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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
Halloween JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan
Runtime: 18:03


JonTronShow - År siden
Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!
Kayagorzan - 14 dager siden
@Andromeda galaxy good choice
Andromeda galaxy
Andromeda galaxy - 15 dager siden
No, no I dont think i will
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller - 22 dager siden
@Roman Voloshyn what’s your problem
The Forts Is With Me
The Forts Is With Me - Måned siden
@YOU WILL READ MY WORDS I feel the same way mah dude
Kayagorzan - 2 måneder siden
Ricks Journey
Ricks Journey - 7 timer siden
Where’s jaque
Noa Crnić
Noa Crnić - 23 timer siden
I just noticed he has a pumpkin from Halloween with Michael Myers on it
joan4426 - Dag siden
Is that a Nazgûl sword? 2:38
Hey look i’m a cat
Hey look i’m a cat - Dag siden
Double Wide Suprise
Double Wide Suprise - Dag siden
7:36 probably the demons insides Yonny's head
Wewoweyou G
Wewoweyou G - Dag siden
Did John make midgits
Derrick Bolton
Derrick Bolton - Dag siden
Don't know about anyone else but I heard laurel the whole time
Sir. Corny Neck
Sir. Corny Neck - 2 dager siden
2:08 This is completely random and unrelated, but I wanna know what book he has on the table. Its a Harvard Classic edition.
JustARandomFoxInAHAt - 2 dager siden
8:28 so that’s what happened to cotton hill after he died
syndrome - 2 dager siden
The "z" in "elizabeth" written in fridge magnets isn't a "z", it's a sideways "N".
It bothers me more than it should.
Justin b
Justin b - 2 dager siden
Dude, the door flying at him had ne dead🤣🤣
Eviu - 3 dager siden
Eviu - 3 dager siden
Still got you though
LlamaLegate - 3 dager siden
Ad ends at 1:12.
Yash Sabarad
Yash Sabarad - 3 dager siden
Missing the 2020 Halloween episode.
Azanath Whateley
Azanath Whateley - 3 dager siden
I remember my grandma being into Sylvia Brown. Obviously as a child I was too. Knowing she was a fraud kinda ruins my childhood in a way. But remembering anything these days ruins something. I'm drunk. Fu
Ben Dewar
Ben Dewar - 3 dager siden
I’m mowing the air Randy
Dustin - 4 dager siden
Jontron reminds me of jay leno! Which is fantastic, as I love jay leno!
Colette Noyes
Colette Noyes - 4 dager siden
I feel like everytime a mobile game sponsor john he dies a little inside
Satanic Sponge
Satanic Sponge - 5 dager siden
now I'm no expert on the fine art of wood chopping, but I don't think that's how you do it
Tein hates you
Tein hates you - 5 dager siden
Jon the only person who can kill jason
Jackvader Gaming
Jackvader Gaming - 5 dager siden
The intro sounds like they went into the forest herd a elk and where like “Yes this will kill peoples ear drums let’s use it”
Wooters - 6 dager siden
More videos???
Strahinja Lemaic VIII-1
Strahinja Lemaic VIII-1 - 6 dager siden
He is a simp
Narokkurai - 3 dager siden
You say that like it's a bad thing
Logie - 6 dager siden
I thought the elevator was gonna do the jon tron theme
catamear the artist
catamear the artist - 7 dager siden
Yony died 5 second after because he lives by bethesda logic
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton - 7 dager siden
Hold the fucking phone! This was directed by Tobe Hooper? As in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Tobe Hooper?
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Ephraim Snow
Ephraim Snow - 7 dager siden
are we just gonna breeze past the fact that this was directed by Tobe Hooper??? the director of fucking Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist????
Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele - 7 dager siden
why is no one talking about the fact that the first episode is directed by TOBE HOOPER
Bob The noob
Bob The noob - 7 dager siden
You know what? I’m gonna say it. Four loko’s get me sick.
Grace Jin
Grace Jin - 7 dager siden
who does Yohny think he is? Charlie Charlie?
Owen Matthews
Owen Matthews - 8 dager siden
7:40 Imagine getting paid to do this
Pleb Plays
Pleb Plays - 8 dager siden
John if you die
Please reincarnate to my child
AA Batteries
AA Batteries - 8 dager siden
iamgavinreed phck
iamgavinreed phck - 8 dager siden
Poor yanne
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 8 dager siden
6:26 "What is that, an Elephant?"
