Goosebumps: PART 2 - JonTron

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Jon revisits R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series for halloween! PART DEUX!
Shane Gill for Lil' JonTron Head Splat:
Keanu Modeseven Jones for JonTron Logo:
Michael 'Michafrar' Azzi for Halloween Intro Animation and Pixel Art:
Jerrod 'JerryTerry' Waters for Halloween Intro Theme:
Chris Niosi for filming and help:
Nicole Rodriguez for filming and help.
Runtime: 18:52


Acryl - 18 timer siden
xD best series
Chambo The Hunter
Chambo The Hunter - 21 time siden
So this is where most of your memes come from huh? Somehow I'm not surprised
Hexted - Dag siden
Oh poor pilgrims lmao
Hexted - Dag siden
That ginger kid talking like a 90s kid is so not believable as a pilgrim child
Lol im not giving you my real name
5:48 my reaction to cuties
MrDinoTroll - 4 dager siden
MrDinoTroll - 4 dager siden
“The Haunting of the Mac AnD CHEEEEEEESE”
MrDinoTroll - 4 dager siden
why must my eyes always be presented to this
Joel Macha
Joel Macha - 4 dager siden
I think that is how fourth cousins work. Your second cousin is your cousin's cousin, and removed is either the child or parent of the cousin. Your second cousin is the child of your cousin's cousin. So a fourth cousin twice removed would be parent's age.
Vitor Borges
Vitor Borges - 4 dager siden
AngryBirdsSBSPMinecraftandUnikittyFTW Covid19FTL
When Pinkamena Diane Pie was in your room so She's going to Murder you after you Watch Pinkie Pie's Song in Croatian
Me: 16:56
Angus King
Angus King - 5 dager siden
4th cousin twice removed. 4th cousin is somebody who shares a great great great grandparent. Then twice removed puts them two generations apart.
Though they must really know their family tree to know the people they were staying with were related to them.
Gabriel Kay
Gabriel Kay - 6 dager siden
It's funny, cuz at that point everyone knew him for the video games reviews, so he puts the books that the movies he's reviewing into the games consoles because that's what he always does...
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie - 7 dager siden
The doctor did fold pretty quick for someone with a medical degree. Yeah, the band audition, thats gotta be the reason for sudden and severe hair growth.
TOMahawk - 7 dager siden
I remember watching this when it came out 7 years ago with my friends on Halloween night, we had to stop at 5:52 because we were crying from how hard we were laughing. Better times, I'll miss them and treasure the time I had with them.
James Duong
James Duong - 9 dager siden
Midnight Cat
Midnight Cat - 9 dager siden
When i see a spider: 16:56
Andreas Siouras
Andreas Siouras - 10 dager siden
Ok so basically the second part is an early bersion of among us but eith ghosts ?
Rwrshi YT
Rwrshi YT - 10 dager siden
Chester Dagoc
Chester Dagoc - 12 dager siden
16:51 we know who made this meme on an edestus
Steven Brown
Steven Brown - 13 dager siden
My next door neighbor has a couple of parakeets. I found out when he needed me to replace an electrical outlet behind the TV stand. I thought the tapping on the bill of my hat was a cable bumping my cap but instead was Bert perched on the bill. When I got out from behind the TV my neighbor smiled and said you have a code inspector with you then pointed towards my hat. I put my finger out and Bert hopped on. I said hi Bert nice to meet you and put my other finger out and he grabbed it and shook his head up and down then let go. The other one Rodney is a bit more timid and went into his perch while I was there. Bert perched on my shoulder while I had a couple beers and chatted with my neighbor.
Anime Fate
Anime Fate - 13 dager siden
4:06 insert meme
Paul Dunkerley
Paul Dunkerley - 14 dager siden
Twice removed means that they are two generations above (or below) the cousin
Cam9Cam9Cam9 - 14 dager siden
"Have you ever seen it?"
"Its a ghost."
Zeb Shriver
Zeb Shriver - 14 dager siden
do you know you are a meme now??
Gareth Allan
Gareth Allan - 15 dager siden
Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the background from 8:53 to 9:00?
