JonTron's StarCade: Episode 6 - Yoda Stories

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Today we have a very green, very tiny, and very special guest. He then proceeds to tell us a story. The story could use an editor.
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Creator/Director/Actor - Jon Jafari
Producer - Lauren "Elle" Williams :
Co-Director - Steve Failows :
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi:
Music - Dominic Ninmark :
Yoda Voice/Indy Wife Voice - Zach Hadel:
Special Thanks to:
Chris O'Neil and Zach Hadel.
Runtime: 08:42


Del lince
Del lince - 4 dager siden
Was the chris o neil cameo andy's girlfriend
eilo - 5 dager siden
Check out Yoda's new book: "Green and Retired."
ACEDIT ACE - 5 dager siden
Hoodied - 5 dager siden
Zack is green and retired
C.A.M.E - 9 dager siden
Green and clean is prequel to green and retired
Stressed Pancake
Stressed Pancake - 10 dager siden
3:41 Grimbo before
Corporal M
Corporal M - 10 dager siden
The spelling of "artoo" is often used in the comics so it isn't spelled wrong
Marie-Oliver Delacroix
Marie-Oliver Delacroix - 11 dager siden
Dad puts a cigarette out on your brain.
Garrett Chandler
Garrett Chandler - 11 dager siden
Used to have this on gameboy
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage - 11 dager siden
RYCKroll - 12 dager siden
Weird that Jon doesn’t know some of the very casual fan stuff like R2-D2 being called/spelled Artoo as shorthand or a pet name
Shiki - 12 dager siden
Many years and many episodes of OneyPlays later, I only just now realize that Yoda is Zach.
Praise be our big-nosed grandpa.
TheActualCanadian - 13 dager siden
Best JT episode
James Thompson
James Thompson - 13 dager siden
Wow watching jontron then gets a jontron ad
Titanuim X Studios
Titanuim X Studios - 13 dager siden
Yoda looks like Grogu in this game.
idahoan dude
idahoan dude - 13 dager siden
"That sounds like someone getting a butt plug removed!" --family-friendly Jon Jafari, 2015
No Name
No Name - 7 dager siden
Since when is Jon family friendly?
Jared Parsons
Jared Parsons - 13 dager siden
That guy who does Yoda’s voice is too nasally! He will never be popular on YouTube! No one want to listen to that crap. Especially in animation or puppets or flash animation maybe not even in clay stop motion telecast!
Family Account Gilbert
Family Account Gilbert - 14 dager siden
I didn't know the green boys channel existed...
Chatd Ydshs
Chatd Ydshs - 14 dager siden
I got a perfyoda
punkman115 - 14 dager siden
at first he was green and clean, but now hes green and retired
Susic 123
Susic 123 - 14 dager siden
That there was a 1999 Yoda puppet that goes for aprox $500
New Phenix
New Phenix - 14 dager siden
Ah. So the perfect yoda has just as much context as the other video where someone put it in randomly .
Shadow Beast
Shadow Beast - 14 dager siden
2:24 yoda looks like Bill Murray
John - 15 dager siden
The sequel to _Green and Clean_ is coming soon, reports say that it will be called _Green and Retired._
Mr.Kawaii The Third
Mr.Kawaii The Third - 15 dager siden
now he's green and retired
Ducks Ate My Bagel
Ducks Ate My Bagel - 15 dager siden
What the fuck. Chris and Zach are in so many more things than you initially realize.
eins2001 - 15 dager siden
Zach sounds like a perfect wife
Damian 1989
Damian 1989 - 15 dager siden
I lost it completely at *"Cylinder Of Feces"*
Banks Wooten
Banks Wooten - 16 dager siden
why does yoda look like bill Murry
Loren Garms
Loren Garms - 16 dager siden
Yoda is Indiana jones wife
post brohomes
post brohomes - 16 dager siden
Lmao fuckin zach
Paul Levy
Paul Levy - 16 dager siden
Mr. Hadel's Yoda while forever be the pinnacle of comedy in my eyes
nvrlrn - 17 dager siden
And you know what that means
Ethan Frigerio
Ethan Frigerio - 17 dager siden
where even was chris in this video i only heard the funny nose guy
EA Gamer
EA Gamer - 17 dager siden
8:17 just a checkpoint
Shagtor - 17 dager siden
green and clean to green and retired
Little Game Dude
Little Game Dude - 17 dager siden
Jon solo, and chewbirdca
Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan - 18 dager siden
Yoda didn’t even mention the ketamine, for danger of relapse.
