How to Play Valiant Hearts

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War --
Jon plays the game Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

This is a sponsored video.
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The Reformer
The Reformer - 12 dager siden
First comment!
In awhile
Thiago Pereira
Thiago Pereira - 5 måneder siden
This was jontron?
Evan Stoll
Evan Stoll - 7 måneder siden
Now on my wishlist: How To Play Rusty Lake — with JonTron
Axis and Allies Worth a Buy?
Axis and Allies Worth a Buy? - 9 måneder siden
Fallout 76: Come to die here.
ben mckiney
ben mckiney - 10 måneder siden
Bassoon right to you is my new phrase
-Lord Shaxx-
-Lord Shaxx- - År siden
How dare Jon diss on this extremely emotional, beautifully designed game
GabrielleArts - År siden
I loved playing this game tbh, I didn't know Jontron did a sponsor vid for it!
Murcia doxial
Murcia doxial - År siden
I think bethesda followed the step 76 a little too close to heart...
Anthony Camacho
Anthony Camacho - År siden
This game will make you question a lot about wartime politics
Sgt. Pepper
Sgt. Pepper - År siden
the ending made me into a weeping little bitch
The game is so amazing and unique, even JonTron couldn't bring himself to make fun of it beyond the first few levels
WonderKidBilly - 2 år siden
3:21: Jon predicts Fallout 76
Sasaroly - 2 år siden
Personally I found Valiant Hearts to be quite boring and uninstalled it halfway through
Hannah Johnston
Hannah Johnston - 2 år siden
I actually really loved this game, the art style, the puzzles, the game play, and the way it completely obliterated my emotions 🙃
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon - 2 år siden
This is WAY better then Jack's walkthrough
Meditez - 2 år siden
Soldiers are just murders with a license
Robert - 2 år siden
Step 76 come to die here predicted the shit fallout launch lmao
QuanHoang Clarinettist
QuanHoang Clarinettist - 2 år siden
*BASSOON RIGHT to you!?*
Clacky/ DoomKillerPower
Clacky/ DoomKillerPower - 2 år siden
Wow rly?not cool
[G]555 - 2 år siden
Step 5.
Papa dumbass
Papa dumbass - 2 år siden
A refernce to fallout 76 3:22
wow_mao - 2 år siden
I loved this game
risefar - 2 år siden
I loved this game
Joe Hartman
Joe Hartman - 2 år siden
I loved this game
Tale of Atlas
Tale of Atlas - 2 år siden
he predicted fallout 76
weeb trash
weeb trash - 2 år siden
Germany is invading the neighbors; then they invade the neighbors' neighbors; then the neighbors' neighbors' neighbors, who happened to be Britain, said "Holy shit!" Then America started helping Britain, because they're good friends and started not helping Japan because they're friends and their friends are not friends.
Plus their planning on invading the entire ocean.
RomanSans 1
RomanSans 1 - 2 år siden
And the moral of the story is: Germans are scary.
nunuvya Bidness
nunuvya Bidness - 2 år siden
Final step: cry
Jared Jams
Jared Jams - 2 år siden
Man, 1910 times were *SCARY*
Synovialpig 998
Synovialpig 998 - 2 år siden
lol the stuffed bags with Prussian helmets
Boosted Fool
Boosted Fool - 2 år siden
The German with the skull on his helmet is this guy in real life.
Joshua Hoener
Joshua Hoener - 2 år siden
Charnel - 2 år siden
"Oh shit nevermind" best bit xD
Raezer - 3 år siden
Privacy lane
Privacy lane - 3 år siden
I win this game
TRICKEY ROCKS - 3 år siden
I like your vedio but it is heart touching to me . our ansistors died for us we should not make fun on them.
Lil_A_20 2.0
Lil_A_20 2.0 - 3 år siden
Bassoon is upside down. Unsubscribed
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 3 år siden
Edward Grayson
Edward Grayson - 3 år siden
Yo JT it wouldn't hurt if you started making videos as simple as this one again. Highly entertaining.
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak - 3 år siden
Boi boi
Boi boi - 3 år siden
I cried when I played this.
