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The New JonTron is coming out very soon! Hold tight!
Jon is late for Christmas. Typical.
Thanks to:
Paul Ritchey for Co-Writing/Filming: noburn.info
Michael Azzi for Christmas Intro Animation: michafrar.tumblr.com/
Jerrod Waters for Christmas Intro Music: noburn.info
Casey Ormond for 'Tense Battle Theme': noburn.info
Runtime: 18:13


Denis Perovano
Denis Perovano - 18 timer siden
The dead version of AVGN
Silvia Alicia Rodriguez Estrada
1:54 - 1:59 - 2:49
Koda The Cat
Koda The Cat - Dag siden
16:14 *You get +25 points everytime you take a fucking step-*
Kim PT
Kim PT - 2 dager siden
It's been six years. I still get confused by the intro
Eclipse studio's
Eclipse studio's - 2 dager siden
egg nog. egg in nog
Devan Hinskey
Devan Hinskey - 3 dager siden
15:04 - 15:15
This is exactly how I fee about the horrible character designs on “Bob’s Burgers”.
PitmasterJ - 3 dager siden
Brooooooo the second one DOES have the face look at the newspaper
Angus Lavery
Angus Lavery - 4 dager siden
Wait, is JonTron gay?? Or was the Callander a joke??
thomas maxwell
thomas maxwell - Dag siden
I don't know his sexuality but that was def a joke lol.
ScoopsAhoyBoy - 4 dager siden
"Singing, how do you- FUCK"

*Context has left the chat*
Captivating Crow
Captivating Crow - 7 dager siden
lol 3:25 he covered the year up on the calendar year so we wouldn't see he used a 2014 calendar for a 2013 date.
Young codj910 Roof mafia
Young codj910 Roof mafia - 7 dager siden
6:49 here is all the funnys
whitemageFFXI - 7 dager siden
"Boy Found ... Shallow Grave ... Oh No! " LMAO This part kills me every time.
Starflare the Wizard
Starflare the Wizard - 8 dager siden
Ioannis Zompolas
Ioannis Zompolas - 8 dager siden
I didnt even know there were home alone 3, 4 and 5
Brayden Myers
Brayden Myers - 9 dager siden
Did you know that Macaulay culkin was almost molested as a child by the people who made the movie but his mom was really protective and knew what goes on at Hollywood so she didn’t let him be by himself for one second?
Tom Horseman
Tom Horseman - 12 dager siden
11:07 the shit on the wall is literally 5 times the size of the character lmfao
the only one left
the only one left - 13 dager siden
Interstellar Television
Interstellar Television - 13 dager siden
"second [movie poster] got away from the face"
it's not on kevin, true, but on the back page of the newspaper you can see the statue of liberty doing the face
The Whole Horse
The Whole Horse - 14 dager siden
When he said Fallout 3 as a Betehesda example, and I was like why not Fallout 4 only to realise this was pre-Fallout 4 made me wonder where all the time has gone :(
Q U A N T U M - 16 dager siden
Strate Up Gamr
Strate Up Gamr - 17 dager siden
XXXTEENTITANS - 17 dager siden
that ps2 one was the shit back then, me and the bois spent hours in that game, good times
ChromeRegios - 17 dager siden
My fave part? The first segment from the nuts, to the passing out
Mike0o0 Animates
Mike0o0 Animates - 17 dager siden
sonic 4 e2
An Otamatone
An Otamatone - 17 dager siden
9:38 In my experience, only 2 kind of old ladies can move like that,
retired Russian olympians and *HWÏTCHĘZ*
Just an Average Dragon
Just an Average Dragon - 17 dager siden
5:27 when the party paladin can't find their Necromancer
Declan Obradovic
Declan Obradovic - 17 dager siden
Phil_FrΞe - 18 dager siden
Does someone know the song at 10:20 please ?
S O U L - 19 dager siden
“Go absolutely bonkas yea?”
XJACKX5 - 19 dager siden
What the 1:59
CreeperKing106 - 19 dager siden
Levi Pike
Levi Pike - 20 dager siden
So I was scrolling and I saw this Ad. "Do you like Sonic Lofi?" What in all hell is this?
Cailyn Aube
Cailyn Aube - 20 dager siden
8:59 The man behind the slaughter
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer - 21 dag siden
I know Home Alone 1 to 4. 1 and 2 were Gold, 3 was Okay and 4.. well, we don't talk about that movie here. But 5? I don't even know that one existed and i think that's how bad it is.
White Skullz
White Skullz - 21 dag siden
3:25 Anyone else notice that's a male stripper calendar?
