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****9/27/2013 EDIT****
As many of you know, I'm not part of Game Grumps anymore and I'm back to makin' JonTron! Thanks for the year of fun guys!!

You can watch the stuff I did here:
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Teondre J Haygood
Teondre J Haygood - 11 timer siden
Holy shit
Pan Z
Pan Z - 20 timer siden
And now Egoraptor is removing episodes, sometimes even entire series, with Jon in them. Their Link to the Past playthrough, one of their first, is gone.
Alex likes movies and stuff
Alex likes movies and stuff - 5 dager siden
This did not end well
-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-
i like how he calls it HIS channel
JunkJoe Gaming
JunkJoe Gaming - 22 dager siden
Jesus watching this in 2021 makes me depressed.
where have you bean? look at the time!!
"That one didn't age quite so well" -jontron 2019
Skittles' Land of Poop
Skittles' Land of Poop - 25 dager siden
anyone here in 2021?
howisurday - 25 dager siden
Miss og gg
Bubba Chump
Bubba Chump - Måned siden
Alas, poor Tronathan; I knew him well...
Collin Fox
Collin Fox - Måned siden
Only real lovlies know
buZZwig Van Roţțen
buZZwig Van Roţțen - Måned siden
Whoah this new channel is going to blow up pretty soon
VidzCC - Måned siden
the depresion
Kreuinos - 2 måneder siden
Me sad
Parodox MVG
Parodox MVG - 2 måneder siden
I remember watching this video multiple times around the time it came out, i really loved the idea that Jon would be doing videos daily (at the time i didn't know arin). 2012 was deffinitly a year to remember for me. I like the Dan/Arin duo, but i do have to say that i somewhat miss the Jon/Arin duo. That's just my opinion though.
Novarius Haze
Novarius Haze - 2 måneder siden
Dan > Jon
TheBfutgreg - 2 måneder siden
Nago - 2 måneder siden
Jon got super skinny! also frizzy hair =D
William Blaskovitz
William Blaskovitz - 2 måneder siden
2020 gang
Armydude - 2 måneder siden
* *
Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare
Drafty Dafty Hubert O'Hare - 2 måneder siden
ha but now it’s gone
n00bly89 - 2 måneder siden
Well this aged well.
benn osuke
benn osuke - 2 måneder siden
Good times
Chance English
Chance English - 3 måneder siden
Arin looks so different
Patch Work
Patch Work - 3 måneder siden
I wonder what Jon thinks of Game Grumps now.
Anon Chan
Anon Chan - 3 måneder siden
Is anybody still here?
Hobo Jones Lives In Trash
Hobo Jones Lives In Trash - 3 måneder siden
Stanky milk
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith - 3 måneder siden
I really wish I was around when John was originally in game grumps
Bakubread - 3 måneder siden
Old Game Grumps Cast: Jon and Arin
Less Old Game Grumps Cast: Arin, Dan, Ross, Suzy, Barry, and constant grumpcade guests
Current Game Grumps Cast: Dan and Arin, except now it's edited by some rando who doesn't know how to make video titles or thumbnails
EVPointMaster - 3 måneder siden
Every few months I go back and watch the Goof Troops Let's play, and a couple of Sonic '06 episodes
KlumsyKraft - 4 måneder siden
for people who weren't 7 in 2012, i need to know... how groundbreaking of an announcement was it for jontron, a early-days youtube creator on the rise who reviewed garbage games, and egoraptor, the top creator on newgrounds at the time, to be collaborating like this every day? i've wondered this for so long.
KlumsyKraft - 2 måneder siden
@ImmaLittlePip yeah lol
ImmaLittlePip - 2 måneder siden
Dang it's funny how we can tell new grump fans that Arin used to be a animator and it'll shock people
KlumsyKraft - 3 måneder siden
@Samurai Shampoo oh. guess my information was bull. why is everyone calling him a former top creator then? just for extra dramatic flair?
Samurai Shampoo
Samurai Shampoo - 3 måneder siden
Egoraptor wasnt a "top creator" on newgrounds. He wasn't even all that popular on NOburn either, as by the time Game Grumps came out he stopped doing his animations. JonTron had a lot of subscribers on NOburn even at the time and was likely the biggest pull of an audience.
KlumsyKraft - 4 måneder siden
xmbovlogs woah, thats crazy
caberwikijack - 4 måneder siden
This video did not age well.
fide - 5 måneder siden
Before Egoraptor became Arin
Mr. Cactus
Mr. Cactus - 5 måneder siden
Hey did jon change his name to Dan?....and become less funny?
Foof - 5 måneder siden
I like 99.9% sure that Jon left game grumps
Rick A
Rick A - 5 måneder siden
Never gonna last
Chance Crane
Chance Crane - 5 måneder siden
A relic of a time long since passed
ImmaLittlePip - 5 måneder siden
Still remember it like it was yesterday
raine happy
raine happy - 6 måneder siden
That first season outweighs every following one in terms of both quality and content.
ian schwartz
ian schwartz - 6 måneder siden
I miss jon as NSG 😔
gurvmlk - 6 måneder siden
Just goes to show that even the greats can wind up being involved in something terrible.