Lovingcanadian CAN
Lovingcanadian CAN - 3 år siden
god man when this game came out i loved it so much i actually learned a few things from it and made me love ww1 the ending made me feel sad i played this game nonstop
Potato Patato
Potato Patato - 3 år siden
I don't know how I feel about mixing comedy and WWI. Every time I laugh I feel so saaaaaaad...
STAR MAN *ぇげん*
STAR MAN *ぇげん* - 3 år siden
i got all 💯
Kasoha - 3 år siden
This game is so sad
Blixer - 3 år siden
Step 7 ball your eyes out at the ending.
Counter Blast
Counter Blast - 3 år siden
This game was pretty awesome
Murray Irvine
Murray Irvine - 3 år siden
Step 1: cry valiantly
Reverent Person
Reverent Person - 3 år siden
I want to see a full let's play of this game
Garrett sharp
Garrett sharp - 3 år siden
"Trumpet left huh" UH ITS ACTUALLY A BUGLE.
My Life is a Complex Pastiche
Oh, I'm sorry, was the Merlot not good enough?! You want the *FUCKIN CABERNET?!*
Nightshade1245 - 3 år siden
So like I watched Jacksepticeye play this and cried at the end
dandere - 3 år siden
Step 1
put pants on
Go uitside
regret All the steps
Straight Septiplier
Straight Septiplier - 3 år siden
I love this game haha, I bought it awhile ago and it's awesome. I learned a lot about the war from it 👌🏻💕
Blazer Ashbringer
Blazer Ashbringer - 4 år siden
Jontron fucken savage just laughing as the guy get shot
guitarlover567 - 4 år siden
Trumpet left? Well BASSOON RIGHT!
Charnel - 4 år siden
Never fails to make me laugh xD
braj bosse
braj bosse - 4 år siden
this game is really fuckin good ngl
Daramine - 4 år siden
I am french and i love this video (and jon tron generally) i just wanna say that the people aren't talking french but more like sims if you wonder (except the moment the guy says "vive la France") X)
dick head
dick head - 4 år siden
the voice is good its like videogamedunkey but a bit different
TwyxVolt - 4 år siden
Step 1: pass the game
Step 2: lay down
Step 3: try not to cry
Step 4: cry a lot
LazyPastry - 4 år siden
By the way, it is a pretty decent game.
gonna GET you
gonna GET you - 4 år siden
Someone tell me if the dog dies in this game , and if it's just of old age or horrible war stuff?
Sino The Awoken
Sino The Awoken - 4 år siden
Zelthane yea the dog dies
bradh470 - 4 år siden
No, the dog doesn't die
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck - 4 år siden
"After the assassination of Prince Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The German Empire declares war on Russia."
There is so much wrong with this, it's not even funny.
Blazer Ashbringer
Blazer Ashbringer - 4 år siden
I could swear it was a syrian who assasinated the prince so why decrale war on russian?
Fernando Cárdenas Segura
"..Prince Franz Ferdinand.."
Did game just call him Prince instead of Archduke?
Kaiser - 4 år siden
well the quite insufficient explanation to the start of the war shows the one sided quality of this, hisotircally superifical entertaiment product.
Kaiser - 4 år siden
@Hadley Souther Well I have to disagree on the point of Wilhelm being incompetent: Wilhelm didn´t support austria really as much as you believe, more it is depicted like this in history. Actually austro-hunagry urged germany with the alliance, as you can see with the interactions of the german high command and the austrian. Furthermore was Wilhelm overruled before the war, he didn´t really want a war but was, due to a lack of power and militaries being united in the intention, overruled and suppressed. The alliances are often seen as the main cause, for the spark igniting them could have been any reason. Once the alliance mechanism was triggered, there was nothing to stop it and that is the point. I criticize the game for portraing the germans as the "bad guys" again, even from the perspective of the germans, making a differentiation between the main character and showing them as "war hungry". I dislike this over-simplification and twisted narrative, which is based on arguments, which actually don´t really hold up anymore with the newset research on the matter.
