Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron

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Jon Jafari - Himself
Magical Living SouljaGame - Sergio Emilio Torres
I'm tired - Yes I am
Jon Jafari - Director/Lead Editor
Mike Shayne - Director of Cinematography/Post Production
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Production
Melanie Licata - Costume/Prop Designer
Sergio Emilio Torres - Production
Runtime: 10:29


Edward Davis
Edward Davis - 6 timer siden
It's been 2 years. You ever get that console sent proper to ya?
Foxtor - 7 timer siden
Watching this after kfc announced their console is making me laugh
Normality - Dag siden
10:10 someone tell me what this song or music is like its been 3 years lol
Insert Google Name Here
0:15 I had that on my Adidas pants ( I bought them btw )
team 6 Pro
team 6 Pro - Dag siden
I killed a man
I stole a car
I sold illegal sketchy emulator machines
SHD - 3 dager siden
Your editing is super cool!
bless 84
bless 84 - 3 dager siden
I'll never get tired of this video. Lol
Owen Matthews
Owen Matthews - 4 dager siden
Imagine owning the bottom part of a NDS. That's a rhetorical statement cause I owned the bottom half of many DS lites lmao
Sam Gardiner
Sam Gardiner - 4 dager siden
I kinda want to know what happened with Jons pants
Jared Ray
Jared Ray - 5 dager siden
This is “Ludacris”
will pri
will pri - 5 dager siden
6:23 you point out the "package: yes" which is of course ridiculous and hilarious, but there is also to note that package actually comes up twice
Ghostpi - 5 dager siden
Did he ever get his gaming device
Peter Iselizo
Peter Iselizo - 5 dager siden
the best (or worst) part was that when he got sued he played the race card, like it was just because he was black he got sued.
Don't Participate
Don't Participate - 6 dager siden
At least it’s not Goop.
Erik Urizita
Erik Urizita - 6 dager siden
“Ya’ll see that fat kid with the stolen pants? Those are some nice pants, man. I dunno what store he stole from, but boy he has a taste for the finer things” —— Someone at the party. Probably.,
An Italian Gamer
An Italian Gamer - 6 dager siden
2 years after: kfconsole
Drowned Rat
Drowned Rat - 7 dager siden
He's just a boy with a dream but he's 28 years old at the time of recording the video now as of this comment in 2021 is 30
deathsagaXX - 5 dager siden
Just a dumbass excuse to sound innocent, hell a bunch of ppl even retweeted it
Creaky Boards
Creaky Boards - 8 dager siden
hot tip: a magnet will normally take one of those tamper things right off
Ser Abiótico
Ser Abiótico - 8 dager siden
The song runs exactly 1 minute : 8:03
Majd Mohammed
Majd Mohammed - 8 dager siden
Fun fact: The Sora_Sakuraii account is one of if not the most popular parody accounts ever.
So in case it wasn't obvious, yes, that is fully not true, especially since, yknow, unless Ultimate can run on an NES then it DAMN WELL CAN'T on a Soulja Boy console.
Coleman Bubar
Coleman Bubar - 9 dager siden
Ink security tags can usually be removed with a magnet
Gitte Johansen
Gitte Johansen - 10 dager siden
-Attack of the youtube copyright bot-
this is embarrassing
deathsagaXX - 5 dager siden
I mean his songs are embarrassing.. soooo
Marius Banke Boisen
Marius Banke Boisen - 10 dager siden
Jon Tron has a long long Jon?
HappyHappyStimpy - 10 dager siden
He Soulja make a better fucking console..
EZMoney - 11 dager siden
The Sakurai Twitter account is fake. He posts mostly memes and updates about the game after they are announced on other platforms. He also called it Smash Bros Ultimate, which is not the name in Japan. It’s Smash Bros Special.
Yo boi J
Yo boi J - 11 dager siden
2:43 Imagine trying to play smash with a D-PAD!!
aksalaheddine78 - 12 dager siden
More like crank dat lawsuit amiright?
[EMP] PrimoEmperor
[EMP] PrimoEmperor - 12 dager siden
I can’t think of one rapper that’s not corrupt in some way. Just saying
azazel mumford
azazel mumford - 12 dager siden
tho there's the Soulja console make way for the Kfc gaming console
anythingorz - 12 dager siden
Aight back from 2 years ago....they forgot to remove the tags? Use magnets yo
Kain Stellitano
Kain Stellitano - 13 dager siden
Imma make a gamer console wit..... 1000 Games biiiiitchhhhahhhh
Samwise Fieri
Samwise Fieri - 14 dager siden
The greatest part of this story is hes claiming that he invented the NES and Nintendo stole it from him.
Delta Romeo
Delta Romeo - 14 dager siden
The typos in the console description kill me. Wew.
davey provalone
davey provalone - 14 dager siden
yooooo deus ex jammmm at the end
SuperLuigi64 - 14 dager siden
JonTron talks about video games?
