Guns of Icarus (REAL TUTORIAL!!) - Ft. JonTron

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Please watch this video if you want to know THE REAL WAY™ to play Guns of Icarus Online. No jokes, no bullshit. Only real hardened facts here.
Thanks to Guns of Icarus for sponsoring this episode!
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The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken - 2 dager siden
Jontron should do a channel where he just records himself playing video games. It would be easy and quick, and I’m sure he would get tons of views too. He doesn’t even have to edit or do anything fancy just a face cam and the screen
Spooky jenkins!
Spooky jenkins! - 22 dager siden
Were you doing competitive? Either way just saying he doesn't even seem to say anything nicely. he just yells at you to do things. If im wrong you can comment on this but kinda seems like the kind of guys on call of duty that are just going on and on about their crap.
Admiral Talax
Admiral Talax - Måned siden
Get off the gun
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau - 2 måneder siden
Am I do something?
Rhys Higgon
Rhys Higgon - 4 måneder siden
Man, I wish this game wasnt dead. Sure the graphics are a little outdated but the game design is really fun
Kaspar Tambur
Kaspar Tambur - 9 måneder siden
Let's bring back this game! ;)
alex reid
alex reid - 10 måneder siden
damn this game actually looked good, never had a gaming system 9yrs ago sadly.
bgustinjr - År siden
wat i do wrong, papa??
Luke Herndon
Luke Herndon - År siden
Jon looks like doc oc from spider-man 2 in the thumbnail. Everytime I see it, it makes me want to go watch it lol
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
Lol you're right
dark_matter_man - År siden
4:13 “this is what happens to bad boys”
Typ der Spiele spielt
Typ der Spiele spielt - År siden
Sooooo.. Thank you YouTube for recommending me this but... This game is dead. Theres like 10 people online when you´re lucky.
George The Human
George The Human - År siden
Guns of ECHarus
Mason Heitner
Mason Heitner - År siden
MayMayMachine: CAPTAIN!!
Jon: yea-yEAH?
MayMayMachine: LOOK!
*ship toward them at full speed*
Mr. Flikkerbibs
Mr. Flikkerbibs - År siden
Do a backflip
Frogboy - År siden
JonTron doesn't afraid of anything
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau - År siden
I didn't realize this video was sponsored. Lol
morganaravens - År siden
Watching this 3yrs later while at work in a law firm to keep my brain going! Thanks Jon!
HackingDutchman - År siden
This is gold.
Cr1st0ph - År siden
3:40 Yes, Jon, you've lost in life
Koteshima :
Koteshima : - År siden
"my team isn't wishing death upon me"
Every multiplayer game I have ever been in
Joe Camel
Joe Camel - År siden
Miss this game being popular
Connor Falcon
Connor Falcon - 2 år siden
2:15 “what if you miss?” *”I won’t”*
Alex Martin
Alex Martin - 2 år siden
What a rude person that maymay machine. I feel U jontron. Maymay, if UR listening, stop being a jerk.
Man Among Men
Man Among Men - 2 år siden
Yeah, that's me in Mechwarrior Online. I also rock an urbanmech.
Swapnil kumar
Swapnil kumar - 2 år siden
September 2018 anyone??
HackermanACK - 2 år siden
Am I do something.. Am I do something yet?
Heisenkirk 2000
Heisenkirk 2000 - 2 år siden
You would’ve fixed those engines faster if you had Flex Tape.
doos - 2 år siden
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait... "Ft. JonTron"? So who made the video? Also is there dirt under the nail on the hand at 1:20?
DaMonke - 2 år siden
HM..!? I went through the comments from 2 years ago and they were gold.
And what do I get in the newest?
What is song at 3:34
Wth where is the bell icon?
DaMonke - 2 år siden
And mostly quotes from the video
Fernando Correa
Fernando Correa - 2 år siden
phoenix 624
phoenix 624 - 2 år siden
0:37 I take exception to that
Brub52 - 2 år siden
Ironbuket - 2 år siden
Best game tutorial ever
DuckieIRL - 2 år siden
You know you’ve been watching too much South Park when all you can think at 4:48 is “KENNY. IS THAT YOU?!”
