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Runtime: 25:23


JonTronShow - 14 dager siden
Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here:
$20,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
BlueRune - 12 dager siden
beefstew_ASURoman unknow
beefstew_ASURoman unknow - 13 dager siden
That’s the real job look there’s a check mark next to his name
Alexis Almanza Meza
Alexis Almanza Meza - 13 dager siden
oh, so Lords Mobile is giving away those gold stars
supergluehotty - 13 dager siden
Jon's gay! Show us your butt!
BuffaloHam - 13 dager siden
Even $1000 won't entice me into downloading that "game"
Dique Lebron
Dique Lebron - 48 minutter siden
Fun fact: Alton Brown was supposed to host this show.
sasha aleah carter
sasha aleah carter - Time siden
can like I just watch with no interruptions 😩😩
Gavin Does Things With Friends
Am I the only one who wants a JonTron Movie?
Dr Mastery
Dr Mastery - Time siden
Out of all types of leaderboards, why put the kids in a Caste System.
Jacob Eidson
Jacob Eidson - Time siden
If the poor kids were actually poor they would know how to run this town immediately.
Becca Gilliard
Becca Gilliard - Time siden
tha book and movie Lord of the Flies was hella better
Logan Wargel
Logan Wargel - 2 timer siden
His uncle 13:26
SILENT GAMER - 2 timer siden
21:28 when i go to a cage match
Alex Giron
Alex Giron - 2 timer siden
Squirtle4thdr - 2 timer siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 2 timer siden
Next Episode: We're dropping 40 kids of at Epstein's House on Little Saint James for 40 days.
Eli the all around guy
Eli the all around guy - 3 timer siden
Sooo they get dropped of make a kid cry star 4 gangs have blue be superior the as soon as the weakest Link leaves they make someone win 20k
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - 2 timer siden
I think they were all touched durning the making of the video
Jake Leggat
Jake Leggat - 3 timer siden
MicahIsHereYt - 3 timer siden
I did the math and it’s 100,000 snickers bars
Freddy Palacios
Freddy Palacios - 4 timer siden
*Lord of the flies flashbacks*
Aaron Hogan
Aaron Hogan - 4 timer siden
Remember old jontron
Cheese - 4 timer siden
Why is Jared classified as a black male
brisk - 4 timer siden
are you guys making ANOTHER new intro or did you do all that work to abandon it after, like, 3 videos
Wickedsnake2121 - 4 timer siden
I like to imagine that the children were just taken from there normal bus routes and driven to the desert
Scotty Hinds
Scotty Hinds - 4 timer siden
That's a literal rattlesnake...No, thanks.
The Arrow
The Arrow - 5 timer siden
Little Lamplight vibes anyone?
Jasper Smith
Jasper Smith - 5 timer siden
We need Kid Nation Season 2
JadeYukoXIV - 5 timer siden
wait the oldest is 15 but the leaders a around 11-12 yrs old?!
JadeYukoXIV - 6 timer siden
i mean 40 parents agreed to this so
Tyson Evarard
Tyson Evarard - 6 timer siden
9:57 probably favorite part of this video xD
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Cummings - 6 timer siden
We need a pt 2
fast az cheatahs
fast az cheatahs - 6 timer siden
I think they were all touched durning the making of the video
REDARROW101_A5 - 6 timer siden
Next Episode:
We're dropping 40 kids of at Epstein's House on Little Saint James for 40 days.
Andre Espindola
Andre Espindola - 7 timer siden
I watched the entire kid nation because of this
V g
V g - 7 timer siden
i was 13 years old when this show came out, and i wanted to be on this show lol
DØWNTIME - 8 timer siden
I'm pretty sure their parents told them this was a summer camp
Cody Weiss
Cody Weiss - 8 timer siden
*This is literally the work of blue*
“If only they left some sort of clue!”
Quote of the century
r4rev2 - 8 timer siden
1:27 - skip ad
MoonyLighty - 9 timer siden
Ah, my favorite show, Child Endangerment.
robot zombie23
robot zombie23 - 9 timer siden
Did they announce the winner for the lords mobile giveaway
Amgwes Martin
Amgwes Martin - 9 timer siden
How about lord nopal
Carl - 9 timer siden
The lord of the flies was written by a jew, the source material the jewish guy used was written by a White man which was about a group of shipwrecked british boys who made a working society. The jewish guy didnt like this and made lord of the flies. Honestly look it up if you dont believe me.
Evelyn Sheaffer
Evelyn Sheaffer - 10 timer siden
oh my god! we watched kid nation when I was in 6th grade, I honestly completely forgot about that until now
The Kids
The Kids - 10 timer siden
11:12 me when somebody tells what to do
The Kids
The Kids - 10 timer siden
12:05 if jeeb was in kid nation
Jesse Vargas
Jesse Vargas - 10 timer siden
The Grove Street District
Layne Barocela
Layne Barocela - 10 timer siden
Long ago, the four kid nations lived together in harmony. But, everything changed when Jonathan Karsh directed ...
