JonTron's StarCade: Episode 9 - The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE)

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THE GRAND FINALE IS HERE! Can Jon possibly take on the most wretched piece of Star Wars media in the galaxy?
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Director/Actor/Writer - Jon Jafari
Producer - Lauren "Elle" Williams (
Director of Photography - Steve Failows (
Writer - Zach Hadel
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi (
Original Score (For StarCade Episode 9) - Chris O'Neill (
Visual Effects - Pete Polyakov
To listen to Chris' StarCade Finale score for FREE click here:
Palpatine Actor - Gordon Tarpley (
Palpatine/Vader Voice - Mick Lauer
George Lucas Voice - Piotr Michael (
Darth Vader - Arin Hanson (

Special Thanks to:
George Lucas for please don't sue me also I love you!
Arin Hanson for dressing as Darth Vapor and making me play Star Wars games for 10 months!
Ross O'Donovan + Holly Conrad for epic dance mo3vs.
Runtime: 24:43


MikeDijital - 23 timer siden
14:52 Wilhelm scream!
Chuglet - 3 dager siden
14:35 D:
PROTECTOR - 3 dager siden
i wish for a gun
MrDinoTroll - 3 dager siden
wow never knew lying down could injured someone sorry I just realized that
Sam Lambert
Sam Lambert - 3 dager siden
23:20 new season of attack on titan be like
smokeybear 420
smokeybear 420 - 5 dager siden
The Lego version 5 years later is better
Grandmother Productions
Grandmother Productions - 5 dager siden
a lot of you may know this. Not to give this movie? show? Life Day special any positive credit but The old man is an old comedian named Art Carney. Very sad his career involved this horrible star wars thing
connor colquhou
connor colquhou - 7 dager siden
The newest trilogy is the furthest thing from star wars actually. I actually enjoyed this more.
connor colquhou
connor colquhou - 7 dager siden
I've watched it lol
Deal Maker
Deal Maker - 7 dager siden
Wait is that Harvey Korman in that tutorial video?
Henry Mockingbird
Henry Mockingbird - 7 dager siden
Mouse Toons
Mouse Toons - 8 dager siden
His skeleton hand made the Star Wars theme
Harry Whittaker
Harry Whittaker - 8 dager siden
This holiday special is just pure, unfiltered George Lucas. Every episode of Star Wars would have been like this if he didn't have co-producers and screenwriters stepping in to cut his crap
Gizmo - 8 dager siden
maybe the real holiday special was the friends we made along the way
SirJyo - 8 dager siden
"worst piece of star wars history" -sequel trilogy releases
Can Of Pizza Sauce
Can Of Pizza Sauce - 9 dager siden
After the joke about Starship and We Built This City, I legit danced and mouthed to that song before resuming the video
Vartija - 9 dager siden
Still better than the new trilogy
DatRonin 99
DatRonin 99 - 9 dager siden
If you come back please do a video on star kid (1998) if you do please shout me out bro 😎
Lina Tonheim
Lina Tonheim - 10 dager siden
And then the entire special leaked to YouTube
subwayonions - 11 dager siden
i can imagine chewbacas son coming out lol
"ruaggggh guragggh, earghh graggghh"
"er gragh!?"
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine - 11 dager siden
Anyone seen the guy dressed up as George lucas at a comicon type event where he buys all the copies of the star wars special he can find then destroys them in front of the vendors
The Jack of All Trades
The Jack of All Trades - 11 dager siden
Just needed to watch this again... Thanks, Jon.
Wombo Weast
Wombo Weast - 12 dager siden
logansupersonic 04
logansupersonic 04 - 12 dager siden
Ok so im an angel and i just talked to takeshi himself and told him about this and he said it was a massive waste of udder time
bobcatwill 1234
bobcatwill 1234 - 12 dager siden
Where did he get the budget from
No Name
No Name - 10 dager siden
IdkI'mNotOk - 14 dager siden
Star wars Christmas special: exists
Everyone watching this: *confused screaming*
Gatsby Warhol
Gatsby Warhol - 14 dager siden
Ya know the specials pretty entertaining drunk or high
pretty sure this was created during a drug binge otherwise how the fuck did this even make it tp air
Tim fondiggle
Tim fondiggle - 14 dager siden
Holy fucking shit! did I die at the "furious masterbation" part. Jesus Jon you get my sense if humor I love your stuff
Max Ducks
Max Ducks - 14 dager siden
And with the release of The Mandalorian, Life Day is officially canon, mentioned by the fish guy Mando was tracking down in the first episode.
