to this vodka will stay in my memories :(
Flangalang1 - 16 timer siden
Who's here to celebrate Larry King? RIP
Bobatron - 16 timer siden
R.I.P Larry King
Mr Magic
Mr Magic - 17 timer siden
RIP Larry King (1933-2021)
THAT ONE A-HOLE - 17 timer siden
RIP Larry King
Brad Leon
Brad Leon - 17 timer siden
I swear Jon can kill people just by talking about them. RIP larry.
Terry Iocco
Terry Iocco - 18 timer siden
RIP Larry King. Dan's vodka should of had glycol in it.
Pedro Peixe
Pedro Peixe - 18 timer siden
You finally did it Danny! R.I.P Larry King
Hunter Tabor
Hunter Tabor - 18 timer siden
Huh, weird day to recommend a rewatch of this YouTube.
Super Game Master
Super Game Master - 18 timer siden
"He's a smart man, that Larry King. Now I know why he survived for so long."
RIP Larry King. At least he got to see Trump Dethroned before he died.
Dylan - 18 timer siden
This is the only thing I know Larry King from, but RIP
OtaconNachos - 19 timer siden
The news of Larry King's death immediately reminded me of this and the ruination.
Mathew Kirkland
Mathew Kirkland - 19 timer siden
Rip Larry king
Jousty Birdington
Jousty Birdington - 19 timer siden
Rip in pepperoni Dan King
Saiko - 19 timer siden
Rick Rolypoly
Rick Rolypoly - 19 timer siden
Rip Larry King
Howard T. Duck
Howard T. Duck - 20 timer siden
The first thing I thought of when I heard of Larry King’s passing R.I.P Larry King
Badly Rosenthal
Badly Rosenthal - 20 timer siden
Rip Larry King, dude was legendary.
Rob - 20 timer siden
rip Larry king you always did hate dan’s vodka you were just being nice but thats ok 🥺
Marcus - 20 timer siden
Rest in peace Larry King
Hosep - 21 time siden
Poor larry, dan's vodka caught up to him
Ink Phoenix
Ink Phoenix - 21 time siden
damn... r.i.p Larry King 😔
Sam I am
Sam I am - 21 time siden
Rest In Peace Larry. Truly you were a king 😔💔
Grayson Rushton
Grayson Rushton - 21 time siden
At some point in this video (I can't bother to find the time stamp right now) Jon says something during the Larry King bit along the lines of, "No wonder he survived so long (referring to Larry King)," and when i was watching this yesterday I thought, "Wait, he died before this came out?" and so I looked up Larry King and saw that he was still alive, but today I just found out that he had passed away. Believe me or not, this has to be on par with Jon making a Hunchback of Notre Dame joke on the same day as the Notre Dame fire, for me at least.
CrikenJr - 21 time siden
Damn, RIP Larry king, guess crystal head vodka finally caught up to him
VaqueroCoyote - 21 time siden
rip Larry King
Floating F
Floating F - 22 timer siden
Dan Aykroyd finally got his revenge on Larry King. . .
Jamie McCallum
Jamie McCallum - 22 timer siden
Start of the ruination..
Jess2Hype - 22 timer siden
Jess2Hype - 22 timer siden
ItsHammerTime - 22 timer siden
No amount of smarts prevents you from the 'rona
RIP larry
Tony D'Annunzio
Tony D'Annunzio - 22 timer siden
This is in bad taste now please delete rip Larry king
Pable Today
Pable Today - 21 time siden
Hirashimi - 23 timer siden
as of today this aged poorly, rip Larry King
G Melotti
G Melotti - 23 timer siden
It took a while, but the vodka finally got Larry King
Isaiah Aguilera
Isaiah Aguilera - 23 timer siden
Oh man RIP Larry King
John Diaz
John Diaz - 23 timer siden
Rip Larry king🙏
N.W.S. Productions
N.W.S. Productions - 23 timer siden
18:23 "That one didn't age quite so well"
- MetropolisKid -
- MetropolisKid - - 23 timer siden
rip larry king
Gioelmero0225car - 23 timer siden
Rip Larry
Pepper Pepper
Pepper Pepper - Dag siden
Sadly, Larry passed away today.