Hamood Habibi Jr.
Hamood Habibi Jr. - 13 dager siden
Something only heard of many millennia ago
Thomas Pankiewicz
Thomas Pankiewicz - 14 dager siden
When are we gonna get the soulja goop crossover
aestheticNUT - 14 dager siden
you could just use a strong magnet on the pants thing, yes i know im 2 years late but for whoever sees this lol
Reed Triplett
Reed Triplett - 15 dager siden
Jontron raps better than Soulja boy
papiyankee11 - 15 dager siden
I've watched this video about 12 times now. It's still one of my favorites
אלון יעקבלביץ'
אלון יעקבלביץ' - 15 dager siden
Resell NES games on fake consoles....
Resell NES games on a fake consoles, as a rapper.
Resell NES games on a fake console as a kid with a dream.
FOFSpicyEyes - 14 dager siden
Taking Dreamcast to a whole nother level. (Yes I know its Sega let me have this)
Major the Lad
Major the Lad - 15 dager siden
what ever happned to Soulja boy?
BROX Basher
BROX Basher - 16 dager siden
2:47 I think y'all forgetting the fact that this is a parody Sakurai account. It's still up, too, I'm actually a follower! XD You can tell it's fake by the double "ii" at the end of the parody account.
HolyDangDude - 16 dager siden
The REAL question is: Did he still wear the white pants to the event he was going to?
DumbPlayStar - 16 dager siden
I would love to parry casuls in Soulja Souls
Mikey Skates
Mikey Skates - 17 dager siden
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki - 17 dager siden
Why does this have Dislikes?
Let me guess.

Arin Handson, Soljuja Boy and Sliento fanboys.
What the fuck fandom.
Benjiii - 17 dager siden
Jesus loves you
Mister Wuss
Mister Wuss - 18 dager siden
Say what you want about Dan Ackroyd, but at least he and his business partners actually fucking made the vodka and bottle! It's their own product!
beeclan50 - 18 dager siden
Remember when you do things and go places. Yeah me neither
Henry Bruh
Henry Bruh - 19 dager siden
Why is the B button yellow I hate that
Hey, you!
Hey, you! - 19 dager siden
KFC: Allow me to introduce myself
Thiago Themotheo
Thiago Themotheo - 19 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2077: *exists*
CD Projekt Red: 4:58
03bgood - 20 dager siden
I'm surprised he didn't change his name to "Suedya Boy"!
TheJurassic Chicken
TheJurassic Chicken - 20 dager siden
Holy crap it’s already 2022 dang have I been sleeping this whole time??
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers
Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers - 20 dager siden
Maybe Smash Bros. Online mode is better on the Soulja Boy console
liam Cash27
liam Cash27 - 20 dager siden
Imagine Asking for Nintendo switch and getting this
Quinn McDonnell
Quinn McDonnell - 20 dager siden
Sakurai (sees Sakuraii): am I a joke to you...
DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA - 20 dager siden
It’s hard to believe this is 2 years old
Owain John
Owain John - 21 dag siden
No you did not upload this two years ago. Wtf happened?!
OliWilliams - 21 dag siden
NightKolm - 21 dag siden
Need a Sequel for KFConsole
Ryan O
Ryan O - 21 dag siden
Now there is a KFConsle, i hope Jontron covers it.
No One
No One - 21 dag siden
666,6 dislikes....
Kidling - 22 dager siden
I don't really care about him making the danish. But the danish though is way better than the danish
person person
person person - 22 dager siden
i can't really complain because i know if i had that sort of money i'd do much more stupid things.
Toni 00
Toni 00 - 23 dager siden
does anybody know is jontron ever got his shit delivered or his money back?
Brea Canyon Drifter
Brea Canyon Drifter - 15 dager siden
He didn't.
Lara Blair
Lara Blair - 23 dager siden
Kfconsle is next boss
Aidan - 23 dager siden
"The SouljaGame website was seized by Nintendo and now leads to Nintendo's website. On January 12, Soulja Boy released another handheld on his SouljaWatch website called the SouljaGame Handheld; this console looks similar in appearance to Sony's PlayStation Vita."
- From Soulja Boy's Wikipedia page. It's like the end of a movie when you find out the villain isn't really dead and see a glimpse of their new scheme.
Sticky Dog
Sticky Dog - 10 dager siden
@Radek Chrabota But I think your right.
Sticky Dog
Sticky Dog - 10 dager siden
@Radek Chrabota Honestly I’m not as knowledgeable about Star Wars as I used to be ask me 10 years ago and you would have your answer on the spot but now while I still love Star Wars and am very knowledgeable I am definitely not as much as I used to be.
Radek Chrabota
Radek Chrabota - 10 dager siden
@Sticky Dog I think originally it Tarkin was overseeing the project from the start but later Disney came along with Solo and changed stuff up for no reason
Sticky Dog
Sticky Dog - 10 dager siden
@Radek Chrabota I think he was just in support of the project and later took it over. But I’m not completely sure.
