Flex Tape II: The Flexening - JonTron

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It wasn't the sequel we wanted...but it also wasn't the sequel we deserved...wait a minute, who greenlit this thing?!
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Jon Jafari - Himself
Phil Swift - Himself
Sergio Torres - Himself
Mike Shayne - Himself/Gorilla
Charlotte Claw - Heather Breckenridge
Tricia Cramer - Interviewer Voice
Roland Da Rold - Antoine De Bois
Francesco Ciaramella - Enzo Rossi
Johanna Martinez - Model #1
Kiki - Model #2
Kevin Zorbe - Phil's Hand Stunt Double

Jon Jafari - Director/Writer/Lead Editor
Sergio Emilio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer
Tricia Cramer - Assistant Director
Jacob Gonzales - Camera Operator
Mike Shayne - Gaffer
Andrew Reynoso - Editor
Charlotte Claw - Script Supervisor
Keaton Hild - Sound Mixer
Maria Alexandra - Make-Up Artist
Melanie Licata - Make-Up Artist/Special Effects
Lynell Vinuya - Production Designer
Robert Taylor - Carpenter
Trevor Lazinksi - Art PA
Mike Butler - Art PA
Intro Animation by Studio Yotta:
Joel Cheetham
Jake Ganz
Chris O'Neill
Ida Bagus Yoga
Carlos Ortega
Jaxxy Tomar
Julian Bentley
Jesus AcHe
Anthony Price
Intro Music by ToxicxEternity (noburn.info)
JonTron Logo by Eileen Delgado (www.uber-unicorn.com/)
Flex Seal Movie Posters by Jeff Delgado (twitter.com/Jeff_Delgado)
This video is sponsored by Swift Response, LLC.
Runtime: 21:17


