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Thanks to Mike Bedsole for coming to me with this idea and carrying it out :D!
Check out all the AWESOME animators who worked on this project!!! (Thanks so much guys!)
Cassidy Stone:
Mike Bedsole:
Louie Zong:
Sean Rhodes:
Dalton Brown:
Daniel Tan (supardanil):
Danny A Reyes (oryozema):
Lt. Eddy:
Taylor Parrish:
Brandon Turner:
Steve Dorian (Lemony Fresh):
Lucas Pacheco:
SUPER special thanks to Michael Gregory ( for helping me record and produce this sick beat.
Also thanks to ALEX S for JonTron Dubstep Remix:
Runtime: 04:17


Md Ashif Ansari
Md Ashif Ansari - Time siden
You nailed it, mate
JohnEnigma - 2 timer siden
This is way better than the Katy Perry version.
The Mastro Show
The Mastro Show - 2 timer siden
This version is the original version
i like diet coke
i like diet coke - 4 timer siden
this video restored my parents marriage in 2021
Zamorlast 04
Zamorlast 04 - 4 timer siden
He sings so fckng good, no cap
Stay Positive
Stay Positive - 5 timer siden
never in my ilfe i thought id be listing to firework by Katy Parry but when Jon picked up the mic I could not resist re watched it like 8 times
TANKRED Endures - 6 timer siden
Tbh when i am done i listen to this
Space Paincake
Space Paincake - 11 timer siden
I hate that I've cried to this
Leafy Boi
Leafy Boi - 13 timer siden
I didnt like the song before but now i love it thanks
Birdkingthegamer - 15 timer siden
lilfox gamer
lilfox gamer - 15 timer siden
better then the original
Arthur Dakuras
Arthur Dakuras - 16 timer siden
Enough to make a grown man cry
Cooltiger 099
Cooltiger 099 - 21 time siden
This song is better than the original
It's easy can you call the original
An original
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker - Dag siden
Why am I crying, his voice is so beautiful and it gives me a funny warm feeling in my stomach
Critic in the Shadows
Critic in the Shadows - Dag siden
All we need now is a live performance with both Jon and Katy
The Unseen Paragon
The Unseen Paragon - Dag siden
You know what... I prefer Jon's version to the original XD
kerwin May
kerwin May - Dag siden
I love this rendition and the original very inspirational and creative
Clubs - Dag siden
This video the only reason i know this song's lyrics
Izz Syamil
Izz Syamil - Dag siden
When the cover is better then the original
mr crusader
mr crusader - Dag siden
Who the fuck would dislike this video
Captain clock
Captain clock - Dag siden
People in this chat are so stupid “THis Is bEtTer tHan THe OriGinaL”

This is the original
Ice King
Ice King - 4 timer siden
He didn’t sing a part of kaity Perry’s song Wait I mean she made another part to his song
Zamorlast 04
Zamorlast 04 - Dag siden
Yo, catfat is AWESOME
Alexander G.
Alexander G. - Dag siden
Admit you searched for this song.
Ben Thor
Ben Thor - 2 dager siden
mike math
mike math - 2 dager siden
It's cool how Jon did this and not Danny "the singer" Avidan.
Cris San Juan
Cris San Juan - 2 dager siden
This has been on loop since yesterday morning... no regrets...
Blibdo - 2 dager siden
Is that Ethan!?
fireroastedsunflowerseeds of joy
Starbomb, eat your heart out....
Mati Frankel-Cooperberg
Mati Frankel-Cooperberg - 2 dager siden
Someone has to put this on Spotify please, this’ll boost my mood every morning
landon anderson
landon anderson - 2 dager siden
the hardest choices require the strongest wills
yato Nora
yato Nora - 2 dager siden
I feel bad for the throat
The Great Skink Priest
The Great Skink Priest - 2 dager siden
I am still in total awe of how incredible this is. Not just for the animations, he legitimately owned the song.
