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My opinion on Blizzard taking down the Nostalrius Private Server.
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Quarren Everett
Quarren Everett - 7 timer siden
proabilition was a hoax that got out of hand and wasn't even intentionally serious by the ones that instated it nor did they follow it XD
Artislife Lifeisart
Artislife Lifeisart - 3 dager siden
This really all started when they merged with Activision. What a heinous company.
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser - 4 dager siden
This is why I miss the old jontron.
Who Else But Zane?
Who Else But Zane? - 8 dager siden
I'm not familiar with anything blizzard but this reminds me a lot of am2r and project m
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie - 14 dager siden
This is before hong kong isnt it
Vergil Drake
Vergil Drake - 17 dager siden
Hmm, I wonder what he thinks about Shadowlands.
spookanide - 21 dag siden
Taking down servers left and right. "Are you going to launch legacy servers?" "Pfuh, no!? Are you dumb??" Keeping on taking down servers... "The time has come to launch classic WoW"
Prankster Pranton
Prankster Pranton - 24 dager siden
I dont mean it stay
fuzzy - Måned siden
you think you want oxygen but you dont
Tyler Stiegelmeyer
Tyler Stiegelmeyer - Måned siden
WOW was dead to me when mists of pandaria came out
Stormtempter F
Stormtempter F - 16 dager siden
I made it to the end of Warlords. The entire expansion though, I really wasn't enjoying myself. Just the people I had been raiding with for over a decade.
Samson Shadin
Samson Shadin - Måned siden
Chess was made in America
no on
no on - 10 dager siden
Samson Shadin haha that's alright. thanks to you I learned a new fact
Samson Shadin
Samson Shadin - 10 dager siden
@no on flip thanks men that's what happen when you make shit comments in youtube at 3 am xD
no on
no on - 11 dager siden
@Samson Shadin all i was saying is that it's smelled "America" lol
Samson Shadin
Samson Shadin - 11 dager siden
@no on ya the raw unfinished version of cheese was made in india amaricans saw what they liked polished it up and turned it into Chess
no on
no on - 12 dager siden
Phoenix Binks
Phoenix Binks - Måned siden
I love this channel. Just like that thing in the background, I'm a huge fan
Tai Bannister
Tai Bannister - Måned siden
blizzard: pissing people off since who knows when
Sniper Sylo
Sniper Sylo - Måned siden
And then Nintendo happened
Michael Guy
Michael Guy - Måned siden
8:35 if they replaced every chessboard with a switch that only plays fire emblem. Fun game but not for everyone
Juaquin De Anda
Juaquin De Anda - Måned siden
Meh, I'm waiting for Wotlk classic servers.
AGELO A - 2 måneder siden
JOHN WATKIN - 2 måneder siden
i thought this video was going to be about dairy queen
forgotten minifigures
forgotten minifigures - 2 måneder siden
Jontron I’m here from the future watch out for the combo viris I don’t have my co time butbdbnddbjdjd tape ended
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker - 3 måneder siden
I love that Jon still has this up. It's more relevant now than even when he made this video!
Ace Hole
Ace Hole - 3 måneder siden
I didn't know... but I still stayed
Sad Brocky
Sad Brocky - 3 måneder siden
Whoever thought that he predicted the future?!
Mr. Mcgee
Mr. Mcgee - 3 måneder siden
The earliest predecessor of the game probably originated in India, before the 6th century AD. From India, the game spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern Europe.
Diskrot - 3 måneder siden
ross scott
Arzt - 3 måneder siden
you didn't mention Diablo 2 when talking about the good old blizzard games?
WTF jon
Dr. Stone, PhD
Dr. Stone, PhD - 3 måneder siden
“You’re about...3 years two early.”
Dafoose - 4 måneder siden
Shocko - 4 måneder siden
Yabuturtle - 4 måneder siden
Now I don't expect games to be the same as a game should change a little and somewhat evolve, but the mechanics really should stay the same for most part. I mean, if it's not broke, don't fix it. I would have kept almost all of the mechanics, but add in the new races, classes, race class combinations, and the new areas, like alternate Draenor, Shadowlands, Broken Isles, Zandalar and Kul Tiras as well as Pandaria, and Shadowlands, and of course Outlands and Northerend. I do like that they changed the combinations like with Orcs being mages, since I felt it made no sense that they couldn't but they can be warlocks. If Ogres can be friggin mages, so should Orcs. xD Also I think people forgot that Humans couldn't be Hunters and Blood Elf couldn't be warriors yet a Gnome could. Makes zero sense. xD I do like the allied races as well.
I do think mechanics should stay the same, well almost all of it, considering these games are not sequels, but expansions. They are EXPANDING it, not redoing the game when it comes to mechanics. I expect sequels to be changed because they are sequels. Expansions are expanding on the original game, so it should mostly stay the same except for additional spells, races, classes, class/race combinations, as well as new territories.
