Hunting DUNGEONS!! (In a dungeon...)

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Director - Jon Jafari
Assistant Director - Sergio Torres
Director of Photography - Dylan Lopez
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Sound - Matt Nissen
Makeup - Tiffanylee Adorno
Set Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Jailer - Joseph Hernandez
Production Assistant - Aramis Klein
Runtime: 05:49


• Kukaracila215 •
• Kukaracila215 • - 15 dager siden
Dungeon Hunter 5 is bullshit.
Mr.Redpanda - Måned siden
dungeon hunter 3 was better
Chris Wasonoredjo
Chris Wasonoredjo - Måned siden
I like how he just ignores the terrible things happening to his wife but he’ll save a picture of a fat man
This Is Mark
This Is Mark - 2 måneder siden
I never really like dungeon hunter 5 but I LOVED dungeon hunter 4 and Eternity Warriors 2
magnom FG
magnom FG - 3 måneder siden
did anyone see the mouse pop up in the video chat lol
Chiken suup
Chiken suup - 3 måneder siden
With these videos, you start to see how youtube just doesnt recommend some videos
Brenton Gallant
Brenton Gallant - 4 måneder siden
I hope i'm not the only one who can relate to jon reluctantly hangin up on his significant other to go back to having fun..
HALF A Studios
HALF A Studios - 5 måneder siden
A game with a lot of potential, sadly Gameloft ruined it like they do
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt - 5 måneder siden
Plot twist: the skeleton is Jon, and everything that happens is just in his mind as he travels into the afterlife
Epistemology & Metaphysics
Epistemology & Metaphysics - 6 måneder siden
So this is your content now, commercials, sick
No Name
No Name - 6 dager siden
Yeah this video from 4 years ago is his current content... You're a real genius. (And it was also followed by 4 more actual Jon Tron videos in the same year so I don't get what the f you're whining about)
Jaxxtir - 8 måneder siden
This is how you do an ad
JonayK - 8 måneder siden
This video is not sponsored it is just an big ad
Philip hurley
Philip hurley - 8 måneder siden
Humm... so that's what happens when you dont return your libary book🤔 Dudley noted
Angel The Angel
Angel The Angel - 9 måneder siden
I used to play this game so much, good times
Not A Doctor
Not A Doctor - 9 måneder siden
Jon sounds like a heterosexual Nathan Lane
Hyicrotai - 9 måneder siden
1:07 🤣🤣
Logan Huntley
Logan Huntley - 10 måneder siden
I love that while “promoting” this shitty mobile game, Jon mostly just made fun of it the whole time
Vanatru Daniel3
Vanatru Daniel3 - 11 måneder siden
me at school,
LazyDaze - 11 måneder siden
how did jons wife get that phones number
Ultra verse
Ultra verse - 11 måneder siden
Darth Luke-Ass and Darth Gayder
Joe Mega
Joe Mega - År siden
0:45 to 1:10 literally one of the most underrated jontron moments
Charles Tallman
Charles Tallman - År siden
That’s not his phone so that’s not his wife.
ItsDankHealz - År siden
How do you know mang?
Iansoftpants - År siden
The wife was 3 years too early
J-dayday - År siden
you know they deleted dungeon hunter 4 to force everyone into playing dungeon hunter 5. But five is worse in everyway cause its like boombeach. ppl can raid your base so you lose supplies and all of this in order to get you to spend money.
Caden Roberson
Caden Roberson - År siden
He sounded like shark puppet
Frank Geez
Frank Geez - År siden
Hey! Is that Richard?
GOMiCHOω - År siden
I thought the torturer was Danny for some reason, coming to finish what was started
Tusken Reader
Tusken Reader - År siden
You could just renew the book.
Joshua Folh
Joshua Folh - År siden
What version of Ave Maria did he use?
Steven CJ
Steven CJ - År siden
Freaking hilarious!!!
mayorpeekoei or mayorpurplehippo
Only a pillow
Isaac West
Isaac West - År siden
You know how YouTube does targeting ads? I got one in French. FRENCH. I live in the most English place in Canada.
BIG GAME - År siden
What the Hell?
Scorpio04 - År siden
I like it fat!
Jonas Savimbi
Jonas Savimbi - År siden
0:16Grimbo from food games is future jontron
Bill - År siden
I like the Doom music in the background :] Is that from IDKFA?
vandersnoff - År siden
To think this was the last video jontron would make about a video game.
Vainest 11
Vainest 11 - År siden
Guys Jontron is in a sex dungeon
Jesseca Trainham
Jesseca Trainham - År siden
JonTron in chains is... endearingly kinky
Fact Rant
Fact Rant - År siden
Eat your food!!!
Godless Munky
Godless Munky - År siden
gay shill
Frogboy - År siden
I know it's a sponsored video, but it's fine because JonTron always manages to make them entertaining as hell
Reevita - År siden
this is the last video about a game jon made rip!
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 - År siden
Jon was in real pain and fear when the guard came in, that was for real there’s no improv or script
alex the dabber 1222
alex the dabber 1222 - År siden
Which butt do you like if all like this
Buddha Fett
Buddha Fett - År siden
From the thumbnail I thought the other guy was Reggie Watts