Foggy Fen
Foggy Fen - 18 dager siden
Tristan George
Tristan George - 18 dager siden
3:41 DESMOND the smiling friends are here
a being
a being - 18 dager siden
tf was that ending lmao.
Bobdmz - 18 dager siden
A 2d Star Wars game is actually a good idea.
Colin Martin
Colin Martin - 18 dager siden
Greenboys is a real fucking thing oh my god
Toadboydude - 18 dager siden
Yo that yoda guy sure looks green and retired.
Sir Dankleberry
Sir Dankleberry - 18 dager siden
Jon foresaw Yoda's ketamine addiction.
SmellsLikeCat - 18 dager siden
LMFAO I wasnt expecting Zach
vargen1414 - 18 dager siden
This is Ketamine Yoda after getting over his ketamine addiction after killing the FDA after they framed him for comiting genocide on furries
Vojtěch Štorek
Vojtěch Štorek - 19 dager siden
i played yoda stories, and its not that bad
Philly Back Pack
Philly Back Pack - 19 dager siden

Plus i would not put it passed zach to actually do that yoda vid
Generik - 19 dager siden
I still don't know what a Perfect Yoda is... Even after all this time.
Robert Wyatt
Robert Wyatt - 19 dager siden
tomar strikes again
Space Cadet
Space Cadet - 19 dager siden
Damn, I guess you could say Yoda is, green and retired.
Miles Gerschefske
Miles Gerschefske - 19 dager siden
They say the writers of the mandalorian, play this game for two hours before every writing session
Educated slime
Educated slime - 19 dager siden
i saw a perfect yoda clip and watched the video for context... i did not get that
Dog with a witch hat
Dog with a witch hat - 19 dager siden
Only now I know who voiced Yoda in this episode, Zach you amazing bastard
7ristan - 19 dager siden
I guess you could say he’s green AND retired
Jack Brazier
Jack Brazier - 20 dager siden
Yoda needs to blow his nose.
Angel Torres
Angel Torres - 20 dager siden
Are sweet dreams made of frag grenades?
exactinmidget92 - 21 dag siden
I had this for the gameboy and i still dont get.
Dr. Cool
Dr. Cool - 21 dag siden
Is Yoda supposed to be Mark Wahlberg
Kiou Min
Kiou Min - 21 dag siden
Now he is green and retired.
Pool_Guy - 22 dager siden
Erm is Yoda perhaps... green and retired?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 22 dager siden
There was an advert on this video at the start with Hitler, Gandhi and Donal J Trump. Jon what the fuck
Espin Blank
Espin Blank - 22 dager siden
Did it say something like Gandhi was a terrorist and Donald a god? If so I saw that video but it wasn’t on a jon tron
TheQuietTime - 22 dager siden
I got a perfect yoda, you know what means.
Dingus Dangus
Dingus Dangus - 23 dager siden
He is both green and retired
Gianfranco Espinoza
Gianfranco Espinoza - 23 dager siden
We all looked up the channel you know we did
Alverrann - 23 dager siden
"I'm going to my mother's!"
Meninx87 - 24 dager siden
That Yoda in the thumbnail looks like Bill Murray
Spooks YT
Spooks YT - 24 dager siden
Only Jontron can get away with combining a failed marriage joke and Indiana Jones during a Star Wars video.
Boni Neto
Boni Neto - 24 dager siden
Artoo is like Threepio.
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. - 25 dager siden
Why does Yoda sound like a stoner in his mid 40s ?
