Steven Seagal: Certified Tough Guy - JonTron

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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer
Mike Butler - Gaffer/Photography
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer
Charlotte Jafari - Production Designer
Runtime: 20:09


JonTronShow - 5 måneder siden
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TheGamingCarnotaurus - 14 dager siden
No I don’t think I will
Gordon519 - 20 dager siden
Ace pugtato
Ace pugtato - 24 dager siden
Yup Raid kidnapped him
Human Bean
Human Bean - Måned siden
F no
AUDIO - Måned siden
Homo sapiens TV
Homo sapiens TV - 11 minutter siden
Top 10 Overrated Games part 2 plzz
Ryan Hanselman
Ryan Hanselman - 27 minutter siden
This is a dangerous man. And not for his martial arts ability.
lil tuna
lil tuna - Time siden
please come back jon
James Levy
James Levy - 3 timer siden
Aikido does work. It’s very difficult, but those clips are real. I do aikido and you can really feel it
Grant Wood
Grant Wood - 3 timer siden
It's bulking season for Jon
muzzled bug
muzzled bug - 4 timer siden
I rewatched this for the 100th time and before the video started I got a raid ad lol
Onii Chan - The First Watslave
So.. Are you in hiatus again or something?
GeRmOnIc x
GeRmOnIc x - 4 timer siden
9:54 kinda looks like a discount McGee from NCIS
jckrprrp - 5 timer siden
Seagul is a joke
Sava Evtimov
Sava Evtimov - 5 timer siden
you now what this comment is for... RIP JHON ;(
Meh mo
Meh mo - 6 timer siden
This was uploaded on my birthday :D
Zohaib Qureshi
Zohaib Qureshi - 7 timer siden
Where tf r u jonytron
Connor Hamlin
Connor Hamlin - 8 timer siden
Something tells me if he went agianst anyone who knew actual martial arts, Steven would go down fast and be shocked, but say that he chose not to fight as to not hurt his opponents
Slick Ricky
Slick Ricky - 9 timer siden
Jon's doing that thing again where he makes us wonder where the hell he is, then comes back with a great intro telling us why he was gone, and then the rest of it being stupidly good. It's okay, Jon. I can wait.
War time Banana
War time Banana - 10 timer siden
JONTRON BE MY WEIRD UNCLE PLEASE I’ll tell you that you are the cool uncle
Mad Dog Entertainment
Mad Dog Entertainment - 11 timer siden
Ree Germain
Ree Germain - 11 timer siden
So...I take martial arts... Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiujitsu, and Karate...
...I’m not sure what “martial arts” this guy was doing.
Wimblo Pimpli
Wimblo Pimpli - 12 timer siden
12:54 the face
tylicia m
tylicia m - 12 timer siden
Why did I just notice that the arm used at 9:44 is actually a sex toy
AviatorAnimations - 12 timer siden
Introducing, my huge yet flaccid pianist
ThatGuyYea 54
ThatGuyYea 54 - 13 timer siden
yep,I still dislike raid
AJ13 - 13 timer siden
Oh no, Jontron went MIA.... Again
The Noob ReturnZ
The Noob ReturnZ - 14 timer siden
$0.10 for a spongebob ice cream? Where can I get that 😂
dvldog_0311 - 15 timer siden
We miss you Mr.Tron.
Equinox42 - 17 timer siden
Pretty sure that arm prop is a sex toy
monsieur Nugget
monsieur Nugget - 17 timer siden
jon's steven seagal get-up looks like a fat ray romano
Jacob Villena
Jacob Villena - 18 timer siden
Jones please come back. I miss you.
Scruffy the Comedian dog
Scruffy the Comedian dog - 18 timer siden
Have you never heard about Basil Brush before? He's a mischief making naughty vixen fox every time he laughs at something very funny he goes "Ha ha ha Boom boom!" JonTron will you please review Basil Brush? Trust me, after he said "Ha ha ha Boom boom!" Be sure to shout "Boom boom Basil!"
wb wam
wb wam - 19 timer siden
a translation of his "blues"
"And that, your just gonna have to see, I've got 700 dolla babeh, ain't you goin love on me?"
I'm not certain on that last bit, but I think, given the context, that that is what he said.
The second bit was
"everybody knows I'm here"
Christopher C.
Christopher C. - 19 timer siden
Welp he’s gone again y’all time to wait 3 years for him to resurface
Lucas LaCombe Roblox
Lucas LaCombe Roblox - 19 timer siden
Jon I’m sorry to say but you now suck because of raid
Teague Walter
Teague Walter - 20 timer siden
Goddammit Jon.
Jivko Yanchev
Jivko Yanchev - 21 time siden
He visited one more Eastern European country, Serbia. I think he was offered or even has a Serbian passport. He even was invited to teach Aikido to the Serbian Defence Force.
joshua miller
joshua miller - 21 time siden
h u m p t y d u m p t y s a t o n m y d i c k
Evan Finke
Evan Finke - 21 time siden
Babe plz come back :(
Jan Grochola
Jan Grochola - 21 time siden
I can't believe that it has already been a decade. I mean just look at what we achieved with John. I really appreciate John's film's. Oh and John if you reading it I just want to say thank you and BABY YOU'R A FIREWORK thank you again you really changed my life.
SuperZippyzippy - 22 timer siden
Michael Jai white would destroy seagal
Johahaa_ - 22 timer siden
he dead?
Malachai Davidson
Malachai Davidson - 22 timer siden
I don't know why but the hand tapping the podium at 10:23 fucking took me out
SuperZippyzippy - 22 timer siden
Why is he so fun to make fun of! He makes it fun because he thinks he's so badass.
Brennen Ellis
Brennen Ellis - 23 timer siden
Aikido is a real martial art.....these guys just aren’t real martial artists. I know an army combat instructor who teaches aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, as well as a couple of others. When he retired from the army he became a trainer for professional mma competitors. Aikido is indeed mostly about dropping someone to the ground.....from every angle. It teaches leverage from every angle imaginable so no matter how someone grabs you, the’ll still end up flat on their face. It’s a grappling martial art....not every art is kicking and chopping. Aikido was designed to end a fight as quickly as possible. The man who invented it wanted a art that was the least damaging as possible. Basically it’s a pacifist art....however it is still effective. However anyone who says they are a killing machine and who studies aikido is missing the point of aikido. If your not a pacifist then aikido is combined in tandem with a more combat oriented art especially various types of boxing.
Generic Name
Generic Name - 23 timer siden
who would've known a video sponsored by raid would be his last.
Bapapolini - 23 timer siden
He sounds like shoenice
Slick Mike
Slick Mike - Dag siden
Aikido is in fact a martial art, mocked by people who haven't had their wrists nearly snapped.
-A guy that had his wrist nearly snapped
SenerTV - Dag siden
3:30 two people who sounded like that guy on pvz
Sam&Tibs - Dag siden
Steven Seagal looks like DSP now...
Lake Strobel
Lake Strobel - Dag siden
When Jon is dressed as the S-Man he looks like a chubby Lin Manuel Miranda
Penguinboy 647
Penguinboy 647 - Dag siden
Me:don't do it don't you do it

