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JonTronShow - År siden
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Sovereign Snorlax
Sovereign Snorlax - 15 dager siden
Why did you pretend to light a cigarette and then actually smoke it in the next cutback?
GundamHanda - 25 dager siden
And you thought you could sneak an american guy joke on us not realizing.
Acorn Person
Acorn Person - Måned siden
Not raid...
Kameron Montgomery
Kameron Montgomery - Måned siden
Kill Butt
Kill Butt - Måned siden
Hannah McLaren
Hannah McLaren - 7 timer siden
My back has two broken vertibre and a prolapsed disc that desperately needs surgery oh please rub your magic cream or put a belt on my my back but don't forget to rub it with crystals and put a bandaid on first.
Processed Ham
Processed Ham - 12 timer siden
I’m still waiting for “another video”, but alas I doubt it will happen
Aceids - 12 timer siden
Jon: *makes a joke about Notre Dame*
Notre Dame: *burns down a few hours later*
Jon? Is there something you wanna tell us?
Alex Mocan
Alex Mocan - 14 timer siden
Offbeat Groove
Offbeat Groove - 17 timer siden
4:19 ohhhhhhhh so thats what marge simpson skull looks like thanks Dr. John!
Jon Bond
ŞŢËVËŇ Şçhæffëř JŘ
How come no one is mentioning the 11:37
inukoinu - Dag siden
how many times has Aerith’s theme played
Jakdak The 5th
Jakdak The 5th - Dag siden
The belt looks like something from the nostromo out of the first alien
obi-wan kenobi
obi-wan kenobi - Dag siden
Is it just me or in the thumbnail he looks like all for one
Ree Germain
Ree Germain - 2 dager siden
"Holy moly, Dr. H! When they said you were a master of pain, I didn't know they meant it literally! OHHO. Freaky."
barbaro267 - 2 dager siden
Who agreed to build a mock torture device for a quick joke in this video?? 😂
Honest Tech Reviews
Honest Tech Reviews - 2 dager siden
What was the song he fainted to with the thing on his neck at 14:26
JJAllStarz711 - 2 dager siden
“No I meant in Mortal Kombat”
Owen Faulkner
Owen Faulkner - 2 dager siden
Aerith’s theme... depression
Nikita Artsimenia
Nikita Artsimenia - 2 dager siden
11:27 looks like jontron in the future
Kozmonauta 05
Kozmonauta 05 - 3 dager siden
Doctor...Doctor Who?
gibus theinfamous
gibus theinfamous - 3 dager siden
11:46 Still one of my favorite moments in a JonTron video
Dukowski - 3 dager siden
Reminder that chiropractors are at the same level as a witch doctor, based on pseudoscience and fake mumbo jumbo.
I Eat Kids
I Eat Kids - 4 dager siden
"You cheating son of beach"
Bilal Sami
Bilal Sami - 4 dager siden
14:01 " Relax "
Man those are HUGE
Alex C
Alex C - 4 dager siden
@5:34 he's about to say I wish he was in mortal kombat.. well boiyo
Alex Mats
Alex Mats - 4 dager siden
he literally built a torture device just to make a joke
CoD And guns
CoD And guns - 5 dager siden
Nobody’s gonna talk about the whole round case and all flying through the air at the beginning no ok
Anon Anon
Anon Anon - 4 dager siden
Most people don't know anything about guns to know how stupid that is.
Damian 1989
Damian 1989 - 5 dager siden
The Flamboyant Way
The Flamboyant Way - 6 dager siden
Irony is seeing the ad of shadow legends and Jon starting taking about shadow legends just after
Snivy lord Not sharing my first or last name online
8:25 ish pump up the ho’s
Ghost deer
Ghost deer - 6 dager siden
Am I the only one who thought the first villain looked like Phill
Broken Squidz
Broken Squidz - 6 dager siden
Predator is in Mortal Kombat X... so is the Xenomorph. So the guy behind was technically correct.
john naile
john naile - 7 dager siden
Am I too late to invite jontron to my friends list in shadow legends??
GoldenGamer Boi
GoldenGamer Boi - 7 dager siden
Les wait on bac les presir
Dustin - 7 dager siden
What's killing me, other then how funny this video is. Is the fact that I got a Commercial for a scam product while watching this!
