Star Wars Kinect - JonTron

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Jon Kinects the dots about the new star wars game AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks to Plasma3Music for original JonTron beats:
Runtime: 11:58


James Then
James Then - 9 timer siden
Take me back please
PowerOfThePick - 2 dager siden
Come on Jon, those are the clone wars voice actors. No bad impressions here
infrequent - 3 dager siden
I used to grind this game the nostalgia
Russian Santa :D
Russian Santa :D - 5 dager siden
I loved that game
Teemo - 6 dager siden
10:16 my reaction to almost everything these days
BigRyan2293 - 8 dager siden
amazing man
amazing man - 8 dager siden
I own this game and he was wrong with the menus you are supposed to hover over the arrows
IQ YEET - 8 dager siden
you should try blades of sorcery vr with the outer rim mod honestly makes me feel like a jedi
Nix Cage
Nix Cage - 9 dager siden
Blade and sorcery is out now so I guess it worked out in the end
DatRonin 99
DatRonin 99 - 9 dager siden
If you come back please do a video on star kid (1998) if you do please shout me out bro 😎
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher - 10 dager siden
I always hated playing games with people who used the Kinect instead of a headset and you could hear literally everything in their room except for their voice. And most of the time it was kids who had to play in their living room cause they weren’t allowed to have the XBOX in their room
Max Pendragon
Max Pendragon - 11 dager siden
Reminds me of wii sports tennis. Literally got snacks from the fridge while waving the remote rapidly and was winning
HOLY CHEWIE - 14 dager siden
Too bad you have to swear and take God's name in vain every 30 seconds. Sad!
OriginalName - 14 dager siden
I wonder how this Jon would feel about VR
Derek Night
Derek Night - 15 dager siden
Did this fucker call the Clone wars actors “bad impersonators”?


Also your lightsaber fantasy is real. Vader Immortal. Bam.
Cue the fucking song and dance and trash that overpriced camera peripheral on the way out before it summons the Antichrist
Cobra Storm
Cobra Storm - 16 dager siden
A message from the future: Jedi Fallen Order
Ethan Todd
Ethan Todd - 17 dager siden
jontron! The voice actors for Yoda, Obi Wan, and Mace Windu are the same people that voiced them in the clone wars tv show from 2008! Have you no time to watch it to understand the voices?
Ethan Todd
Ethan Todd - 16 dager siden
@No Name but the voice actors of those people i mention in my last comment are the same ones from the clone wars.
No Name
No Name - 16 dager siden
You don't need to watch or understand anything to hear if a voice sounds good or bad. Maybe they're better in the Clone Wars, but in this game they were not very good.
Grayson Cardinali
Grayson Cardinali - 18 dager siden
If Jon actually new what a kinect is and how it works, then I feel like he would be understanding and realize how good of a game this is. (this was one of the games I played as a kid and seeing Jon insult it just hurts.)
LukeRen SSB
LukeRen SSB - 18 dager siden
near me there was an arcade that had the Star Wars pod racing game, but it was replaced by a chick fil a. Fuck
Alex Stambaugh
Alex Stambaugh - 18 dager siden
"Not the Virtual Reality future game"
Oculus: *Winning noises.*
brossetti - 19 dager siden
uhmmm.. i know its stupidly to late to make this comment but... you dont swipe. you just hover the icon over the arrows and itll change the page for you. XDDD just typing this out since i dont see much comments about it. XD
Jack The Slayer 7220
Jack The Slayer 7220 - 19 dager siden
Michael Toland
Michael Toland - 20 dager siden
Did he just fucking diss the clone wars actors?
Doglover210168 - 20 dager siden
Me casually looking through the comments for Fenella Druce
Terry T. Error
Terry T. Error - 21 dag siden
I remember getting this game back when it came out. It is sadly the best Kinect game to date. And that’ll probably never change given that Microsoft just kinda dropped it.
I will say the rancor rampage missions are actually a lot of fun. Which is probably why Jon didn’t linger on it too long. It still suffers from the wonky Kinect “controls” but I’d say it’s probably the most functional mode in the game.
Although I’ve heard that memes aside, galactic dance off is pretty good. Almost like they took the engine from a preexisting Kinect game and used it here... hmmm....
