JonTron's StarCade: Episode 3 - Star Wars Chess

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Board games are a lot scarier than I thought they were...
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Created by - Jon Jafari
Producer - Lauren "Elle" Williams :
Director - Steve Failows :
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi :
Music - Dominic Ninmark :
Definitely Chewbacca - Ryan Burns
Special Thanks to -
Chris O'Neil, Zach Hadel, and the AMAZING crew that made this possible!
Runtime: 06:10


Serious Gamer
Serious Gamer - Dag siden
5:39 plot twist yoda isn't using the force
Skullkan6 - 5 dager siden
The fucking zipper sound
Sam Laufer
Sam Laufer - 6 dager siden
Wait how is there a chess cutscene for Luke vs palpatine if they’re both kings?
Kaitou1412Fangirl - 6 dager siden
"Who ever thought chess could scar man's life that bad?"
Fire Emblem would like to talk with you.
KEZMS FILMS - 7 dager siden
XD actually got a "Learning Chess Class" advert before this
Doktah Doktah
Doktah Doktah - 7 dager siden
The horse and carriage predates the floppy disk and hard disk. But you are more likely to use a horse and carriage.
DEMOMAN the meme brain
DEMOMAN the meme brain - 9 dager siden
I feel like after the wookie tryed to kill jon they broke the wookies knees and blind folded him or some thing
Sayori - 10 dager siden
Darth vader best girl
Cryo - 12 dager siden
Dawid Krzyczkowski
Dawid Krzyczkowski - 12 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that the spaceship had tire squeel when it tried to stop
Jeff Jam
Jeff Jam - 13 dager siden
Finished the vid and I got a chess ad with courses to help lol
Kathleen Eardley
Kathleen Eardley - 13 dager siden
Who else is watching this in 2021
Dylan Eschinger
Dylan Eschinger - 13 dager siden
Fr0stko - 13 dager siden
Anyone else get a chess ad before this video?
pharout - 15 dager siden
Woah budget Chewbacca gave John that sloppy tippy 😳
Yoda - 18 dager siden
If a modern star wars video game chess was remade today; Kylo Ren needs to be the Queen.
Rubber gamer
Rubber gamer - 19 dager siden
i got an ad for a chess learning book lol.
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin - 19 dager siden
Who else got an add related to chess before the video
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 - 19 dager siden
i would PAY to see darth vader reffered to in the films as a queen just for the laughs
i would pay ACTUAL MONEY
Ribbons0121 R121
Ribbons0121 R121 - 19 dager siden
he isnt the real chewbacca
he even said so himself
doughnutsimp - 21 dag siden
high on ketamine i am
Eyeball Paul
Eyeball Paul - 23 dager siden
"you look like a fat Josh peck"

So.....Josh peck
V. Va
V. Va - 22 dager siden
Josh Peck hasn’t been fat since he was a teenager.
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt - 28 dager siden
Wanna know something awesome? There are actual, real rules to dejarik. You can look them up and go out and play it in real life right now! That is as cool as it is unsurprising.
cool turtle
cool turtle - 28 dager siden
Luke is just doing the Nate robinson challenge
Peter Esoe
Peter Esoe - Måned siden
Adam Baker
Adam Baker - Måned siden
This is what I think a clone wars version should be
Pawns: Clone Troopers
Rooks: AT-TE
Knights: Captain Rex and Commander Cody with Jetpacks
Bishops: Obi wan and Anakin Skywalker
Queen: Mace Windu
King: Yoda
Pawns: Battle Droids
Rooks: AAT
Knights: STAAP
Bishops: Magna Guards
Queen: General Grevious
King: Count Dooku
YHVH - Måned siden
3:50 lol
Fistopher Gecko K.
Fistopher Gecko K. - Måned siden
Zach lines are very obvious in this episode lol
Brendan catino
Brendan catino - Måned siden
i thought he ate his [cencored]
Thomas Winz
Thomas Winz - 2 måneder siden
Wow “You look like a fat Josh Peck” XD get roasted Jontron
Boris von Cookie
Boris von Cookie - 2 måneder siden
You should make a video about the Tron franchise, and call the video TronTron
Deacon Poole
Deacon Poole - 2 måneder siden
So. Did anyone here realize that the Walking speed value and the Intro Text Scrolling values got swapped? And that’s why the intro was so quick and the gameplay was so slow?
