Takeshi's Challenge - JonTron

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Jon plays the infamous Takeshi's Challenge, the game made by famous Japanese actor Beat Takeshi.
Writer/Actor/Director - Jon Jafari
Co-Writer/Cinematography - Paul 'Tortoise Shell' Ritchey : noburn.info
Title Cards + Intro - Michael Azzi : michafrar.tumblr.com/
JonTron Logo : Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill
Special thanks to:
ALEX S MINI REMIX - jontron theme
Runtime: 14:40


Cameron Madsen
Cameron Madsen - 16 timer siden
As a Mormon myself I can confirm that you are allowed to eat us
Alexander King
Alexander King - 23 timer siden
“I better should should probably check the broble make sure that’s OK”
playz crayon
playz crayon - Dag siden
I see he took your advice and decided to just be a character in games and not the main one
playz crayon
playz crayon - Dag siden
I am of course referring to yakuza 6
SilverEagleX - Dag siden
The best thing about this entire video is that with each passing year, 11:42 gets even funnier
Nalydious - Dag siden
Me: and a couple years later, there'd be a licensed Nintendo game where someone kidnaps your wife, marries her, then burns you and your friends alive. Oh and also, the guy who kidnapped your wife was your brother in law, so incest.
Edit: And one of your friends who survived getting burned alive gets tortured.
Jess - 2 dager siden
“Combatting worldwide plagues” hits differently now
Branden Mills
Branden Mills - 3 dager siden
Hello im baggie cheese
jbugg - 4 dager siden
best part about this video: JonTron's chest hair.
truth seeker
truth seeker - 5 dager siden
I truly miss the times when this video came out when the pandemic was nothing more than a thought from the Spanish flu
TCoilStudios - 6 dager siden
Takeshi’s challenge, the only game you can lose before you start it
barry edwards
barry edwards - 6 dager siden
lol i have guinea pigs their both dad and son their names are pep and beskit
Garrett Smeeth
Garrett Smeeth - 7 dager siden
Combating world wide plauges, yikes.
Sidney Crume
Sidney Crume - 7 dager siden
now I wonder if Takeshi ever watch this video
KARAMEL FLAN, The Drawer from Drawfrens
It's funny how there's a store named "Dick's Pachinko" which probably says in the Japanese version "Chinpo's Pachinko"
littleferrhis - 9 dager siden
Anti-Maskers: “Are you sure about that?”
Zavier Allen
Zavier Allen - 9 dager siden
Phuc Wad
Phuc Wad - 9 dager siden
Is this the same Takeshi as Takeshis Castle?
Phuc Wad
Phuc Wad - 9 dager siden
Famicon controlllers are short you noob
Good stuff Ward
Good stuff Ward - 10 dager siden
Kill all mormons
Good stuff Ward
Good stuff Ward - 9 dager siden
@Phuc Wad but im not a mormon
Phuc Wad
Phuc Wad - 9 dager siden
Starting with you
Ree Germain
Ree Germain - 10 dager siden
Coming back here to watch this for Beat Takeshi’s birthday (January 18th).
cloudy king studios
cloudy king studios - 10 dager siden
The real question is would you rather play this whole game front to back or would you want to relive 2020
tony gilbert
tony gilbert - 11 dager siden
My cousin was on it he lost in the final
Clash1138 - 11 dager siden
Fun fact: it is possible to get to the treasure without divorcing your wife, quitting your job or beating up the old man, however if you do so you get intercepted at the treasue by either your wife, your boss or the old man, which all result in a game over
Fun Fact 2: The game was originally supposed to just be a console version of Takeshi's Castle, before Kitano himself called the devs while drunk at a bar and made them change it to this
Rusty Mew
Rusty Mew - 11 dager siden
Actually, there is more to the ending than what Jon saw. If you wait a while while on the ending screen, a second message will pop up saying this:
“You actually bothered to finish this crappy game?
Don’t take it so seriously.”
Max_ _Games214
Max_ _Games214 - 12 dager siden
And here I am thinking Dark Souls was hard
Dr. Coomer Clone
Dr. Coomer Clone - 12 dager siden
Hey Jon tron... the isnt the true ending there is a secret ending
skeletalmixer101 - 12 dager siden
Going into this blind is interesting because the comments are doomers
Levi Pike
Levi Pike - 12 dager siden
Am I the only person who accidentally mistakes Jon's bird for a T-Rex in the intro?
