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Will Jon go to hell because he played Dungeons and Dragons?! No...but probably for other things...
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Jon - Jon Jafari
Cult Leader - Gys De Villiers
Young Cult Apprentice - Jay William Thomas
Homeless Richard - Joseph Hernandez
Party Girl #1 - Brooke Comegys
Party Girl #2 - Emily Mathwich
Extreme Party Boy #100 - Aramis Klein
Pikachu LARPer - Sergio Torres
Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Assistant Director - Sergio Torres
Director of Photography - Nick Oliver
Assistant Camera - Dylan Lopez
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Sound - Matt Nissen
Makeup/Practical Effects - Melanie Licata
Set Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Production Assistant - Aramis Klein
Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Visual Effects - James Russo
OST 01 Tutorial - by sawsquarenoise
Colossal Trailer Music - Civil War - Nick Road
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi : michafrar.tumblr.com/
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of noburn.info
Thanks Ross and Holly for the sick recommendation :3
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Runtime: 23:50


Ausar - 4 timer siden
Huh, the whole scene with the book translation before the Cthulhu reveal is actually what sounds like a very poorly translated version of lovecraft’s “that which is not dead may eternal lie, and with time, even death may die” they did a good job making it sound like she was translating from some old language, nice touch
Starflare the Wizard
Starflare the Wizard - 5 timer siden
Cleric + Witch = Yeah that ain’t gonna work
DetectiveMimikyu 300
DetectiveMimikyu 300 - 7 timer siden
I'm a Christian, but I agree that this movie is stupid. Playing dungeons and dragons is not going to summon freaking Cthulhu. It's people like this that give Christians a bad rep.
Li'l Skittles
Li'l Skittles - 8 timer siden
Jon come back
Rekk Sheekkk
Rekk Sheekkk - 12 timer siden
Damn, bro now I feel guilty about playing Paper Mario
_pill_cereal_ - 13 timer siden
David Draws
David Draws - 13 timer siden
Throughout the movie they are playing that game wrong as they did not write there character sheets and they did not roll for spellcasting or damage.
ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ - 14 timer siden
Ironically in order to fear monger dnd they needed to build a giant giant satanic room with a huge pentagram and then play dnd
Onion - 19 timer siden
Me, a Jew that has played Dnd once in the 5th grade: Yeah
GadelOfficial - 21 time siden
Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome - 21 time siden
“I use magic missile to attack the darkness!” This movie was definitely a farce. That quote is lifted directly from a video on YouTube called Summoner Geeks. It’s a really funny video, and leads me to believe they weren’t being serious with this production. The more you know!
Also, “didn’t you learn Arabic to convert the muslims? Because they didn’t realize they were worshipping the Moon God?”
Jack Crossems
Jack Crossems - Dag siden
Good God I love Dead Gentlemen Productions
Riley Taylor
Riley Taylor - Dag siden
I was just waiting for the moment where John dresses up as the cultists at the beginning.
mozxz - Dag siden
I came here after I randomly got the "dead gauntlet" clip recommended to me, just how to see how it fit within the context, But, I still can't see how it really fits in........
mozxz - Dag siden
Youtube randomly recommended a 7 second clip of " over my dead gaunlet" so I had to watch this to get some context, I was 5 minutes in before I realised it was as actual movie he reviewed, and not something he had made himself
Tsar Fox
Tsar Fox - Dag siden
So that's where these friggen comic books come from. My Mom has a literal drawer full of them and hands them out at Halloween.
Stuart Cooke
Stuart Cooke - 2 dager siden
Funniest part of the church scene is that the chronicles of narnia are based off of the biblical story
Coleman - 2 dager siden
Wait till they realize Gary started out by role-playing Bible stories
Ashley - 2 dager siden
the hypocrisy and just irony of this movie/comic series is astounding lmao. "RPGers maim and poison and kill!" just like the people in the fucking bible do. "come to hell everyone you love is here and having a party for eternity" just like in heaven. the people they fear monger are too stupid to see that its the same shit. im hoping the movie was made as like a troll, like how we like good bad movies and the makers usually think its legit love for their movie when its not, its the love of making fun of it. i can't decide my fav part in the movie, its all soo good. i really like when they depict the RPGers as cool and badass. its like they never were picked on in school or saw someone else get picked on for liking nerdy shit like that. i just can't believe there are people out there that actually believe this shit is true. oh and how fucking rude was it when ms frost just gave them characters??? you let the player make the character, get ONE thing right about D&D movie. i guess they do with dice. i dunno why they think D&D is played like 1 on 1,how the fuck and why the fuck would you have a group of people just to do that? your group is gunna be just 1 person soon enough that way because 1 always dies and they have to leave the group lmao. who would join a group of people that do that? "oh yeah once you die you have to leave the group,mandatory"
oh and those C.S Lewis books? christian as fuck but they're evil lets burn em lmao. its why i couldn't finish the whole series, it was too clean for my liking and i was 11 or so. moved my ass to forgotten realms books. now i miss reading, god damnit jontron.
