Love Is Like Drugs - ft. Schmoyoho (Short Version)

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Thanks to Schmoyoho for making these sick melodies with me!
See Schmoyoho's channel here:
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Slothra - 2 dager siden
Can't forget about this gem, good job boys
Ian J Perry
Ian J Perry - 8 dager siden
Jon. Jon. Please. Do more music. Holy crap dude. Your voice
Nolan Lambert
Nolan Lambert - 11 dager siden
This is the JonTron we need rn
Dude101 Awesome boy
Dude101 Awesome boy - 12 dager siden
i will always believe no matter what that jon sang this song when he proposed to charolette
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - 13 dager siden
There was a pair too many hands lol😂
Sacrow Gaming
Sacrow Gaming - 14 dager siden
We're long over due for another jonsong.
zaki majboor
zaki majboor - 20 dager siden
1:50 part was good
Tumbles - 21 dag siden
how has it taken me 4 years to find this
CasualGamer 3476
CasualGamer 3476 - 22 dager siden
What the fu-
AstralPowers 8790
AstralPowers 8790 - 25 dager siden
Jon Tron truly sings amazing
Poison X
Poison X - Måned siden
1:50 my fav part
Jenna M.
Jenna M. - Måned siden
Great song

1:54 Is that a c2c blanket in the background 👀

No one is going to know what that means
TapeLord - 2 måneder siden
Wait why did they get a close up shot on that one guy.
Katelyn Carey
Katelyn Carey - 2 måneder siden
This is real talent for sure. You are a legend in my book
Scoob Da Noob
Scoob Da Noob - 2 måneder siden
Being on drugs is like being on drugs
Scoob Da Noob
Scoob Da Noob - 2 måneder siden
RyanTheBoring - 2 måneder siden
I keep forgetting that Jon can sing like a fucking pro.
M Balazs
M Balazs - 2 måneder siden
sums it up :D where did our culture go wrong :D so much
the janitor club
the janitor club - 2 måneder siden
Jon is most likely a demon who is dragging his friend throughout hell
Maester Gryphon
Maester Gryphon - 2 måneder siden
This is supposed to impress, i barely cried 😅😂🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Azariah The Danganronpa Fan
Azariah The Danganronpa Fan - 2 måneder siden
This is gorgeous
jointarmy - 2 måneder siden
1:50 pure perfection!
Vets - 2 måneder siden
Love this song
The EverRester
The EverRester - 2 måneder siden
That awkward moment when the short version has more of the actual song than the long one
Steven Placido
Steven Placido - 2 måneder siden
Ong Jon ya voice is lit af. It's like a opera singer. Dis actually badass. Got my foot tapping altleast
Kristopher Hayes
Kristopher Hayes - 3 måneder siden
The girl in the blue shirt that runs by them on the sidewalk singing backup vocals... Yeah, I'd take her out olive garden and let her get whatever she wants.
Unclear 1936
Unclear 1936 - 3 måneder siden
If being in love is like being on drugs then I'm a law abiding citizen
Cynacist_lol - 3 måneder siden
funny thing is being with the person you love can release more dopamine than heroin
the son of dormammu
the son of dormammu - 3 måneder siden
JonTron and Schmoyoho is the perfect combo. Love both of these channels.
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin - 3 måneder siden
Jon you actually have a great voice. Loved the video lol
Jennifer Roswell
Jennifer Roswell - 3 måneder siden
how is he so good at singing?
ROARtheRAPPER - 4 måneder siden
CAN'T BELIEVE I haven't seen this before!!!! 8D Jon you have an incredible voice dude!
Guggen - 4 måneder siden
Okay...but this song actually could be on the radio. Please do more actual music Jon
Idiotic Penguin
Idiotic Penguin - 4 måneder siden
I really want Jon to make a real serious music album.
Rockin' Roland
Rockin' Roland - 4 måneder siden
Back when Jon had a chance to have a musical career. Good ol’ days.
HeroesToKings - 4 måneder siden
Nah but seriously sing more Jonno
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link - 4 måneder siden
Going many years addicted to both drugs and love then also experiencing what it's like to quit both; I can very confidentially say that love is far, far more dangerous, way more bad/negative time, harder to quit, plus worse and WAY longer lasting withdrawals. Also, looking back at a long time relationship, all I can think is "Wtf was I thinking? I ruined my life for her"... while after getting off of drugs was just something to look back on and have a good laugh about with the friends I met along the way and still have in my life to enjoy their company
dianneckcu - 4 måneder siden
Wow! such a great voice and performance!! :)
TrisJo - 4 måneder siden
It sounds like the song food heaven
RedGearFilms - 4 måneder siden
And when she leaves..I need another fix
Jacob Macaw
Jacob Macaw - 4 måneder siden
Now that I’m thinking about it John could 100% pull off a filthy frank to joji type transition and I have no problem with this
Alexander Sheppard
Alexander Sheppard - 4 måneder siden
I’m kinda late but this song is actually so awesome
ElasticGiraffe - 5 måneder siden
I don't know how the Gregory Brothers manage to inject nostalgia directly into their songs, but the emotion is real.
JEFFYjackass - 5 måneder siden
Austin Casto
Austin Casto - 5 måneder siden
Imagine this playing on the radio
dum ass 3211
dum ass 3211 - 5 måneder siden
wow 2020 still in love :)
Fish Head
Fish Head - 5 måneder siden
Can we get more???
J. Okay
J. Okay - 6 måneder siden
This shit like a Meat Loaf song!
Angry Gamzz