-Jon Jafari, 2019
punk_poet 13
punk_poet 13 - 9 dager siden
8:23 Cotton Hill?
Vulnresati - 9 dager siden
This guy. I love this guy!
LegoGoblin - 9 dager siden
you're hearing yonny? I hear lourey
Bored Monkey
Bored Monkey - 10 dager siden
i really wish john put in a part where he said "ok where the fuck is all that lightning coming from?!" but sadly there wasnt a part like that but it was still a good video!
Quinn Horve
Quinn Horve - 10 dager siden
"BE MY GARADPA" jon 2019
cheeseboy - 10 dager siden
This shows real name is “the scary door”
valstachowski - 10 dager siden
Is that a real chesterfield?
Ryan Etherton
Ryan Etherton - 11 dager siden
Jon’s design for humans without a shin is just cotton hill... math checks out
Jack W
Jack W - 11 dager siden
I’m sorry it had to be this way but 1:22 is the sponsor skip
John John
John John - 11 dager siden
The only sign they’re missing is a ancient Indian burial ground
Oscar Lovera
Oscar Lovera - 12 dager siden
Fucking JonTron saying Cotton Hill is the perfect human design.
Iamaplant -
Iamaplant - - 12 dager siden
Anyone else 1 year, 2 months late.
RX 89
RX 89 - 13 dager siden
*R E A L G H O S T S* :0
SomeDudeWhoMakesStuff - 13 dager siden

fall guys character designers: 8:23
KTChamberlain - 13 dager siden
I'm surprised you didn't reference Cotton Hill from King of the Hill. Japanese machinegun blew his shins off in World War II, but by attaching his feet to his femurs, he was somehow able to walk again as seen in JonTron's designs. lol
S O U L - 13 dager siden
F in the chat for toys r us
Janel Mills
Janel Mills - 13 dager siden
I think his name really is yonny yonson
Colin Chung
Colin Chung - 13 dager siden
being a Sunnyvale native, I don't believe in the "Haunted Toys 'R Us" growing up it had GREAT toys!
Angel Torres
Angel Torres - 14 dager siden
0:01 I didn’t know Medic played Rise of Kingdoms!
Captain Totes
Captain Totes - 14 dager siden
Avoid tax fraud
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer - 14 dager siden
It's funny how people always act like the ghost dosnt have common sense.. like if the humans know to go towards the light and that there's a time warp then why wouldn't the ghost know?
David,koresh Did,nothing,wrong
They call Steven seagull
Megan Hernandez
Megan Hernandez - 14 dager siden
8:25 jontron: screw shins
me: so basically,
*reject humanity, return to m o n k e e*
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose - 14 dager siden
Hold on, this was directed by Tobe goddamn Hooper. As in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Tobe Hooper. How did he get from that to this?!
Blam Burger
Blam Burger - 15 dager siden
8:43 Jon fell like his spine was severed
MR StarWraithYT
MR StarWraithYT - 15 dager siden
wow,ik im late but,did anyone else notice that this shit was directed by Tobe Hooper/Leather Face,wow
AsanoGaming - 15 dager siden
Hey, Jontron, are you taking a break?
Lyuda - 15 dager siden
8:55 when you're writing an essay and you're 20 words short of the word count
the miscellaneous kid
the miscellaneous kid - 15 dager siden
What is sad about the psychic is that the girl's mom died thinking her daughter was dead
Guns and Roses
Guns and Roses - 15 dager siden
Yesus. Yonny acting like a soccer player after receiving the slightest inyury.
You cant handle my name!
You cant handle my name! - 15 dager siden
so the photo is actually famous in the supernatural community and the reason is the dude leaning against the wall was not actually their. by that i mean every one involved in the seyonce was sitting down in the picture and are clearly visible. nobody else was their that night other than the camera man and at the time the picure was taken nobody saw anybody standing including the camera man
Father Nagic
Father Nagic - 16 dager siden
yeah how do you die from an awkward angle axe blow to the shin?
OGame Sun
OGame Sun - 16 dager siden
America is such a shitshow lmao
Its all for the worlds entertainment
Toothpik - 16 dager siden
I have one question who is driving the bus and why do they always look pissed
Frank Bennett
Frank Bennett - 17 dager siden
3:51 Wait... Tobe Hooper directed an episode of this show? As in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," Tobe Hooper?