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker - 10 timer siden
Tre Pennington
Tre Pennington - 11 timer siden
Jon really needs to react to more of these episodes
The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'
Blonde girl with the gum is a regular Mitsuko, she shall leave a trail of blood near to the end.
simplisticbird - 12 timer siden
"I'd bring world peace to Africa," and then, "especially Iraq."
FlamDing - 12 timer siden
please get jared on the show!
thesmiths 31210
thesmiths 31210 - 12 timer siden
11:13 what did Jon say?
Potato Frank
Potato Frank - 12 timer siden
Imagine if the oldest kid just beat everyone up
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson - 12 timer siden
IsminiStav - 12 timer siden
What happened at 6:10 was there a copyright claim
Dord_Live - 13 timer siden
I'm just glad he didn't advertise raid shadow legends.
Vanity - 13 timer siden
Hi JonTron :> big fan. I wanted to let you know that I won first in the Lords Mobile competition for $1000. It was pretty easy, won by a huge margin because I'm a gamer goddess, but yeah, thanks for the money and funny videos m'dude. Much obliged.
Vanity - 8 timer siden
@robot zombie23 Aww! Thank you :D
robot zombie23
robot zombie23 - 8 timer siden
@Vanity okay thank you congratulations by the way
Vanity - 8 timer siden
@robot zombie23 The contest has ended, but they have not sent the messages or announced anything as far as I know.
robot zombie23
robot zombie23 - 9 timer siden
Did they already announced the 20 winners
Tim Page
Tim Page - 13 timer siden
I remember watching this when I was 10 and I'm so glad people are just now realizing this bonkers show existed. 😂
Mateus Henrique
Mateus Henrique - 13 timer siden
But all we want to know is... were the heck is Jared now...
Child Kicker
Child Kicker - 13 timer siden
this could have been a really fun show had it been from the ages 14-17 and not 9 year olds
Lennardo Da Vinci
Lennardo Da Vinci - 13 timer siden
The editing in this tries SO hard to make it look way worse than it actually is.
aidenplayz 2716
aidenplayz 2716 - 13 timer siden
All the French moments 11:13 14:23
Frums2099 - 13 timer siden
If you like bad reality shows with weird premises, you should also check out Playing it straight where a woman thought she was on a bachlorette type show but they surprised her where half the men were gay pretending to be straight and if she picked them they would get a bunch of money.
TRE THEGAMERMAN - 14 timer siden
I hope there’s a episode where some the kids had revolt and they burned down the town so If you go to the location of the show you’ll find just burned down buildings
Brendan Standish
Brendan Standish - 14 timer siden
that outro song tho
le Juan
le Juan - 14 timer siden
Does anyone here want to look like a little...
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson - 15 timer siden
The movie "Holes" comes to mind.
Caleb Hawkins
Caleb Hawkins - 15 timer siden
We need this show to be revived
Darq - 16 timer siden
You know youtube isnt paying enough when ma man's has sponsors
Gabriel1777 - 16 timer siden
Man i really want Jon to review the whole show like man... the memes!!!
Honestly Nate
Honestly Nate - 16 timer siden
Fuck man, You're in TERRIBLE shape.
ZeRo spiny
ZeRo spiny - 16 timer siden
The trick is Jimmy literally had to walk back home
The light gamer 101
The light gamer 101 - 17 timer siden
11:12 if you look it up Episode 5 is called 'Viva la Revolucíon'
acs alexandru andrei
acs alexandru andrei - 17 timer siden
why is there no music during the sneeze bit, it was there before
Wet Towel
Wet Towel - 17 timer siden
Three things will either happen with a scenario like this:
A: complete anarchy.
B: democracy.
C: A communist dictatorship is established.
Majora 64
Majora 64 - 18 timer siden
game doughnut575
game doughnut575 - 19 timer siden
I searched at doom's gate and found this
Glitterix - 19 timer siden
"Lack of leadership, lack of courage, lack of hydration. They moved to Los Angeles."
Ah, so not much changed for them then.
TheCharlieDelta - 19 timer siden
Jeez spot the kids whose parents are good friends with the senate.
PankoCat - 21 time siden
oh my god Chadtronic needs to see this NOW
Adam Wreikat
Adam Wreikat - 21 time siden
ProudestSheep - 21 time siden
Why’s one bit of the video muted?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 21 time siden
8.35 hold up did he say Muhammad Ali and you put a photo of Gandhi
Timbaj Wolf
Timbaj Wolf - 22 timer siden
Well that’s off to a great start, the peons are bused in, the non elected elitist leaders given an awe inspiring fly in.