Gamingbrojr - 2 dager siden
Callum Walton
Callum Walton - 2 dager siden
I still come back to this to this day
OreoTM - 2 dager siden
I thought this would be a joke and it would be purposely bad,but this is honestly the best song and he rocked it like god damn
Viet Cong Boi
Viet Cong Boi - 2 dager siden
3V1L5H0073R - 3 dager siden
they should've brought you for the inauguration.
Greg- standard edition
Greg- standard edition - 3 dager siden
*joe Biden sheds a single tear*
Blu Thundar
Blu Thundar - 3 dager siden
Petition If he hits 10 mil he will do this in AGT
Snowball - 3 dager siden
I still think his voice is better for this song than anyone else’s.
Guitar and Skateboarding
Guitar and Skateboarding - 3 dager siden
Holy crap this is great
koji - 3 dager siden
jon says he could not and can not sing this, but seriously, this is fuckin' tremendous!
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard - 3 dager siden
My ears are ringing but fuck those high notes were AMAZING! I HAD EARGASMS! I don’t even think that’s a thing but I shuddered when I heard those notes being hit and I loved every moment of it
thecolorofmysoul - 3 dager siden
I have never watched any video in this channel but i have got to say this is one of the most beutiful videos I have seen and heard in years, for some reason it was very touching, maybe becayse of the act of kindness behind it. The animations are otherworldy!!!
THEBOSS03 - 3 dager siden
Redneck _Amarican
Redneck _Amarican - 3 dager siden
Bro what happened to jon tron
Ignacio Olguín
Ignacio Olguín - 2 dager siden
He slowed his video output, made low-tier promotional content for Disney and got involved in racial controversy as an american identitarian even though he's descendant of middle-eastern immigrants, losing popularity with a lot of people but mostly with his international audience (who, like me, isn't even from USA and don't care about the drama).
Arska - 3 dager siden
I forgot this terribleness existed
Charles Allen
Charles Allen - 3 dager siden
Jon: (starts singing) everyone in the world starts singing along.
Jayton O'Brien
Jayton O'Brien - 3 dager siden
This is very entertaining please make him do another
quart - 3 dager siden
kinda weird biden used katy pary to sing this
Navi _
Navi _ - 3 dager siden
Was trying to find Biden’s Inauguration with Katy Perry and her rendition of Fireworks and found this instead. Couldn’t find it but this will do! 🍿🥤
1UPMidget - 3 dager siden
Better than biden version ngl
Dario Davis
Dario Davis - 3 dager siden
Who else watched this after the biden inauguration
Warcodered01 - 3 dager siden
pretty much, she started singing it and I was like "Whelp better cue this up."
Ded_Meet - 3 dager siden
zara - 3 dager siden
The saying "after a hurricane comes a rainbow" symbolizing some type of keep your head up and hope up is a fucking joke. There is no happy end to a life, only regret, sadness, and anger.
Daniel Donham
Daniel Donham - 3 dager siden
I love that son
Ryan Agee
Ryan Agee - 3 dager siden
Fucking love this. Amazing vocals
DJ Mutt
DJ Mutt - 3 dager siden
This is better than the original ngl
Iris XD
Iris XD - 3 dager siden
Me just im awe about the literal 33 mill views... DESERVES IT THO XD
Terrell Durocher
Terrell Durocher - 4 dager siden
This song can kill your voice.
Tanner Rex
Tanner Rex - 4 dager siden
Why is this so much better
Tony Lincu
Tony Lincu - 4 dager siden
Bro i got this as my alarm. Now i can remember why
raye-lorrainemar 1
raye-lorrainemar 1 - 4 dager siden
Yea me to
Dj and Ash’s Vloging and gaming channel
Ftx best animator
MindOverMatt - 4 dager siden
I wonder what Katy Perry thinks of this.