Indy - 14 dager siden
OMG Arin looks so young!!
Cosinix i
Cosinix i - 15 dager siden
21:04 just like Clock Tower
Ralof - 15 dager siden
"I believe I have reviewed the worst part of Star Wars content in existen-"
Disney Star Wars sequels have entered the chat*
Gellister SBB64
Gellister SBB64 - 15 dager siden
This is the logical conclusion to Lightsaber Fightsaber.
Retro_WrathX13 - 16 dager siden
Remember when this was the worst piece of star wars content?
Kurogaea Monari
Kurogaea Monari - 16 dager siden
Dawww, look its Ross and holly before she cheated on him :D
seriously these were funnier times. God people are disgusting sometimes. Not just Holly....Jontron.... >:/
No Name
No Name - 10 dager siden
People keep saying that but they announced that they were getting divorced way before the ProJared stuff.. And what is that "...Jontron...."? about? Are you insinuating he did something too?
Antonio Pio Spina
Antonio Pio Spina - 16 dager siden
And decades later Disney made another star wars holiday special that was gorgeous.

Ok, it was a lego star wars holoday special but the fact is that it's prety good.
onnion - 16 dager siden
19:26 thats a real force power where someone can absorb the energy of a blaster bolt or a lightsaber and redirect it in a massive force blast
Jayde Roberts
Jayde Roberts - 17 dager siden
I know this comment is like 5 years too late lol. But the reason why Mark had so much make-up is because he'd been in a car crash and cuts all over his face.
joey donaldson
joey donaldson - 17 dager siden
The royal ink commonly grab because undershirt histologically pop past a disillusioned windshield. expensive, unhealthy bill
WhizPartyDoge - 17 dager siden
19:14 haven't gotten chills that bad since I saw Order 66 for the first time
Chase Lundgren
Chase Lundgren - 18 dager siden
I love how Leia is like "we just blew up a giant space station belonging to the empire, time to give them taxes"
thunderdraco - 18 dager siden
and now Arin spends his time being completely insane calling people "fascist dictators"
Teboski78 - 18 dager siden
Mark hammel needed a tonne of Make-up cause he had just injured his face in an auto accident
Teboski78 - 18 dager siden
mr. mealDeal man
mr. mealDeal man - 18 dager siden
Thats it im turning back.
Commander Kittycat65
Commander Kittycat65 - 18 dager siden
1:36 “How can I love what isn’t human?”
Cats be like: Am I a joke to you?
Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson - 14 dager siden
And dogs...
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer - 19 dager siden
Jefferson airplane was a better idea haha
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer - 19 dager siden
When 3s company meets star wars... Total opposite of the movie feel
Krevven - 19 dager siden
"How can you love what isn't human?"
JonTron doesn't love his birds confirmed
Ian Beach
Ian Beach - 19 dager siden
This movie is how I like think Return of the Jedi would’ve turned out if David Lynch actually directed it.
SwissSauce - 19 dager siden
1:55 well i guess that's how the pandemic started. way to go jon
pieter manders
pieter manders - 19 dager siden
Someone explain why this has a better plot Then the sequals
Basil - 19 dager siden
Holiday special luke is my sleep paralysis demon
Finn Cody
Finn Cody - 19 dager siden
best episode of jontron there is
Ricardo Compere
Ricardo Compere - 19 dager siden
why does mark hamill look 20 percent more michael jackson at the time
Ricardo Compere
Ricardo Compere - 16 dager siden
aw that explains thanks
superanimeniac - 16 dager siden
he had just been in a car accident and was covered in cuts
Moon_ Drogon
Moon_ Drogon - 20 dager siden
I don't know much about star wars but..... 12:24 isn't that fucking mando?