ImmaLittlePip - 2 måneder siden
Hey once upon a time game grumps used to be an enjoyable show
Cospaws - 6 måneder siden
The beginning of a beautiful thing. This should be in a museum
JerG - 6 måneder siden
Very surreal watching this 8 years later with game grumps being jon-less and the juggernaut it is now
Dog-Eared Lotus
Dog-Eared Lotus - 6 måneder siden
This is pure, sacred, a relic of a better time.
kiroisawesome - 7 måneder siden
Sadly it was not to be
Haydrion Slaughter
Haydrion Slaughter - 7 måneder siden
Aaaaand then Arin began deleting all the videos that featured Jon in them. What a fuckin dick'ead.
AJMitchell777 - 7 måneder siden
Memories... so many memories...
Riely! - 7 måneder siden
All these comments about the break up I just wanna know what that background music is
Sk8r Gamer
Sk8r Gamer - 7 måneder siden
ImmaLittlePip - 7 måneder siden
Ib4 Arin tries to delete this video
DIM LEF - 7 måneder siden
That's the start of a famous channel
Dante Anderson • 10 years Ago
Dante Anderson • 10 years Ago - 7 måneder siden
Hes not so much of a grump anymore
Dante Anderson • 10 years Ago
Dante Anderson • 10 years Ago - 7 måneder siden
Or hes not so grump (i couldnt choose between both of them)
SithBunny1 - 8 måneder siden
Wow, I kind of love baby Arin here.
Bigbadleeroy Brown
Bigbadleeroy Brown - 8 måneder siden
Jontron deserves the legal rights to game grumps
Diet Pop
Diet Pop - 3 måneder siden
Jon said that he doesn’t want to be Associated with game grumps but they are still friend I believe
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku - 8 måneder siden
My god Arin was such a baby
Emelem Red
Emelem Red - 8 måneder siden
Wow. I never knew Jon was a part of the game grumps (probably cuz I never really watch them), even tho looking at it, it makes total sense.
Ya learn something new everyday :D
Yoit'syabro - 8 måneder siden
The beginning of the end...
aturner10 - 8 måneder siden
I really miss jontron, even though he technically makes videos, they are now just so mediocre and cliche to the point jontron isn't himself anymore. I am sad he left his entire community to be more popular
Noriaki Cuckyoin
Noriaki Cuckyoin - 3 måneder siden
it's not the fact he switched away from video game content, i mean he still did movie reviews here and there you know. Birdemic, Jurrasic Park 2, Titanic, etc. it's that the way he sets his videos up feels very different compared to the type of videos he was doing from 2011-2016. more reaction-ish, closer to H3H3's old stuff. On top of this there's something different about his humor these days. idk Vanilla Ice marked the official end of Jon's old style, coincidentally also being the last time we ever saw his old intro and all the pixel art aesthetics
Xenos N.
Xenos N. - 5 måneder siden
@LameDoodler he can do what he wants, I hope he's happy doing what he's doing... But, it doesn't change the fact that I subbed to him for video game content and plenty of other people have done constant gaming content while also doing other things. But he completely quit, which is ultra lame. I hate term "gamer" and the "no true Scotsman" thing... But it makes me feel like he was never a true gamer, lol.
Xenos N.
Xenos N. - 7 måneder siden
@Zero Black are you kidding? James makes high quality videos to this day, still talks about games, still does AVGN, mostly does movie videos, and has upped his quality. AVGN is better than ever. You're smokin some crack, my dude.
Zero Black
Zero Black - 7 måneder siden
JonTron expanded beyond videogames and that gave him an new breath of fresh air to his career. Look at the AVGN he is so stale that is painful to watch him now. (I dont hate James at all, but the AVGN already ran his course for me)
winter night
winter night - 8 måneder siden
Sounds cool, can’t wait!
Gavin Kearney
Gavin Kearney - 8 måneder siden
You know they say a lot can happen in about 8 years
Bitter - 8 måneder siden
Oh wow those nostalgia feels. 7 years ago this video lead me to game grumps, and what amazing joy I've gotten to experience since then.
Collin Robertson
Collin Robertson - 8 måneder siden
I'm still so very thankful that JonTron left that completely uninspired let's play channel.
Cheez-it man
Cheez-it man - 8 måneder siden
Seeing young Aron scares me
edward tanner
edward tanner - 8 måneder siden
This age so well
BlackDot - 8 måneder siden
God damn
Snarik - 8 måneder siden
FirestoneX - 8 måneder siden
Robert Ivey
Robert Ivey - 8 måneder siden
"Wait who's that?"
