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Jon tries to become immortal! I wonder how that will go...
Special thanks to:
Shane Gill for JonTron Logo: noburn.info
Keanu Modeseven Jones for JonTron Logo: modeseven.deviantart.com/
Michael 'Michafrar' Azzi for Intro Animation and Pixel Art: michafrar.tumblr.com/
Paul Richey, Nick Murphy, Mike Sadorf and Ghost Josh for Filming: noburn.info
Thanks to Chris O'Neill for the JonTron Orchestra: noburn.info
And to Nicole Rodriguez for being a butt.
Runtime: 18:01


Dan Dart
Dan Dart - Time siden
Zed Ecks Spectrum, I'll have you know. Sinclair was British.
Ranch Man
Ranch Man - 15 timer siden
Oh my god I can’t believe he ate Gyro Zeppeli
British Empire
British Empire - 16 timer siden
LvGaming B8_C
LvGaming B8_C - 19 timer siden
JonTron died, now he will... *whispers* serve Hades in the land of the dead
W0odCh1ps - Dag siden
I like when jacques eats jon's hair
Jamie McCallum
Jamie McCallum - 2 dager siden
Weird that Jon didn't recognise the Hydra, one of the most memorable parts of the Hercules myth
Koah Marroquin
Koah Marroquin - 2 dager siden
The last thing they need to do is call the game Harcules
The Amazon Bois
The Amazon Bois - 2 dager siden
Jontron: I’ll call it a Garo
Jojo fans: wait a minute wAsThAt A JoJO ReFeReNcE
blaze n studios
blaze n studios - 3 dager siden
17:33 John's bird is still preening his hair even XD
Geist_Fueled_Scarecrow - 3 dager siden
I love how he got "Heracles" right but confused him for Tarzan
Krys Williams
Krys Williams - 3 dager siden
I'd fund for him to do a video on Commodore 64 and such just to see if he can find a shiny rock.
Silis West
Silis West - 3 dager siden
The brain is made of millions of neurons
Me: interesting but how do I pay taxes
Dirk - 4 dager siden
>Hades is jewish
uh oh
The CraigZ
The CraigZ - 4 dager siden
...uhh Im just asking is the bird dead...?
Andrevus Whitetail
Andrevus Whitetail - 4 dager siden
ᵧₒᵤ ₛₕₐₗₗ ₛₑᵣᵥₑ ₘₑ ᵢₙ ₜₕₑ ₗₐₙ𝒹 ₒ𝒻 ₜₕₑ 𝒹ₑₐ𝒹
Michelle Penwell
Michelle Penwell - 4 dager siden
Do mario bootlegs
Marcar9 Marcar9
Marcar9 Marcar9 - 5 dager siden
14:24 ok what’s the deal with Hercules games putting Luke Skywalker in their game instead of Hercules, like that looks exactly like Luke!
Captain OverThinker
Captain OverThinker - 5 dager siden
5:00 The katakana "Herakuresu" or "Helekulesu" (the ra, ri, ru, re, and ro sound rougly like something between an L, an R, and maybe a kinda like a soft D. In fact, they often exchange r and l a lot as the same letter.
x bomb 662
x bomb 662 - 5 dager siden
Why is Jon so sweaty in the begging
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator - 5 dager siden
Fugitive Predator
Fugitive Predator - 5 dager siden
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks - 5 dager siden
Don't worry I'm not a child so I can kill myself now
Stan3k - 6 dager siden
Music name at 10:56?
Alicia Villa
Alicia Villa - 6 dager siden
Shogan Flamemasta
Shogan Flamemasta - 6 dager siden
1:58 Jacques is just jamming
July Baby
July Baby - 6 dager siden
2:18 fyi those were the labors he had to do in the myth
Bendik Steinsrud
Bendik Steinsrud - 6 dager siden
That soundtrack sound like if you mixed the star wars and the avanger themes together
Henry Knight
Henry Knight - 6 dager siden
Max G3
Max G3 - 7 dager siden
4:08 that's the sound of the undead screaming in agony as Hercules slaughters them
Sasa Jafar
Sasa Jafar - 7 dager siden
When did Jacques die? I miss that little guy. I just remember suddenly not seeing him in any videos anymore. Seemed like a really well behaved, sweet little bird.