Cognito Hazrd1
Cognito Hazrd1 - 13 dager siden
Why does a nintendo licensed game, WITH VIOLENCE AND SWEAR WORDS Exist? What the fucking fuck???
logansupersonic 04
logansupersonic 04 - 13 dager siden
Whenever i looked up the broble google thought i ment to say the problem
soccergirlsv92 - 13 dager siden
"I've been playing this since 2012" is even funnier in 2021 lol.
Kenji Sakamoto
Kenji Sakamoto - 13 dager siden
Did he reply back
Maiky Bravo
Maiky Bravo - 13 dager siden
2:02 I looked it up... CONFIRMED
Nathaniel West
Nathaniel West - 14 dager siden
Did he actually start in 2012😂😂😂
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor - 15 dager siden
"I don't like goblins! *strange scream*" gets me everytime-
Guppy Empire
Guppy Empire - 15 dager siden
Takeshi: mwahahahhahahahaha I have created the unbeatable
Antonio José Martínez Salas
0:40 it hits sooooooooooooo diferent now
Amanda Elizabeth
Amanda Elizabeth - 15 dager siden
0:40 “Combating” is one way to put it ☠️
Ethantuffy9876 - 16 dager siden
5:38 That's a man right there
Átila Cirano
Átila Cirano - 16 dager siden
..and the letter?
A. Ruiz
A. Ruiz - 17 dager siden
"Better check the broble..."Jontron.
joey donaldson
joey donaldson - 17 dager siden
The snobbish actress feraly camp because wedge curiously depend worth a obedient bath. yielding, sparkling japan
Gabriel Flamerich
Gabriel Flamerich - 17 dager siden
Yakuza have a short A, not a long one
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 16 dager siden
They also have a short d
rGToaster - 17 dager siden
I’m from the future. Invest in bit coin
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 16 dager siden
The NOburn comment section has never been original and is somehow become more and morenunoruginql with each passing hour
Cookie. co
Cookie. co - 16 dager siden
I don't think you know how comment sections work
ssdarko1 - 17 dager siden
Edgar Friendly
Edgar Friendly - 18 dager siden
I watch this video at least once a year and laugh out loud every time
oblivion !!!!!!!
oblivion !!!!!!! - 19 dager siden
2/10? Then what in the world is a 1/10?
Eldritch Hollow
Eldritch Hollow - 19 dager siden
Man this guys content is timeless
Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs - 19 dager siden
Omg. I want this.
Sarah Jacobs
Sarah Jacobs - 19 dager siden
This explains where a lot of J-horror comes from: backstories of family annihilation, and the detective never solves the case (i.e., wins the game).
Winston Durham
Winston Durham - 20 dager siden
0:41 aged well,
DatSpoi - 21 dag siden
0:40 that aged like a fine wine
Ben Quadinaros
Ben Quadinaros - 21 dag siden
That 2012 joke keeps getting better
Wild_Woffy - 22 dager siden
Jon: you- you suppose to yell on to microphone on second controller *Then has a breakdown*
Noah H
Noah H - 22 dager siden
The sales chart killed me
Lightning Shy
Lightning Shy - 22 dager siden
*nods in contemplation* PUNCH
Zetsubøu _333
Zetsubøu _333 - 23 dager siden
Combatting word wide plagues
Majd Mohammed
Majd Mohammed - 23 dager siden
0:47 add a world pandemic to that list would ya?

But put it under Takeshi's Challenge, it was WAY harder to beat that.
son goku
son goku - 24 dager siden
Combating worldwide plagues
About that...
mirrored universe
mirrored universe - 24 dager siden
This game weirdly seems like Postal 2 before Postal 2
IO error
IO error - 25 dager siden
John's narrations are cool
D.E.A.M 5
D.E.A.M 5 - 25 dager siden
I think 2020 was a a greater challenge then this
anonymous blanketgirl
anonymous blanketgirl - 25 dager siden
Who else read the name as 'Takeshit's Challenge'?
Random Nerd
Random Nerd - 26 dager siden
Now I kinda wanna see him do a review of Pathologic, because that game was made to screw the player over
Branch Williams
Branch Williams - 26 dager siden
Boy Jon would sure hate to know that Any% speed runners have beat it in a few seconds over 4 minutes
Latexu95 - 26 dager siden
1:12 Whoa, I guess Takeshi is like Leonardo Da Vinci of Japan, because they both had a very big number of professions under their belt.
Reagan Doll
Reagan Doll - 27 dager siden
How is No one talking about the image at the beginning UNCENSORED?!?
