JonTron's StarCade: Episode 7 - Star Wars Plug and Play

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Jon takes a look at the Star Wars Plug and Play games.
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Creator/Director/Actor - Jon Jafari
Producer - Lauren "Elle" Williams :
Co-Director - Steve Failows :
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi:
Music - Dominic Ninmark :
Tatoo Guy - Octopimp:
Special Thanks to:
Chris O'Neil and Zach Hadel.
Runtime: 07:44


Cinnamontoastdeath - 2 dager siden
In the grevious onslaught game if you wait long enough in a room after taking down all the enemies grevious himself will pop up out of nowhere and slaughter you without warning. Scared the shit out of me when I first discovered that
DxWiggins - 2 dager siden
Gunship battle was actually the best mini game of the prequel plug n plays. You have to guide your clones across the map and take separatist bases to spawn more clones until you take the base at the end. It’s like a 2D war game.
Also I remember really enjoying the lightsaber AR game but it was really glitchy and wouldn’t register all of my blocks or attacks.
RLT Productions
RLT Productions - 3 dager siden
Is nobody going to talk about that intro?! 😂
Deuce Waldo
Deuce Waldo - 3 dager siden
I actually grew up on that last one
PsyGuy - 3 dager siden
Is it just me, or does the lightsaber game look like a first-person anime battle?
PsyGuy - 3 dager siden
Fun Fact: Jakks Pacific was founded by the same guy who founded LJN and THQ. You heard that right.
Hungry kidd Loya
Hungry kidd Loya - 4 dager siden
Jay Jacob
Jay Jacob - 8 dager siden
0:01 I... I dont know what to say... I owned this when I was a kid. This was my first video game.
W S - 8 dager siden
6:55 you don’t even understand the nostalgia you just gave me man, I remember playing this game every day as a kid
The Minecrafter
The Minecrafter - 11 dager siden
5:20 the funny
Evan Clow
Evan Clow - 13 dager siden
Supernatural Crusader
Supernatural Crusader - 13 dager siden
0:20 Now I’m uncomfortable.
Wing Zero
Wing Zero - 13 dager siden
I had that first one
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard - 14 dager siden
5:20 When you reminisce the person who abused you as a kid and you get revenge.
Master James
Master James - 15 dager siden
Nate Carlyle
Nate Carlyle - 16 dager siden
Had the millennium falcon one I got it with some Christmas money I got when I was like 6 I also have the darth vader one right now
Pablo - 16 dager siden
5:38 I have this one! Darth Vader is gonna have a really good gaming channel ig...
Game Mech
Game Mech - 16 dager siden
Ngl, kinda want that last one, what's it called?
Smokey Nifty
Smokey Nifty - 17 dager siden
6:41 I had that one when I was younger thanks for reminding me
Nemesis Prime
Nemesis Prime - 17 dager siden
Please make a game like that
Lucas Daniel
Lucas Daniel - 17 dager siden
5:08 why is it so goddamn funny 😂😂😂
cj - 17 dager siden
I have that same millennium falcon plug and play
Raven - 17 dager siden
Okay, Star Wars Lightsaber battles was actually a hella fun game ngl. You can knock the other ones, but Lightsaber Battles is legit.
Evan Yasser
Evan Yasser - 17 dager siden
I used to play that Revenge of the Sith game on the Darth Vader console when I was a kid. It was awesome
The Medic
The Medic - 18 dager siden
5:11 - 5:27
Eggman Ivo Robotnik
Eggman Ivo Robotnik - 18 dager siden
“Next one is Red Leader”
Expendable Indigo
Expendable Indigo - 18 dager siden
I actually loved Plug & Play Gunship Battle as a kid, the idea was to pick up groups of clones and drop them off to different places to take over parts of the map, though I’ve tried playing it recently and I cannot for the life of me remember how, and I remember it taking me months to figure out as a kid too.
Drew Simon
Drew Simon - 19 dager siden
5:00 I be have a be game like this where you line up the light saber to block and attack so idk if the one I have is a remake or some stolen idea
Sentient-Toast - 19 dager siden
6:40 I have that one it was so damn fun to play
KatKat Claro
KatKat Claro - 19 dager siden
7:14 cyberpunk looked better 5 years ago
Brandon Chavez
Brandon Chavez - 19 dager siden
6:51 evidence of jon learning jedi mind tricks
tanner mccauley
tanner mccauley - 19 dager siden
this was soooooo fun as a kid XD dunno why mad nostalgia forgot it existed 100%
Skeletron - 19 dager siden
i like how he plugs himself in with an audio cable
Umair Shamsuddin
Umair Shamsuddin - 19 dager siden
I didn't know any better and got a Spider-man one.