7 years later he asks it unironically maybe probably idk & idgaf
Markiplier - 8 måneder siden
SMF64 - 8 måneder siden
So JonTron created Game Grumps?..
Xenos N.
Xenos N. - 7 måneder siden
Ball is Life
Ball is Life - 9 måneder siden
Jon, welcome back, we missed you man.
Cedar Shaw
Cedar Shaw - 9 måneder siden
Jesus watching this in 2020 makes me depressed.
The Guy
The Guy - 24 dager siden
Rebecca Marshall
Rebecca Marshall - Måned siden
:( 20 December 2020
Potato Master
Potato Master - Måned siden
:( sadness
Jason Brancroft
Jason Brancroft - 2 måneder siden
Then you should politely tell Jesus to stop watching if it makes you feel that way. Being open with those close to you is important, especially in times like these
L C - 4 måneder siden
I've never heard the og intro before so I was VERY caught off guard. And the moment I saw Arin all I thought was "BALD. BALD. BALD" He had such baby face...
CJ Lein
CJ Lein - 9 måneder siden
Well, I got news for you, spoile alert.
Æíxìlïmar - 9 måneder siden
Man what a sell out
Angel Perez
Angel Perez - 10 måneder siden
It's so weird seeing Arin without any facial hair
Maya - 10 måneder siden
Okay, everybody is talking about Jon leaving and how different Game Grumps is without him,, But.

Cherry Cyanide
Cherry Cyanide - 11 måneder siden
jon please go back, arin pretty much stopped the business stuff and its just a normal thing now. Game Grumps isn't the same without you
Alex Win
Alex Win - 8 måneder siden
Its been seven years dog, something tells me hes not going back
Internet Dumbass
Internet Dumbass - 11 måneder siden
Jon is Dan confirmed.
Brendan Geier
Brendan Geier - 11 måneder siden
Of all the videos that’ve been deleted off of Jon’s channel, why is this one still here?
Squidward Tortellini
Squidward Tortellini - 11 måneder siden
itsmebean - 11 måneder siden
oh woa really
Jiibo McDinonald
Jiibo McDinonald - 11 måneder siden
The moment when casually re-positioning Arin walked in front of a talking Jon... That was the first crack of the dam.
Yorkshire Tea
Yorkshire Tea - År siden
Digital - 11 måneder siden
fluffy jr.
fluffy jr. - År siden
I cared about you jon.
Filip Kurzawa
Filip Kurzawa - År siden
yup...those were good times
PurpleParfaits - År siden
I did *not* know that-
Bixxy. - År siden
i wanna go back
Stryfe Vidmar
Stryfe Vidmar - År siden
Wait.......... HE WAS?!
Julian Greenwell
Julian Greenwell - År siden
It’s been seven years, and I still have no idea what the fuck Arin says at 0:17
ArmsandArmorCorner - År siden
"wait who's that?"
Can't wait to subscribe and watch you and egoraptor play games!
Juan Miguel Salcedo
Juan Miguel Salcedo - År siden
So this is where it all started eh? How far we've come....
Madison J.
Madison J. - År siden
I had no idea this was a thing lol
Goblin Disk Jockey
Goblin Disk Jockey - År siden
I did not know this! Lol.
Doctor Spaghetti
Doctor Spaghetti - År siden
Press F to pay respects
MrButtchuckle - År siden
Now we will take you back to a time which YouTube historians refer to as “The Golden Age”
raine happy
raine happy - 4 måneder siden
@Mr. Zacky I've moved on. There's better stuff to watch on NOburn.
Mr. Zacky
Mr. Zacky - 4 måneder siden
@raine happy but now u wake up to some shit vids
raine happy
raine happy - 6 måneder siden
There was genuine joy waking up each morning to new episodes. They did not dissapoint.
ThatTechDude - År siden
It all started (and ended) here.
ENDERKNIGHT826 - År siden
This is awkward
Rando Streams
Rando Streams - År siden
When the legend started
Steve Steve
Steve Steve - År siden
I've only seen Arin once he's started growing some scruff, and he looks so innocent without it.
HHlaxbro - År siden
Dan is best Grump
symbal of the dank godz secondary channel
Day Idk at this point..
Jontron still hasn't returned to gamegrumps.
Already watched all his stuff with Arin a million times over.
Haven't heard a word of him returning in all this time.
Not even a passing comment.
Guys, I don't think he's coming back to the grumps.
Which means it will forever remain a soulless blob of normie injokes and cringey humor void of jontrons presence.
I don't think I'll update the list again guys. Its been over a year since i last did anyway. So to whatever traveler reads this. I hope whatever journey led you here was worth it. And may jontron return to gamegrumps soon. This is me, Logan signing off. See ya space cowboy. Ech......
LordOfTheSchmoes - År siden
Surprised Jon hasn’t deleted this yet
Zero Black
Zero Black - År siden
Jon stands his ground