Um Daltonico
Um Daltonico - 4 dager siden
"Dinocity is an game" old lines never die
juku 56789
juku 56789 - 4 dager siden
Better than the original
Egg Rod
Egg Rod - 4 dager siden
Cameron Goldinger
Cameron Goldinger - 4 dager siden
Most songs: *one ear bud
This song: * Me Two. I'll allow it
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 4 dager siden
i god damn love brandon turner XD
sureiwill - 4 dager siden
Taylor Parrish and cat fat really nailed it tho
TheDerpy :l
TheDerpy :l - 4 dager siden
I.Its beautiful
Cristian Salmeron Reyes
Cristian Salmeron Reyes - 5 dager siden
Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget - 5 dager siden
Better than the other. Will listen to this every day for the rest of my life
Ice King
Ice King - 5 dager siden
Was 25000 dollars worth Jon to sing this
That’s like asking someone if they breath oxygen
That guy who likes sonic
That guy who likes sonic - 5 dager siden
This is the only version of the song
Aichi Toshiki
Aichi Toshiki - 5 dager siden
Great voice👏👏👏
Play station 1 Home entertainment system
Jon is a surprisingly got singer
PC Productions
PC Productions - 5 dager siden
This is just Jontron Reanimated, before Reanimated was a thing.
D O G Woof
D O G Woof - 5 dager siden
I like Jon tron but this video pisses me off and makes me want to shoot up the old folks home
Shrek The Ogre
Shrek The Ogre - 5 dager siden
@D O G Woof This is why edgy 14 year olds shouldn’t be allowed on social media. Jog on
D O G Woof
D O G Woof - 5 dager siden
@Shrek The Ogre because I hate this song and Jon tron made it sound worse but atleast it’s not as bad as the grub hubs as that makes me want to drive through a crowd of people in my 2001 Honda Civic
Shrek The Ogre
Shrek The Ogre - 5 dager siden
What? Why?
Orange Creamsicle
Orange Creamsicle - 5 dager siden
this is blursed
but mostly, uh
Dane Day
Dane Day - 5 dager siden
This is better then the actual song
Noah Turiaf
Noah Turiaf - 5 dager siden
2:49 is the best
Mr Bobbo
Mr Bobbo - 5 dager siden
1:48 was my favorite animation. It really reminded me of classic Disney animation.
ToastedToastyBoi - 5 dager siden
why does this one sound like there's more heart put into it than the original?
трёхголовый Лиграф
If you can't sing so what about me???!!
lmao ok
lmao ok - 5 dager siden
This is fucking awesome what the hell
RandomMachine - 5 dager siden
17k people are wrong
A Poorly Rendered Orange
A Poorly Rendered Orange - 5 dager siden
Calling this a superior version is the understatement of the millennium.
yvni - 5 dager siden
Ryan Drury
Ryan Drury - 5 dager siden
Anyone else try to find this on spotify only for it to not be there
Fucking Idiot
Fucking Idiot - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or is Jon looking kinda thicccc
DatRonin 99
DatRonin 99 - 6 dager siden
If you come back please do a video on star kid (1998) if you do please shout me out bro 😎
Johan Cronman
Johan Cronman - 6 dager siden
i just eated a kiwi so my lips are burning
HerronARF - 6 dager siden
This song has kept me sane during quarantine
rac pack
rac pack - 6 dager siden
Yo dude katey perry stole your song
AkaliTheDemon - 6 dager siden
The second coming is here. It's JonTron.
sic - 6 dager siden
why does this sound better than the original
MoltenGore1 - 6 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: This sounds so good at 1.5 speed
Ethan Brinning
Ethan Brinning - 6 dager siden
Jesus, Jon you can reach notes I didn't think you could, like HIGH notes
Ethan Brinning
Ethan Brinning - 6 dager siden
This brought a year to my eye, thanks for coming to my TED talk
R.J. Lupin
R.J. Lupin - 6 dager siden
I keep hearing " a fucked up July"