JonTron's StarCade - Official Trailer

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Join JonTron as he plays every Star Wars game ever!...kind of.
Coming Soon this very MAY 9TH to an internet near you!
Runtime: 00:51


bobthefrog 003
bobthefrog 003 - 20 dager siden
where thr heck is the starwars pinball
DYING TURTLE - 6 måneder siden
It’s 2020
James Bevan
James Bevan - 8 måneder siden
Really wish we could have seen the interrogation scene at 0:33
Vaerenn - 11 måneder siden
interesting usage of the SWTOR cinematics
MegavidÆos - År siden
I remember this disaster of a series. Good times, man.
Beenz - År siden
Kind of sucks when you realise there was stuff cut from the final series in this trailer.
The Freelance Queen
The Freelance Queen - 9 måneder siden
That was the joke
Mr. Styro
Mr. Styro - År siden
Even after all these years, I still wonder where this scene 0:33 was leading up to
Matthew Sousa
Matthew Sousa - År siden
Just watched a Heinz Ketchup ad on this video and that tomato puree was flowing like wine out of a glass bottle. What'd they do water it down, special effects? I'm always beating the damn thing or sticking things in it's orifice like a weirdo. Ok I digress. Star Cade. Nice!
2rad4rio - År siden
I can't believe that I've been on youtube long enough to say that this video was Jontron's newest video when I saw it.
Trance Junkie
Trance Junkie - År siden
Video Watched 👍🏻
CHAL Gaming // Hamm Mann
0:37 who noticed that was changed in the final cut.
wumpcrumpus tu
wumpcrumpus tu - År siden
So fucking crazy to think this was three years ago
Adam Premium
Adam Premium - 2 år siden
Rewatching this after realizing that Chris O'Neill (Oney) and Zachary Christ (Psychicpebbles) were part of this -project- masterpiece.
Arta kesuma
Arta kesuma - 2 år siden
Jhon tron Your fuck" in pubg. AND please Start in clash of clans
C-Funk - 2 år siden
The series that killed JonTron
Kaidin Smith
Kaidin Smith - 2 år siden
Did anyone notice the vids from may 4
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak - 2 år siden
I can't believe I'm just getting to these now.
K9 - 2 år siden
3 years holy shit
TheWindChicken - 2 år siden
I'm rewatching this series for May 4th, May the 4th be with you everbody.
KeithShizuo - 3 år siden
theres so much that wasnt in there in the end
Guy of Minimal Importance
Wow, almost all of these shots either didn't make it in, or were changed.
Bad Content Inc
Bad Content Inc - 3 år siden
Armored Vistitor
Armored Vistitor - 3 år siden
how much live action footage from this teaser was actually used in the starcade videos?
Youhadabadday - 3 år siden
So, you cut out Zen Pinball's Star Wars Games in the series? I'm severely dissapointed.
TooManyVoices - 3 år siden
when will we get to see the rest of this unused footage?
patu8010 - 3 år siden
Hey, Dodger was in this! But apparently her scene was cut from the final episodes?
Undead 25
Undead 25 - 3 år siden
may 9th? real missed opportunity there
Ryan Steele
Ryan Steele - 4 år siden
What's the point of you even working on half of the shit that's in the trailer if you're not even gonna release said shit?!
Hey Its Sunny
Hey Its Sunny - 4 år siden
YOU used destiny music at the start
WilltheLemon - 4 år siden
it's a little sad because half that shit was cut which stinks but hey it ended up still being great
David Valenzano
David Valenzano - 4 år siden
what episode had dodger in it?
Wumbo123 - 4 år siden
and the dark period of of jontron was born
Sheep-Face - 4 år siden
I want the blooper/ behind the scenes
LordBloodySoul - 4 år siden
That trailer hooked me right up.