Titano Studios
Titano Studios - 20 dager siden
Jon about Grevious Onslaught, you forgot that the longer you stand and wait as Anakin, Grevious comes out jumping like a freaking rabbit and kills you instantly
Brodie Ainsworth
Brodie Ainsworth - 20 dager siden
I have the one in the thumbnail. I enjoy it.
MrRexyChomp - 20 dager siden
Does anyone know the name of that last plug and play console?
WitherWolf33 - 21 dag siden
"This looks like it predates the transister radio!"
The Deputy
The Deputy - 21 dag siden
0:22 simps when they find out their favorite twitch streamers are selling feet pics
Undocked Sine
Undocked Sine - 21 dag siden
Sometimes some people forget what a game is about. It's about playing the game, not winning, & not always graphics. I mean Pac-Man & Space Invaders is more fun & playable than Death Stranding
Edit: I'm NOT bad mouthing Jon or anybody else, I'm just saying that I'd rather play the plug in play games than other games because sometimes it's good to try different things. Animal Crossing New Horizons was basically "Adult Life: The Game" but I think the reason why it was popular was because it was slow & peaceful in a time that wasn't
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 21 dag siden
I had the Darth Vader one and it was pretty fun
EagleLord117 - 21 dag siden
I had the R2D2 one. Those games were dastardly difficult for a young child but once you learned them they were very fun
grim reaper
grim reaper - 24 dager siden
Why is Jon pissing/cents at 0:20? 🤣
Spooks YT
Spooks YT - 24 dager siden
Those were the best plug and play games I've ever seen.
the_smug - 24 dager siden
I tried this tactic on my grandpa but all he did was scream
Erik Ferrelli
Erik Ferrelli - 24 dager siden
This came out 2 months before Star Wars Episode 7. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!
Tyler Budden
Tyler Budden - 24 dager siden
We got Jon Tron ‘jacking in’ before cyberpunk 😂
Luigi Ribaya
Luigi Ribaya - 26 dager siden
Ngl the prequel Plug and Play games were my fuckin childhood
ChillZ zz
ChillZ zz - 26 dager siden
So nobody is gonna talk about 0:20 huh... ok
Joblessknight 72
Joblessknight 72 - 27 dager siden
I been meaning to plug amid play myself cyberpunk 2077
Jack Greenhalgh
Jack Greenhalgh - 29 dager siden
I used to own the last one
RacistBisexual Kommando
RacistBisexual Kommando - 29 dager siden
My momma bought me many of these after the divorce. We were very poor and times were hard. The day she gave me a playstation was a great day
Just A Random Guy
Just A Random Guy - Måned siden
Does anyone know where to find the Duel Of Fates remix at 5:08 ?
Pietro Zaccherini
Pietro Zaccherini - Måned siden
7:13 Jon predicted cyberpunk :O
Peter Esoe
Peter Esoe - Måned siden
0:20 ew
Static Toast
Static Toast - Måned siden
Omg I actually remember using the darth vader one that had the gunship battle and the chase and stuff
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - Måned siden
I feel like after Jon stopped reviewing games, his style of reviews feel different.
Halo Craft
Halo Craft - Måned siden
The first game was my childhood, I played that so much when I was very young
NIGHTMARE 999 - Måned siden
Those plug and play games would have been cool as GameCube controllers it already has the look of one
Michael Yurick
Michael Yurick - Måned siden
Jon, listen man. I am a MASTER at Assault on Hoth.
Toaster Corporation
Toaster Corporation - Måned siden
5:06 this reminds me of Vader Immortal for VR, except instead of holding a stubby stick and looking at a tv, you are holding controllers and looking at a 3D world! Gameplay is kinda similar with the block until the enemy is vulnerable and slash them to hell thing.
Melissa Lawrence
Melissa Lawrence - Måned siden
I have the game with the stubby lightsaber still 🤣 I grew up with that shit and we loved it for some reason.
