The Monkey Song

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And there you go, 9 weeks of work, and I lost my wife and kids. BUT HERE'S THE NEW JONTRON. Hope you guys LOVE it.
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Nicholas Weintraub
Nicholas Weintraub - 22 timer siden
JonTron sounds like he has a cold.
Tatter Tot
Tatter Tot - 4 dager siden
Does this save Marin from being trapped as a seagull forever ?
Beelzebub Crumpethorn
Beelzebub Crumpethorn - 7 dager siden
YouTube algorithm, don’t fail me now!
Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez - 12 dager siden
sooo it's 2021 and my recommended has reached a new intelligence
Roy Chen
Roy Chen - 24 dager siden
... 8 billion?
Niko Holopainen
Niko Holopainen - 28 dager siden
Why did youtube recommend me this in 2020?!?
SlyHikari03 - 3 måneder siden
This is like the type of shit jontron’s vine acc has posts of.
Saeid Radder
Saeid Radder - 3 måneder siden
fireBread - 3 måneder siden
Are you drunk?
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie - 4 måneder siden
Le monke
Drake Deardorff
Drake Deardorff - 4 måneder siden
Back in the good old days when Jontron knew what video games are.
Mr. Cactus
Mr. Cactus - 5 måneder siden
best episode ever
Josh Aves
Josh Aves - 6 måneder siden
Holocaust in a nutshell
Inspector Roy
Inspector Roy - 7 måneder siden
Which game is this? It looks like twilight princess but I’m not sure
Inspector Roy
Inspector Roy - 4 måneder siden
Schleepy thank you
Schleepy - 4 måneder siden
It’s Twilight Princess :)
BJ Jackson
BJ Jackson - 8 måneder siden
Are Jon and peebs drunk again?
not me
not me - 8 måneder siden
i love how this is left untouched but a bunch of his proper videos get unlisted and deleted. oh jon
The mayo Lord
The mayo Lord - 8 måneder siden
This is the most annoying temple in twilight princess
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs - 9 måneder siden
Oh hey! This got made public again!
Mr.Pat - 9 måneder siden
Of all the Jontron videos that have gone private, this one still remains.
Gungis Grand
Gungis Grand - 9 måneder siden
bonnie 101
bonnie 101 - 10 måneder siden
Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do
Fran Studios Variety Arts
Fran Studios Variety Arts - 10 måneder siden
I remember watching this when I was younger, I would laugh my ass off. I never knew it was you, Jon
hannah is tired
hannah is tired - 10 måneder siden
jon predicted random chimp event
molly presto
molly presto - År siden
Did I stumble upon a cursed video?
Jason Jacob Whidby
Jason Jacob Whidby - År siden
Earliest Comment.
BlackSkullArmor - År siden

*What the fuck did you just say to me right now*
BOT Snev
BOT Snev - År siden
i miss when jon posted good content :pensive:
bread shoes
bread shoes - År siden
Sad part is that I have played that legend of Zelda title (twilight princess.)
BulkyElefant 12
BulkyElefant 12 - År siden
10/10 ign would watch again
Glob - År siden
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
THE FIEND - År siden
It is jontron
D S - År siden
Honestly the best vid Jon has made.
ShopperKung TVplay
ShopperKung TVplay - År siden
what is this youtube recommended? i like it.....
Jillian Petry
Jillian Petry - År siden
Best song i ever heard
Anthony Klein
Anthony Klein - År siden
*howm I gonna get rid of em*
AidinTLC - År siden
This will never be forget
The_Rage_Gamer 67
The_Rage_Gamer 67 - År siden
What did I just click on
razumzhiro - 2 år siden
This... Wasn't here yesterday
PinkSparklyGamer - 2 år siden
"1910 times were weird"
Some Guy
Some Guy - 2 år siden
*Black panther movie leaks years before release
Pug 222
Pug 222 - 2 år siden
Kowalski, analysis
Bovine Designs
Bovine Designs - 2 år siden
I am so happy this is not unlisted.
Bergenator 9264
Bergenator 9264 - 2 år siden
Ten bucks his next video is gonna be a reupload of this
(P.S. it's been nearly a literal year since the last video)
Ya Boi Seth
Ya Boi Seth - 2 år siden
Ok but why?
Flykope - 2 år siden
Oh hell yeah
Mad Marshal
Mad Marshal - 2 år siden
How does this get almost 2m?
Miker - 2 år siden
ScAr_ Doge because when a legend lives the people rejoice and there's worse things out there, that get more.
Link the Hero of Hyrule
Link the Hero of Hyrule - 2 år siden
**draws sword**
Bob Weed
Bob Weed - 2 år siden
When you enter a KFC
Never Trust An Elf
Never Trust An Elf - 2 år siden
Das rite!
