Nightshade: The Claws of HEUGH - JonTron

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Will Jon and Jacques escape the grasps of Sutekh?! Yes. Well. They were never in his grasp to begin with. How did you not know that.

Special thanks TO: for filming and help!
Barry Kramer for Co-writing, and help.
Keanu 'Modeseven' Jones for Introdution Noir Art:
Runtime: 11:20


Galaxy - 13 timer siden
9:22 this feels like a fever dream
Slippi! meat
Slippi! meat - Dag siden
This video ends the way the Disney Star Wars trilogy should have ended.
Mon Mon Man
Mon Mon Man - Dag siden
The normal boots logo scared the shit out of me
Grima the Fell Dragon
Grima the Fell Dragon - Dag siden
The only reason anyone would recognize this on the Switch Virtual console.
Rocket Launching Shotgun Guy
Jon there is a 2x popularity bonus for mercilessly beating the cop if you do it in 2020
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - 2 dager siden
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - 2 dager siden
When you tell momma I did it
And she runs into the bathroom to see shit smeared on ever surface and this smile on your face
Ree Germain
Ree Germain - 3 dager siden
“I think they used our likenesses. Can we sue?”
“...out the butt.”
This cracked me up more than it should’ve.
TopText BottomText
TopText BottomText - 3 dager siden
Why the hell was this game put on Switch Online?! Seriously, this video is the only explanation I can think of, because this is the only time I've ever heard of it.
Cheer4gaming Play for fun
Cheer4gaming Play for fun - 3 dager siden
6:17 that donkey kills me LOL
Atticus Cutlip
Atticus Cutlip - 6 dager siden
I played it on switch online nes since they just put it on there
Imported Emperor
Imported Emperor - 6 dager siden
Old jon i miss you
Imported Emperor
Imported Emperor - 6 dager siden
What i would do to get a video like this from jon.
Imported Emperor
Imported Emperor - 6 dager siden
I hate this game
P8N - 6 dager siden
9:12 this is me pulling on Genshin Impact trying to get Diluc, only to get another gold that doesn’t matter
Alex De gta
Alex De gta - 6 dager siden
Ryan Hutchinson
Ryan Hutchinson - 7 dager siden
This game was so self-aware and I love it.
Adam Crawford
Adam Crawford - 7 dager siden
Fool me once: I'm mad.
Fool me twice: how could you?
Fool me three times? You're officially that guy, okay? you know, you know the one? You go to the bar and he's like "This suit is eh, officially izza Georgio Armani ask my daaaaaad knows 'em" FUCK YOU! I
Phoenix - 7 dager siden
AH normal boots. i think the only person fromt his colab that isnt outted as some kinda perv or piece of garbage is Jontron. and they bascially threw him under the bus a while before it came out they were P.O.S
sssamurai - 7 dager siden
This video is nearly a decade old.
Nebulous - 7 dager siden
Do people really say BCE in real life?! Lol
DeadTurret - 8 dager siden
tfw this is on switch online now
[EMP] PrimoEmperor
[EMP] PrimoEmperor - 8 dager siden
Yay! I love Nightshade: The Claws of ECH
edcomicking - 8 dager siden
1:59 my favorite part of this video
Revenant Hellsworth
Revenant Hellsworth - 9 dager siden
1:04, 7:25 meme
jonbravo2 - 10 dager siden
Thor's Hammer vs game cartridge. I didnt see that coming
Zer0_TE - 11 dager siden
God I love this old Jontron stuff
La Tre Clays
La Tre Clays - 11 dager siden
This game is going for like 200 bucks on eBay
Sonicboi Productions
Sonicboi Productions - 12 dager siden
Nightshade is my kind of game
Penelope S
Penelope S - 12 dager siden
10:07 I thought that was my stomach
Bo' Skar
Bo' Skar - 13 dager siden
That intro. Somebody drew that. They diverted their time and skill to draw that for that one bit.
