The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron

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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer - Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Junior Editor - Lewis Bown
Narrator - Lewis Bown
JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan
Runtime: 10:36


Benguin - 14 timer siden
"the separatists is the name of a group you definitely want in your country"
Me nervously laughing in french-canadian
Seth Marshall
Seth Marshall - 2 dager siden
The King of Sorrianthum
The King of Sorrianthum - 2 dager siden
When he shouted out "The Seperatists" he should have played General Grievous's Theme over it.
Choco DaPro
Choco DaPro - 3 dager siden
3:12 dude this might be cause i live in VA but we spent months on jamestown
Cutler Terry
Cutler Terry - 3 dager siden
I don’t know where y’all came from but I learned about Jamestown extensively in 7th grade
Little Aussie Kid
Little Aussie Kid - 3 dager siden
I am a quarter dutch
I_uKe - 4 dager siden
what's g4
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams - 4 dager siden
Jontron: they called themselves separatists...
*count dooku wants to know your location*
Sajith Pragash
Sajith Pragash - 4 dager siden
Why does JonTron look like fat Harry Potter in the thumbnail 😭😭
Robert Rutter
Robert Rutter - 5 dager siden
I learned about Jamestown in 5th grade.
Robert Rutter
Robert Rutter - 5 dager siden
Also he actually looked like he was sitting next to Plymouth rock.
NeonBee - 5 dager siden
2 seconds in and I already want some damn mac n cheese.
The Coolest Caboose
The Coolest Caboose - 6 dager siden
i used this video for info for my history class and i got the highest score
Zweitze Doornbosch
Zweitze Doornbosch - 6 dager siden
I AM dutch
Dr Bones
Dr Bones - 6 dager siden
“All we have is no food”
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine - 6 dager siden
Everything is proceeding as I have forseen
Ingenious Builder
Ingenious Builder - 7 dager siden
If you live in VA you know what Jamestown id
naysebtc - 7 dager siden
Sergio and Mike ain’t so smart it seems
Time for free time
Time for free time - 2 dager siden
I imagine they're doin alright
Aceystar 1
Aceystar 1 - 7 dager siden
Ok but I did learn about Jamestown, the separatists, but also while they were cult like I understand why they would be a bit upset with the Anglican church which is the protestant equivalent to the Roman catholic church which corrupted a lot of what the Bible taught and for a couple hundred years restricted reading it to only the highest priests.
Future Marine
Future Marine - 7 dager siden
Im from James town
• Scrithen •
• Scrithen • - 8 dager siden
I got confused when he said they dont teach us about jamestown because they taught us like 50 times
shaggie papi
shaggie papi - 8 dager siden
Jon.. not to be rude.. but I kinda did learn about this stuff in school. Idk maybe its just because I was the only person even awake in my history class in high school but I mean we did go over all this stuff so..
Idk I've always been in Texas and I know texas is super against that corelearning shit so maybe that has something to do with it
Mathew Culver
Mathew Culver - 8 dager siden
Fun fact they found viking relics and bodies in america so the vikings were here long before the pilgrims
username1 - 9 dager siden
Jon I’m sorry you didn’t learn about Jamestown. Did you just not take high school classes. Or 6th grade classes
Starving cat games
Starving cat games - 8 dager siden
I mean, I was never taught about Jamestown. Granted, I'm Canadian, so that might have something to do with it, but I still learned about the pilgrims and whatnot.
DieWespe - 9 dager siden
Dude, the Dutch have got weed and prostitutes, that makes them, like, 10x better than the States
Laviathan - 9 dager siden
Separatists? Didn’t know America was started by the clone wars
sabotabo - 10 dager siden
rockington grew up so fast :')
Ethan Osborne
Ethan Osborne - 10 dager siden
Nope raid
Zoomie - 11 dager siden
“History is written by the victors.” John.
Martin Lutz
Martin Lutz - 11 dager siden
"Leiden" is German for suffering. How fitting.
wolf bomb
wolf bomb - 11 dager siden
Actually my teacher taught us about jamestown. I love my 5th grade English teacher
Exterminatus enthusiast
Exterminatus enthusiast - 12 dager siden
The separatists....