Ng Zi Jin
Ng Zi Jin - 7 dager siden
This is really random, but does anyone know the song at 7:17? It's really good lmao
Ng Zi Jin
Ng Zi Jin - 6 dager siden
@Ross Boss’s Drive in sure
Ross Boss’s Drive in
Ross Boss’s Drive in - 6 dager siden
@Ng Zi Jin thank me later
Ng Zi Jin
Ng Zi Jin - 6 dager siden
@Ross Boss’s Drive in wow amazing
Ross Boss’s Drive in
Ross Boss’s Drive in - 6 dager siden
Fortnite anthem-Danny P
Lewis Thomson
Lewis Thomson - 7 dager siden
ᵧₒᵤ ₛₕₐₗₗ ₛₑᵣᵥₑ ₘₑ ᵢₙ ₜₕₑ ₗₐₙ𝒹 ₒ𝒻 ₜₕₑ 𝒹ₑₐ𝒹...
Sha Man
Sha Man - 8 dager siden
How tf did he not realize that was a hydra
S̴k̶y̸l̵e̸r̵ ̶ H̶e̷r̵e̵!̵
Are we ever getting a continuation for the milton story at 6:13
Fyretnt Videos
Fyretnt Videos - 8 dager siden
So no one gonna talk about his sister
Jack Toner
Jack Toner - 8 dager siden
The replay value on these videos is unstopable
ej hayes
ej hayes - 8 dager siden
honey you mean hunkules
Kaweebo - 9 dager siden
Austin Stowe
Austin Stowe - 10 dager siden
“Now you know me and everybody’s favorite part of the Hercules myth was horse(man eating horses he had to tame), sheep(capturing the cattle of Geryon, a giant), lion(The Nemian lion had impenetrable skin, which Herc wore as battle armor after strangling), barn(the Augean stables had held 3000 oxen and had not been cleaned for thirty years)... uh... whatever that shit is(THE FUCKING HYDRA).” Jon, there’s being funny for laffs, then there’s just not understanding the source material. I know he was the sort to go in balls deep without really delving too deep, but at least know the barebones bits of the lore.
The DiamondRELLIK
The DiamondRELLIK - 10 dager siden
What song plays at 10:51
Dragoonman14 - 10 dager siden
I just realized he said that one of the reasons he didn't want to be Immortal is because you have to see people go in and out of the white house forever. If I had to see the president's that get elected forever, I'd give it up too
Jared Ray
Jared Ray - 11 dager siden
That intro is awesome!
OmniBloxx - 11 dager siden
I actually had legendary journeys when I was younger, had totally forgotten about it till now.
Amber Sweet
Amber Sweet - 11 dager siden
Look at the description, and see what song YouTube flagged in this video. WHERE IS THAT PLAYED, EXACTLY.
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana
Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana - 11 dager siden
Raccoonreaper !!!
Raccoonreaper !!! - 11 dager siden
I wanna become immortal too Jacques , just like hercules by playing the twelve games of herc..Wait what did you just fuckin' say ta me🤣🤣
Brian McNett
Brian McNett - 11 dager siden
my god it has been 8 years
AlwaysAlone - 11 dager siden
Man, johntron used to be my entire childhood
PMDmakesmecri - 12 dager siden
I mean, at least they made music for the super game boy version.
RagingRhino489 - 12 dager siden
"Hercules does what Nintendercules"
Jedi Dog
Jedi Dog - 12 dager siden
2:49 he loved big brother.
Non Fat Pizza
Non Fat Pizza - 12 dager siden
"One fu*k up and you're dead"
That's life Jon
ScreaminMadMurphy - 12 dager siden
17:32 Tom Segura?
realGeorgeWashington - 12 dager siden
the Phil Collins Tarzan intro was enough to satisfy me
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 12 dager siden
2:34 LOVE(hate) BITES!!
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 12 dager siden
1:58 Well, Jacques seems very excited to play this game.
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 12 dager siden
0:38 *"I'm scared, I'm movin' on!!"*
Think Like A Sponge
Think Like A Sponge - 13 dager siden
The GBC Hercules game reminds me of a Mulan game I had. Similar sprites and style.
SunnyD Skaar4
SunnyD Skaar4 - 13 dager siden
Light Maker
Light Maker - 14 dager siden
The PS1 game sounds like star wars cause it was made by Lucasartes
{ * Starlightwølf2354 * }
{ * Starlightwølf2354 * } - 15 dager siden
2:02 While he gets up look at Jock if that’s how you spell his name idk how
{ * Starlightwølf2354 * }
{ * Starlightwølf2354 * } - 15 dager siden
Bird go bye
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - 15 dager siden
7 years and the humor still holds up
Teague Anderson
Teague Anderson - 15 dager siden
King Robotnik
King Robotnik - 16 dager siden
7:15 - 7:46
When you’re trying to break out of hades but need a quick pick me up...
BoyThunder Productions
BoyThunder Productions - 16 dager siden
11:20 Still trying to find where the original video is.
Joe Zegers
Joe Zegers - 16 dager siden
It was the 1980s. All they had to worry about was Ronald Reagan talking about Gorbachev!