This is literally what the commercial was about!
Did you know that some people have a secret pooping habit?
They never put on weight, no matter how much they eat!!!
Scientists found a organ in the body that was previously thought be to useless. Until they found out about how it sheds pounds fast.
Goomy__64 - 8 dager siden
Natan Mayb Machado gomes da silva
Actually it does make sense LOL the thing puxes your upper back up, so the weight on the lower back is decreased to an extent, it should actually help lol
JR Rizzy
JR Rizzy - 8 dager siden
MeCanWin Mac
MeCanWin Mac - 8 dager siden
I am never and will never download raid shadow legends
Hector Josee
Hector Josee - 8 dager siden
The testimonials are being held at gun point.
Girth Worm Bill
Girth Worm Bill - 8 dager siden
I had that pain. I started working out with dumbbells. Squats, deadlifts, good mornings, and a schedule will keep your back in 120% shape.
Here by
Here by - 9 dager siden
Anyone know the song at 12:13
Baconface Jugs
Baconface Jugs - 9 dager siden
That part of the lady getting hit in the face by her sons baseball may have been the best shit I’ve seen all year
Joshua Slawson
Joshua Slawson - 9 dager siden
Fun fact Chiropractors have to learn the same stuff neurosurgeons do as both work the same area, one works in the inside and the other moves your skeleton around on the outside to help fix pain and stuff.
Calin Cosmin Alexandru
Calin Cosmin Alexandru - 10 dager siden
@jontronshow Jon, I used to have the same attitude you have until I had a slipped disc. Its all fun and games until you get injured. I am very tall, 6'7", and I am 2 years your junior, with a pretty sedentary lifestyle (that you seem to have as well). Be careful, as being of a bigger built (a few extra lbs) you are prone to have back issues as you get older.
What I am trying to say is be careful what you laugh of, as later on you may suffer from the same things you used to laugh at.
Otherwise, great content 👌
Rascal da Bat
Rascal da Bat - 10 dager siden
Jon: like scorpion
Camera guy: predator?
Jon: no in fuckin mortal kombat
Me: actually...
GrimSyx - 10 dager siden
the GoldenEye 007intro brought me back
piza rol
piza rol - 11 dager siden
To be fair predator is in mortal kombat x
Selrahc 1322
Selrahc 1322 - 11 dager siden
I know its super late but when the bullet crosses the screen its the whole cartridge not just the bullet
Masonboss6407 - 11 dager siden
I watched a raid Shadow legends ad and then there was a raid Shadow legends ad in my video come on YouTube where have we gotten to
Crow senpai
Crow senpai - 11 dager siden
I love how Jon’s belt looks nothing like the one in the infomercial.
Tharivol Amakiir
Tharivol Amakiir - 11 dager siden
I got an ad for back pain before this video. No way this is a coincidence
LlamaLegate - 11 dager siden
Ad ends at 1:10
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 12 dager siden
Predator is in mortal kombat now btw
KaleNipClaw - 12 dager siden
only jon could add a bit of humour to a raid shadow legends ad and he does it by being jon. i love it.
Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink - 12 dager siden
Raid its shit
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell - 12 dager siden
The way Dr. Ho says cooking sounds an awful lot like "cocaine".
Imperator Maximus
Imperator Maximus - 9 dager siden
Yeah, also heard that.
Yaboi Smitty
Yaboi Smitty - 12 dager siden
That is actually how they determine where to focus chiropractic help tho, which the T lol
Jared Ray
Jared Ray - 12 dager siden
I think it was Degenerative Disk. 🤷🏼‍♂️ that’s what it sounded like to me
That0n3player - 13 dager siden
Jon who wishes predator was in MK: What can you give me
Netherrealm studios:everything
MitspeithEtc - 13 dager siden
Mortal Kombat X: *"GET OVER HERE!"*
Beerusclapz - 13 dager siden
0:44 When youve been revived for the the tenth time in a single match.
Korp GS
Korp GS - 13 dager siden
11:03 C O C A I N E
Daub Daub
Daub Daub - 14 dager siden
did Dr. Ho just say "Cocaine" at 11.02 ?
