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JonTronShow - År siden
Hope you guys liked this video, making it was pretty insane LOL. Also thanks again to Philo for sponsoring so I can bring you THE BIG VIDS!! Click here to try em out
R00STER O'Hagan
R00STER O'Hagan - 13 dager siden
A comment within a comment. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!
hhris C
hhris C - 27 dager siden
That link doesn't work, sooo.......?
Bean - 3 måneder siden
I had respect for you, until you capitalised ur lol's. Unsubbed.
Hungry kidd Loya
Hungry kidd Loya - 4 måneder siden
Hungry kidd Loya
Hungry kidd Loya - 4 måneder siden
Tvnt bb tunu k9lni.n gjog.))m II Khj
A Man Online
A Man Online - 10 timer siden
"We cut off those faces and pull out their rears"
I don't think Jon even had a joke for that, he just stood there in horrified silence
Haley - 11 timer siden
I appreciate that this is supposed to be a funny comedic video, but it was a little distasteful... normally I love all jontron videos but you should be respectful of historical events and landmarks...
Ninjamuchacho - 2 dager siden
What the hell kinda animal or weird edit was going on in the background of 1:17
anothersettlement - 2 dager siden
Have relatives in New England, can confirm, the entire area looks like a nuclear holocaust.
Leo The Friendly Creeper
Leo The Friendly Creeper - 3 dager siden
Puritans: take over North America
Americans 200 years later: make good entertainment.
Jared Parsons
Jared Parsons - 3 dager siden
1:14 Bigfoot on the right.
Valentin Otto
Valentin Otto - 3 dager siden
What I get from the video is that Jonathan really likes cooking
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 4 dager siden
6:47 As soon as I saw that Fish on the wall in the background, I immediately recognized it and looked up "Green Fish species" on Google. Afterwards, I discovered that it's actually called a *Mahi-Mahi.* Or Dolphinfish, if you will. And I've gotta say, it's the coolest gosh darn Fish I've seen tonight.
Storms and Saugeye
Storms and Saugeye - 4 dager siden
He makes food so gross even haachamachama wouldn't want it.
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser - 4 dager siden
I would actually love for this to be a series.
Samuel Lasky
Samuel Lasky - 5 dager siden
5:20 Jon temporarily becomes possessed by the spirit of Curly Howard
BrokenTVshow - 6 dager siden
Philo should add Primeval to their selection of shows. Alotta plaeofans would watch that.
ej hayes
ej hayes - 8 dager siden
Bacon man501 Bacon
Bacon man501 Bacon - 8 dager siden
John that’s a rock
BruceNJeffAreMyFlies - 9 dager siden
He thinks you just pick clams up off the rocks.. Has Jon ever been to a beach before?
Groot 420
Groot 420 - 8 dager siden
DTG Productions
DTG Productions - 9 dager siden
I like his reaction to discovering the Spanish-American War.
Brandon Palmer
Brandon Palmer - 10 dager siden
It's of clams. lol
Roark The Red
Roark The Red - 11 dager siden
Wait... did 8 year old Jimmy convince him to move to NH?
Nicholas Myrick
Nicholas Myrick - 11 dager siden
Does New Jersey really have a wasteland
Ryan Atrache
Ryan Atrache - 11 dager siden
LockofMetal - 12 dager siden
All these vegans attacking the eating of cows, chicken and all that.
But no fucking love do they give to the soft shell crab, that gets its fucking ASS ripped OUT and face CUT OFF. While ALIVE.
hellocollegejason198 - 12 dager siden
That monger segment was gold
Harrison Milko
Harrison Milko - 12 dager siden
Jon you need to do another one of these videos. They kinda remind me of National Geographic. This was awesome
Josh Rayne
Josh Rayne - 13 dager siden
Looked like a pretty good chowder to me.