Payton wheeler
Payton wheeler - 2 dager siden
Why is Christian media always objectively the worst, most cringe thing imaginable
kurikara99 - 2 dager siden
Actually the Narnia series made by CS Lewis is based off the Bible
Austin Calhoun
Austin Calhoun - 2 dager siden
For a second I thought “there’s no way she has magic missile as a cleric.” But then I remembered the Arcana domain existed
I am Satire
I am Satire - 2 dager siden
Pastor: “Jesus set us free from the bondage of witchcraft”
Me: so your telling me that Jesus is the reason I’m not in Hogwarts right now?
I am Satire
I am Satire - 2 dager siden
Jon: a cult classic
Chick: I KNEW IT
youtube demonitization
youtube demonitization - 2 dager siden
Jon is on crack
The Foolish Jester
The Foolish Jester - 2 dager siden
The guy said the best rpging in 15 years. Since they’re in college, that means he first played rpg games since he was 4-7.
Phantom XXIII
Phantom XXIII - 2 dager siden
How are JRR Tolkien books Satanic? He was literally a Christian! Plus, LOTR is a pretty dang good series if I do say so myself
that Weeb
that Weeb - 2 dager siden
This is not an accurate representation of dungeons and dragons
It'zMichaelGaming - 2 dager siden
13:15 "Check out my highscore on Flappy Bird" gets me everytime
theRJschannel - 2 dager siden
The fact they put in the line where they mentioned converting Muslims is how you know the people who made this were extremist Christians. And not the funny kind
Jokoko2828 - 2 dager siden
Was Debbie channeling Todd Howard to protect her from Satan?
M. M
M. M - 2 dager siden
Clerics are literally supposed to people of god right? If you want to convince people that they should leave god then why do they give them another god to worship
ArcherKingGaming - 3 dager siden
C.s. Lewis was a Christian author though?
Brandon Carlson
Brandon Carlson - 3 dager siden
Wait so are all those people in on the RPG conspiracy or are there a few people at that party that are just like “I think D&D is fun.”
... also what counts as an RPG? Because children playing Cops and Robbers is technically an RPG.
KooPakoo - 3 dager siden
As a Christian who has seen many Atheists online, they’re actually pretty nice lmao.
MrSpartan993 - 3 dager siden
17:22 Sayori NO NOT AGAIN!
PhantomKinz - 3 dager siden
12:07 Well that book has: lies, deception, rewriting islamic scriptures to christian scriptures, claiming it's the word of God when half of it is, and the other is b.s. look I'm a muslim, and to see Allah being challenged by these people amazes mem
HULL GUITARS USA - 4 dager siden
“And don’t just throw them away... burn them“ along with all of your other science and sensible books 😂
HULL GUITARS USA - 4 dager siden
Out of the pot in the frying pan 😂 switch one cult for another . But I don’t consider a bunch of nerds hanging out at Books A Million rolling dice as a “cult“
But they went to far when they took my rock music 😂
HULL GUITARS USA - 4 dager siden
I mean technically if dungeon and dragons is going to ruin my life… I’d rather just get high and ruin my life with drugs 😂
Literally what I did… Since everything was equated to evil I just chose hard drugs as a teenager. At least they gave me a real “kick“
HULL GUITARS USA - 4 dager siden
Please make more of these so I can keep showing them to my aging mother. (against her will)
she’s an extremist southern conservative, And taught me all of this bullshit my whole life.
Eric Mikesell
Eric Mikesell - 4 dager siden
The should make a warhammer movie but not a real one. Make a movie about people playing it like this
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman - 4 dager siden
Imagine being scared of dungeons and dragons lmfao. They are right about the one world gvmnt thing tho. But...,apparently ppl are so scared of it, they will literally kill themselves for no reason.
Bec - 4 dager siden
Back when I was in high school We had a lady try to tell our youth pastor that he should be teaching us using this guys methods and even demanded that he should have us watch dark dungeons but our youth pastor (who played dnd himself) was like no this stuff is bat shit insane
Enrique Morales
Enrique Morales - 4 dager siden
What kind of deck would satan use if he played magic the gathering
Jokoko2828 - 2 dager siden
Probably some sadistic control thing where the only wincon is decking the other guy out slowly over like 40+ turns.