Dan Keldeo
Dan Keldeo - 14 dager siden
there is black string at 7:51
spooky dogo
spooky dogo - 14 dager siden
Meeessssaaaa spooookkkkkyyyy
MahoganyGamer - 14 dager siden
"The back pain is gone, Cloud."
electricgamer 209
electricgamer 209 - 14 dager siden
me: watching
this isn't a joke, I am being watched.
Yoda Boy
Yoda Boy - 15 dager siden
Dr Ho is on something
Kai? ツ
Kai? ツ - 15 dager siden
Is Jon okay? He keeps talking about depression- I feel him though-
Sovereign Snorlax
Sovereign Snorlax - 15 dager siden
Wait... why does Jon pretend to light a cigarette and then immediately actually smoke the cigarette in the next cut?
Colin Jones
Colin Jones - 15 dager siden
I mean Dr. Ho has a point, carrying around extra weight puts an extra burden on your back. You know how you fix that?
Lose weight
Bob Watson
Bob Watson - 14 dager siden
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid - 15 dager siden
Anazing graphics if you only have a genisis
Doopy Darp
Doopy Darp - 16 dager siden
I’ve watched his video multiple times and I just got that the James Bind intro is because of Dr No.
SWALLOW ME! - 16 dager siden
Lowkey the best jontron video. Fucking dying the entire time
SNEEKY248 - 16 dager siden
I think Dr. Ho was trying to say "degenerative disks". btw medicare covers this lol
DoinkTD - 16 dager siden
I watched this episode when it came out and to this day I have no clue what dr ho said at 5:17
The dentist chairs? Degenerative cares? The Gwent of chess?
MIDI Man - 16 dager siden
Degenerative disk
Jimmy Ballentyne
Jimmy Ballentyne - 16 dager siden
Elite Zararus
Elite Zararus - 16 dager siden
1:13 for thoes who don't wanna watch a dumb raid shadows legends ad.
Jarrett Gilchrist
Jarrett Gilchrist - 16 dager siden
Am I the only person wondering how they got that Medieval torture device to tie John Tron up to
Bob Watson
Bob Watson - 14 dager siden
Not really. Its JonTron
Diego Brando
Diego Brando - 17 dager siden
i actually saw a dr. ho commercial last night
GeRmOnIc x
GeRmOnIc x - 17 dager siden
Grin Reaper Of Trolls
Grin Reaper Of Trolls - 17 dager siden
Djent-ive disc
Paedar Brown
Paedar Brown - 17 dager siden
I want that pulp fiction poster jon has so fucking bad
BunnyChamber - 18 dager siden
omg Dr. Ho went to my university...
RobotBoy TRB
RobotBoy TRB - 18 dager siden
Raid shadow legends is boring
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 18 dager siden
Every one of Jon’s video is masterfully crafted and so well done I love it
Jaden greer
Jaden greer - 18 dager siden
We lost a legend 😔😔
RIP keyboard
Pcssfc - 18 dager siden
Dose Jon ever get Ho for this? I NEED TO NHO
captian doge 115
captian doge 115 - 18 dager siden
12:30 i dont speak latin
proceeds to speak in italian
Logan Drennen
Logan Drennen - 18 dager siden
I would watch that movie
David,koresh Did,nothing,wrong
I like how you shot a bullet with a shell still attached
Brady Grossman
Brady Grossman - 18 dager siden
Was that phill swift
Yoinkers E
Yoinkers E - 18 dager siden
One hell of an outtro
Juan 2 3
Juan 2 3 - 18 dager siden
it took me a long time to now realize Doctor Ho meant to said degenerative disc not The gent of Tes
BOD - 18 dager siden
Its a coincidence how im watching this and a back pain ad comes up
give me bleach
give me bleach - 19 dager siden
If I can carry the weight of my anxiety then I'll pay 100$ for it.
Edman Nope
Edman Nope - 19 dager siden
11:03 "you can use Cocaine"
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson - 19 dager siden
Jon: No! The one in Mortal Kombat... Tch, Predator...
Years later...
Predator: Yeah... Me...
PokemonLover 25
PokemonLover 25 - 14 dager siden
This video was a year ago, predator was already in mkx when this came out
ZeXiOn26 - 19 dager siden
11:26 - me after binge-watching JonTron-videos
Henry Markovich
Henry Markovich - 19 dager siden
11:02 *Cocaine*
Rituraj Halder
Rituraj Halder - 19 dager siden