Jon Patino
Jon Patino - 22 dager siden
13:28 Why has no one made a clip of this?! xD
W.d thomas
W.d thomas - 23 dager siden
Jon : man this is some good *egg* nog
THE FUCKING BIRD : why must you hurt me like this
Cute boy 69
Cute boy 69 - 23 dager siden
1:15 18:13 13:41
Akis A
Akis A - 24 dager siden
It's kinda sad to see the PS2 version be so hated, it was my childhood, but now I can see the flaws it had
T. Brennan Music
T. Brennan Music - 24 dager siden
I still don't get why greensleeves is playing. It's basically the only famous song from the 1500s that isn't Christmas related.
a being
a being - 25 dager siden
almost vomited from laughter
Zak Colburn
Zak Colburn - 25 dager siden
No phendrana drifts in the intro? Sad
GD Emerald
GD Emerald - 25 dager siden
*F r e e z e e e s y p e a k*
King Penguin
King Penguin - 25 dager siden
cheesey boi
cheesey boi - 25 dager siden
Plot twist: home alone in ps2 is secretly a bootleg
Brayden Thomason
Brayden Thomason - 26 dager siden
6:18 Payday players: *REAL SHIT*
Alternative Artist
Alternative Artist - 26 dager siden
There's an 11 year old out there that's now 17 or 18 and has their early art immortalised in a JonTron video
Team Blue Toad
Team Blue Toad - 28 dager siden
In the version that i played, when you lost, Kevin showed up doin' THAT face while that "Oh no!" was at his side. I guess Jon is playing a different version of the NES game.
Ghouls Cemetery
Ghouls Cemetery - 28 dager siden
I miss when JonTron did these old game reviews 😭 Still I’m so proud of his success In his channel! He’s one of the last best YouTubers that actually put effort into his videos. I just miss these types of videos so much. But his new stuff is amazing too so not much of a complaint here lol. Much love JonTron
Blake Douville
Blake Douville - 28 dager siden
(2 explosions happen). This is fine. 1:54
PT Philosophy-Theology
PT Philosophy-Theology - 28 dager siden
Am I the only one who wanted to see more of the sega versions?
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton - 29 dager siden
"Then why does my calendar say December 25"
*kicks calendar, calendar changes*
"Uh oh."
Dennis Duran
Dennis Duran - Måned siden
2:02 sounds like a Gex line
Internet Dumbass
Internet Dumbass - 21 dag siden
Note to self: don’t drink tap water in McCullay Culkin’s house
THE ASSMAN - Måned siden
too bad he couldnt get mccaulkin on :(
Braxton B.
Braxton B. - Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077
DragonSteel Gaming
DragonSteel Gaming - Måned siden
14:55 when you realize you forgot to wrap presents for Christmas
orran animates
orran animates - Måned siden
Hoe malon eh
Too Much Sus
Too Much Sus - Måned siden
The PS2 Home Alone was made by Blast who are known for movie licensed games that break new ground in terribleness. The Beverly Hills Cop game is their most infamous work
Majin Flames
Majin Flames - Måned siden
I like how when he cooks the nuts the stove isn’t even in. 1:51
Nathan428 - Måned siden
Did he just say that home alone ever became irrelevant
•Pixelboy127• - Måned siden
0:51 is no one gonna talk about grandpa lemon and a bird piokémon?
Seth Aquauis
Seth Aquauis - Måned siden
Merry Christmas Johnny my boy
Throgg KingofTrolls
Throgg KingofTrolls - Måned siden
New vegas is better than Fallout 3 btw.
abject Brute
abject Brute - Måned siden
nice spotting hoitchfinder general jontron
Dylan - Måned siden
This pizza guy looks oddly familiar...
GUGA GAMES - Måned siden
Exist home Alone 4 and 5?it's because i'm brazilian and here there is no Home Alone 4 and 5, in Portuguese, as far as I know.
asriel the dreamer
asriel the dreamer - Måned siden
9:30 *insert man behind the slaughter joke here*
Max Attax
Max Attax - Måned siden
No home alone for SNES is a classic. One of my favorites
Chris Moore
Chris Moore - Måned siden
1:48 I didn't know spice containers could cough like jontron
spookanide - Måned siden
After seeing Macaulay Culkin on cinemassacre, he seems like a very nice guy. Jon did the boy bad. Still funny.
Robbie Walker
Robbie Walker - 8 dager siden
@Wumpus That sounds fair.
Wumpus - 10 dager siden
Keep in mind this came out during *that part* of Macaulay’s career.
Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome - 20 dager siden
He was great on RedLetterMedia’s NOburn show Best of the Worst. He appeared in a few videos actually, and he’s extremely funny and knowledgeable.
spookanide - Måned siden
"THE Bethesda?" Yes the one that made Fallout 76 "Oh no!"