Judah Rininger
Judah Rininger - 4 dager siden
Bruh. C. S. Lewis wrote so much more than fiction and he did so much for the Christian landscape. Even if you honestly believe that fantasy books are “evil” you can’t just say that his writings should be burned.
Ali Albayaty
Ali Albayaty - 4 dager siden
This shit is making fun of religions wtf
deathsagaXX - 4 dager siden
I mean people who believe in that type of shit are literally insane.. sooo
Mr. Kim
Mr. Kim - 4 dager siden
When C.S.Lewis and J.R.R. tolkien wrote their books as christian metaphorical pieces
Sam Egerland
Sam Egerland - 4 dager siden
My favorite part of this video is the guy at the beginning adjusting his hood with the metal ring thing. It’s just so perfect.
Manny North
Manny North - 4 dager siden
14:35 ooh yikes
colton moore
colton moore - 5 dager siden
What really gets me is that, out of all things to get a FAITHFUL movie adaptation, it had to be a pile of wet garbage like this!
Jokoko2828 - 2 dager siden
Dunno man, I personally think "Marcy, get out of here! You're dead! You don't exist anymore!" was gold.
crossbowpro 3838
crossbowpro 3838 - 5 dager siden
okay I don't wanna sound like a nerd but first of all, Tiamat is a six-headed dragon and a woman, not some goddamn Skyrim character
deathsagaXX - 4 dager siden
Beast Of Edelwood
Beast Of Edelwood - 5 dager siden
"Evil without end is about to descend upon the works of man" is now my go to answer to "what's up?"
Aionic Thunder
Aionic Thunder - 5 dager siden
4:08 *Jon rolls an 11 and deals 200 damage critical*
I have several questions: 1) How did you deal 200 damage? What kind of level 20 character do you have where a single roll can mean you deal 200 damage? 2) How is an 11 a critical hit? Granted, there are abilities that lower crit requirements, but that's down to, at the lowest, an 18, I believe. 3) If it's a spell (which is the most likely possibility), why are you rolling? Because spells that could theoretically deal 200 damage require saving throws, not attack rolls.
I'm getting too pedantic, aren't I?
Akira - 5 dager siden
conservative christians and their constant shunning of anything that doesn't conform with their concept of correct have honestly just made me want to be satanic harder, just to spite them
deathsagaXX - 4 dager siden
DeadTurret - 5 dager siden

Psycho Mantis?
Rugved Kulkarni
Rugved Kulkarni - 5 dager siden
Jesus christ, this came out 4 years ago.
Accounting Bear
Accounting Bear - 5 dager siden
9:01 Ahhhh yes the most fun activity in the world... watching overs play dnd
Famous ones excluded like critical role and NADDPOD
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - 5 dager siden
How much of an insecure manchild does God have to be to feel threatened by an RPG
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - 4 dager siden
@deathsagaXX I refuse believe in an unproovable concept like a god
deathsagaXX - 4 dager siden
Uhh, not real perhaps?
David Ganimations
David Ganimations - 6 dager siden
This movie is so bad, rpgs are cool and evil and Jesus is the answer
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - 5 dager siden
I'll stick to provable concepts thanks
shrigga !
shrigga ! - 6 dager siden
7:58 had me laughing so hard
William Perez
William Perez - 6 dager siden
I'm a Christian. I am sorry that someone felt this movie was considered
Peacemaker - 6 dager siden
Can some one make a meme template of jon saying motherfucker I was born ready and whipping out the rpg?
Chris Krahn
Chris Krahn - 6 dager siden
Favorite episode
mandrill MacMonkey
mandrill MacMonkey - 6 dager siden
*decided * to be homosexual
id - 6 dager siden
one of the funniest john videos made
Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin - 6 dager siden
So.. Is the scene where the two main characters are about to enter the party hinting that one of them is gay? You know, one of the sins established in the movie?
Bird Brain
Bird Brain - 6 dager siden
“as outdated as the beliefs presented in this film”
that line is pure fuckin gold
Mohammed L. Mansour -ArabHawk
That wasn't even Arabic, HahahahhahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, bobity babity pooo, HAHAHAHhhahhhhahhahhhaaaah.
I am DEAD bro.
I respect how Jon raised his hands and said "i am not even going near that".
Anthony MaybeTobias
Anthony MaybeTobias - 6 dager siden
im arabic and I didn't urdestand a thing
Malhaloc - 6 dager siden
Christian here...yeah, no.