SCP:SL Scientist
SCP:SL Scientist - 21 dag siden
jontron I don’t mean to be THAT guy, but you don’t swipe to move the arrows. You hold your hand on it.
Arklados - 22 dager siden
Brooooooo they got the Clone Wars cast fa THIS?!?!?!? Waaaaack....
Ben Stringer
Ben Stringer - 22 dager siden
Never thought about this before but kinda mean to insult the voice actors for Yoda and such
Saethum The Tyrant
Saethum The Tyrant - 22 dager siden
The prequel to star cade
OwO - 22 dager siden
A lot of these would have probably worked better as Wii games since the controllers actually worked
BIRDBLASTER 666 - 23 dager siden
Star Wars vr is sorta a thing now. It’s called Vader immortal. Not the best game but hey it’s lightsabers in vr
PeacefulGoat YT
PeacefulGoat YT - 23 dager siden
9:49 Even after 8 years, it never gets old
RedTrooper 140
RedTrooper 140 - 23 dager siden
I have two copies of Star Wars Kinect
Condorcrest - 23 dager siden
4:28, I'm so sorry jon, but those are the real actor lines, well obi-wan's lines in there are strait from a movie.
vampyric_joker 1795
vampyric_joker 1795 - 24 dager siden
Lewis I
Lewis I - 24 dager siden
Now we have blade and sorcery vr lightsaber mods that are so awesome
the weeb gamer42
the weeb gamer42 - 25 dager siden
Xbox connect: the only good thing is the work out
idiotchild - 25 dager siden
This makes me feel old
gameapple - 26 dager siden
I love how the kinect makes cicada noises
Maus Tank
Maus Tank - 26 dager siden
Seb’s Stuff
Seb’s Stuff - 27 dager siden
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake - 28 dager siden
Awwww naaoooo
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake - 28 dager siden
I really like the intro, nice work.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 28 dager siden
The godforsaken dance battle makes me want to Kermit suicide
Ninja Master
Ninja Master - 28 dager siden
The hardest part of that game was clicking the start game button
SPIDER - MAN - 29 dager siden
Don’t make fun of the clone wars voice actors
Jamie Young
Jamie Young - 29 dager siden
After having seen the newer Star-Wars movies I’m begging for this game to be ported to a better console.
Possum8506 - 29 dager siden
Boys imma roll up to school dances doing the Han solo
Gregory McDonnell
Gregory McDonnell - Måned siden
Idk why I'm here
SciFiLOL - Måned siden
10:12 Jon on the top left: *shrug* “Okay I guess we’re really doing this”
TBPKenobi - Måned siden
The voices are from clone wars
Wiktor Wróbel
Wiktor Wróbel - Måned siden
This is old but i love it
Fellow Human
Fellow Human - Måned siden
Who else knew that you had to hover your hand over the arrow to turn menu
Tony Price
Tony Price - Måned siden
There was literally one Kinect game that I actually liked and all it was was puzzles
Cameron Rowe
Cameron Rowe - Måned siden
Oh man I forgot jirard was in this
joey donaldson
joey donaldson - Måned siden
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Fallout Fanatic 2007 The Vyonder
I came here for 2:03
Ian Fullen
Ian Fullen - Måned siden
Don't lie, you come back to this video every couple of months to see this masterpiece of a video
MrKoiking1 - Måned siden
8 years wtf
Aeus Redd
Aeus Redd - Måned siden
A petition for Jon To play just dance
Aeus Redd
Aeus Redd - Måned siden
A classic
AA Batteries
AA Batteries - Måned siden
Derp Lucario
Derp Lucario - Måned siden
Ah yes, when people hated the prequels. If only they knew the evils and horridness of the sequels were going to be on their doorstep in a few years
White Rabbit
White Rabbit - Måned siden
I just played this for “Galactic Dance Off”.
Kapitänleutnant Dilan
Kapitänleutnant Dilan - Måned siden
3:27 Lobo?
jarrett maltry
jarrett maltry - Måned siden
WOAH jirard looks like he got the platinum trophy at the gym! Guess I didnt really know who he was when I saw this all those years ago
Elijah The Conservative Jew
The Force Unleashed does a pretty decent job at the Jedi feel in my opinion
Elijah The Conservative Jew
@Top Coppelion Yeah that game is really underrated
Top Coppelion
Top Coppelion - Måned siden
The force is stronger in that game than the film's and the comics combined... and Vader does some apex stuff with the force in the comics!