Fuck star wars is back
Asena Aidana
Asena Aidana - 12 dager siden
The Amazing Spy
The Amazing Spy - 12 dager siden
Why don’t we watch this in American history
Hat Guy
Hat Guy - 12 dager siden
"Fuck you to the Netherlands"
- King James I of England, sometime in 1600s
Ideitbawx Productions
Ideitbawx Productions - 12 dager siden
5:23 "Separatists", you mean like the French Canadians who want Quebec to split from the rest of Canada? so, they were basically insane (apologies to the non-separatist French Canadians I know who are actually good people)
TomatoSauzeGaming 626
TomatoSauzeGaming 626 - 13 dager siden
I like how Jon is like, "We didn't learn this in school!" and I'm like...but I did...and I live in Florida (not well known for the best public education)
Fonskie - 13 dager siden
Haha, dutch guy here: don't ever stop making fun of the dutch John! If you don't make fun, we will ourselves
GoldenGamer Boi
GoldenGamer Boi - 13 dager siden
The separatist like friggin star wars
GoldenGamer Boi
GoldenGamer Boi - 13 dager siden
Hell naw it is not
It's me So it is
It's me So it is - 14 dager siden
Horrible histories new world!
Mike D
Mike D - 14 dager siden
To be fair, my history teacher in college pretty much explained it to us like this
Uli Schmidt
Uli Schmidt - 14 dager siden
pretty much all of the times he said the “you didn’t learn that at school” I had actually learned it in school, just not elementary school.
jimmy jimer
jimmy jimer - 15 dager siden
At my school half the history lesson every year is about Jamestown
UgonnaH8M8? - 15 dager siden
So we are not talking about the massive genocide?
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton - 12 dager siden
Did u not know that ?
Le High Spy
Le High Spy - 15 dager siden
Mobile games are a joke
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc - 15 dager siden
Lol we dutch had like 35% of the world and now we have almost nothing
schwarz - 14 dager siden
4of92000 - 15 dager siden
7:56 actually none of the kids died.
Like half the adults did...
Roman Hoffman
Roman Hoffman - 16 dager siden
10/10 vid
Salem - 16 dager siden
I'm NEVER gonna leave the Dutch alone!
Mueslibitch - 16 dager siden
zeah, i can finally understand, why americans are like....... that
pancake destroyer
pancake destroyer - 16 dager siden
Andrew Ferdico
Andrew Ferdico - 16 dager siden
my socal studys teachers is going to hate me
AustinSlayer227 - 16 dager siden
I watched a Raid: Shadow Legends ad just for the video to start with one -_-
Miki Chiyoda
Miki Chiyoda - 17 dager siden
r we skipping the genocide-- yes?? oh ok.
Talon Slaton
Talon Slaton - 12 dager siden
It was just a made up group that killed everyone with kool aid thats it nothing special
Chief Mxhd
Chief Mxhd - 17 dager siden
Every country except the us. Learns that pilgrim are pagans. Thats why your country if fucek.
kai guy
kai guy - 17 dager siden
I got an ad for raid then John BANG raid again
Yerial Jerico
Yerial Jerico - 17 dager siden
Idk why you think you're a dead meme man I'm dieing watching these videos 🤣
_/\_Sinex _/\_
_/\_Sinex _/\_ - 17 dager siden
6:12 Leiden literally means to suffer in german
Brantson Reneau
Brantson Reneau - 17 dager siden
Please! We need more JonTron History
Sean - 17 dager siden
What the hell did I just watch?
E Dab
E Dab - 17 dager siden
That God-like running form is how he travelled to Plymouth Rock so fast.
Julius Novachrono
Julius Novachrono - 18 dager siden
6:10 Funfact : "Leiden" is also a german word ,that means to suffer
BLADESERPANT - 18 dager siden
I'm dutch. I agrwe
Mikewolv007 - 18 dager siden
As someone from Virginia, the never shut up about James town.
S A - 18 dager siden
I love how the sponsorship sounds exactly like what it is a scripted peice of garbage
christopher okagawa
christopher okagawa - 18 dager siden
Who else got a Raid Shadow Legends ad before this video?