Rodrigo Zdanoks
Rodrigo Zdanoks - 6 dager siden
I am not disapointed
Jackerson117 - 7 dager siden
10:08 I'm attacking the darkness!
dante de clementi
dante de clementi - 7 dager siden
when the movie star i didnt realice that it wasnt the skech anymore jajaajj
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 7 dager siden
Okay, this whole movie has *got* to be a parody. A sneaky parody made to make fun of just how silly these christian beliefs can be
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - Dag siden
@cholland67 jontron didn't make this movie, he just reviewed it
cholland67 - Dag siden
It IS a parody check out who made this and their other videos. How anyone can mistake this for being serious I don't know
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - 5 dager siden
Well considering the person who created the graphic novel was a devout Christian and this movie is extremely faithful to the source material, I'm afraid it's not.
Malhaloc - 6 dager siden
There's not a single Christian belief represented here until the name of Jesus is mentioned. And yes, he can set you free from sin, but that's about as accurate as they made anything in this movie.
Caleb C.
Caleb C. - 7 dager siden
I play Dnd as a hobby and I can confirm that Dark Dungeons has zero percent accuracy in depicting the people that play TTRPG's.
29turtles - 7 dager siden
Pizza flavored pringles are actually really good
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 7 dager siden
I didn't realize this was a review. I always thouggt this was just one big game ad. This feels like a new JonTron video!
Braden Potts
Braden Potts - 7 dager siden
Like 4/7 of the people in my d&d group are christian of some sort and none of us think it is satanic, however I do know some christians who call it demons and drugs or other variants of that.
Brandon the brain
Brandon the brain - 7 dager siden
It's hilarious that people's beliefs contradict themselves over time an example what you believe in is truth in your own mind just like in the past christians believed in the truth supposedly and in the future we all just get made fun of by some douchebag with asberger's
Gage Blanchard
Gage Blanchard - 7 dager siden
This movie is more about mental health than DnD, if you feel like killing yourself after losing a board game, please go see somebody who cares about
Irfan Spirtovic
Irfan Spirtovic - 7 dager siden
If I got badass powers and a goth gf for playing D&D, I'd play even more
Emperor of Mankind
Emperor of Mankind - 7 dager siden
DnD is a Pen and Paper game. Not a table top
Malhaloc - 6 dager siden
TTRPG and P&PRPG are basically the same thing. Also, hardly anyone uses pen and paper anymore.
Zach McNamara
Zach McNamara - 7 dager siden
Yeah, nevermind drugs or anything like that. If you play a fun team building game with a bunch of friends...
game tube
game tube - 7 dager siden
This movie is so cringe, it hurts😖
Helen Keller
Helen Keller - 8 dager siden
"oh yea that's awkward"
A B - 8 dager siden
“I show no mercy, I am chaotic neutral!”
I don’t even play DnD that much but I don’t really think that applies to chaotic neutral
Malhaloc - 6 dager siden
That doesn't really apply to any alignment. The alignments are descriptive, not prescriptive.
Konos Kubos
Konos Kubos - 8 dager siden
Man my group are a bunch of hacks
We just sit in a room throwing dice and yelling at each other
-MrMuffMunch -
-MrMuffMunch - - 8 dager siden
I bet Satan plays blue.
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck - 8 dager siden
A point about throwing away the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien:
Wasnt Narnia basically just the bible but fantasy? Like the Lion is very clearly a representation of Jesus, and the Witch represents the Serpent (At least that's how I interpreted). So why would he want his shit thrown away? Lord of the rings is literally a battle between good and evil too!
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - 5 dager siden
The bible is fantasy though
Andrew Young
Andrew Young - 8 dager siden

...get it right
bruh zapper
bruh zapper - 8 dager siden
Wait did they use Cthulhu in the book too?
Schrödinger's Dragon
Schrödinger's Dragon - 8 dager siden
19:20 Shit, you too?
ChimPum - 8 dager siden
As a faithful Christian, this movie is stupid.
nerdified fangirl
nerdified fangirl - 8 dager siden
oh my gosh THIS is why people think Christians are nuts 😭😂
Kemosabe 04
Kemosabe 04 - 8 dager siden
It’s stuff like this that gives Christians a bad name. To be fair, I do know people who play DND in a fairly off putting fashion. Also J.R.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis were Christian and wrote their books based off of some religious motifs.
CraZy dragon Studios
CraZy dragon Studios - 8 dager siden
You know most the time I can’t tell what are the clips on screen are John’s skits or the actual movie
Skyler Sander
Skyler Sander - 8 dager siden
Me, who plays dnd, seeing this film: ._.
Me, who's non-binary, seeing this film: ._.
Me, who's an introvert with nihilistic ideologies seeing this film: .0. "Insulting!"
Tzelal Tsolak
Tzelal Tsolak - 8 dager siden
book burning? so history repeats itself
Ryan Atrache
Ryan Atrache - 8 dager siden
I'm an Arab, and it isn't actual Arabic
Malhaloc - 6 dager siden
I don't think anyone thought that was Arabic lol