Rayray Bowser
Rayray Bowser - Dag siden
Where the hell is jontron??? This dude disappeared like my dad going to get a pack of smokes.
Rayray Bowser
Rayray Bowser - Dag siden
siskavard yeah because no youtubers have made any content in that last 10 months or anything. As long as you’re not 80 years old I think you got a pretty good chance of surviving anyway.
siskavard - Dag siden
Hmm not sure, maybe it has to do with this GLOBAL FUCKING PANDEMIC
sakib hadzic
sakib hadzic - Dag siden
1 Year Ago
JDinThehouse 1
JDinThehouse 1 - Dag siden
Ig another 11 month break?
Kadren Wolf
Kadren Wolf - Dag siden
To be Frank I take aikido classes, And in all those instances those were Choreograph Scenes for educational and entertainment value.
Being flipped by a 60 year old Brown belt Old lady, and I'm 6'5! kinda lets you know that it's real. Now if it works outside in a street fight? Can't say since I haven't been in a fight in a year
Kadren Wolf
Kadren Wolf - Dag siden
@Cameron lol sorry for the spelling error, I was using the Google voice thing. And yeah its more for getting out of the fight, not for an all out brawl.
Cameron - Dag siden
*Choreographed, but I hear what you’re saying. It probably isn’t smart to judge the entirety of Aikido just because of Steven Seagal
Charmaine Taimani
Charmaine Taimani - Dag siden
Hi jon
nigerian scammer
nigerian scammer - Dag siden
Jonathan Aryan Jafari was sadly flipped by Steven.
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan - Dag siden
Oh my God, Jon, this guy means business. If you're not careful, he just might write a Facebook post. We'll all be doomed.
legofan154 - Dag siden
Is dead
Sam Laufer
Sam Laufer - Dag siden
Steven’s net worth:$16 million
Steven singing soul:I got seven Hunnid dolla baby!
Raging Thunder
Raging Thunder - Dag siden
I stopped paying attention right before jon dressed up as steven seagal. Didnt even bat an eye, was just like "yeah steven seagal just doin steven seagal things."
rblx veteran
rblx veteran - Dag siden
Jon blink three times if raid Shadow legends or warpath has your family
Gengargamer64 - Dag siden
*S i g h s after i just got a christmas ver of raid shadow legends as my ad as soon as i see jon's sponser*