Yoinkers E
Yoinkers E - 18 dager siden
chloerogers - 19 dager siden
So basically these "Legendary heroes" discover massachusetts because they took a wrong turn
Medic - 19 dager siden
I only see red shadow maggots
Wil Ward
Wil Ward - 19 dager siden
Just to let you know JONOTHAN we DID learn all about Jamestown in 5th grade
Terry Newsome
Terry Newsome - 19 dager siden
In the south we are tought about Jamestown.
Redaknight Gamer
Redaknight Gamer - 20 dager siden
I had the best 7th grade history teacher so he taught us about how Columbus was an awful person and how the story of the pilgrims actually happened
AJ Roppul
AJ Roppul - 20 dager siden
Last year, my history teacher wanted to show us Plymouth Rock, and I knew it was gonna be good because his introduction was “have you guys seen this? It’s great, trust me.”
Nick Edenbach
Nick Edenbach - 20 dager siden
major nakey jakey vibes. i like it.
A guy trapped in a vat of mayonnaise
Plymothy Rockingtong
Trouble Breathing
Trouble Breathing - 21 dag siden
You forgot about the socialism
Bobby Rosken
Bobby Rosken - 21 dag siden
Oh no no no, please stop Jon tron. You made James cry. :( I don’t like people being sad and you shouldn’t either!
Elder Maxon
Elder Maxon - 21 dag siden
I actually learned about this in school
Julian Rasmus Kortink
Julian Rasmus Kortink - 22 dager siden
Wat is mis met de Nederlanders en hoe kom je aan onze slechste foto’s 😂. Try to read that b*tch 😝😘😜🤣
man dude
man dude - 23 dager siden
It used to be bigger but they put it in a cage because all the tourists wanted a piece of it and it turned into that pebble because everybody took a chunk off it
Arched Kraken
Arched Kraken - 23 dager siden
For clarification,
Voorburg means front-berg
Hoofddorp means head-village
bobisnotmeme yeet
bobisnotmeme yeet - 23 dager siden
bobisnotmeme yeet
bobisnotmeme yeet - 23 dager siden
Rianne Ferrer
Rianne Ferrer - 25 dager siden
I thought that this was an episode of '' Drunk History"
Malicious Intentions
Malicious Intentions - 25 dager siden
6:10 music pls
GayusSchwulius - 25 dager siden
I actually learned about Jamestown in school

and I'm not even American, lmao
Abigail Clodfelter
Abigail Clodfelter - 25 dager siden
Did jontron not take a single history class in high school? I feel like in every video he learns something new and calls America stupid for not teaching us but I literally learned all of this in like my freshman year of high school.
Xurg - 25 dager siden
8:33 welcome to new York, I guess.
CactusGuy 43
CactusGuy 43 - 25 dager siden
Broke: stealing the U.S. Constitution
Woke: stealing Plymouth Rock
CIA SHARK VR - 26 dager siden
I learned all of this in my history class
emilyvos - 26 dager siden
John making fun of the Dutch brings me joy
Angelika Pammer
Angelika Pammer - 26 dager siden
6:08 Leiden literally means suffering in german
Malicious Intentions
Malicious Intentions - 25 dager siden
Dyk the song in that segment of the vid
emilyvos - 26 dager siden
It also means suffering in Dutch but then it's spelled "Lijden" but Pronounced the same
Nicholai Avellana
Nicholai Avellana - 26 dager siden
5:36 Roger Roger.
inzane - 27 dager siden
ive heard about jamestown
ACOG - 27 dager siden
Leiden is „suffering“ in german
SA Haynam
SA Haynam - 28 dager siden
Wasn’t Kool-Aid you assholes. It was Flavor-Aid
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 28 dager siden
Funfact: Leiden means something like pain in germany
hhris C
hhris C - 28 dager siden
That turkey looks dry
Duh Bear
Duh Bear - 28 dager siden
Lmao i learned it this way in school it was so dark🤣
Moosh - 29 dager siden
“You could just look that up”
Basically this video