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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this epic event! It was an unforgettable experience! If you want to check out the people who were in this video, click below:
Tom Jackson:
Klaudia Kovacs:
Chris O' Neill:
Michael Swain:
Matt Jolly:
Business Inquiries:
Producer/Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Emilio Torres
Production Coordinator - Charlotte Claw
Gaffer/Camera Operator - Mike Shayne
Unsame Consequences Camera Operator- Rony Portillo
Unsame Consequences Sound Mixer - Matthew Bunker
Gumdrop Camera Operator - Conor Murdock
Gumdrop Sound Mixer - Rick Bizenza
Key Make-up Artist/Puppet Fabricator - Melanie Licata
Make Up artist - Maria Alexandra
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer/Guinea Pig Wrangler/Puppeteer - Lynell Vinuya
Leadman/Puppeteer - Mike Butler
Prop Fabricator - Robert Taylor
Carpenters - Trevor Lazinski, Bryce Gallo, Holly Durgan
Production Assistant- Aramis Klein
Guinea Pigs - Kheewee & Lingling
Team Unsame Consequences:
Jon Jafari - Game Designer
Tom Jackson - Programmer
Claudia Kovacs - Artist
Team Gumdrop:
Chris O'Neil - Game Designer
Michael Swain - Programmer
Matt Jolly - Artist
Wisconsin Mom - Monica Franco
President of Laos - Tran Lu
Worlds Strongest Gamer - Zach Hadel
Trophy Babe - Charlotte Claw
Music by Tom Ryan
Game Jam Logo by Leighton Stollard
Runtime: 32:19


JonTronShow - År siden
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Complicated Emerald
Complicated Emerald - 24 dager siden
when raid kidnaps your family
FirewildX - Måned siden
You were the chosen one! You were meant to destroy these awful games not join them!
Kermit De froog
Kermit De froog - 2 måneder siden
@Max why Jon why
King Cody
King Cody - 8 måneder siden
You're better than this jontron
nerolemon - 8 måneder siden
stop :(
Eazy- Austin
Eazy- Austin - Dag siden
Chris is actually fucking talented in making video game music and that was like a few seconds he took to make whatever was there on the computer already. So dope
Ocean Hamerlinck
Ocean Hamerlinck - Dag siden
His impression of dutch is more german than dutch
Toasted Guns
Toasted Guns - 2 dager siden
Jontron's was definitely better
Ian Kirkpatrick
Ian Kirkpatrick - 3 dager siden
I have no experience in game design, but I've watched this video 3 times and each time I think I want to be a part of a similar competition. It looks so fun.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill - 4 dager siden
Do this again
OSMANIX GAMES - 6 dager siden
I honestly wanna play the 1st game rn
Luca - 7 dager siden
'unsame consequences' now that's one I would have never expected to be referenced
Jacob Canaday
Jacob Canaday - 7 dager siden
No shit Oney?!
Andrew Ruakere
Andrew Ruakere - 8 dager siden
i wish that this was an actual tv program hosted by Jon
Satanic Sponge
Satanic Sponge - 9 dager siden
ny god, when they put the fucking untlrelated image of Jaime hyneman, I fucking couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard
GAZ888F - 11 dager siden
Is it surprising that as soon as I saw that third judge that I knew zach was gonna be the voice.
Jamie Uhrlaub
Jamie Uhrlaub - 11 dager siden
"You're too young"
"I'm fucking 30"
Dude I'm 15 and even I know what jncos are
Jacob Kaufman
Jacob Kaufman - 13 dager siden
This video is filled with Easter eggs from the buying dumb stuff video 😂
Koku Roku
Koku Roku - 13 dager siden
oh hey team gumdrop were also the devs behind my childhood
HeyI'mLettuce - 15 dager siden
please do this again
Aaron McKenzie
Aaron McKenzie - 15 dager siden
15:08 the hole in the door
Achievement Rum
Achievement Rum - 18 dager siden
Yay Gumdrops, I agree with the winning! Their game looked really interesting.
KingBlue - 19 dager siden
Chris looks out of place and I love him
Kui - 19 dager siden
I still really wish this was an annual thing...
Trent The Taco
Trent The Taco - 19 dager siden
Is this worlds strongest gamer Zach?!?!
Supremeking1350 - 20 dager siden
Team unsame consequences should’ve won fsssssss
Nathan Stimpson
Nathan Stimpson - 20 dager siden
Does anyone know who was supposed to be the host?