Deepfried Pals
Deepfried Pals - 25 dager siden
I just realized Indiana Jones wife is also Zach
Paxton Matteson
Paxton Matteson - 26 dager siden
Wait... green boys is a channel that still posts.
Zombie Halo
Zombie Halo - 26 dager siden
It's awesome to know that zach is the voice of puppet Yoda and I'm also a recent fan of oneyplays
JAC Of All Games
JAC Of All Games - 26 dager siden
And now he's green and retired
Le High Spy
Le High Spy - 26 dager siden
Yoda: i use to do a lotta ketamine
Nintenmation 64
Nintenmation 64 - 26 dager siden
Yoda reminds me of some one from oney plays🧐
Robotic Enderman
Robotic Enderman - 27 dager siden
I finally realized that Yoda is played by Psychicpebbles and now rewatching this is way more enjoyable.
John Doe
John Doe - 27 dager siden
Yoda’s Stories was bananas as a kid
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus - 28 dager siden
8:22 w-what?
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus - 28 dager siden
1:45 WHAT THE-
Amphicorp47 - 29 dager siden
Zach did such a good job as yoda and mrs jones
dacypher22 - 29 dager siden
I know I am a little late here, but if anyone is wondering why these "Desktop Adventure" games exist and why they look so shitty, back when these came out (1996 - 97), pretty much every game ran in MS-DOS, not in Windows. There were starting to be some early DirectX games, but that was still catching on. And even then that would still take over the screen and not easily allow you to multitask. So it was pretty novel to have a game running in a window that you could alt-tab to. The animation looks so bad because the game had to be made like an application, not a game.
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 29 dager siden
The JohnTron POV of the selling point: 2:15
bakedspade - 29 dager siden
If this episode was made now that book would be called Green and Retired instead.
Lucas Patton
Lucas Patton - Måned siden
00:25 3:45 holy crap it’s Zach from Oney plays
Evil Jigglypuff
Evil Jigglypuff - Måned siden
This eventually was freeware. I remember getting it as a kid in the 90s and thinking it was really cool
Herr Krücké
Herr Krücké - Måned siden
Omg, this is the prequel of green and retired guy
UnderSwap Gaming
UnderSwap Gaming - Måned siden
why did that one 20 minute plug and play consoles video get taken down ??
Malicious Intentions
Malicious Intentions - Måned siden
Wait where was oney in the vid
Pensive Scarlet
Pensive Scarlet - Måned siden
Everyone remembers tiny former druggie Yoda. No one remembers Mrs. Hadel-Jones.
C64 Striker
C64 Striker - Måned siden
Hey, that’s the Smileing Pals guy
Scott’s Peculiar Land
Scott’s Peculiar Land - Måned siden
The Hadel
VincEnt VidAnA
VincEnt VidAnA - Måned siden
Zachs really using his experience of being green and retired here
Crack of Dawn
Crack of Dawn - Måned siden
The Yoda part sounds like they just took a clip out of an Oneyplays episode
Seth Harper
Seth Harper - Måned siden
unfortunately yoda has not stayed clean. currently he's high on ketamine while living in his honda civic.
Yvonne Thomas
Yvonne Thomas - 16 dager siden
I am 25 I live in my car
Smooth Glass
Smooth Glass - 17 dager siden
I thought he lived in a green Toyota
Andrue-Paul Klements
Andrue-Paul Klements - 18 dager siden
@Zoomer Waffen the actual charges are Hunting with a License
Zoomer Waffen
Zoomer Waffen - 19 dager siden
He's also committed a mass shooting at a furry convention.
En Ay
En Ay - Måned siden
"I broke a lot of couches"
Ah I get the joke, it's Rick James.
Fortis Et Lenis Studios
Fortis Et Lenis Studios - Måned siden
Friend: "There's plenty of girls out there who want a guy like you!"
Me: 3:25
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 - Måned siden
*I was there, I was where you are now dude*
Grouch TV Network
Grouch TV Network - Måned siden
Why does Yoda in the thumbnail look like Bill Murray