Radek Chrabota
Radek Chrabota - 10 dager siden
@Sticky Dog wasn't it grand moff Tarkin?
ThatKidThatDoesStuff _
ThatKidThatDoesStuff _ - 23 dager siden
Taht Epic Seven AD is pretty Bad
Geoffrey Guestion
Geoffrey Guestion - 23 dager siden
A subtle clue that this is a Chinese bootleg thing (though you can conclude that very easily) is in the line where it lists what it supports (4:51):
> Support RM、 RMVB、 AVI、 MKV、 ect
It uses enumeration commas (、), which is used in Chinese when listing things out.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams - 23 dager siden
Here because of the Birdemic review. I think JonTron is my favorite YouTuber now :)
TravisVonGhoul - 24 dager siden
It has been 2 years. Did the Soulja game console ever arrive? 😂
Normal_Username 3
Normal_Username 3 - 25 dager siden
Can’t wait until he figures out what kfc did
Brea Canyon Drifter
Brea Canyon Drifter - 15 dager siden
KFC are doing God's work my friend, ok? They just make nasty chicken
Striker x
Striker x - 25 dager siden
If it doesn't work, then you just gotta "Crank that thing" like owwwwwwwwwwwww.
17RaysPlays - 25 dager siden
How did the pants turn out?
Sam o
Sam o - 26 dager siden
You either crank that copyright infringement or it cranks you
bobisnotmeme - 26 dager siden
jacob Gibson
jacob Gibson - 27 dager siden
Im more excited for the KFConsole. A game system that can actually heat up your chicken while you play. Finally
Itta PuuPuu
Itta PuuPuu - 27 dager siden
Its a bootleg of a bootleg
Moon - 27 dager siden
This was uploaded the day I went to boot camp . . .
Thicc Fett
Thicc Fett - 27 dager siden
So it’s been 2 years and I totally forgot about this shit. What even happened with it
Eric Bernsten
Eric Bernsten - 28 dager siden
Can it run doom
Well Hello
Well Hello - 29 dager siden
I love you Jon tron
Spanky Jeffro
Spanky Jeffro - 29 dager siden
Personally, I would have given him 5 years in stocks, getting publicly spanked the entire time. Something extra humiliating for something extra stupid.
What a fucking idiot.
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
h͜͡i͜͡ i͜͡ a͜͡m͜͡ g͜͡o͜͡d͜͡ Ă̈n̆̈d̆̈ ĭ̈m̆̈ h̆̈ă̈p̆̈p̆̈y̆̈ dsoo
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
🇩 🇮 🇪
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
Screaming doggo
Screaming doggo - Måned siden
uhhhscizo - Måned siden
Can’t believe this is over two years old
Alpha Delta
Alpha Delta - Måned siden
Jesus christ its been exactly 2 years since this came out, feels like just a few months
LyserStorm - Måned siden
i know this is years on, but just a tip - if they forget to take the magnet bit off, burn the extended bit with a lighter until the metal pole thing is visable, then pull it out with pliars, the whole unit will come off !
Emanuel Pena
Emanuel Pena - Måned siden
How can someone hate on someone trying to make by things popin. Who are you? Lol
Americamutt nigga
Americamutt nigga - 16 dager siden
Nigga english
HorseLuver4Ever - 21 dag siden
Gamething - 27 dager siden
Agreed was that English
E- tan
E- tan - 27 dager siden
Was that even english?
Logan Hepper
Logan Hepper - Måned siden
Love how much he sounds like Timon from lion king
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque - Måned siden
Legend has it in many moons ago the ine called John travelled to northern Europe to kill the spawn of Satan himself, the beast known as Grendel. When the one called Jon is about to slay the beast called Grendel, the beast called Grendel slashed at one called Jon piercing his testicle. As the beast called Grendel laid defeated some of the seed of the one called Jon spilled upon Grendel's bloody body and the resulting mixture burst into flames and out of the dust rose a human being. The one called Jon thought this human closely resembled his friend Dan but not quite hence he named that human Dan-ish for he looked almost like Dan but just not quite and thats where the Danish come from.

🌈The More You Know
Lol - Måned siden
My question two years later is did he get it? Guess we'll never know.
David P
David P - Måned siden
Directiiion key
Zachary Payea
Zachary Payea - Måned siden
I’m still waiting to hear if it ever got delivered
Nozakatsu - Måned siden
Dude made 250 grand off the consoles though. Doing the same shit Nintendo did with Mario Allstars collection. Shitty emulators bundled together. The man is a genius, didnt see any actual repercussions beyond the C&D, and has a net worth of $30 million.
I see that as an absolute win!
HorseLuver4Ever - 21 dag siden
Except for the part where he could have gone to prison.