jake51479 - 19 dager siden
Its actually the first ever appearance of Boba Fett
DieWespe - 20 dager siden
The funny thing is, that *is* a Wookiee house-
Like, canonically
Paul Levy
Paul Levy - 20 dager siden
Does anyone have a reason why Mark Hamill looks so off in this thing. Aside from the burns from the garbage fire
funny like trees
funny like trees - 18 dager siden
Makeup to cover his scars from a car accident
Irrational - 20 dager siden
Oh I get it. That’s why Ross was there
And Mark isn’t real anyways so it’s probably not hard to book him
Irrational - 18 dager siden
@Jimes We were all deluded. There is no shame in that. It was an elegant fake. I believe Wade is in on it. Bob to. You may keep the lie going. Many will. But the truth is spread now.
Jimes - 18 dager siden
@Irrational Did you not hear Wade? That was not the voice of a mere liar. Mark is Real. *Nobody said that THING is Mark however*
Irrational - 18 dager siden
@Jimes you are deluded, fool. His reality is an unthinkable occurrence.
Jimes - 18 dager siden
What do you mean? *Ö̷̡͇̟͗f̶̫̠̩̄̐ ̴͙͑̾̋C̸̡̟̑͗̌o̴̥̲̎̌ů̴̺͉̯̇̑r̶̲̟̔s̶̩͔͌̉̚ȩ̵̺̋̋ ̷̻͒̾H̶̲̑e̶͚̝̐̋'̴̙̅͑̑s̷̪̦̣̈̀͑ ̷͙́r̶͚͎͂ë̸̖̓a̸̫̓̄l̷̨̟̮͒͠*
just another person 777
just another person 777 - 20 dager siden
1:56 love it how everything survives except the memes
Max DeRoche
Max DeRoche - 20 dager siden
Something we all learned the hard way, OT fans couldve warned us. Good actors alone make not a good movie
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine - 20 dager siden
9:10 me when I heard the Death Star got blew the fuck up
Russell Charles
Russell Charles - 20 dager siden
this was...surprisingly brilliant. Like obviously the humor was top-notch as always, but the way it led to the Darth Vader reveal, and drew on an actual dramatic point? Fantastic stuff. I actually had goosebumps.
chungie delux
chungie delux - 20 dager siden
It don't seem as bad as I thought
Solly Bussell
Solly Bussell - 21 dag siden
22:38 can anyone figure out what he's saying?
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph - 21 dag siden
"my dad is adolf hitler"
Grumar S
Grumar S - 21 dag siden
I wonder if holly was fucking Jared at this point.
NutPolice339 NutterMan
NutPolice339 NutterMan - 21 dag siden
Is Luke Skywalker wearing eye liner
Canned Salad Soup
Canned Salad Soup - 21 dag siden
did anyone else not know that r2 was just a dwarf in a trash can or am i just small brain???
Tawstors 156
Tawstors 156 - 21 dag siden
I loved Star Wars connect
TNA9 - 21 dag siden
this was a buetiful end to this amazing series
Kayama Koomori
Kayama Koomori - 21 dag siden
Fun fact: I rather watch the Holiday Special than to watch the Disney Sequel Trilogy
Kayama Koomori
Kayama Koomori - 19 dager siden
@Lime Twist Animations I never really judge any of the movies by their acting. I cant be harsh to movies that were made in the 1970s or 80s, that just isn't fair. Many forms of acting was different in that time period. in my opinion, I wish for the day to come where 2 people can have a conversation about a non-serious topic like star wars, and not have it start or end with insult throwing accusations claiming, or any form of rage and hatred. But I also understand if you dont wanna get into it because you got better things to do or this topic has been discussed far too many times, it really is an endless fight, and that's upsetting. May the force be with you as well, buddy
Lime Twist Animations
Lime Twist Animations - 19 dager siden
@Kayama Koomori have you even watched the original three films? Cardboard acting, contrived plot, they're a mess. But we still love them, why? Because star wars is awesome. It's freaking space wizards, who doesn't love space wizards. And the best part is, with so many movies, we can all find something to enjoy. Be it the sequels, the originals, hell, even the prequels. In my true opinion, I don't care, I'm just happy to revisit the galaxy far far away i love so much. And hey, if you're perfect star wars film is the holiday special, more power to you. May the force be with you, friend.