Shadow Weaboo
Shadow Weaboo - Time siden
9:48 funny meme
VoidedToons - 3 timer siden
Is your shoulder ok??
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser - 5 timer siden
This would have taken one month if not for the 12 minute filler part of nothingness.
Albert Wright
Albert Wright - 6 timer siden
12:16 I’ll take your entire stock
Chas duryea
Chas duryea - 7 timer siden
Jontron look up scott the woz in yt
Jonathan Carroll
Jonathan Carroll - 12 timer siden
My two favorite youtubers
Riley Chilmark
Riley Chilmark - 13 timer siden
6:08 was easily the best part of the vid not that it was a bad vid I just thought it was very funny. Idk y I just thought it was
Sam Rodabaugh
Sam Rodabaugh - 14 timer siden
POV: you are about to become famous because of a meme
Klipxgate - 15 timer siden
A national live TV show couldn’t book Phil Swift but JonTron could...
Jay Playz
Jay Playz - 15 timer siden
Just a genuine question are you the voice actor for the guy from monsters Inc. the little green guy with one eye
Quinncy Kessler
Quinncy Kessler - 16 timer siden
I just realized this video came out on my birthday 3 years ago
Popularnnos - 16 timer siden
did he actually win a Oscar?
Oldmangames - 18 timer siden
We never found out what was the secret flex product was
Andrew rodd
Andrew rodd - 20 timer siden
history for the ages
Hunger Studios
Hunger Studios - Dag siden
I like this
Vmp padgett
Vmp padgett - Dag siden
Ok I blieve that smart! That is what i'll do right now! 9:42
Safal Pun
Safal Pun - Dag siden
I wonder what was his last creation
Old Snake
Old Snake - Dag siden
Yeah... I see that flex seal mouse pad
Bread Toast
Bread Toast - Dag siden
Why did it take me a full year to find this Channel
Pyronaut - Dag siden
this does not feel like its been 2 fucking years 😂
Kyle Sul
Kyle Sul - Dag siden
2:40 did Jon voice lester from gta?
Rafael Saapunki
Rafael Saapunki - Dag siden
Jontronshow must react to the new flex glad vidio
Benj • 15 years and
Benj • 15 years and - Dag siden
oskar cool
oskar cool - Dag siden
did you meet phill swith?
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber - 2 dager siden
Flex Tape 3: The Return of the Flex
Ami Dark
Ami Dark - 2 dager siden
Masterpiece and Phil Swift and Flex Seal show what people want in companies. Embrace the memes.
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters - 2 dager siden
Do flex paste
MR.GOODMAN F**KERS - 2 dager siden
12:10 HE DID THE MEME!!!!
Jedi Minecraft
Jedi Minecraft - 2 dager siden
it must have been flex glue...........clear?
Rico Jones26
Rico Jones26 - 2 dager siden
I’m from England we speak English. ...well tha was a bit rude innit
Cole Dickau
Cole Dickau - 2 dager siden
Teacher: leaves class
Students: 6:08
Mama Mercy
Mama Mercy - 2 dager siden
Cant believe this was 2 years ago...
Andres Blacklaws
Andres Blacklaws - 2 dager siden
i’Ll TaKe yOuR iNtIrE sToCk
Dean Francis
Dean Francis - 2 dager siden
I think that red box contained Flex Paste
PolarBear219 Gaming
PolarBear219 Gaming - 2 dager siden
Pawares (Beam) Unchaisri
Pawares (Beam) Unchaisri - 2 dager siden
12:16 I'lL tAKeYouR EnTirE sToCK
Alexander O
Alexander O - 2 dager siden
1:44 he's jealous cause of jontron won the award
NOTEZY - 3 dager siden
john is insane in a sane way
Yanzhi Aquino
Yanzhi Aquino - 3 dager siden
Seal the videos its becoming memes
Kirboy what he do?
Kirboy what he do? - 3 dager siden
I’ll TAke YouR EnItIRE STOcK!!!!! 12:16
Marleena Ahmad Rapiee
Marleena Ahmad Rapiee - 3 dager siden
9:57 this is my personal timestamp
Vigor NoVa
Vigor NoVa - 3 dager siden
Jon’s trippin on flex glue himself😭 16:49
Shsbd Dbshak
Shsbd Dbshak - 3 dager siden
You should make a third one
Artorias of the Abyss
Artorias of the Abyss - 3 dager siden
Flex Tape III: Revenge of the Flex
SOULTAKU 100% - 3 dager siden
It feels like it’s been 2 score fortnight since I first saw this hilarious video, but it felt like much longer in between this one and the previous one.
A score is 20 years and a fortnight is 2 weeks.
oS_Turekid - 3 dager siden
2 years ago, prob like the 30th time I’ve watched this😂
RandomCarGuy17 - 3 dager siden
12:56 "Phil, what are you gonna do next time? Try to Flex Tape your head in and try to breathe on the moon."
Yes, that's exactly what he's going to do and he did.
Erik Vicente
Erik Vicente - 3 dager siden
I've drank six cans of flex seal
Lucas Beavers
Lucas Beavers - 3 dager siden
What what the fuck
RaidKonik - 3 dager siden
If you listen carefully you can hear a women whisper “no john”. To Phil. 17:02
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner - 3 dager siden
Eh book was better
Clapz Grundy
Clapz Grundy - 3 dager siden
this is 2 years ago, jeez
- TWEEoMOZ - - 3 dager siden
Why are there 18K dislikes?!
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
F Centserd
Not Gilbert
Not Gilbert - 3 dager siden
Mc Cervantes
Mc Cervantes - 3 dager siden
Some one on Christmas getting the ps5:
Enzo Clark
Enzo Clark - 3 dager siden
12:17 another priceless meme
cow spider man
cow spider man - 3 dager siden
The collab we ALL wanted
†Imagination† ‡pøwers me‡
12:15 when you need some stuff to snuff
Ali Zaidan Thamyeez
Ali Zaidan Thamyeez - 4 dager siden
I want to see flex tape stopping hoover dam from working
bing 853
bing 853 - 4 dager siden
Saying "shark infested waters"is like saying "people infested houses" like, they live there Phil!
bing 853
bing 853 - 2 dager siden
@SquishyDraison TheGamer yes but the sharks originated at that area also it's just a joke
SquishyDraison TheGamer
SquishyDraison TheGamer - 2 dager siden
Idk thats like saying every building houses people. Not every water has sharks
Luca’s STUDIO - 4 dager siden
Those sharks are nurse sharks and they don’t attack humans
Julian MacFarlane
Julian MacFarlane - 4 dager siden
Flex tape 3 please
Not actualy here
Not actualy here - 4 dager siden
The moment when you realise john couldnt drive the buggy coz they where to lazy to render that.
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
Man i cant believe that there is going to be a space jam 2
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
Space jam is the best movie on earth
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
Holy mother of fucking god
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
How did i find out now that there is going to be a space jam 2 in 2021 July 16th
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
What fucking rock have I bin living under
Nick Rcxiladze
Nick Rcxiladze - 4 dager siden
How in gods fucking name did he know in 2019 in 2019 that there was gona be a spacejam 2 coming out
Vlad Simonov
Vlad Simonov - 4 dager siden
12:11 found it!
LGN Flamez
LGN Flamez - 4 dager siden
Omar Buentello
Omar Buentello - 4 dager siden
I still remember the day this was uploaded and the pure joy I felt seeing that not only Jon was back, but doubled down with Flex Tape
Jeff The Killer
Jeff The Killer - 4 dager siden
Flex Tape III-The Mental Flexdown-JonTron
RYCKroll - 5 dager siden
Just an absolutely insane episode I’ll always give Jon mad props for this lmao just nothing but comedy
Sir Unofficial
Sir Unofficial - 5 dager siden
I will pay to get the Flex tape in the history books
Cloudy King43
Cloudy King43 - 5 dager siden
So uuuuh are we getting a part 3?
Estelle Santum
Estelle Santum - 5 dager siden
Stephanie Newby
Stephanie Newby - 5 dager siden
Jon:Phil what does it take to book you?
Me: He's busy smelling flex glue
Spower2 - 5 dager siden
Gaming with Pizza
Gaming with Pizza - 5 dager siden
12:17 and the legend was born
John - 5 dager siden
So many memes
Yoinkers E
Yoinkers E - 5 dager siden
Skull Man
Skull Man - 5 dager siden
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro - 5 dager siden
hey yall scott the terminal illness here
Dylan Janczuk
Dylan Janczuk - 5 dager siden
I like how he tells Phil swift to call him and he offers him 3 dollars😂
Theo Desbiens
Theo Desbiens - 5 dager siden
make part three
Jordie - 6 dager siden
I miss Jon
MrJFrayFilms - 6 dager siden
This is why I buy flex seal
Confusings - 6 dager siden
Sequels are always bad.
John Joe
John Joe - 6 dager siden
dont use on cars lol otherwise flex stuff iss good
Platinum Pixel
Platinum Pixel - 6 dager siden
9:49 the birth of a meme
Oscar Velasco
Oscar Velasco - 6 dager siden
For people who want to skip through half of the video to the intro, the timestamp is 7:19
Dr Disabled
Dr Disabled - 6 dager siden
When the brick falls on him for a second you think its a joke then realize its true pain
Yeet is Goated
Yeet is Goated - 6 dager siden
best movie ever