Number Thread
Number Thread - 13 dager siden
9:46 john tron you gotta make a video of yourself doing some epic scooter tricks
-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-
jesus i get it but he barely got past the beginning of the game
Kaisburg - 15 dager siden
A lotta Skyward Sword soundtracks in this one,
Meme master
Meme master - 16 dager siden
Bro this guy is the father of all memes ever created
Marytherse Merlino
Marytherse Merlino - 16 dager siden
Oh my gosh I just started playing that game it's super hard because I just got it on my Nintendo switch but it's not a Nintendo switch is it actually the Nintendo live and the game is really good
LVBBoi - 17 dager siden
This game deserves a Mafia/Watch Dogs/Spiderman ps5 style remaster, all with the art style of Spider-Noir fron Spiderverse except with color.
Sonicbladez - 17 dager siden
I had to rewatch this before I play it on the nintendo Switch.
Artic Fox Fan
Artic Fox Fan - 18 dager siden
I played this. God help me.
Potatolord72 - 19 dager siden
this was the first Jontron video I ever saw
Potatolord72 - 19 dager siden
good to come back to where I began
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard - 19 dager siden
2:35 **Me when I played Sonic Forces and saw the bullshit in the first quarter*
sf1016 fung
sf1016 fung - 19 dager siden
7:08 is meme
turgle - 20 dager siden
first episode I ever watched of jontron. Good times
A toaster or something two electric boogaloo
Damn Jon tron was ahead of his time, still is
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez - 20 dager siden
2:35 Whenever I beat the first level in any video game
Pewpewgothlazer l
Pewpewgothlazer l - 20 dager siden
After watching Dan play the spacequest and kingsquest games to me this game seems pretty standard for the genre it's not as advanced as like spacequest 5 in some areas but not as basic as spacequest 2
Twerk from Home
Twerk from Home - 20 dager siden
JonTron sucks. What a horrible face
Hajjoen - 21 dag siden
Anyone know what's the name of the space trombone tune in the end? Just curious
GhostGhosterson - 17 dager siden
Its the theme for Apogee games but slowed down
Meme BEANS - 22 dager siden
I still want to know how he broke that thor hammer (I know it has a name but I can't spell it right lol)
Unfortunately section 848
Unfortunately section 848 - 23 dager siden
7:28 such a classic line
siquaya1 - 23 dager siden
new upgrade to purple guy purple jontron
scorpion venom
scorpion venom - 24 dager siden
Mighty_Me - 24 dager siden
Jontrons game dungeon
Erik Lugli
Erik Lugli - 25 dager siden
The ending reminded me of 1936 when I purchased a set of festoons and started my very first snake band
SkabCrowley - 26 dager siden
This video still holds up today omg
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake - 26 dager siden
This is what happens when you do only too much non mainstream drugs
Andrew Leyton
Andrew Leyton - 26 dager siden
vampyr has archivements that can only be unlock by doing a murderer route
7:24 me who wanted to complete the game
Idiotic Penguin
Idiotic Penguin - 26 dager siden
damn, I was 4 years old when this video came out
Odin Chacón
Odin Chacón - 27 dager siden
Sometimes the endeavors of the gods are truly to be pitied and hold a tale of sadness Bc of the folly of mankind
Damián Cupo
Damián Cupo - 27 dager siden
Man i miss old jontron, even the daikatana one was good
Capo225 - 27 dager siden
The ending had as much sense as the game, I think... I dunno, I'm very confused
Furthermore - 27 dager siden
My man destroyed a vintage OOP game cartridge like a bug
Hexted - 28 dager siden
How did you try everything when there was two things in the room, one a painting and one a curtain, you clicked on the curtain and left when the painting would’ve revealed a passage
Hexted - 28 dager siden
I just played this for the first time and you get the hang of the examine operating stuff pretty quick I’m sure it was awesome at the time
Blue Song Bird
Blue Song Bird - 29 dager siden
I screamed when I saw this on NES Online
Coast - Måned siden
Og JT is undefeated
Gearless13 - Måned siden
Let's face it we all came back here to rematch this because they but this on the Nintendo switch
Lyriq Metz
Lyriq Metz - Måned siden
Me: loose all of my lives in Sonic 06
Sonic 06: Takes me back to the beginning
Me: 9:14
Straw berry
Straw berry - Måned siden
good game, i like
Chaosfox04 - Måned siden
Looking forward to play this after it was added to NSO.