Firebird Stark
Firebird Stark - 2 år siden
In this video: Jon Tron plays a game he likes /s
Fam Spam
Fam Spam - 2 år siden
Come back Jon
Brisa Delrio
Brisa Delrio - 2 år siden
JonTron please come back to YouTube
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak - 2 år siden
Hard pass on this
HackermanACK - 2 år siden
Me: Am I Do Something Yet? Am I do Something?
HackermanACK - 2 år siden
I fixing
Tyler Larkin
Tyler Larkin - 2 år siden
No bell icon for me to click. Wth
Percival Script
Percival Script - 2 år siden
what is song at 1:55?
Tiber Septim
Tiber Septim - 2 år siden
2 years later, the game is pretty good. They got a good tutorial
Sol Maq
Sol Maq - 2 år siden
That “get off the gun” guy sounds like Jimmy Jr from Bob’s Burgers
Libertrarian Lenny Face
Libertrarian Lenny Face - 2 år siden
He fired hwatcha before hull break. Therefore he did no damage. If I was the captain I would have cussed him out in chat.
That Youtube Commenter
That Youtube Commenter - 2 år siden
Is this game still active?
Zone Doll
Zone Doll - 2 år siden
Question, don't a lot of games show you what your team looks like before you start playing so that you can tell the beginners from the experienced?
Also, ya'll were beginners at some point u boring-ass elitists literally don't have a leg to stand on
Thatguy5606 - 2 år siden
The gag at the end is ruined when you realize that _is_ Jon's team...
MrKrozius - 2 år siden
Señor Hilter
Señor Hilter - 3 år siden
Just turned 2
Allison Westerhoff
Allison Westerhoff - 3 år siden
We need to find this dude
Cory - 3 år siden
People are saying that maymay is a bad commander just from this short clip of all the "worst" moments of his captaining. He's not a bad Captain. First of all he actually talks to his team constantly. He's almost always telling someone what to do, and even commends his team when they take down a ship. Though he does have a monotone "I want to die" feel whenever he speaks. Also maymay isn't a high rank at all, he's from what I can see 1 rank ahead of John. Making his determination to step up and lead a ship almost commendable, but also kinda silly. There are games you can chill and relax sure, but you can't forget there are games where constant teamwork and communication is necessary to win. This game is that game. You can goof off and be silly but all that's gonna get you is failure. You got friends on this game to be silly with? Cool. Too bad your gonna lose every game if you continue like that. You will lose every game, unless there is some semblance of teamwork. And then guess what? You're exactly like maymay. He wants to win. And I can't blame him.
There's nothing wrong with liking to win. There's also nothing wrong with losing. However, if you could've prevented that loss, would you of changed your attitude in that game? Would you of tried harder? Maybe you would've put less effort in? Whatever the case may be, it's up to you to figure out how much effort you put into something you perceive as meaningless. Cause just maybe, it's not so meaningless as you might've thought.
Benjamin Poliakov
Benjamin Poliakov - 3 år siden
That dude who was talking shit was literally the most useless class in Guns of Icarus
Samurai Subzero
Samurai Subzero - 3 år siden
Sponsored or not, this shit was hilarious 😂
Insanecrusader - 3 år siden
Ah yes,I'd like one papa Jon's video, extra ham
Vanessa - 3 år siden
*get off the gun*
big honky
big honky - 3 år siden
Timothy Brentwood
Mad_Lad_UwU X
Mad_Lad_UwU X - 3 år siden
Sad this game sunk like a rock
possible psychopath
possible psychopath - 3 år siden
this reminds me of a game named: AIRMEN but i only have the demo so what do i know?