_gets the popcorn_
Drama team
Drama team - 4 år siden
ZeN - 4 år siden
0:29 Dat Face Tho
Azim Abdul
Azim Abdul - 4 år siden
May the 4th be with you
Willy the Bum
Willy the Bum - 4 år siden
this show aired on my birthday! 😀
Black Heart
Black Heart - 4 år siden
Was the Dodger?
Donatello Jose
Donatello Jose - 4 år siden
That it was.
Duke Wikoli
Duke Wikoli - 4 år siden
Remember how awesome this was? we had to wait absurdly long before we saw the end but... it was worth it. This series spanned many months and we were kind of pissed but... it finished with something that was a long time coming.
Lucas Armand
Lucas Armand - 4 år siden
And so the dark age of Jon Tron began... Luckily we were rewarded with some great videos after this!
redstreak 45cat
redstreak 45cat - 4 år siden
oh my gawd, its octopimp
Grant Tjeerdsma
Grant Tjeerdsma - 4 år siden
still a few games/skits we havent seen, ya wanna explain yaself jon
LazyPastry - 4 år siden
.....And? Could expand a little.
Omega.png - 4 år siden
He already has
Cody Gover
Cody Gover - 4 år siden
Why was jedi outcast in this yet there was no review for it on starcade?!
the dead meme
the dead meme - 4 år siden
i wanna see the ping pong game
Reptosaur963 - 4 år siden
This is where Jon began to do more abstract videos
moon_ giggler
moon_ giggler - 4 år siden
When are you gonna unlist every episode of this show?
Cap Jack
Cap Jack - 4 år siden
I remember being so excited for this, it was amazing. Alas it's been 1 year.
Zed Said
Zed Said - 4 år siden
I hope that some day Jon will release the stuff that they had to cut out :)
Vise - 4 år siden
May the 4th be with you
soundfall - 4 år siden
A year ago now.
pannikin - 4 år siden
hahaha uploaded on may 4 Jon you amazing man hahaha
How do i put the cheese in the oven?
Lol, then everyone got pissed at jon for no jontron videos
And when this was finished, Jon left it in a etch for it to die and we all forgot about it
My Band’s Stuff
My Band’s Stuff - 4 år siden
Some of the stuff seems like it was BLATANTLY cut from the overall series. So where's the rest of my starcade?
reecyclebin - 4 år siden
May 9th, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!
Jessie Alfieri
Jessie Alfieri - 5 år siden
Just because.
Jarvisゴ ゴ ゴ
Jarvisゴ ゴ ゴ - 5 år siden
0:24 Is that Strippin?
And Dodger at 0:33?
Princess Bumberton's Delight
Look at all this footage that never saw the light of day...... WTF!?
Richard Savings
Richard Savings - 4 år siden
+Tommy Pickle The only trace of a bald Dodger we'll ever see.
Marek Stoklasa
Marek Stoklasa - 5 år siden
Its too bad that over half of what was in the trailer isnt actually in the episodes :(
M - 5 år siden
What happened to dodger?
ARC9652 Productions
ARC9652 Productions - 5 år siden
Who was the Bald woman?
Chrobreusz - 5 år siden
Now, where are the clips that weren't in Starcade but were here, and why weren't they in Starcade if they were here?

Mr. Styro
Mr. Styro - År siden
RadiKalTraZh why? Was it copyrighted or something? I’m curious to see most of them.
DannyDefeato - 4 år siden
he did say they had to cut some of them out sadly
Tom The Fish
Tom The Fish - 5 år siden
Opportunity missed
should have come out May 4th
Private Hazard
Private Hazard - 5 år siden
Thank goodness it's over now. More classic JonTrons for us!
Tom The Fish
Tom The Fish - 5 år siden
My JonTron story:
I found JonTron April 2015.
It's funny actually because I literally found Jon at the start of the 'empty' period. He brought out Starcades and I kept thinking he'd have a new episode out at any time. He even had not one but two updates videos.
So I stuck around.