Egg Egg
Egg Egg - 17 dager siden
Egg Egg
Egg Egg - 17 dager siden
Egg Egg
Egg Egg - 17 dager siden
Egg Egg
Egg Egg - 17 dager siden
Indy - 17 dager siden
I want more of these please
Jaron Saunders
Jaron Saunders - 17 dager siden
Honestly the dog thing is dumb, but also what a terrifying concept for a kid, one day you start growing hair all over your body, and then you become a dog, and your family abandons you to live on the streets
Mr. Saturn
Mr. Saturn - 17 dager siden
You know, even though I am the person I am today, I want THAT on my gravestone. Even though NO ONE would understand why, for multiple reasons I want that on my gravestone.
Lynell Trevino
Lynell Trevino - 17 dager siden
17:51 ight ima head out
Muton Futon
Muton Futon - 18 dager siden
Funnily enough I read the comic version of ghost beach when I was younger and I remember not reading it through but the art style and the writing terrified me
RetroMeExpress - 19 dager siden
I love JonTron's bird
freddyfazdude94 - 19 dager siden
In the actual book don’t they never mention the ghost until they find the dog? It’s been a while since I read the book but I swear they mentioned it after the dog thing. If they had gone with that, some of the lines might’ve made sense with the phrasing anyways. The ghost girls line could’ve been something like “well if you’re going to live here you should know, there’s a ghost that lives here”
Edit: idk if this would change anything but I think there were also 3 ghosts, other then the cousins of course
Ranae Fallis
Ranae Fallis - 19 dager siden
5:37 is in SMG4
The Assassin's Ally
The Assassin's Ally - 19 dager siden
the ghost beach book was actually good...the show? not so much
Final Froggit Approaches
Final Froggit Approaches - 20 dager siden
Wait.. So who was ghost in that last one? The beach kids certainly probably were with the skull faces, right? Was it also the grandcousins? If so, were there any hints to that twist? I’ve never seen the show and I am wildly confused.
joel mavity
joel mavity - 20 dager siden
The aurora borealis? At that time of the year, at that time of day, in that party of the country, localized entirely in that cave?
Elaine Walsh
Elaine Walsh - 20 dager siden
Thomas Gagne
Thomas Gagne - 21 dag siden
Jaque is so cute at 11:20. ( I got the same type bird and he does that with me too.)
jeremyc311709 - 21 dag siden
Can’t a guy get some PrIvAcY!?
Elaine Walsh
Elaine Walsh - 21 dag siden
Elaine Walsh
Elaine Walsh - 20 dager siden
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 22 dager siden
11:20 oh ooohhh oooooohhhhhhh”breaths fire”
The person who will become A double bassist one day
I don’t like where this is going
Arther wilicker
Arther wilicker - 22 dager siden
2:43 "We can say we played a concert in Hawaii"
NYEKOKEiシ - 23 dager siden
2:28 thats a chart topper for sure
Platinum Pixel
Platinum Pixel - 23 dager siden
Easy ways to prove if someone’s a ghost:
See if they go through stuff

I don’t know why Terri and jerry didn’t think of basic knowledge about ghosts.
Zurpass - 24 dager siden
Jason Boldt
Jason Boldt - 24 dager siden
7 years later and I just now noticed “RIP PBG”
MERICA Guns, freedom and love.
Why isnt anyone talking about how she turns British @ 11:36-37
Cole Reynolds
Cole Reynolds - 24 dager siden
I had the Ghost Beach book as a kid, only Goosebumps one I had. Creeped me way out but damn that episode looks hilarious.
Eyeless Lily Quo
Eyeless Lily Quo - 24 dager siden
I remember the dog episode as a kid xD
- Me in School -
Teacher: now do you understand Lily?
Me: 11:41
MVWOLF 99 - 24 dager siden
11:45 She learned with the first Ganado of RE4.
Andrewthepug - 24 dager siden
Don't be unlucky and be a dog
Majd Mohammed
Majd Mohammed - 24 dager siden
Who else is here after 2020 thinking: I miss JonTron.
Use this comment to claim your ticket.
Evan Langer
Evan Langer - 26 dager siden
5:49 best scream ever
Yahya Haris
Yahya Haris - 26 dager siden
4:22 lol FBI
Alfie Taylor
Alfie Taylor - 27 dager siden
Why would they show a child's privet parts to kids?!