Adrian Xhokli
Adrian Xhokli - 25 dager siden
@Reagan Doll yep, it blew my mind when i found it out as a kid
Reagan Doll
Reagan Doll - 25 dager siden
@Adrian Xhokli hmm. So there is...
Adrian Xhokli
Adrian Xhokli - 25 dager siden
@Reagan Doll no it doesn't, maybe at first when the virus first started, but not now. It's pretty hard to find controversial videos that are monetized, but it's actually surprisingly easy to find nudity on youtube. It's allowed as long as it's for educational or art purposes
Reagan Doll
Reagan Doll - 25 dager siden
@Adrian Xhokli but saying covid gets you demonotized?
Adrian Xhokli
Adrian Xhokli - 26 dager siden
i assume you're a kid, but yeah when it comes to old art like that nudity doesn't really matter, it's allowed on youtube and isn't really seen as inappropriate
Brenden smith
Brenden smith - 27 dager siden
Who watching in 2021
Plissken - 28 dager siden
Toy Maker
Toy Maker - 28 dager siden
Damn what what a fucking wonderful reviewer
SPeck De non Existence
SPeck De non Existence - 28 dager siden
John Smith
John Smith - 29 dager siden
"Literally murder your children"
CoffeeFruit - 29 dager siden
Six years after this video came out, the only thing I’m actually curious about is whether or not Kitano-san replied to Jon’s letter.
Chickenseu - Måned siden
Yes world wide plagues we wouldn’t happens to know anything about that
Ulysses - Måned siden
Ive learned here Hell is something that you don't look for, its something that you happen upon on accident.
Roy Chen
Roy Chen - Måned siden
"combating worldwide plague"
also pretty great game i guess.
Red Haired Rando
Red Haired Rando - Måned siden
Even china can't build a wall around corona.
Curtic Carmichael
Curtic Carmichael - Måned siden
Who wants an HD Remake?
The Doge
The Doge - Måned siden
It really confuses me how he managed to beat this game but couldn't get past level 2 of Monster Bash.
E. Renato
E. Renato - Måned siden
“Eew i don’t like Goblins!”
Someguy who likes to draw manga:
*... I can make this a thing.*
TerranMonarch - Måned siden
When was the last time we saw Jon at full power like this
beanbisket - Måned siden
So uh... which one did you pick
holmeeni89 - Måned siden
World has gone shit, Jon Tron WE NEED YOU COME BACK AND SAVE US!
Jace Banks
Jace Banks - Måned siden
2 years
MR. Bones
MR. Bones - Måned siden
I rewatched this video and heard one line "combating worldwide plagues..."
MR. Bones
MR. Bones - Måned siden
jontron predicted 2020
Eyeless Lily Quo
Eyeless Lily Quo - Måned siden
Did u ever get a reply from Takeshi
Jonas Pollock
Jonas Pollock - Måned siden
I trying grilled mormans and let’s player,and let’s just say they both tasted pretty gamey
BestShadow - Måned siden
1:33 Goblin Slayer in a nutshell
Flankyou AllDay
Flankyou AllDay - Måned siden
Wait a minute. Jon sings regularly but he didn't include the karaoke part which requires you to sing in to the controller. What? What the fuck?!
Punch/Counterpunch 2000
Punch/Counterpunch 2000 - Måned siden
He probably didn’t wanna get roasted by trying to sing in Japanese
SmoothGamer_201 - Måned siden
Marrow - Måned siden
see's embor in the background, "ah, a man of culture I see."
Friendly Neighborhood Maverick Hunter
I don’t likem
jatttyankeee - Måned siden
I love this game a lot it's so hilarious
Dylkiller 69
Dylkiller 69 - Måned siden
Reminder that Dean Takahashi spend almost 10 minutes beating one obstacle on the tutorial for cuphead
TheSterStrippedGamer - Måned siden
Takeshi's challenge lowkey did fallout before fallout.
Ry Mo
Ry Mo - Måned siden
Better check the broble
Seven7 1987
Seven7 1987 - Måned siden
Hey JonTron did you forgot the Return Address?
Daniel Yelle
Daniel Yelle - Måned siden
0:44 white was not the imposter
desolatesock - Måned siden
the og yakuza
Ray Frizelle
Ray Frizelle - Måned siden
Takeshi cursed the video it crashed my computer lol
Seven7 1987
Seven7 1987 - Måned siden
@JonTron Takeshi's Challenge was a tritogy not one and done
Seven7 1987
Seven7 1987 - Måned siden
Games Nowadays do let you divorce your wife, just you didn't see them