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie - År siden
This is how you do an Ad
Zimmerman - År siden
I was enjoying the skit, but kinda wish the developers/publishers would have allowed it to happen without ever involving the phone footage. Maybe have Jon go from prisoner to a Dungeon Hunter. Advertise what happens in the game through actions taken by Jon, and so on.
Logan5056 - År siden
Where does he get all this stuff
I Main G3ometry
I Main G3ometry - År siden
Why the wife texting the skeleton phone :O ? hmmm....
Bad Cactus
Bad Cactus - År siden
My complaint is that he found the phone in a dead guy's hand, so it's not his phone, so how do Ethan and his Wife know how to reach him?
Coctile Crocodile
Coctile Crocodile - År siden
When I come to this video after the sponsorship hate already passed and the only comments I can find are the ones criticizing and making fun of comments I can’t find
niko the anubian jackal
Bad day.....more like bad time!
*S A N S*
Floris Cramer
Floris Cramer - År siden
OW shit forgot to bring my library book back that I got a Year ago 😂😭
Quincy - År siden
That first bit kinda turned me on
Moboots Gaming
Moboots Gaming - År siden
Wife? U look like ur 12, 15 tops🤷‍♂️😂
Abdullah Bin Faheem
Abdullah Bin Faheem - År siden
Oh no! Funny man make sponsor video so he can pay rent! I dislike funny man video!
Dimitri Warchief
Dimitri Warchief - 2 år siden
Dis anyone even get the game?
Marcus P
Marcus P - 2 år siden
legit thought the guy in the thumbnail was eli silverman
Edwin Maccy
Edwin Maccy - 2 år siden
Wait John got A wife? I’m surprised he doesn’t have more than one!
ally - 2 år siden
4:41 there's a cursor on screen on the FaceTime thing
Hayden Masters
Hayden Masters - 2 år siden
Kritaka the white knights is better
Pinter333 - 2 år siden
100 % : Stop complaining about sponsored content, it's funny, free and Jon needs to eat.
0 % : Complaints
rage - 2 år siden
I've never seen this vid on his channel before
emf 303
emf 303 - 2 år siden
8bit Duck Tales to end it.
Drew Callahan
Drew Callahan - 2 år siden
Jon grabbed that phone off a corpse so wouldnt he be talking to a deadmans wife also the phone apparently dosent have a lock
D. Cantu
D. Cantu - 2 år siden
Pause at 3:45.
BerZerK - 2 år siden
Dude this shit is fucking hilarious; so what if it’s sponsored advertisement?
bbrake - 2 år siden
boy, going through the back-log I am really glad Jon doesn't make sponsored game videos anymore. This is just an ad! Like, that game looked pretty boring and generic, but he didn't point that out now did he?
Afrim Kosovrasti
Afrim Kosovrasti - 2 år siden
"Do you guys not have phones!?"
Andrew Floats
Andrew Floats - 2 år siden
*early footage of Diablo Immortal*
Robo Hobo
Robo Hobo - 2 år siden
2:53 now we know what happend to Hindenburg
Ender Heroes
Ender Heroes - 2 år siden
Hey you, you're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border right? Got caught in that imperial ambush and that thief over there.
Gabriel Waki
Gabriel Waki - 2 år siden
3:46 nice headset
200.000 subs no vids moomoo
Sponsored by your wife.
Eli Dingle
Eli Dingle - 2 år siden
I died at the mouse
Todie85 - 2 år siden
Isn't that...Dan on the thumbnail?
Wait are you and Jon really good friends?
It must create some waves...
Sp0d3r - 2 år siden
What wife
Itchy - 2 år siden
Is this we’re jontron said to egoraptor saying he was Slaved for 6 months
The Artist Of War
The Artist Of War - 2 år siden
first 10 sec of this just looks like an aftermath of a fun Friday night.
Lliam Keppner
Lliam Keppner - 2 år siden
Dude this game is sick!
Add me! 4ea841
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards - 2 år siden
This is the best Ad I’ve ever watched
Chromium K
Chromium K - 2 år siden
Speed Freak
Speed Freak - 2 år siden
You should make your own 🎮
Bones Malone
Bones Malone - 2 år siden
0:34 *soup time*
Walker Daniells
Walker Daniells - 2 år siden
@2:50 your mind will be conplete
SolidState - 2 år siden
How did he make a sponsored video this entertaining
Channel07 - 2 år siden
For a freemium this game surprisingly well made
B of all B’s
B of all B’s - 2 år siden
I already had the game
Joshuabump - 2 år siden
let this be known as the last video game video Jontron ever made
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak - 2 år siden
Yeah... This is another one of your WTF videos. And not the good kind.
GoombaBoi! ! !
GoombaBoi! ! ! - 2 år siden
69k lol
Luisito Bardaji Benitez
Luisito Bardaji Benitez - 2 år siden
That soft ave maria in the background in the end
Vestrill - 2 år siden
I would not mind a microtransaction free version of this game on Switch
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr - 2 år siden
Klap Janus
Klap Janus - 2 år siden
Brendon Harvey
Brendon Harvey - 2 år siden
Jesus christ, i had never stopped to realize how amazing his sets are
King Cookie
King Cookie - 2 år siden
Looks like the skeleton was having

“A bad time”
Parapindle - 2 år siden
That isn’t his phone, that isn’t his wife