Dezső Debreceni
Dezső Debreceni - Måned siden
So like
The M-Tag
It was some kind of QR code like stuff that was on bottles of a sugary sweet kids drink and you could scan it for bonuses like Sebulba's speeder and stuff like that. But If I recall correctly it was sold in Germany only. When I was young we searched online for """pirated""" versions of M tags with my father and we actually found ONE. ONE exactly, that rewarded us Sebulba's pod.
Simpler times.
Gavin Bishop
Gavin Bishop - Måned siden
Ah, the OG intro.
Rose - Måned siden
Eddi Hurta
Eddi Hurta - Måned siden
Have you played Phantom Menace for ps1 !! You can kill Anakin....When he is still a child! AND PADME TOO *Edit* Also KILL JAR JAR IN THE GAME
xneon - Måned siden
I really wanna see this in vr ngl
danjac354 - Måned siden
Closest thing you'll get to is Vader immortal.
Zand26 - Måned siden
Well now we have the Vader Immortal series
And dame those games were amazing
Lulu - Måned siden
Who knew some of the cons he has are mostly what are still around in reality
babycj0 - Måned siden
This was a blast
BJ Kaye
BJ Kaye - Måned siden
3:35 Fenella druce? Fenella fucking druce? What kind name is that?
cosmic person
cosmic person - Måned siden
I played the podracer arcade game
joey donaldson
joey donaldson - Måned siden
don’t worry Jon! in 6 years beat saber will be out!
Komi-San Must be Protected
They did it Jon, 8 years after they finally did it and made a star wars game with good lightsaber fighting
Comrade Pumpkinman
Comrade Pumpkinman - Måned siden
Athesies - Måned siden
4:26 did you just call james arnold Taylor's obi wan voice a "really bad impression"? That is not ok
Dingus Mcwingus
Dingus Mcwingus - Måned siden
Jon you’re just shit at the Kinect
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard - Måned siden
How do you quote movements?
Matches_Malone - 2 måneder siden
Prequels were awesome
M. A.
M. A. - 2 måneder siden
jerard used to be thin
Gabxeo - 2 måneder siden
Tiny jontron in the top left while the dancing games are on screen is fucking gold!!!!
ShaedTheMoron - 2 måneder siden
I like how he said that the voice double for Ewan was doing a terrible impression when I didnt even know Ewan didnt voice Obi Wan in the Clone Wars.
egghead meats
egghead meats - 2 måneder siden
You should do crossovers will the completionist more often

His reaction to han solo dancing is hilarious 🤣
Tots A
Tots A - 2 måneder siden
Can we agree that the wii did fine but the Kinect sucked
Jabberkong - 2 måneder siden
Can you review the new Star Wars VR games please
Trevor Jacobs
Trevor Jacobs - 2 måneder siden
It’s too late, and I’m bored, old Jon Tron videos it is
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer - 2 måneder siden
I enjoyed rancor rampage
Omni! Sans
Omni! Sans - 2 måneder siden
And to think that we have an ACTUAL and FULLY FUNCTIONAL Star Wars VR Game now.
Randoapple Big cheese
Randoapple Big cheese - 2 måneder siden
I actually liked rancor rampage
From what I can remember it may suck like the rest of the game
DIO - 2 måneder siden
I used to get beaten by my brother while playing this game, we always stood to close
Blue Therabbit
Blue Therabbit - 2 måneder siden
Dude those are the clone wars voice actors
Joel Pearman
Joel Pearman - 2 måneder siden
Ok internet, what's the name of that guy at 3:27?
CALL ME Daddy - 2 måneder siden
Dont worry jon in 8 years we will have a legit saber
PsyGuy - 2 måneder siden
JonTron, The Completionist, AND Star Wars Kid? This is the greatest crossover BEFORE Avengers Endgame!
Prime 3k
Prime 3k - 2 måneder siden
I do not believe that this is 8 years ago