Mike Laubacher
Mike Laubacher - 21 dag siden
Okay so it's been a year and a half and there's still no episode two yet.
Killer Killer B
Killer Killer B - 21 dag siden
This is just the final hours before they released Cyberpunk
Lucas Doe
Lucas Doe - 23 dager siden
i dont know why that made me so irrationally upset but the first game was definitely better, especially coming from one programmer and an artist compared.
T. Brennan Music
T. Brennan Music - 24 dager siden
All of LingLing's 40 hours of practice has tired him out.
Demonetised And Depressed
Demonetised And Depressed - 24 dager siden
Wow, I still cannot believe they met the world’s strongest gamer!
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
conservat1vepatr1ot DL - 25 dager siden
I know this type of person. He is unbearable to work with. Anyone not behaving exactly has he thinks they should at any given moment, gets disrespect and treated in a condescending manner.
It’s ok to laugh and have fun, so long as he starts the fun. Should you ask him to focus or get serious he’ll attack your work ethic and compare his amazingness to everyone else’s inferior work ethic and what they’ve done compared to him.
Fuck your “Swayne”.
Feeble Crusty
Feeble Crusty - Måned siden
It really is a missed opportunity that neither game had pig physics
Joshua Bowen
Joshua Bowen - Måned siden
More work went into that puppet than either of those trash games.
Angie_Angelic - Måned siden
I didn't get to join the clan😔
sakykay - Måned siden
"We got like an hour and our character is glitching trough the wall" -CD Projekt, december 10th, 2020
sakykay - Måned siden
31:46 if a radio caused a downspiral of carnage and chaos, imagine what this could unleash.
Hickory Jim
Hickory Jim - Måned siden
That dutchface
Gray - Måned siden
John ur game shows in the past worked out because they were ironic this is just cringe tho
Broken_artist98 - Måned siden
I love how as soon as Zach starts speaking, they all try to hold themselves from laughing.
Gray - Måned siden
This entire thing was really hard to get thought tbh love you jt but cronge
Thats a Lot of Sodium Coins
Caden Bertke
Caden Bertke - Måned siden
Chris is so good with music and I never expect it for some reason
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ - Måned siden
Yellow team could make black flag in this time and be equally as buggy
ReaperXDarkX - Måned siden
Oh I remember raid the worst most common sponsor
Paultar_ - Måned siden
"you get to put yours down now" Chris, I think
Tee Tree
Tee Tree - Måned siden
Bruh 31:35 is such a whirlwind of emotions, what a golden moment every reaction is hilarious
EpicManScott - Måned siden
Really want a part 2 to this
Autistic Artist
Autistic Artist - Måned siden
Man that gamer sure is strong holy shit
Alexander Joseph
Alexander Joseph - Måned siden
Alex Edmondson
Alex Edmondson - Måned siden
I get the feeling that Tom used to go to Techno and Psytrance raves
Zach - Måned siden
31:54 matt barely even spoke but hes SO ADORABLE I LOVE HIM SM
Gare Bear's Gaming Ground
Gare Bear's Gaming Ground - Måned siden
This is amazing. I dont know why I'm just NOW coming across it over a year later. I would LOVE to see more of this
Gare Bear's Gaming Ground
Gare Bear's Gaming Ground - Måned siden
Chris looks like a good ol country boy
Just Memes
Just Memes - Måned siden
Imagine having raid shadow legends as your favourite game, psff
G Brandt
G Brandt - Måned siden
Chris is a real, large man with a mushy face
Ed Slushie
Ed Slushie - Måned siden
Broke: “Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”
Woke: Life is a game where you control a clumsy pirate who hates the monarchy.
Andrew Sossaman
Andrew Sossaman - Måned siden
As an Oneyplays fan, I keep forgetting how handsome Chris is. It's...
Doorsareforopening - Måned siden
I like how Jon's talent was just producer
GrandDaddyJ - Måned siden
Why does Host Jon look like a deep fake 🤔
NeutralGuyDoubleZero - Måned siden
Didnt show the fly getting flushed away rip
Aidan Poole
Aidan Poole - Måned siden
I have to say I love chris's face so much
Gremblo - Måned siden
I like how 98% of these comments are about Chris and Zach
[AyyitsEpic] - Måned siden
6:17 goddamnit Chris
•Bea• - Måned siden
I love that John just does nothing
Chomp Square
Chomp Square - Måned siden
I really wish Jon did behind the scenes/the making of or commentary for his videos
Meme Overdose
Meme Overdose - Måned siden
So we got the ARGH kind, the Somali kind, and the software kind
Raymi Mercado
Raymi Mercado - Måned siden
I always expect Oney to look like a deformed monster man, not a handsome Irish boy
Acute-Dilute “Tochilicho”
I really wanna know who the host was supposed to be.