One of the many times Jon brought up Ronald Reagan.
Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs - 16 dager siden
You had to have a tape drive to play tape games *grins sheepishly*.
Victor Kordun
Victor Kordun - 17 dager siden
to correct your mythology (dint wanna be a prick)
hercules is the roman name, his name is actually heracles, meaning "for the glory of hera", an inaffective attempt at stopping hera from killing zues for cheating on her.
and it's not atlanta, it atalanta
Victor Kordun
Victor Kordun - 17 dager siden
also hades did nothing wrong, and he is the god of *THE DEAD*, not the god of *DEATH*, a title which belongs to Thanatos, a completly differnt god, who, having his name shortened, became the big purple marvel guy, thanos
matthew mccoyd
matthew mccoyd - 17 dager siden
so to make an example of my point imma play this video: Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Vegeta Owned Count (Part 1) - YouTube
JR Rizzy
JR Rizzy - 17 dager siden
Nicholas Wrampe
Nicholas Wrampe - 16 dager siden
Grin Reaper Of Trolls
Grin Reaper Of Trolls - 17 dager siden
It was a herculean task
Jack - 18 dager siden
Why is he so wet
BigboyOunce Le pepe
BigboyOunce Le pepe - 18 dager siden
American Gyros look shitty not even any french fries in them
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon - 18 dager siden
Jon: "He's the son of Zeus"
RPG-citizens: "Just like approximately 65% of ancient Greece"
Ol' Dirty Guru
Ol' Dirty Guru - 18 dager siden
Yo no joke I know that Hercules from the TV show he live in MN i use to work at a grocery store in mound every would talk about him when he walked in
bucket of universe's
bucket of universe's - 18 dager siden
Honey you mean HUNKULES!
Eyeless Lily Quo
Eyeless Lily Quo - 18 dager siden
So is she your half, step, or full sister?
King Wurtle
King Wurtle - 18 dager siden
Hey Listen!
Teri Oldridge
Teri Oldridge - 19 dager siden
the beast you didn't know about was a hydra because of the multiple heads
noobly nuggets
noobly nuggets - 19 dager siden
This is 2021 quality
BT Clark
BT Clark - 19 dager siden
Heracles is the Greek legend Hercules is the Roman Legend ice cream that really interesting
BT Clark
BT Clark - 19 dager siden
I meant to say that was really interesting not ice cream
Diet Shasta
Diet Shasta - 19 dager siden
i miss sweaty jon
DippyFresh4000 - 19 dager siden
Titus? I think you mean tinnitus
TheZogos - 20 dager siden
Is Jacques alive?
Fungoose 21
Fungoose 21 - 20 dager siden
you ever just drop your phone look for it acnidently grab your balls and scream in silence as its 2 o'clock in the morning.
Rudolph Bittle
Rudolph Bittle - 20 dager siden
Otterboys workshop
Otterboys workshop - 20 dager siden
This is one of the late night subscribes I still don’t regret
Otterboys workshop
Otterboys workshop - 20 dager siden
His bird sitting on his shoulder is so cute I love how he’s just like nibbling at his hair
A Chat
A Chat - 20 dager siden
I’ll take your entire stock
Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice - 20 dager siden
I’m starting to think he hasn’t actually read the 12 trials of Hercules based on how he doesn’t know what the images represent
Corbin Duff
Corbin Duff - 20 dager siden
Jacques eating Jontrons hair lol
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez - 20 dager siden
At 2:04
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez - 20 dager siden
Then commits fall
ULTRA SKELE_BOII - 20 dager siden
This showed up on my recomend 7 years later
Null the Hollow
Null the Hollow - 20 dager siden
13:51 -- When did you start playing Dark Souls?
error: try again later
error: try again later - 20 dager siden
"Man, I wish RPG's had more realistic dialogue."
Realistic dialogue: *leave me alone.*
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes - 21 dag siden
What happened to his bird? I'm guessing it died of age.
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes - 19 dager siden
Cool, I guess jon stopped showing him on the show
Alexander Gonzalez
Alexander Gonzalez - 20 dager siden
Nope he's still alive
Jace Davis
Jace Davis - 21 dag siden
*7 years ago*
Oh... okay
a being
a being - 21 dag siden
2:20 is hydra
Fast films Fast movies and fast shorts fast reviews
Herc”s adventure is based on a Chinese version of Hercules where Hercules is a bully
John Smith
John Smith - 21 dag siden
Zach White
Zach White - 21 dag siden
Imagine jontron had no clue he really did do his twelve trials and hes immortal now and the people left to repopulate is Jon and queen elizabeth
Chimble, Master of Chimney
Chimble, Master of Chimney - 18 dager siden
And Keith Richards.