TheOneAndOnly Dro
TheOneAndOnly Dro - Måned siden
Heyo how u doin heres this shit see ya🤣🤣
Johnathan To Err Is Me
Johnathan To Err Is Me - Måned siden
These all look decent.
Gojiro7 - Måned siden
the true sith evil of all this......Jakks Pacific was owned by the man who created.....L...J...N!!!!!! Dun dun duuuuuuun!!!!
Distory With Andrew
Distory With Andrew - Måned siden
I have the millennium falcon
JACKSHMACK101 - Måned siden
dude i had all these
i remember the prequel plug and play, we used to have that one
Finn Meister
Finn Meister - 2 måneder siden
it was also the same year as sonic 06
lity fity
lity fity - 2 måneder siden
Symbiotic Merc.
Symbiotic Merc. - 2 måneder siden
I actually had that last one and yeah it was pretty fun
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
I know that last one. My grand parents had gotten it for me and my brothers a long time ago and it was a lot of fun.
Adam Hope
Adam Hope - 2 måneder siden
I actually have the first and last ones. Red leader is my favorite and I’d say I’m pretty good at it. My dad also loves it.
Loretta Richards
Loretta Richards - 2 måneder siden
Joshua - 2 måneder siden
I have two plug in play games one is Star Wars and the other is Batman
2:51 That is the one I have
Thomas Winz
Thomas Winz - 2 måneder siden
Not this soon not this soon *Starts Pissing Money and moaning*
PsyGuy - 2 måneder siden
5:54 There actually WAS a knockoff of this game for Atari 8-bit computers called Revenge of the Giant Mutant Camels. Fun fact: it was developed by the legendary Jeff Minter.
Pickle - 2 måneder siden
I still have the Darth Vader plug and play...
Ian S Sidney
Ian S Sidney - 2 måneder siden
For one of my Christmas in the past I got STAR WARS Clone Trooper
the big cheese 115
the big cheese 115 - 2 måneder siden
I think we just saw the origin story of grimbo 5:00
Chadtronic Fan 10,001
Chadtronic Fan 10,001 - 2 måneder siden
3:12 Sinestar.
Peterson Productions
Peterson Productions - 2 måneder siden
8:15 Wow just like WII fencing some are to young to know about the wii
Edzio Altair
Edzio Altair - 2 måneder siden
I used to have the Vader one
John Crawford
John Crawford - Måned siden
Connor Fagan
Connor Fagan - 3 måneder siden
Bro the falcon plug and play was my child hood when i went to my grand parents house
xX1upMinerXx - 3 måneder siden
Dude, I remember playing this shit as a kid, good times
Felony Stev
Felony Stev - 3 måneder siden
3:05 correct me if I'm wrong but, Sinistar is in Jon's old halloween special intro
Darth Blader/Jonas Fababeir
Darth Blader/Jonas Fababeir - 3 måneder siden
2:48 JonTronShow, there’s actually 4 stylings of the Plug and Play Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Controllers. Darth Vader, R2D2, General Grievous, and Yoda.
AA Batteries
AA Batteries - 3 måneder siden
Kaiser Slim
Kaiser Slim - 3 måneder siden
I......actually remember playing the Prequel ones. I had completely forgotten about them until now.
Jokah - 3 måneder siden
I remember playing the Darth Vader console. Damn...
Benjamin Menken
Benjamin Menken - 3 måneder siden
I used to have that millennium falcon plug and play.
Stephen Jex
Stephen Jex - 3 måneder siden
I feel like he missed the one where you play as Yoda and slaughter troopers on Kashyyk (I'm not good at spelling forgive me internet)
Matthew Beach
Matthew Beach - 3 måneder siden
Its fun that I have such found memory's of most of these games. Know I have mix feelings about them being viewed so critically
Zachary Mabb
Zachary Mabb - 3 måneder siden
6:42 YOOOO i actually had that one when i was 14 years old! Its hype!
Gabriel Galasso
Gabriel Galasso - 3 måneder siden
0:01 the show when im watching
0:19 the show when mom walks in
Miguel Parschau
Miguel Parschau - 3 måneder siden
Dom Led
Dom Led - 3 måneder siden
4:22 my child hood
Border_Collie7 - 3 måneder siden
I got the darth Vader one when I was a kid
That person with a Mewtwo
That person with a Mewtwo - 4 måneder siden
Sinistar freaked the hell out of me
Dedrick Edward
Dedrick Edward - 4 måneder siden
Who else searched this