Angry Gamzz - 6 måneder siden
Jon you're a diva
Jimmy Asteroid
Jimmy Asteroid - 6 måneder siden
He's actually a good singer and this is a good song
Austin Williams
Austin Williams - 6 måneder siden
How is this song so fucking good!!!!! Oh wait it’s jontron what am I saying???? Of course it’s been blessed by god
Sweetheart Protector
Sweetheart Protector - 6 måneder siden
omg haha he's good tho!
Wouter van Putten
Wouter van Putten - 6 måneder siden
Jon Should Play Freddy Mercury on Broad Way
Jake Mahoney
Jake Mahoney - 6 måneder siden
Play this song when I'm walking down the aisle please
EODcrab - 6 måneder siden
Boogiest of beat em ups
The J Llo
The J Llo - 6 måneder siden
Question who are the two harmonising with Jon? The girl that runs by and the flasher. They're not getting anyway near enough appreciation for their contribution.
Wendillon - 6 måneder siden
That's Schmoyoho, the full version is over on their channel.
S L - 6 måneder siden
Give this guy all the Grammys
Balake.Fisher 9965
Balake.Fisher 9965 - 7 måneder siden
Boomers: there's no good music anymore JonTron: I'm about to end this man's whole career
ekf5018 - 7 måneder siden
This was glorious, it felt like an 80s power ballad!
Mad Lad
Mad Lad - 7 måneder siden
I love this song. It's my favorite song, yet.
The Willyboi
The Willyboi - 7 måneder siden
Honestly I keep forgetting that John has the voice of an angel
Josh Widenhofer
Josh Widenhofer - 7 måneder siden
Dylan Kapp
Dylan Kapp - 7 måneder siden
The only problem with this song is that it swears, so I can’t play it at my wedding without my mommy getting mad at me.
kidjoey - 7 måneder siden
what song is this a parody of
The paper Bag
The paper Bag - 7 måneder siden
This actually sound cool
Tor2ga - 7 måneder siden
jon tron would kill it on snl
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger - 7 måneder siden
What a chad
The Knife
The Knife - 7 måneder siden
Jon is actually right
Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise - 7 måneder siden
Thank you for the bird pic
The Switch Crusader
The Switch Crusader - 7 måneder siden
Newfollower 7
Newfollower 7 - 7 måneder siden
I love how they mention the naked guy but not the kidnapping
John Findorff
John Findorff - 7 måneder siden
In the full version it get's mentioned
autotuned duck
autotuned duck - 7 måneder siden
Being on drugs is like being in love, itll ruin your life and make you saaaaaad
Gungis Grand
Gungis Grand - 7 måneder siden
Jon is an unironically good singer
Shawn Walmer
Shawn Walmer - 8 måneder siden
I'm on a journey to watch every JonTron video. This is a hard low. God I hope I can move on.
H H - 8 måneder siden
Still watching
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 8 måneder siden
I hope this played at Jons wedding
James Kurfman
James Kurfman - 8 måneder siden
Cheeto bags!!
MR. XVSignRazielX
MR. XVSignRazielX - 8 måneder siden
Jon is the celebrity we all need, but not deserve :(.
Ritz Powell
Ritz Powell - 8 måneder siden
Ok but when tf was someone gonna tell Jon could bloody sing?!?!
Abdel Satan
Abdel Satan - 8 måneder siden
This is terrible.
ape - 8 måneder siden
How rude!
Matthew Gerald Garcia
Matthew Gerald Garcia - 8 måneder siden
Schmoyoho is just confused throughout the video.
GCOMANDO 14 - 8 måneder siden
The only think worse than a drug addiction is Jon good voice
Markterrence Giron
Markterrence Giron - 8 måneder siden
We need a full musical or movie cus’ this is better than like 50% no 90% songs
And that’s a fact
Dragonblaze - 8 måneder siden
Did you not watch the full version?
Good stuff studio
Good stuff studio - 8 måneder siden
You’re wrong. It does cause brain damage. 🔥🥨🔥
Ya Boi Cheesie
Ya Boi Cheesie - 8 måneder siden
I didn't know Jon tron was so good at singing I love his content and after watching this I would say he is probably my favourite YouTuber he just has the best mix of comedy and talent
Tudor1 - 8 måneder siden
can someone give this man 50 million dollars for this masterpiece of a song?
bayrock - 8 måneder siden
Please more
Alexander Knott
Alexander Knott - 8 måneder siden
Well, Jon just wrote basically an 80s rock ballad.
Parker Sprayz
Parker Sprayz - 8 måneder siden
Just think about JontTron walking down the road making this...
Heidi Vining
Heidi Vining - 9 måneder siden
This is like a legit bop.
Tim Martian
Tim Martian - 9 måneder siden
Category: gaming.
Youtube: make jon a sandwich ladies
Super Epic Miner
Super Epic Miner - 9 måneder siden
Why is this his only video that has subtitles
JimineyBob - 9 måneder siden
Holy fricking frog, 4 years later I forgot about this masterpiece. Such a great melody.
CoolDude#1 - 9 måneder siden
I woke up just singing this song, I haven’t heard this song in 3 years
jflannel - 18 dager siden
Same, dawg
Alex Lakra
Alex Lakra - 2 måneder siden
Then you are either in love or on drugs😆
Ryan Carney
Ryan Carney - 9 måneder siden
What about babys
Cruz Sarabia
Cruz Sarabia - 9 måneder siden
Bruh i forgot about this beautiful song.
I'm that 1 Cripple Kid
I'm that 1 Cripple Kid - 9 måneder siden
Unironically good at
Navard dowling
Navard dowling - 9 måneder siden
Great song man also you have a great voice :) plus this song is relatable lol
Miss Chanandler Bong
Miss Chanandler Bong - 9 måneder siden
For some reason I think of Ricky Lafleur from Trailer Park Boys when I think of Jontron. Don't know why.
Limenut - 10 måneder siden
his best video of all time.