Jerry Pope
Jerry Pope - Måned siden
Christmas time jontron time
Jack Traynor
Jack Traynor - Måned siden
I guess Tim Curry didn't eat a snicker
Matt Animation
Matt Animation - Måned siden
“You’ll miss me when I’m gone”
-Jon 6 years before his disappearance
Yes Jon..., yes we will.
Francis The Grey
Francis The Grey - 7 dager siden
@Paasol Unfortunately if you don't agree with the scheduled programming, your immediately exiled from the public and made into a problem. A person is entitled to say whatever they want as long as it's not harmful to a person's wellbeing. I personally agree with what he is saying. It's the way it is nowadays. But you can't have critical thinking without meeting the most idiotic opposition, And that's anyone and not just a certain faction.
Swish Fish
Swish Fish - 8 dager siden
@Paasol Nah, he was coaxed into an interview with a notoriously clickbaity podcast and was made to speak his mind about US immigration. Mostly about how he thinks "they should stay in their own country". Frankly, I don't care what he believes. That's all on him. He makes valid points, not ALL of them are valid but some are. At the end of the day, dude's a funny guy on the internet and I don't know him personally. He makes funny things. I fall on the "separation" side of the Death of the Author debate though, so depending on your view, take what I say with a grain of salt.
Paasol - 8 dager siden
@Francis The Grey Honestly, the things he said weren't even fucked up. At least if you're referencing what I think you are. He talked about SJWs, cancel culture, and how the twitter rage crowd can ruin your entire life if they don't like you. Pretty valid points, considering that it sounds like after he said that, they did exactly that to him.
Francis The Grey
Francis The Grey - 8 dager siden
Sadly he took some steps back from some apparent racial comments in a debate he had with another youtuber. People started unsubscribing from him even after an apology...idk it's sad that people drove him away. I love this guy and his videos. Who gives a fuck about some comments? Everyone says some fucked up shit from time to time and yet they dont apologize possibly even worse shit has been said. At least he was willing to do that. He needs to come back damnit!!
Swish Fish
Swish Fish - 10 dager siden
Which disappearance? Jon NOT being gone is fuckin weird.
MemeLasers - Måned siden
yey christmas
HTH11 Gaming
HTH11 Gaming - Måned siden
My last name is Hughes
Rainbow Cat
Rainbow Cat - Måned siden
13:32 can i get that bootleg MJ model? BEAUTIFUL
ZeXiOn26 - Måned siden
"singing how do you FUCK" - I don't recall the lyrics being like that lol
Spaceflight Orbital
Spaceflight Orbital - Måned siden
W00 2013 Christmas 7 years later in 2020 Christmas.
Lennox Johnston
Lennox Johnston - Måned siden
February 2014 yeah xmas time no
Aesthetic player 1
Aesthetic player 1 - Måned siden
Its incredible im watching this on 2020, i watched this since came out
theknowledgeguy Gaming
theknowledgeguy Gaming - Måned siden
6 years? Wow
Ronan Ignacio Walsh
Ronan Ignacio Walsh - Måned siden
cool you dum fuck
CLARK AMEERAH - Måned siden
This is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Totino's Other Boy
Totino's Other Boy - Måned siden
2:12 youre right Jon, we did miss you when you was gone :^(
gage morton
gage morton - Måned siden
W h A t I s I t W i T h T h E s E N u T s 2:49
Fetchdafish - Måned siden
This video made me think Macaulay Culkin was dead for at least a year.
Peyton ketron
Peyton ketron - Måned siden
Its been months since we seen a fresh video so jon if you can hear me please make another video
Baffled Brandon
Baffled Brandon - Måned siden
2:23 Why the fuck do you have that calendar?
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens - Måned siden
Why dont you?
anes gaher
anes gaher - Måned siden
He was 24
Halden Pruitt
Halden Pruitt - Måned siden
The opening makes me uncomfortable every time.
eric pagan
eric pagan - Måned siden
Home alone is a timeless classic that's why it was made
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios - Måned siden
Josh Ash
Josh Ash - Måned siden
Every so often I think of
The_IronReaper - Måned siden
hold on did I just see Rob Schneider
William Petersen
William Petersen - Måned siden
1:53 2:48
William Petersen
William Petersen - Måned siden
jacob pacheco
jacob pacheco - Måned siden
I literally cannot stop watching Jontron videos someone send help
Time for free time
Time for free time - Måned siden
No cause for concern
MontayneCD - Måned siden
He should do one for crash 4
“I see friends shaking- J-JESUS! Singing how do you- FUCK!”
Zippy - Måned siden
You know what? I don't want this cookie.