ParkNPlay - 12 dager siden
looked it up, it's him
Alexander Henderson
Alexander Henderson - 17 dager siden
noo i think of casper the friendly ghost for some strange reason
Seth Ardolino
Seth Ardolino - 17 dager siden
13:45 imagine clocking into your shift for the day and then end up in a fucking seance
TPJ Gaming
TPJ Gaming - 17 dager siden
Would make sense where I work. We all dead inside anyway.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith - 17 dager siden
Looks like Yonnie had himself an axe-cident
Kyberion - 17 dager siden
The ghost is either Yonny or Meliodas
Chernobyl thing
Chernobyl thing - 18 dager siden
I remember my social studies teacher showing us this episode in 8th grade, and it was WILD.
Knight Trooper
Knight Trooper - 17 dager siden
PeterMan SpiderParker
PeterMan SpiderParker - 18 dager siden
So Jon so you want to change humanity into midgets
Fries Ketchup1829
Fries Ketchup1829 - 18 dager siden
John: talks about the sound hurting his ears
Also John: Rubbing his eyes
crosshair studios
crosshair studios - 18 dager siden
Do you guys ever just imagine that he bought an entire tower full of rooms, one for starwars, one for halloween and Christmas, and all the others?
Michael Finnigan
Michael Finnigan - 18 dager siden
still really sad that laurel lauerlson died that way.
Malachi Winston
Malachi Winston - 18 dager siden
Jon’s blood effects were insanely realistic.
Malachi Winston
Malachi Winston - 4 dager siden
But seriously, the fake blood must be annoying to clean up
Malachi Winston
Malachi Winston - 4 dager siden
Indeed, past me! It would seem Jon spent a considerable amount of money for the blood effects!
Chance English
Chance English - 18 dager siden
13:24 Yonny Yonny are you there
The Lovable Protagonist
The Lovable Protagonist - 19 dager siden
Where did you get this shirt from?
Jared Troubled
Jared Troubled - 19 dager siden
The you sure his name wasn't Jonny Johnson and he just spelled it wrong cause he was illiterate remake made me laugh so much Yohn Fron is a comedic genius.
Xap Ete
Xap Ete - 19 dager siden
They are sending this man Johnnie Johnson after a woman who is not interested in him to go bother her in the afterlife poor woman
rescot00 - 19 dager siden
Didn't Unsolved Mysteries do the first story?
Simple And Effective
Simple And Effective - 19 dager siden
Dude wtf, I got a rise of kingdoms ad before watching the video
MEWD 123
MEWD 123 - 19 dager siden
John: or was he.
Vsauce theme starts playing
Riley Sansoucy
Riley Sansoucy - 20 dager siden
Looked it up, that Toys R Us is now a Spirit Halloween store, which is just way too fitting
MunneyMerking - 20 dager siden
On a real note.... 3:15 is one of the funniest moments I've ever seen on YouTube. I almost does of laughter.😂🤣
Cake Maniac
Cake Maniac - 20 dager siden
Intro looks like the ps2 screen, i was always scared of it as a kid haha
Jason Beard
Jason Beard - 20 dager siden
"All he did was love a woman, and accidentally kill himself in the leg." 😂🤣
error: try again later
error: try again later - 20 dager siden
Tbh all kinds of haunting accounts, ghost stories, horror movies etc. would make a million times more sense if the explanation was "the ghosts are just bored." You can't tell me there weren't like 50 ghosts laughing at that frisbee thing.
Tim Purcell
Tim Purcell - 21 dag siden
Elizabeth will be thrilled to be with yonny for eternity
dotsean - 21 dag siden
Johnny was a farmhand yet he doesnt know how to place a piece of wood to property cut it
Micah Murphy
Micah Murphy - 21 dag siden
Still thinking about the fact that Jon “got” 8 million ppl
Bobby Rosken
Bobby Rosken - 21 dag siden
The way you decapitated that masked man was epic style
Wide Putin
Wide Putin - 22 dager siden
SCP-3901 has escaped containment.
Bob The noob
Bob The noob - 22 dager siden
Damn, he got me
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes - 22 dager siden
Sunnyvale?. What is this trailer park boys? Lol