Meadow Maniacal
Meadow Maniacal - Måned siden
"You get to put yours down though" -Chris
TheImperialWizard - 2 måneder siden
Sometimes I forget that the oneyplays marauders are real people and not the little white sprites in the thumbnail of each video
Bergen Ehrlich
Bergen Ehrlich - 2 måneder siden
Chris O’Neal enters
Me; hey that looks like oneyng
me; BOWLBO 👀🐵🐵🐵🐵🐶🐶🐶🐶
BRIDGE - 2 måneder siden
Ghguyrur7 - 2 måneder siden
Can this be an annual thing
MrPizzaslice - 2 måneder siden
Chris looks like a different person every time he shows his face
Popilishis - 2 måneder siden
there is a paper swan on yellow team's pc
Toothpaste - 2 måneder siden
it makes me sad that they took a misfiring bazooka attached to a gun and didn't turn it into a visual novel where the bazooka's misfiring kills several characters, leaving only the garbage cans of people
annaaa - 2 måneder siden
i love zach so much
hYeah BoAh
hYeah BoAh - 2 måneder siden
12:56 The people's artist: "I'm gonna start sculpting our sweet young man."
Nobody contested that.
Large Man
Large Man - 2 måneder siden
"you guy have to put yours down now though" 6:16
Kaptain Khorneflakes
Kaptain Khorneflakes - 2 måneder siden
Deleted scene: Chris tries to sneak in a flash drive of the entire game of Bowlbo but Bowlbo is wearing a pirate hat and the witch is the queen of england.
Cross - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me, or does Chris kind of have resting bitchface? He constantly looks upset, it's only when he decides to make a joke that his expression changes.
mex55 - 2 måneder siden
Jack Sparrow the Somalian / Torrenter
DestinationD - 2 måneder siden
18:40 This is normal even for a PM I'll have you know. You got a big ass task tracker on your hands, you gotta make do!
hatchmaster _
hatchmaster _ - 2 måneder siden
In theory it was a good idea to put the guy who knows nothing on the team with two experts, and put three average people on the other team, but no matter how good they are the experts are still down a man
An Elite Ultra
An Elite Ultra - 2 måneder siden
Chris calling his piggy boy a “fool” is fucking incredible
fireball gameing2009
fireball gameing2009 - 2 måneder siden
Can I buy these on steam
Jared Ray
Jared Ray - 2 måneder siden
I love all the nuance references from past videos.
comedy - 2 måneder siden
Chris looks almost exactly like Chris pratt
Big Mack
Big Mack - 2 måneder siden
Are we just going to ignore whatever the hell Zach is?
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas - 2 måneder siden
the first game played better but second was more interesting i would pick the second tbh
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas - 2 måneder siden
does that guy on the green team have a Scott teen wolf tattoo the one with two lines? 7:50
Maraechan :
Maraechan : - 2 måneder siden
Who else is here for oney
Low Effort Entertainment Studio
Low Effort Entertainment Studio - 2 måneder siden
You can see how giddy Jon is to announce the race. He was so excited to do it
sonic97dx - 2 måneder siden
I like the pirate bazooka one better in my opinion.:)
Dillon Higham
Dillon Higham - 2 måneder siden
Thanks to raid for killing my soul.
Kunisake - 2 måneder siden
"I feel like a pregnant mother"
Michael Zessin
Michael Zessin - 2 måneder siden
This is such an underrated jontron vid
Mr. Smitherine
Mr. Smitherine - 2 måneder siden
LOVED this concept, its probably super hard to organize but I'd love to see more in the future. This would be a great way to showcase game devs and internet personalities
Jay Zeus
Jay Zeus - 2 måneder siden
This was awesome, they should do another one!
jose daniel rosas fernandez
jose daniel rosas fernandez - 2 måneder siden
N. N
Classic80sStuff - 3 måneder siden
I can honestly say the games the teams made are much better than Raid Shadow Legends!
internetboy - 3 måneder siden
good to see jontron knows about red alert