Vito Scaletta
Vito Scaletta - 4 måneder siden
Pause at 0:00
Nate Grettenberger
Nate Grettenberger - 4 måneder siden
I guess it would be right for Winnie the Poohs bitch to tell people what they can and cannot like.
OMEGA LOL - 4 måneder siden
This didn't age well.
LoveandParty - 5 måneder siden
look at that fancy electric fan though...
Haagen - 5 måneder siden
I would pay $100 to play on a WOTLK server again
Nightstalker314 - 3 måneder siden
Just wait ~2.5 years.
Hockholliday - 5 måneder siden
Come to Warmane
Ollie - 6 måneder siden
Give us the chess video already
Gonner CK
Gonner CK - 6 måneder siden
I'm relatively new player and this pisses me off
Son of Thors
Son of Thors - 6 måneder siden
Blizzard is too busy licking China’s boots.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - 6 måneder siden
Could you do an update to this video? I enjoyed your opinion on this subject :D
LogaSoba - 6 måneder siden
OG Warcraft 3 players be like 3:23 - 3:26
Carl The Gamer
Carl The Gamer - 6 måneder siden
This is awesome. You're fkin awesome.
So That's Devintart
So That's Devintart - 6 måneder siden
Wouldn’t it have been easier if Blizzard just took control of NOSTALRIUS? I mean like hire some of the devs, ask for a cut of the profits received from the website? And not taint your relationship with existing players?
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 6 måneder siden
Someone explain why this seems to have come up again eight momths ago?
vegetayami - 6 måneder siden
me : "why is he complaining ? they have retail server !
also me : watching the date it was postet "oh i understand now, well i guess you won ?"
Friendly Redneck Neighbor
Friendly Redneck Neighbor - 7 måneder siden
Vanilla Warcraft will always be my number one pick when it comes to MMO‘s. Respect the hell out of you for making this rant back in the day John, I firmly believe it had a lot to do with why it came back eventually.
Al coholic
Al coholic - 7 måneder siden
i hate blizzards too
Goach Achsong
Goach Achsong - 5 måneder siden
Because you havent brain
Gangladesh - 7 måneder siden
I have similar problems with the changes made in the diablo series ... to me diablo 3 is crap
tena2013 - 7 måneder siden
"Its like dad has alzheimers"
No lie that's how I feel about pokemon. The only difference is that I can put in an old pokemon game in my 3DS/GBA and play the good times, but it still hurts to see that lack of developer integrity
No one likes you Charles Dugan
No one likes you Charles Dugan - 7 måneder siden
I wish there was like a vanilla version of the of fortnite because that’s when it was good
Rizzle Gaming
Rizzle Gaming - 7 måneder siden
Add me on runescape rizzle427
Rizzle Gaming
Rizzle Gaming - 7 måneder siden
Ruuuuuuune scape play it noooww
Rizzle Gaming
Rizzle Gaming - 7 måneder siden
Runescape is better
Quaza - 3 dager siden
All MMO's scuk
Goach Achsong
Goach Achsong - 5 måneder siden
WoW classic is the BEST EVER!
Big Iron
Big Iron - 7 måneder siden
Thought this was gonna be you complaining about snow storms. Very disappointed.
Sire HD
Sire HD - 7 måneder siden
Exactly man
ArmedDarkly - 7 måneder siden
only took them 3 years to listen....
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 7 måneder siden
why am i only seeing this now this was 4 years ago
Nolan Askew
Nolan Askew - 7 måneder siden
Haha, I thought this was about the hong Kong riots. This aged like milk.
Greenchili Studioz
Greenchili Studioz - 7 måneder siden
This video poorly lol
Enfant Des Astres
Enfant Des Astres - 7 måneder siden
So we're playing ultra chess or nah ?
Frost Fever
Frost Fever - 7 måneder siden
I'd bet that this video swayed blizz into the right direction.
Goach Achsong
Goach Achsong - 5 måneder siden
@YupimonEvolve why worse? they created the game. they have a rights.
Greenchili Studioz
Greenchili Studioz - 7 måneder siden
highly doubt it
weslar7 - 7 måneder siden
Same as Star Wars, not the biggest deal ever, but meant a lot to people. Then they ruined it and hated on the fans for having a problem with it. And Blizzard has only gotten worse, sad.
Declan Terry-Lacrosse
Declan Terry-Lacrosse - 7 måneder siden
and yet they made world of Warcraft classic. even though they said they wouldn't make servers for the older versions
Drejul - 4 måneder siden
Do you remember when Blizzard said that it was physically impossible to get the data for old WoW back? I remember.