Hadley Souther
Hadley Souther - 4 år siden
i like how the people commenting don't even seem to notice you're the kaiser, the faction leader & obviously someone who would argue about the depiction of prussia but youre wrong, the assassination of the archduke by the black hand is universally seen as the catalyst that kicked it off & forced all the alliances into a war. the ottomans were pretty shit after a few centuries, but granted the austrians/prussians were honorable & respectable typically, a far cry from the later nazis, & some of the generals from that time held onto those aspects & had disdain for hitler but were so conditioned to follow the commands. the entente had to take those guys out, but granted britain definitely wanted to capitalize on redrawing ottoman territory to make modern Iraq have basically all the oil in it for later conquering haha, just took us a century to take advantage of that. but the video is edited, there could be more historical background fleshing it out. its not really one sided at all, if youre depicting a conflict from the french pov, thats going to be what it shows. its accepted as historical fact. i mean ironically, the russian royal family that was overthrown were related to the british family, as well as german, etc, it was all intertwined & just a power play. i mean the kaiser was queen victorias grandson, the british royal family is tecnically of german descent as the saxe cobergs (sic) but it was the kaisers rash support of austria hungary that led to them being sucked into the war, he was indecisive & innefective as a war leader, & the german high command took over until the peace process when they booted him entirely
Kaiser - 4 år siden
@***** even that not really
Kaiser - 4 år siden
@Andrew Zimmerman hm, also it is Ubisoft so what is there to be expected.
Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern - 4 år siden
who really cares about the alliance system in a game that has no dialogue
Larz Peterson
Larz Peterson - 4 år siden
"The German empire declares war on Russia"
What else is new?
"France is preparing for conflict"
Ok now that's new
Spookster McBone
Spookster McBone - 4 år siden
tfw you find out the video is sponsored. );
Austin Rednour
Austin Rednour - 4 år siden
France is preparing for confluct, oh thats new.... i just died laughing
Zach B.
Zach B. - 4 år siden
Narrator: "After the assassination of prince Franz Ferdinand-"
Jon: "That's horrible, I don't like that band that much anyway, though."
Me: *T R I G G E R E D*
sarin - 4 år siden
Zach B. How dare he insult that band.
Zach B.
Zach B. - 4 år siden
+Cody Hines Not in this instance.
Cody Hines
Cody Hines - 4 år siden
Is triggered a good thing?
Xen Xen
Xen Xen - 4 år siden
Step 1: Pass The Game
Step 2: Cry Alot
Dicky Arya
Dicky Arya - 2 år siden
I played this for the 2nd time, still cried
Xen Xen
Xen Xen - 4 år siden
@V-Rex In the aaaaaaaaaaarmmmms ooooooooof the angelsssss
Ivan Albertti
Ivan Albertti - 4 år siden
It's not bad, its just..the end of the game its just SO FUCKING SAD
Xen Xen
Xen Xen - 4 år siden
@V-Rex trust me.. its bad
Xavier H.
Xavier H. - 4 år siden
0:07 that kid actually looks like jon...
peter sattler
peter sattler - 4 år siden
Bassoon right
Lachlan McQuerry
Lachlan McQuerry - 4 år siden
this game is so sad :c
Big Homie
Big Homie - 4 år siden
Remember what mama said about the kid that wasn't patient.

The bear got him.
Floridaman Code_e
Floridaman Code_e - 4 år siden
this game gives you the feels so hard
MaiNai - 4 år siden
Step 10: Dont Fight a German with a Sword if he has Artillery ready to bomb your ass
Determination - 4 år siden
the ending of the game tho...
AspiringMurderVictim - 4 år siden
The German Empire was good guys in WWI.
DeadMetalParadigm - 4 år siden
its like ww1 dark souls. you play to die, and then you git gud. after that its easy
Ethan Eldredge
Ethan Eldredge - 4 år siden
1:00 was that dude justy waiting in the bushes for you to leave jeez u could have at least waited till I left
Victor King
Victor King - 4 år siden
I wish trump left...