He was a true legend.
Eduardo Arias
Eduardo Arias - Dag siden
Watching this the day Larry king died, Rest In Peace
Cerberus101 - Dag siden
He went for round 2. That was his mistake. So long Larry.
Greedy Animal
Greedy Animal - Dag siden
Rip Larry King
travos k
travos k - Dag siden
RIP larry
Ozan İnal
Ozan İnal - Dag siden
18:16. Hooo boy...
travos k
travos k - Dag siden
Jared Nowasielski
Jared Nowasielski - Dag siden
If I ever become a math teacher, 11:44 I’m putting this on a test
Cerberus101 - Dag siden
No, you idiot. You're supposed to say something about the vodka being a factor in larry king's death. He died today.
Gatogi - Dag siden
the Larry king bit didn’t age well, R.I.P Larry
Excalibarsonic - Dag siden
RIP Larry King.
Chez Booger
Chez Booger - Dag siden
Rest In Peace Larry King
cassiodalcin - Dag siden
Let It be known: Covid is way way worse than Dan's vodka. R. I. P. Larry King
Armored Vistitor
Armored Vistitor - Dag siden
rip larry king
Ryan Reid
Ryan Reid - Dag siden
For some reason I came here after Larry kings passing I think that vodka might have played a factor, either causing it or keeping him alive a few more years
Ohlonelyme - Dag siden
The vodka finally got to him
Robz Kebopz
Robz Kebopz - Dag siden
R.I.P Larry King, the vodka was too shit
Rachel P
Rachel P - Dag siden
this is where i went immediately after hearing about larry king's passing 😔
NothingNess X5
NothingNess X5 - Dag siden
Damn, the crystal head vodka rly fucked my man Larry king up today
Kaju - Dag siden
OH, The part about Larry King didn't age well.
Kano Valentine
Kano Valentine - Dag siden
Rip Larry King. I'm going to miss his funny interviews :(
Haden Sasser
Haden Sasser - Dag siden
Who’s here after learning about Larry King’s death?
Taaamas - Dag siden
I watched this yesterday, surprised that larry was still kicking. He was a treasure to us all.
Dr Seuss Leafy
Dr Seuss Leafy - Dag siden
R.I.P. Larry King. The fucking vodka killed him.
Gareth Standfield
Gareth Standfield - Dag siden
Im glad to see some many people coming back just to see Larry Kings double take :(
Извиђачки тенк
Everyone is coming here today for the same reason. Rest in peace, Larry King.
liamdude5 - Dag siden
RIP Larry King. Crystal Skull vodka couldn't kill you, but COVID did
Pix3l Pancake
Pix3l Pancake - Dag siden
R.I.P Larry King
Nox1212 - Dag siden
R.I.P Larry King
DunwichTv - Dag siden
Rip Larry, here comes the ruination.
mehhh. - Dag siden
RIP Larry King
The Whole Horse
The Whole Horse - Dag siden
RIP Larry King, passed away 3 days before the 2 year anniversary of this video being released
MateoisMouse - Dag siden
Well, guess we know why
The Flexecutor
The Flexecutor - Dag siden
Had to come back after hearing the news. Rest in Peace Larry King.
Terrence Morrison
Terrence Morrison - Dag siden
RIP Larry King :(
Koen Dietrich
Koen Dietrich - Dag siden
RIP Larry King
Yetirulez - Dag siden
Dan, what have you done to Larry?
hunter now hunted
hunter now hunted - Dag siden
RIP larry king
Cheasy - Dag siden
this is discuting... never buy again
Evan Hook
Evan Hook - Dag siden
Why do I feel like he's tying to covert me to his "relig8"
S. Z77
S. Z77 - 2 dager siden
Every JonTron video is just a flex at how good they are at editing videos😂😂
ernesto che guevara
ernesto che guevara - 2 dager siden
I'd prefer my grandpa's moonshine
Sensei Sparky
Sensei Sparky - 2 dager siden
I want a shirt that says “100% BUTTFUCK INSANE”