Mr. Mcmeme
Mr. Mcmeme - 27 dager siden
“Ghost Bitch”
nathan robbins
nathan robbins - 27 dager siden
Anyone else returning for the meme's? :)
Jorich Jed Matunog
Jorich Jed Matunog - 28 dager siden
Jorich Jed Matunog
Jorich Jed Matunog - 28 dager siden
Jorich Jed Matunog
Jorich Jed Matunog - 28 dager siden
Laser X
Laser X - 28 dager siden
Ahhh simple time wen there was no wired video or stupid Tiktok videos there was only this and this was god
ThatGuyKnownAsWill - 29 dager siden
It’s like somebody saw silent hill 2 and was like “yep! That’s it! Campy acting is perfect for horror!” Without actually realizing why the characters had campy acting
ThatGuyKnownAsWill - 29 dager siden
Oh so that’s where Sadler went after Resident Evil 4!
Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster - 29 dager siden
4:07 I Don't Like Where This Is Going
4:15 Stop.
4:19 Stop!
4:23F.B.I. Should Be Knockin On This Door Any Minute.
5:46 STOP!
5:50 AhAHahAH!!!!!!!
Memeinater 117
Memeinater 117 - 29 dager siden
PhoenixBass - Måned siden
Momento mori
Momento mori - Måned siden
Bioleyton - Måned siden
2:43 "we can safely play a concert in Hawaii"
Blue Lobster
Blue Lobster - 29 dager siden
I think it's "we can say we played a concert in Hawaii."
John .Eddison
John .Eddison - Måned siden
come for the fun, stay for the Meme's
Wcat03blu - Måned siden
My harriest adventure was one of the few goosebumps books I read, and definitely my favourite
Edit: the book was at least a little bit better
Flying Walrus42
Flying Walrus42 - Måned siden
2:25 all gas no brakes when he was 10
Tom V
Tom V - Måned siden
My brother had that same poster that's in Larry's room at 3:07
Does anyone know what kind of car that it? I'd love to find one of those posters because my memory of my brother's is so nostalgic.
Tom V
Tom V - 6 dager siden
Update, it's a 1990s Lamborghini. Poster by "Countach"
lucid soup
lucid soup - Måned siden
3 century old ghosts wear modern clothing
The Nintendo Nerd
The Nintendo Nerd - Måned siden
I don’t hate people just a cultural thing.
The Nintendo Nerd
The Nintendo Nerd - Måned siden
Hey Scott look a bit different
BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations
BOWSERLAVA1283 Animations - Måned siden
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Måned siden
-Yes yes conquerer of galaxies and ruler of bananos servant of Bingus the one and only killer of hum-APES
Jed’s Awesome kitchen
Jed’s Awesome kitchen - Måned siden
Make a part 3 to this with attack of the mutant and part 4 it came from beneath the kitchen sink
Mr Boi
Mr Boi - Måned siden
Crxsstalk - Måned siden
Fuck my life has it really been 7 years??
Orthus Games
Orthus Games - Måned siden
"I don't like where this is going. stop. stop. The FBI are going to be knocking on my door any moment now... No no nnonononnononono. Please you don't understand what your doing. Ahhhhhhh"
This is still the funniest quote you've ever put out Jon
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator - Måned siden
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator - Måned siden
AuraStome - Måned siden
Emperor Norton Winks
Emperor Norton Winks - Måned siden
I still have a VHS copy of night of the living dummy
SuperCoolPanda - Måned siden
Merry Christmas to everyone in 2020 lmao
Big hairy balloon
Big hairy balloon - Måned siden
I’m watching this Christmas Eve as nothing spells Christmas like Halloween JonTron
Karim Florentino
Karim Florentino - Måned siden
Memes that no one will find
Merry Christmas
Nick Sultana
Nick Sultana - Måned siden
5:50 love this moment X'D
Gerryl Durotan
Gerryl Durotan - Måned siden
Balloon Boy
Balloon Boy - Måned siden
Merry Christmas 🎄
Lord Sosvodiris
Lord Sosvodiris - Måned siden
Your 4th cousins are like your great grandparents cousins
Lost Productions
Lost Productions - Måned siden
Who else is just here for the STAHP meme?
Geeyouknit 06
Geeyouknit 06 - Måned siden
I did it I finally found the video
thnikkaslime ree
thnikkaslime ree - Måned siden
My favorite line from this is STROKE THE CAT
littletale chara
littletale chara - Måned siden
4:06 and 5:35 lol