Kayama Koomori
Kayama Koomori - 20 dager siden
@Lime Twist Animations nah, the holiday Special is so bad it's hilarious, while the disney sequels create so many plot holes, so many character mistakes, so much world breaks, I cant find any enjoyment watching. I much rather watch the Star Wars series that'll soon come into disney+. And if it's true that they are no longer making the sequels canon, then that's the first step in the right direction.
Lime Twist Animations
Lime Twist Animations - 20 dager siden
Man, you must have some bad taste.
You Tube
You Tube - 21 dag siden
If only he knew that less than 2 months later it would be up on youtube in full....for real
Xenotundra - 22 dager siden
Poor Ross
Pebuh - 22 dager siden
After watching oneyplays I can totally tell that zach wrote half these jokes
Pebuh - 22 dager siden
who voiced george lucas in this
Brevin - 22 dager siden
So, is this technically Lightsaber Fightsaber 3?
TheyCallMeVinny - 22 dager siden
Lul. Holly cheated on Ross after this.
punklover99 - 22 dager siden
Jon Arin Holly and Ross all happy in the same room, sad to think this might not ever happen again
Duncan Evans
Duncan Evans - 22 dager siden
wait proton pack? like ghostbusters? what?
Ace the hunter
Ace the hunter - 22 dager siden
Oh this was only the beginning for this holiday special
SCM - 22 dager siden
my mom and dad yelling over my grandpa
Penny C. Lin
Penny C. Lin - 22 dager siden
Jon had better story, budget and assets that the guy who made the movie
a being
a being - 22 dager siden
this is killing me. it literally hurt to watch, until the holiday part ended
TheOneLeggedWonder - 22 dager siden
Luke for the mother of his please blink
Superior One
Superior One - 22 dager siden
6 years later and I still can't hear exactly what he's even saying at 11:03 lol
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
George got a Hyperspace cold
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
1690 dislikes
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
He has a hole in his head as he is a near human, His mouth is for talking only while his head hole is to eat as his digestive track goes from the hole to his stomach and then to his butt
Malwre_Android - 21 dag siden
I'm What the fuck?
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
Boba Fett actually didn’t make his first appearance in this, He appeard for the first time in a Star Wars Parade but in his original fully white armor
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
Wookie is a oddly common language in the Star Wars universe
Lime Twist Animations
Lime Twist Animations - 20 dager siden
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
A lot of people on the sets durring filming of the prequels and the originals forgot that David was in R2D2 and some times they even went home without helping him out so he had to get out on his own some times
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
The wookie’s home planet of Kashyyyk where a part of The Republic durring The Clone Wars and was a part of The Empire after The Empire took over
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
Life Day is canonical
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
JonTron: How can i love something that isn’t human
Jaque: Hmmm!
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
That is a great George Lucas wanna be
Makujah - 23 dager siden
- Impossible evil! What wretched part of the galaxy did you spawn from?
- Los Angeles.
Jon cried out in pain as he remembered his fallen friend, his kung-fu brother, who left him to join the dark side - the west coast
ASTEROID TheFurrySuperhero
ASTEROID TheFurrySuperhero - 23 dager siden
12:13 *HELL IS REAL*
vargen1414 - 22 dager siden
Yes it is very real, Infact there is a portal to Hell on Mustafar, Also you got a nice profile image
Bone_knapper - 23 dager siden
Im a little sad you did not play starwars empires at war.
Micheal Bonds
Micheal Bonds - 23 dager siden
Harrison Ford definitely remembers being a part of it. You can tell by his face he's going through PTSD of it