What funny timing and Irony. . . .
uyfhfd hhgv
uyfhfd hhgv - Dag siden
He's a black belt bullshit artist. Not a single truth came out of his mouth.
Random YouTuber
Random YouTuber - Dag siden
But when the world needed him most,
*he vanished.*
Dominic C
Dominic C - Dag siden
Please come back john
Kevin Situ
Kevin Situ - Dag siden
aikido is a real art but its fucking useless in real life situations(aka someone who reacting normally) and takes a long time to master... so people just hire stunt men to act like they know it
Decoy Account
Decoy Account - Dag siden
We just need to talk a big company into sponsoring Jon, then he'll have to make a video.
DropOut - Dag siden
jon come back
imTEKO - Dag siden
Liam Valois-Reilly
Liam Valois-Reilly - Dag siden
Luke Gauthier
Luke Gauthier - Dag siden
Hey jontron there's a flexglue clear commercial, you should do it😂😂😂 keep the trends flowing
Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson - Dag siden
Fuck Raid: Shadow Legend.
Their commercials are the worst.
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie - Dag siden
Is you kay
TheRiolumon - Dag siden
Come back Jon
The Turdinator
The Turdinator - Dag siden
Damn Jon, you haven't uploaded since I owned a house.
...Life's been hard 😔
Connor Stickels
Connor Stickels - Dag siden
Of COURSE this was a Joe Arpaio thing, I am not in the least bit surprised
bluebird661 - Dag siden
Jon gon tron
Caroline Nguyen
Caroline Nguyen - Dag siden
eeeehhhh, that thumb is so gross, its so yellow!
fireyfists - Dag siden
it's alright guys, he's just taking his bi-yearly break again. In the next episode, he'll be meeting up with GradeAunderA
amy sargent
amy sargent - Dag siden
Can you do a review of the old Lego Video Games before Star Wars 2005? It would be interesting.
James Montgomery
James Montgomery - Dag siden
What wtf
ItsMeCODY - Dag siden
And just like that, jontron is gone once again
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - Dag siden
Where is next video Jontron-sama?
issamrg g
issamrg g - Dag siden
well that's the most shitiest mulcher Arts in the world
Andrew - Dag siden
When the world needed him the most, he vanished.
Deal Maker
Deal Maker - Dag siden
"That's what makes me a master shooter"
Excuse me, Stephen?
Jules Woodbury
Jules Woodbury - Dag siden
JonTron should review/react to the documentary Tickled. The premise is just so absurd it feels like JonTron wrote the script and directed it himself.
RagingCynical - Dag siden
Ben J. Johnson
Ben J. Johnson - Dag siden
You guys have to remember that with the exception of maybe a few other people, Jon primarily makes his videos independently. He does a majority of the writing, acting and editing. And if you're doing all this by yourself, it can take months to shell out a good video. The motivation to make them applies to this as well.
Derpboat - 2 dager siden
i bet 10 bobux this man hasnt used a serian hamster as a fastball in a game of dodgeball
then again if he did that PETA would be like

Exceptional Animations
Exceptional Animations - 2 dager siden
14:16 that sound effect actually made me turn around these headphones are really realistic
GANDY - 2 dager siden
You good bro?
DJtasty Jamzz
DJtasty Jamzz - 2 dager siden
I think he's only ever gonna come back when he needs the money and then dip again lol
Frozze - 2 dager siden
GeorgeMoclea - 2 dager siden
when the thing on 5:14 happend i got a error lol
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 2 dager siden
While this videos are fun, I miss the times he did gaming content
The Mechanist
The Mechanist - 2 dager siden
Jon is like my dad. He stayed with me for a couple years then went for the milk 6 months ago
swarm8427 - 2 dager siden
I could not watch this every time I tried I would cringe.
Lightening Blond
Lightening Blond - 2 dager siden
Milk Duds
Koda zaddy
Koda zaddy - 2 dager siden
Someone's Youtube Username
Someone's Youtube Username - 2 dager siden
Steven would be a lot more convincing at selling his action hero image if hadn't let himself go out of shape. 😐