Joey - 7 måneder siden
I came here thinking it was about Dairy Queen blizzard...🤦‍♂️
M9 - 7 måneder siden
sofloantonio made chess
Many Achievables
Many Achievables - 7 måneder siden
Mojang: *Allows people to play any version of Minecraft, and are completely alright with people modding their game.*
WoW: "You don't want that. You think you want it, but you don't."
Dean BOT
Dean BOT - 7 måneder siden
why does jontron hate dairy queen?
pixel brat
pixel brat - 7 måneder siden
Tbh I'm only familiar with warcraft 3 frozen throne
Aaron Korba
Aaron Korba - 7 måneder siden
Blizzard had the fucking nerve to make a vanilla version while taking down private ones.
Brock LaPlume
Brock LaPlume - 7 måneder siden
Oh my have tables turned!!! We disgraced him for the rant... Now we have massive controversy!!!! A little delayed jon but I would like to say sorry for everybody who dismissed your rant...
Mitchell Bowling
Mitchell Bowling - 7 måneder siden
And this was before the stand with Hong Kong stuff
Kurtis Deakin
Kurtis Deakin - 7 måneder siden
How have you fucking nerds not told Blizzard where to stick it by now??!!..... Seriously.... How much longer do you keep spooning down their bullshit??
Charlie Nordlof
Charlie Nordlof - 7 måneder siden
0:00 General Kenobi
The SleepyTimes
The SleepyTimes - 7 måneder siden
And years later, Blizzard sides with China’s communist party on the Hong Kong situation
Kimonemo - 7 måneder siden
I got club penguin vibes. .-.
Seamus Wellen
Seamus Wellen - 7 måneder siden
Young tron
Trickyy - 7 måneder siden
And now they have WoW Classic, how the turns have tabled
OptiJams - 7 måneder siden
Though I adore modern WoW, I do still recognize that people prefer classic and that they should be able to play it that way
Ben Parker
Ben Parker - 7 måneder siden
Im still buying OW2 idc
Egcart - 8 måneder siden
This aged well.... very well
MrMikko5000 - 8 måneder siden
I wanna go back to Wrath.
Shiruba - 8 måneder siden
Free Hong Kong!
DracoPinkish - 8 måneder siden
I started Playing when mist of pandaria came out then stopped before warlords because i was in high school and haven't been since but I enjoyed it of course i wasn't there since the beginning but I get his love for the game I love the game still and I haven't touched it in years
The one The only
The one The only - 8 måneder siden
Filipe Gil
Filipe Gil - 8 måneder siden
What about Diablo, Jon?!?!
Evan Fehr
Evan Fehr - 8 måneder siden
That's exactly where it went down, wrath of the lich king rode the burning crusades wagon, until they just flopped it right into the ditch!
Evan Fehr
Evan Fehr - 8 måneder siden
I feel the same, I used to play 11-9 years ago, but I jumped back on to play for like one day, and I was already at level 30 getting my mount day one, something that took me 2 months before took like 4-6 hours I hated it, even though they added like 10 new quests to the starting zone, I couldn't enjoy any of them, because I was too high powered to even enjoy them!
David Umstattd
David Umstattd - 8 måneder siden
Remember when this was the worst thing Blizzard had done? These were good days.
Kyu Kyu
Kyu Kyu - 8 måneder siden
Honestly I've never played any WOW or Blizzed games, but from thar cunts response, I KNOW that Blizzard is just a bunch of douchebags whom I'm not surprised that they like to get fucked in the ass by the CCP.
Kadeem The Dream
Kadeem The Dream - 8 måneder siden
Blizzard has only gotten worse lmao
EvoStar - 8 måneder siden
The talent rework alone ruined everything.
Mofo - 8 måneder siden
"I'm probably gonna regret making this video"
Korrade - 8 måneder siden
Can someone explains the blizzard controversy that happened 7 months ago?
SolarFluxation - 8 måneder siden
0:00 General Kenobi
Zeghart - 8 måneder siden
Little did Jon know, it would only get worse.
The Alright Tank Historian
The Alright Tank Historian - 8 måneder siden
"I'll probably regret making this"
Hah nope
Whiite - 8 måneder siden
I fucking love this video. Fuck modern Blizzard.
Maddest of Lads
Maddest of Lads - 8 måneder siden
TF2 fans be like:
jax rammus
jax rammus - 8 måneder siden
Meanwhile blizzard being the money whores that they are saw a demand and turned on their decision to make profit off of the players. And it's the thing that revitalized world of warcraft. Fire that punk
Shinkai Atusya
Shinkai Atusya - 8 måneder siden
There is nothing like finding a Jontron video that you haven't seen.
Bob Mali Bali Yahmarley
Bob Mali Bali Yahmarley - 8 måneder siden
Blizzard is still shit.
Transistor Bipolar
Transistor Bipolar - 8 måneder siden
It's everyday, bro, with the Chinese money flow