EnderBrine 500
EnderBrine 500 - 13 dager siden
if you want good clams, you should have come to Connecticut
Coast - 13 dager siden
@fishmonger aye watcha doin
Frosty VR
Frosty VR - 15 dager siden
The scallop joke gave me a good chuckle
King Penguin
King Penguin - 15 dager siden
PewPewSkittles - 15 dager siden
Basement Dweller Goes Outside: the Documentary
PewPewSkittles - 15 dager siden
This is cringe
Chase Lundgren
Chase Lundgren - 16 dager siden
Joking aside, that food looks epic
Pat - 17 dager siden
Clam juice? All that’s missing is tomato, hot sauce and a little black pepper 😩
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez - 17 dager siden
may we pay respect for the animals who died for comedy
Jeko - 17 dager siden
To this day I don’t understand the point of this video
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton - 13 dager siden
@Thirsty Man yes
Thirsty Man
Thirsty Man - 16 dager siden
ctlraltdestroy - 17 dager siden
*Drinks clam juice*
Dark Souls "You Died" music plays.
popfloyd plays
popfloyd plays - 18 dager siden
who read this as "New Jonny English"
adam Seccombe
adam Seccombe - 18 dager siden
Upload something!!!!
Wolfgod 64
Wolfgod 64 - 18 dager siden
I too made a poor clam chowder once.
I ate it all to spare my friends and gave myself food poisoning.
I never asked for this
I never asked for this - 19 dager siden
This is discount townsend
Cj Wilson
Cj Wilson - 19 dager siden
This man is just the greatest America should be glad to have giving birth to such a humble and hard working man.
Golden Cheetah26
Golden Cheetah26 - 19 dager siden
The Spanish American war was a war over Florida im pretty sure
Golden Cheetah26
Golden Cheetah26 - 13 dager siden
@Jules Gaming oh yeah, I’m an idiot
Jules Gaming
Jules Gaming - 13 dager siden
No, it was on the border with Mexico
That0neGuy - 19 dager siden
Where did you get your hat from my dude?
NYC Wallcrawler
NYC Wallcrawler - 20 dager siden
“Just like momma used to make it, before the accident...... while we let that simmer!”
Laatmaas Quanariin
Laatmaas Quanariin - 20 dager siden
Props to fish market lady for being so chill with Jon's shenanigans
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake - 21 dag siden
The thing I dislike about old videos are the old comments...
IronStriker / Magnus5
IronStriker / Magnus5 - 21 dag siden
Ok one question...
What gave you the idea for this video
Connor Mcsweeney
Connor Mcsweeney - 21 dag siden
9:18 always gets me
YaBoi Aidan
YaBoi Aidan - 22 dager siden
I can imagine jon walking into the fish market and telling the monger
"Dont mind if I'm acting like a complete dumbass, we also might talk to your lobsters"
Kingdumb - 22 dager siden
My favorite jontron video
We That
We That - 23 dager siden
St4T1c R3Tr0
St4T1c R3Tr0 - 23 dager siden
Christian Garrity
Christian Garrity - 24 dager siden
This is the most underrated jontron video
Michael Hanley
Michael Hanley - 25 dager siden
Next time, put the clams in water some corn meal. The clams will spit out the corn meal, cleaning the insides of the clam. Then, in a separate pot boil the clams in water till they open.
WinglessBricks - 25 dager siden
I don't like fish but the people at sanders fish mart seem sooooo nice!
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer - 27 dager siden
Lol crawdads arnt shrimp man..
scottyGG - 28 dager siden
hey can you come to Washington next, were not very represented even though we have the SEAT OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY LIVING HERE (Microsoft, amazon, google, valve, t-mobile) but nope everyone just says "oh looks its the state with the hippies and the weed hahaha" FUCK OFF AMERICA just, come one. jon tron i dare you to fish for geo ducks with your bare hands at 3 am in 40 degree water while its raining
Broccoli Nyu
Broccoli Nyu - 29 dager siden
6:41: God dammit John. Your last comment after her's killed me. XD
Sean Encarnado
Sean Encarnado - Måned siden
No birds or cetaceans were harmed in the making of this video
Sam o
Sam o - Måned siden
A true American hero
HatPeasyCat - Måned siden
what is that outro music called? i love it :3
evan ennis
evan ennis - Måned siden
I miss Jon's bird
Human Bean
Human Bean - Måned siden
Jonathan cooking has got to be one of my favourite things
Charlie Thornby
Charlie Thornby - Måned siden
I saw the title and immediately thought it was a review of the Johnny English series
Kendall Bass
Kendall Bass - Måned siden
Masked- imator
Masked- imator - Måned siden
New Hampshire! The home of Jimmy, 8!