I have the feeling though, that Jon will have A LOT of content for 2016 though. Now that he has the ball rolling. :) he's even had a really nice quality update & a team working with him so great things are gonna happen for him. :)
TheStrikeofGod - 5 år siden
*cough* wouldhavebeenbetteronmay4th *cough*
Herpdyderpfilms - 5 år siden
When this came out, it was such a nice day early birthday present for me
VicariousReality7 - 5 år siden
Expecting a full playthrough of KOTOR 1, 2 and TOR
FinniKey - 5 år siden
+VicariousReality7 plz no
ScreamingBeast - 5 år siden
Please release them slower I can't manage.
We almost got 22 minutes of it in what, 3 months? Calm down Jon! THE INTERNET CANNOT HANDLE THAT MUCH CONTENT
Bailey Egan
Bailey Egan - 5 år siden
Kind of missed the opportunity to release the series on May the Fourth.
Sam Warren
Sam Warren - 5 år siden
almost 3 months later and we got 20 minutes of content...yaaaaaaaay
The Amazing Mango Man
The Amazing Mango Man - 5 år siden
I'm just waiting for him to review Star Wars Republic Commando already.
Dameleon - 5 år siden
CrazyBlackDragon - 5 år siden
Ooh! It would mean a lot to us if you didn't leave out Republic Commando! More people need to know about it!
HavenElric - 5 år siden
@CrazyBlackDragon NOT THE POOPY ONES
CrazyBlackDragon - 5 år siden
@Noah Caboose Even the poopy ones.
HavenElric - 5 år siden
Did you even watch the first episode? Its EVERY star wars game
Hugh - 5 år siden
Seriously. A fucking trailer for video game reviews?
Alpha Zalgo
Alpha Zalgo - 5 år siden
Uploaded on May 4th.
Joey LaFrond
Joey LaFrond - 5 år siden
Starcade sucks more than Superman 64. Get away from it, and go back to your old video style.
Nathaniel Musso
Nathaniel Musso - 5 år siden
0:33 is that...Bald Dodger?
Aerospherology - 5 år siden
What about the Lego Star Wars games?
Benjamin Sivers
Benjamin Sivers - 5 år siden
Mace Stampede
Mace Stampede - 5 år siden
Such a pickle.
I don't give a stinky dang about Star Wars, but I love Jontron, and all the involved people here!
DeceitOfDeath - 5 år siden
Why are his videos so short and months apart when this trailer makes it look like he's gone through all of the Star Wars games already :|
A Random Pigeon
A Random Pigeon - 5 år siden
Star Wars...?

No, it's Star-no-shit-buddy!
The Jimpy
The Jimpy - 5 år siden
This has come to an internet near me
gamerz1172 - 5 år siden
Slug of Borg
Slug of Borg - 5 år siden
The Webster's Dictionary Definition of *Entitlement* redirects to this page's comment section.
Corpic SU
Corpic SU - 5 år siden
I don't get this channel
UnluckySpade7 - 5 år siden
@Liesmith too late
ChanCeNecK - 5 år siden
Mr. Jafari, you still have that amazing Alfred Molina charm! ;-)
Herbalteaa - 5 år siden
420 dislikes #loominarty cumfermdd
Brian McGuire
Brian McGuire - 5 år siden
Egoraptor is gonna be Darth Vader
Jedidiah - 5 år siden
7.62 x39mm
7.62 x39mm - 5 år siden
All I can say from the future is.
"goddammit Ross".
Difficulty Tweak
Difficulty Tweak - 5 år siden
so uh
when will battlefront be covered
TheCharlarottskii - 5 år siden
Oh my god, Strippin as a Jedi XD Hell yes!
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober - 5 år siden
Grant Bessey
Grant Bessey - 5 år siden
jon, fist me plz
John Manner
John Manner - 5 år siden
what is the name of the song at the very beginning.
JunBunn - 5 år siden
God damn it dodger
The Nordic RTS Report
The Nordic RTS Report - 5 år siden
I am so looking forward to seeing his opinion of Republic Commando!