Blaise Dajpiji
Blaise Dajpiji - 3 år siden
great kaufmann impression
Jeorge Stonecipher
Jeorge Stonecipher - 3 år siden
Miljan Djekovic
Miljan Djekovic - 3 år siden
I ... i ... i dont exist ? ;-;
Big Dai
Big Dai - 3 år siden
Nice Andy Kaufman impression Jonno
hassam Kkkk
hassam Kkkk - 3 år siden
Edward Grayson
Edward Grayson - 3 år siden
Yeah bring back shit like this
Kasket007 - 3 år siden
3:55 "I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who in the last 15 minutes told me my Dad should have jerked me off in a toilet-" *I lost my shit*
P D S - 3 år siden
DO MORE OF THESE. Quick to make and hopefully not too stressful for you so we COULD THE VOICE GOD more often!!
Ps: I love your Improv!!
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco - 3 år siden
Am I do something?
Natalie Patalie
Natalie Patalie - 3 år siden
0:19 thats a thimble, thats a bucket, THATS A LOTTA DAMIDGE
War Hawk
War Hawk - 3 år siden
g e t o f f t h e g u n
Herr Krücké
Herr Krücké - 3 år siden
Get off the gun...
The God Emperor of Mankind
Engineers that always just sit on guns... REEEEEEEEEE
Matt .W
Matt .W - 3 år siden
2:00 I'm crying😂😂😂😂
Matt .W
Matt .W - 3 år siden
Pedro Dias
Pedro Dias - 3 år siden
It reminds me that steampunk anime, Last Exile. If you haven't watch it yet, please, do yourself a favour.
Redemptia901 - 3 år siden
That one guy is the exact reason why I mute in-game voice chat
Faint366 - 3 år siden
Geez. People like MaymayMachine are the worst. Chill the f- out dude. It’s a game. Quit pretending you’re in esports and stop sucking the fun out of everything you bossy twit
KniteGraffiti - 3 år siden
Hey +JonTronShow just FYI the kid didn't say "Drop me MVP", he was saying "Drop me AVP" like the AWP in CSGO, people call it that if you're european.
Lucas Rumisek
Lucas Rumisek - 3 år siden
Jon just throw some flex tape at the air ship you got this
HeyImDuncan - 3 år siden
*s p u u r m*
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke - 3 år siden
I got the original game right before this one came out...
wolfjedisamuel - 3 år siden
*Git auf da gun*

It's called _"Guns Of Icarus"_ for a reason *Maymaymachine* , you're supposed to be on the guns.
Ilie Plugaru
Ilie Plugaru - 3 år siden
Make a PUBG how to play
Unfunny Skittoz
Unfunny Skittoz - 3 år siden
My hero got captured I Need 10 mil gold to get her out
JT Box
JT Box - 3 år siden
Make more guns of Icarus videos
theannoyinggeek - 3 år siden
The best birthday present I could ask for
Arabian Chocolit
Arabian Chocolit - 3 år siden
I feeyx
LaughS0L0ud - 3 år siden
*I fix*
Becket Clark
Becket Clark - 3 år siden
he still used the handle theonionking
Lightning Nerd
Lightning Nerd - 3 år siden
What I do wrong, Papa?
Oliver Schroth
Oliver Schroth - 3 år siden
3:56 xD LMAO
Colfighter - 3 år siden
9th time watching over the span of a year
Derrick Biedermann
Derrick Biedermann - 3 år siden
Jon actually did win, he was blue team and the team shown was the best ship in the game, which sadly was not him.
Stone ocean006
Stone ocean006 - 3 år siden
5 minutes of entertainment
Dak Wak
Dak Wak - 3 år siden
This is probably one of my favorite video on JonTron's channel
Tabe8 8
Tabe8 8 - 3 år siden
This is my favorite jontron vid. The "I thought I was doing the right thing" kills me!
Nitin Maripeddi
Nitin Maripeddi - 3 år siden
Why so many ads on ur channel
Oda Swifteye
Oda Swifteye - 3 år siden
He needs money.
Admiral Talax
Admiral Talax - 3 år siden
"Get off the gun" --Maymaymachine 2016
DaliGuy - 3 år siden
Tahnk you i win good tutoral
Clayton Gilfoy
Clayton Gilfoy - 3 år siden