Mystic - Måned siden
Jon literally creates a full course meal.
And then stares at it dissapointed
Moto Medics
Moto Medics - Måned siden
I want all of those pictures at the end....
KingTiger Tank
KingTiger Tank - Måned siden
Mom C
Mom C - Måned siden
Mom C
Mom C - Måned siden
Highlighted comment
Deathisfinetoo - Måned siden
I showed this in my history class unironically.
Naomi Eddy
Naomi Eddy - 21 dag siden
What was their reaction?
ZeXiOn26 - Måned siden
Fun fact: This "clam juice" is straight from my ex-girlfriend's vagina.
Sakaki Shizuma
Sakaki Shizuma - Måned siden
Insalt to injury
Gibran Gaming
Gibran Gaming - Måned siden
CNuggetStudio -
CNuggetStudio - - Måned siden
"over 57 channels!"
*58 channel*
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim - Måned siden
It's of clams- HOOOOO my! Mm! Mm! Mm! 🤮
Bryce Plummer
Bryce Plummer - Måned siden
jon's a loyalist. he called the american revolution petty squabbles. ready your muskets, men. we've a man to tar and feather
Bryce Plummer
Bryce Plummer - Måned siden
england was so bad that America had to name some of our glorious country after them so that brits wouldn't feel bad
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link - Måned siden
Anyone else see that thing to Jon's left (right side of screen) move through the woods at 1:12? Personally, I think that it was absolute proof that Earth is real and Bigfoot is flat
Hayden Pearson
Hayden Pearson - Måned siden
What’s a scollop? Is that just like a scallop but said wrong?
Hayden Pearson
Hayden Pearson - Måned siden
I’m gettin more of a Chernobyl vibe.
Seth Harper
Seth Harper - Måned siden
I feel so this is just John flexing on the fact that he lives in New Hampshire instead of New York
Drew Grigley
Drew Grigley - Måned siden
Poor Jontron, he just wanted to make a fancy meal.
Human Male
Human Male - Måned siden
I was in Portsmouth and I saw a colonist walking around but I didn’t know it was Jon
5:25 When i am in the international foods section and try some snack or drink that is really strange
Inked And Sorrowful
Inked And Sorrowful - Måned siden
Hi John
Erik Hasecoster
Erik Hasecoster - Måned siden
I'd like to call attention to the fact that Jon said Philo had over 57 channels when the picture said they have exactly 58
c h
c h - Måned siden
That fish monger tho
Dusk Legend
Dusk Legend - Måned siden
What a waste of clams
Timothy Crowther
Timothy Crowther - Måned siden
Other people: Raid shadow legends!
Jontron: Philo!
Me: who?
Firearm Leo
Firearm Leo - Måned siden
I like how he said 1605 when the American Revolution happened in 1776
The guy with the guns
The guy with the guns - Måned siden
I got an ad made by english people on this video. It has begun
The Shonen Show
The Shonen Show - 2 måneder siden
This fucker cooked a rock
Vlâdmìre IV
Vlâdmìre IV - Måned siden
Times were tough back then.
Weeb General
Weeb General - 2 måneder siden
why does he say simmer when it is done
Itzjustme guys
Itzjustme guys - 2 måneder siden
ur exactly right abt twd
hawk 5
hawk 5 - 2 måneder siden
His celery chopping skills scare me. I thought he was gonna lose a finger
Kinshuk Hazra
Kinshuk Hazra - 2 måneder siden
We have Netflix
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona - 2 måneder siden
Amount of existential crisis I have had today

//// //// //// //// ///
Diego Borges
Diego Borges - 2 måneder siden
God I just can't get over how cute that fishmonger is
Christian 1320
Christian 1320 - 2 måneder siden
im sorry niko's head shots are sus af