Nick Hadlick
Nick Hadlick - Måned siden
This game is so convoluted and frustrating, it actually BROKE Thor's Hammer! With a guide and the rewind function on the Switch, Nightshade is pretty fun! Upon initial release on the NES, this game is a tortured un-ending purgatory. 5/10, devisive for 100% sure. Great review as always even 9yrs later!
venom 2018
venom 2018 - Måned siden
9:15 my favorite part
Mika Cosplay365
Mika Cosplay365 - Måned siden
"Damn you, *flem*ech!!" my favorite line 😂😂😂

NOTE: I have no idea how to say it the way Jon says it without adding flem 😂😂😂
Fortunate _Bus
Fortunate _Bus - Måned siden
After playing it I actually thought it was pretty good
Zachary Kinley
Zachary Kinley - Måned siden
Remember when we didn’t comment “who’s here because Nintendo added it on switch” for pre existing clout
William Drum
William Drum - Måned siden
Pepperidge Farm remembers
Sam Roth
Sam Roth - Måned siden
i was so excited to play this bc i just thought it was a point and click adventure, but then it has the god awful health & battle systems :(
Todo Shotoroki
Todo Shotoroki - Måned siden
0:54 Does anyone else love that line?
“Together, they had really good hair.”
SpeedTracker 95
SpeedTracker 95 - Måned siden
Cash ordeals
Cash ordeals - Måned siden
After seeing the switch nes snes updates immediately remember this 😅
ThomasGamingBrother - Måned siden
So happy I’m able to play this clearly amazing game on my Nintendo Switch
Boogiepop 420
Boogiepop 420 - Måned siden
We really all showed up here after Nintendo added this to the switch
Declan Obradovic
Declan Obradovic - Måned siden
Muse-icality - Måned siden
This video is even funnier to me now that I've played some of the game thanks to the switch
Red - Måned siden
8 years and I still don't understand how this game is about superheros
Jessica Schweser
Jessica Schweser - Måned siden
I love how we all came back because its now on Switch.
Michael Wadsworth
Michael Wadsworth - Måned siden
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm here because Nightshade just got released on Nintendo Online and so are you
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim - Måned siden
And he freaks out because he broke his Thor hammer. Love that moment. Haha!
starlightross who is this?
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim - Måned siden
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill - Måned siden
who's here after the reveal this is coming to NES Online?
Tristan McQuern
Tristan McQuern - Måned siden
This legend of a game is now on NSO. That is.... truly splendid.
The Real Tijuanaman
The Real Tijuanaman - Måned siden
Who's here after the Switch Online reveal?
King Cobalt
King Cobalt - Måned siden
Now coming to switch online
Fred Cherry2341
Fred Cherry2341 - Måned siden
(9:15) I Was Cracking Up When Jontron Threw His Controller! He Used the 'Danger!' Music from 'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword'
John Earl
John Earl - Måned siden
Now available on Nintendo Switch
Aiden Drake
Aiden Drake - Måned siden
who came back here after the switch online nes reveal
VideoGamer King
VideoGamer King - Måned siden
ReigiOzora18 - Måned siden
Ayyyeeee I must’ve visit his video like two times last year and one time this year and now I’m back.... because I can finally play it!
Theo Kremer
Theo Kremer - Måned siden
The psychedelic seat implicitly whine because credit muhly invent plus a chubby mother. petite, madly cloakroom
YeetZmeN - Måned siden
Yeah yeah, we all know why you’re here.
GregTheLion - Måned siden
Now available on Nintendo Switch!