Chadtronic Fan 10,001
Chadtronic Fan 10,001 - 2 måneder siden
3:05 3-CPO dies
Michael Dolunt
Michael Dolunt - 2 måneder siden
“You look like fat josh peck” he really does.
Smash productions
Smash productions - 2 måneder siden
I know this is from a different jontron episode but i think it fits here: “everyone moves slow! Everyone moves really f**king slow!”
Daniela Carrera
Daniela Carrera - 3 måneder siden
This is why darth Vader is the new Disney princess
Holden Martin
Holden Martin - 3 måneder siden
Why did C3-PO die
Amanda Hardin
Amanda Hardin - 3 måneder siden
Kunisake - 3 måneder siden
Unfortunately, the real Chewie passed away last year. Huge loss. He will be greatly missed
Peter Mayhew. March 19, 1944- April 30, 2019
Robert Cortez
Robert Cortez - 3 måneder siden
Jon: It's just so weird to see these timeless characters die.
Me: That didn't age so well...
stav srefis
stav srefis - 3 måneder siden
It might because I don't really play chess but how is the emperor zapping Luke I thought a king couldn't kill a king in chess?
Voltage The Shocker
Voltage The Shocker - 3 måneder siden
The pacing of this chess game is better than the newer movies.
BlueRipper15 - 4 måneder siden
Jeeeeez, if you look you can see Vaders dong when they shows the queens
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon - 4 måneder siden
*text skips screen fast that it's hard to read jack shit*
Jon: Oh. Don't worry. I wasn't gonna read it anyways.
Holy shit did this make me laugh xD
Jared Ray
Jared Ray - 4 måneder siden
Ethan Watson
Ethan Watson - 4 måneder siden
not showing us c3po beating vader was fucked
That Guy
That Guy - 4 måneder siden
"You look like a fat Josh Peck"... i never noticed that befor...
Felony Stev
Felony Stev - 4 måneder siden
Let's talk about how the first scene had the Cantina Band music
Lyanna Ripper
Lyanna Ripper - 4 måneder siden
5:12 "I thought I told you i don't like banana pudding!" 😂😂😂
Dimensional Travelers
Dimensional Travelers - 4 måneder siden
Try playing warhammer 40k regicide
Amanda Hardin
Amanda Hardin - 5 måneder siden
That’s not how you pronounce it
AndyDoesAnAnimateYT - 3 måneder siden
Pronounce what?
Nunchaku Dude
Nunchaku Dude - 5 måneder siden
Hold up, something ain't right here... why is Leia Luke's queen?
Jusnogood 1
Jusnogood 1 - 5 måneder siden
Try playing bullet chess on this thing
C877 H115
C877 H115 - 5 måneder siden
1:56 what song is he parodying
Luqman Hakim
Luqman Hakim - 5 måneder siden
Jon: Not to mention, It's also just fun to watch your favorite characters die tragically in unexpectedly violent ways
Danganronpa fans: uh.. yeah .. haha.. *sniffle*
Pable Today
Pable Today - 5 måneder siden
You look like Josh Peck lmao
idontknowspanish - 5 måneder siden
5:44 Are Yoda's eyes red because he's smoking a fat roll, or because he just made a man kill himself right in front of him.
Jordan Owens
Jordan Owens - 5 måneder siden
I'm 5 years late to the JonTron party but holy fuck am I glad to be here!
Ash Sunshine
Ash Sunshine - 5 måneder siden
I mean, the fact that Star Wars can be pretty dark, this is honestly nothing new
That random Guy
That random Guy - 5 måneder siden
Is no one gonna talk about how when he threw that chess board at 4:07 one of the pieces landed directly onto the board upright and in a square
Fluttershy Stays High420
Fluttershy Stays High420 - 6 måneder siden
'Looks at that sassy feminist walk cycle of Darth Vader'
Are you sure this game wasn't made in 2020?
Ori Avnimelech
Ori Avnimelech - 6 måneder siden
Gross farm boy Luke with a green Lightsaber
DrunkenRetroGamer - 6 måneder siden
How many people are involved with the production of these vids? Crisp visual FX and the humor is on point. Cheers mate, great work.
reddeadmaximgun - 6 måneder siden
I got a chess ad before watching this
TheBoneDaddyJenkinsEsquire - 6 måneder siden
5:36 it kills me everytime
Connor Magee
Connor Magee - 6 måneder siden
So your telling me there’s an animation of c3p0 taking out the emperor and you didn’t show it
Spectrum - 7 måneder siden
The Software Toolworks are the same guys behind those educational Mario games.
Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant - 7 måneder siden
“You look like josh peck”
Chili_ rr
Chili_ rr - 7 måneder siden
This video is a solid 4 years old and you still commented? Bless your soul
Tyler Lovenvirth
Tyler Lovenvirth - 7 måneder siden
4:44 Kathleen Kennedy would love this game.
Seth Blair
Seth Blair - 7 måneder siden
Mr Moonwalker
Mr Moonwalker - 7 måneder siden
i now want to play this
Elan Sleazebaganno
Elan Sleazebaganno - 8 måneder siden
4:07 Jon has never played Doom on the 32x.
W War
W War - 8 måneder siden
the total eclipse of the heart part made me laugh more than it should have 🤣
firman abdaoe Sulaeman
firman abdaoe Sulaeman - 8 måneder siden
I don't like banana pudding! 🤣
firman abdaoe Sulaeman
firman abdaoe Sulaeman - 8 måneder siden
Holy shit.that intro... i screamed too 🤣
Saben .C [Spoon]
Saben .C [Spoon] - 8 måneder siden
4:27 why is it A New Hope Luke with his Return of the Jedi lightsaber
SourBleach Apple
SourBleach Apple - 8 måneder siden
The Leia death didn’t age well
Fatal Bert
Fatal Bert - 8 måneder siden
I spend my life looking for an opportunity to use the line, “Who knew chess could scar a man’s life that badly.”
dragonfireny - 8 måneder siden
I wonder who made this game..
RH Gaming
RH Gaming - 8 måneder siden
What is the song is that
a normal guy
a normal guy - 8 måneder siden
If you pause at 3:49 you can see they actually drew a proper peen for Vader
nightmare arcade
nightmare arcade - 8 måneder siden
I just got an ad for chessable before this video started.
DAN PRYLE - 9 måneder siden
Its like MARIO CHESS where Luigi is the queen.?
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - 9 måneder siden
Ah, yes. The real reason for the war with Darth Vader was because Princess Laea gave him banana pudding.
Ethan Kletschke
Ethan Kletschke - 9 måneder siden
A few years ago, my uncle gave me Star Wars Chess. Not the video game, but the board game itself.
The only difference between the set shown in the video is that the Rebel pieces are silver and the Empire pieces are bronze
Lipton Ice tea
Lipton Ice tea - 9 måneder siden
These videos are nice when I can’t fuckin sleep. Something nice to listen to while my insomnia slowly kills me.
Reaper The God Of Games
Reaper The God Of Games - 9 måneder siden
2:55 such a tiny skull!
dragonman9001 - 9 måneder siden
How many times did Jon die in this series again?
Pixal Boi
Pixal Boi - 10 måneder siden
Did Chewie just eat Jontron's pe... nevermind.
Harrison Missell
Harrison Missell - 10 måneder siden
3:05 Jon Finally finishing a round of this game
Harrison Missell
Harrison Missell - 10 måneder siden
1:21 everyone is pushing and shoving because they know they’ll ever be able to play 1 game in their entire life
charles norris
charles norris - 10 måneder siden
skipped tie fighter?
Robert Wild
Robert Wild - 11 måneder siden
"Once upon a time there was credit to give, but now they're really twisting my hand... nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the brand!"
Smash productions
Smash productions - 2 måneder siden
conga time
conga time - 11 måneder siden
Wait.... Software Toolworks? As in the one that made..... Mario is Missing....? And Mario’s Time Machine.....? And the Mario’s Early Years series? oh dear god.....
The Silent Majority
The Silent Majority - 11 måneder siden
That was a horrible chess opening
Hat Guy
Hat Guy - 11 måneder siden
Let's be honest, when is Yoda not looking like he did a lot of weed?
trucker matt
trucker matt - 11 måneder siden
Lmao, a fat Joe peck.
Jameson Dickey
Jameson Dickey - 11 måneder siden
I’ve actually played Star Wars chess
max tuner
max tuner - År siden
Shouldn't have messed with that Chewbacca
Random Observer
Random Observer - År siden
3:58-4:07 perfect moment for a compilation