ロックマン - 4 år siden
I played this game without prior expectations and I just found it tedious. The puzzles are easy, the characters are simple, and the art style neutralizes any gravity the story attempts to convey. It's really surprising that this game got such a positive reception.
braj bosse
braj bosse - 4 år siden
ロックマン thing about the art style though is that it's something pretty new. it's interesting and fun to see something different than all the 3D modern game stuff and instead seeing a side scroller game with an in my opinion beautiful art style. the story was actually pretty interesting if you took some time to focus on it and read into it and sure, most of the puzzles were easy, but they're not the main focus of the game.
Alcatraz Legain
Alcatraz Legain - 4 år siden
+ロックマン maybe you didn't indulge the story that much? The puzzles were easy but the story was good in my opinion
Chinese Beansprout
Chinese Beansprout - 4 år siden
The game is amazing actually try it
John Smith
John Smith - 4 år siden
Hey thats a good band fuck you
Tamed - 4 år siden
I don't know much about this game, but so far, it seems very inaccurate to World War I already. No trenches? No gas? Seems weird.
SeMimic - 4 år siden
John tron play ark ( don't be a hating on thinks comment) and post game play
sabotabo - 4 år siden
_How to Play Valiant Hearts:_
Step 1: Order a FLOPPY disk from Ebay DOT com...
Step 2: Wait _PATIENTLY_
Step 1: Don't GGGG-- Don't Go To War.
Step 3: France
Step 4. Didn't change. Don't go to war. I'm serious, get out of here. This is nottt... Oh noooo...
Step 5: You Gotta Go To War.
Step 7: Beat the shit outta everybody
Step... Step... THREE
Step 76: Come to die here.
Tyler Barnick
Tyler Barnick - 2 år siden
Step 11 alcoholism kills.
Tom Portengen
Tom Portengen - 4 år siden
rrr598 Step 11: Alcohlism kills.
Tom Portengen
Tom Portengen - 4 år siden
Step 11: Alcoholism kills, kids
NarnKar - 4 år siden
You're forgetting Step 7 beat the shit out of everybody (with the straw dummy)
Pocketwatch625 - 4 år siden
+rrr598 you forgot Step 7: Beat the shit outta everybody
SquidArmy GAMES
SquidArmy GAMES - 4 år siden
5Oblivion - 4 år siden
"I will never, raise the flag."
*raises flag*
Lumiel Zaibatsu
Lumiel Zaibatsu - 4 år siden
Fuck france!
Yeetling123 Dab
Yeetling123 Dab - 4 år siden
There was no step 2...
Adventure time Gamer
Adventure time Gamer - 5 år siden
I played valiant hearts and finished it the end made cry so hard my room got flooded
JackIsVeryMean - 5 år siden
The main character looks like Jon
Y'Alldabaoth - 5 år siden
French old man soldier Jon.
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Simpson - 5 år siden
Man Jon you were good till you madefun of people dying in WWI!
Nick Paternostro
Nick Paternostro - 5 år siden
order a floppy disk from eBay DOT com...
ANGRY MARINE - 5 år siden
Simple. Get a tissue box.
z0e - 4 år siden
Ton commentaire veut rien dire!!
pownpoes - 5 år siden
where the fuck is belgium
z0e - 4 år siden
How silly. Your parents never told you that Belgium wasn't a real country! It's just an old folk story
pownpoes - 5 år siden
no bad joke go back in the corner
Thomas - 5 år siden
+pownpoes What about Belgian Waffles?
pownpoes - 5 år siden
the fact that bleguim is never a part of anything and is allways forgoten (sorry for the bad grammer)
pownpoes - 5 år siden
ha ha ha
Nocal Lobody
Nocal Lobody - 5 år siden
Step 76 ain't wrong.
Berry Fox
Berry Fox - 5 år siden
I remember when a game tried recapturing world war one...then they went on to tons of sequels relating to real wars and made up.
Berry Fox
Berry Fox - 4 år siden
That's...more confusing than trying to figure out a haters thought process.
elemental - 4 år siden
+Tricky Fox You mean Call of Duty?
GravelessOmega - 5 år siden
Y'Alldabaoth - 5 år siden
+Tricky Fox 2&3 were in the future and the first was Vietnam and numbers.
Berry Fox
Berry Fox - 5 år siden
both 2 and 3?