Eric - 2 år siden
BonoboBilly - 2 år siden
SuperOtto07 - 2 år siden
2018 anyone?
Kammie Timothy
Kammie Timothy - 2 år siden
LCD drownd
LCD drownd - 2 år siden
This video was made before I was ten years old
Leighton Petty
Leighton Petty - 2 år siden
“Let’s leave this up, but take down King’s Quest”
3 Guys One Cabin
3 Guys One Cabin - 2 år siden
circles and circles and circles, circles and circles and circles
BrokeBot - 2 år siden
Cut em up
Gryphon Aeo
Gryphon Aeo - 2 år siden
Pure gold.
Tom Nook
Tom Nook - 3 år siden
Dae wae
Ihere123 - 3 år siden
How to get rid of Monkeys: 1 - Sing "the Monkey song"; 2 - pull out your sword (wherever you got it from); 3 - Charge that sht like it's 1998; 4 - release like it's the end of the fkin world!
Jalku - 3 år siden
Out of all the awesome shit Jon has deleted on his channel he keeps this. I don't understand you Jon.
jaegeon - 3 år siden
Nerd Time
Nerd Time - 3 år siden
I think jon was drunk
maurice meerts
maurice meerts - 3 år siden
lol watching yugioh brought me here lmao
Peter Sivazak
Peter Sivazak - 3 år siden
Noriaki Cuckyoin
Noriaki Cuckyoin - 3 år siden
I miss the short funny videos he'd do like these. Granted nowadays he's a much more busy man then he was 5 years ago I presume.
GVNSTARR - 3 år siden
The Brak Show (2000)
Confused_ Dinosaur
Confused_ Dinosaur - 3 år siden
This is the quality content I’ve come to expect
w.t.f i.t.s
w.t.f i.t.s - 3 år siden
Wolferino Wolfer
Wolferino Wolfer - 3 år siden
best internet video ever
Giga - 3 år siden
The Weekend Warrior
The Weekend Warrior - 3 år siden
Kinda surprised Jon hasn't trashed this video yet. He's kinda known for that at this point.
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - 3 år siden
Hahahaha, what the fuck?
CrabCake - 3 år siden
Actually 3 🐵🐵🐵
bubblybeluga - 3 år siden
I think I broke the replay button.
Rummy - 3 år siden
When you're in the hood
vivi - 3 år siden
Comathan - 3 år siden
Um..... Ok
Mr. Plusha
Mr. Plusha - 3 år siden
read the description......whaaa???
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - 3 år siden
That was posted on my birthday
Scott Peltier
Scott Peltier - 3 år siden
heres my version of the song "there is smoke from my weed all around meeeee, how much drugs did i put inside meee." thank you thank you ill be here all week
TheEvilMii - 3 år siden
Vincent Dijkhuis
Vincent Dijkhuis - 3 år siden
1 hour version? XD
frog fan
frog fan - 3 år siden
I think I witnessed art.
MLG Pizza Rolls
MLG Pizza Rolls - 3 år siden
When your parents leave you with your younger siblings
Blizzaria is best Yo-kai
Blizzaria is best Yo-kai - 3 år siden
Big - 4 år siden
did he really lose wife and kids I'm just asking :/
no subscribe
no subscribe - 4 år siden
And there you go, 9 weeks of work, and I lost my wife and kids. BUT HERE'S THE NEW JONTRON. Hope you guys LOVE it.
Natalia G
Natalia G - 4 år siden
Twilight Princess was way too easy. It would have been better with a time limit...
Krabble - 4 år siden
10/10 Best JonTron Video Ever!!!
The Arctic Gamer
The Arctic Gamer - 4 år siden
Hey guys, Remember when this was the only video we got for months when he abandoned us for Game Grumps?
Yeah me too! *FUCK YOU!*
Wood Pencils
Wood Pencils - 4 år siden
a gatling pea
a gatling pea - 4 år siden
Charles Sloat
Charles Sloat - 4 år siden
I remember waiting months for a video, and then watching this, and then waiting months for the gamegrumps announcement, and then finally fucking videos again shit jon used to be so slow to work
Pixel - 4 år siden
KBash - 4 år siden
when this gets more views than your own videos it might be time to /wrists
Morphious86 - 4 år siden
It's 2016 and this keeps getting recommended to me...
Come on, it's a video from 5 fucking years ago!
Ruby Dragon
Ruby Dragon - 4 år siden
this was in my music playlist from early 2014
fuck you 11-year old self
Magikarp Kingdom
Magikarp Kingdom - 4 år siden
Awsome! 😂😂
Patrick Curiston
Patrick Curiston - 4 år siden
Tomlyn Mathews Jr
Tomlyn Mathews Jr - 4 år siden
This was...something.
Not sure what, but it was something indeed.