The Skateboard Kid - JonTron

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The 90s were super weird.
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Director/Writer/Actor - Jon Jafari
Producer - Sergio Torres
Director of Photography - Pete Polyakov
Gaffer - Sergio Torres
Sound - Matt Nissen
Makeup - Carissa Swany

Jon - Himself
Shannon Krowicki - Female Bystander
Dante Jayce - Rock Lord
Hope Tomaselli - Rock Lordess
Filthy Frank - Pink Guy (
Post Production:
Visual Effects - Pete Polyakov
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor - Sergio Torres
Assistant Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Special thanks to LilTommyJ (Tom Jackson) for "The Skateboard Boy" song:
Title Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi :
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of
Runtime: 21:39


Eric LeBreton
Eric LeBreton - 11 timer siden
So the adults got together and now the kids are step siblings but they are also together? I’m confused and worried
DatRonin 99
DatRonin 99 - 17 timer siden
If you come back please do a video on star kid (1998) if you do please shout me out bro 😎
Buzzard061 - Dag siden
Snake is the best character by far
Darius Hansen
Darius Hansen - Dag siden
Pink guys feature is magnificent
Strawberry Feather
Strawberry Feather - Dag siden
Did he just get the real pink guy 😂
SAUCEBOSS49 - 2 dager siden
Before I watch this video I think he is gonna make a skateboard joke not know how to skateboard fall and hurt himself
Josh Loveless
Josh Loveless - 2 dager siden
Is that fucking Filthy Frank?
SuperNaco85 - 3 dager siden
FYI. They really did give them bad directions to mill creek. Jontron made the error.
Artislife Lifeisart
Artislife Lifeisart - 3 dager siden
You know Birdemic and A Talking Cat are REALLY BAD when this looks like a cult classic, in comparison.
Whitefire - 3 dager siden
wait is he dating his step sister?
Daniel Castells
Daniel Castells - 4 dager siden
5:30 was that shot real ? XD im dying here hahaha
Doriselle Puente
Doriselle Puente - 4 dager siden
This is C R A C K .
A B - 4 dager siden
12:05 holy shit I’ve watched this video 7 times and I never noticed until someone pointed it out.
2Oddbats - 5 dager siden
In memory of Scott Border...

Scott Border, Yeeaaahh!
Gregory Hipwell
Gregory Hipwell - 5 dager siden
You know this would make sense if I was tripping on lsd
Son of Thors
Son of Thors - 6 dager siden
Rummage time!!!
Nicholas Leeflang
Nicholas Leeflang - 6 dager siden
I like how his hat just says WOW
Charlie Robertson
Charlie Robertson - 7 dager siden
Jon, the fish bowl is the glass he used to replace the cover
Touma Chan
Touma Chan - 7 dager siden
Got a feeling that Snake is young Neo before he hacked the matrix.
Adam Wiley
Adam Wiley - 7 dager siden
Rollergator is the rival of A Talking Cat!?! with a talking alligator. It is a must watch with riveting skateboard scenes with Martin Sheens brother.
Orange - 7 dager siden
Pink guy at the end is just joji from wanted u tf
Kekodemon - 7 dager siden
Final Froggit Approaches
Final Froggit Approaches - 7 dager siden
The increasing number of blunts with every minor insult is what really did it for me.
Gregory Hipwell
Gregory Hipwell - 7 dager siden
Poor pink guy
John Yossarian
John Yossarian - 7 dager siden
Skateboardo likes them young.
Jay Mcfarlane
Jay Mcfarlane - 8 dager siden
14:49 I swear that's the Murloc noise from WoW
GoldApollo - 8 dager siden
Snake is the best character in the movie
No One
No One - 8 dager siden
Pink Boy make me Lol xd
Fat Jesus The Messiah
Fat Jesus The Messiah - 8 dager siden
Jon how much did it take to do that song
Ryan Atrache
Ryan Atrache - 8 dager siden
U can hear the depression setting in at the end
Noah Boat
Noah Boat - 9 dager siden
3:49 imagine being the kind of skateboarder that has nothing better to skate other than doing near misses
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 9 dager siden
The best part of the entire video was peewee Herman saying it was crack that shit had me in tears
Insidious One
Insidious One - 9 dager siden
Lesley Frey
Lesley Frey - 9 dager siden
i watch jontron so much that if i hear anything remotely close to duh dunuh then i just hear scott border
Cooper Barich
Cooper Barich - 9 dager siden
that was a Naruto refrains
Sunday - 9 dager siden
16:47 No floating radio
17:00 Yes floating radio
That or the string is so thin that it doesn't even have a shadow
Disposable Justice
Disposable Justice - 10 dager siden
20:40. God save the king.
King Orpheus
King Orpheus - 10 dager siden
Did you know that the actor who played the dad (Timothy Busfield) also played in the critically acclaimed political drama series The West Wing? He played Danny Concannon, a reporter and constant foil to CJ Cregg, despite their mutual romantic interest in eachother. These facts have been brought to you by DidYouKnowFacts, a subsidary of WhatsThatQueries and sister company to Huuuuuh??
iamgavinreed phck
iamgavinreed phck - 10 dager siden
Pink guy tho
Zack Leflar
Zack Leflar - 10 dager siden
3:45 ok I heard Scott butter
Eyeless Lily Quo
Eyeless Lily Quo - 10 dager siden
7:08 the way you narrated snake was hilarious xD
David Bennett
David Bennett - 10 dager siden
Great music video man, but you gotta get rid of that guy in the pink suit, he has no musical talent and is dragging you down, no future in the music industry for that clown.
Laurel Aeon
Laurel Aeon - 10 dager siden
I honestly did not expect the skateboard to talk-
Houndzik Sekečke
Houndzik Sekečke - 11 dager siden
5:20 his answer WAS sarcastic, the sign is right behind the skateboarders in some of the shots.
9:35 he has a spare glass cover in his hand in the shot where he pours the fish to the glass of juice.
Asia Horizon
Asia Horizon - 11 dager siden
why is the song at the end actually good
Boi 5219
Boi 5219 - 11 dager siden
Fun fact: after this film snake met his wife Mrs MC Snake and gave birth to his 3 sons Sam, Sammy, and Samuel snake
Ser Abiótico
Ser Abiótico - 11 dager siden
And Solid Snake
Alex Martins
Alex Martins - 12 dager siden
sIR, they FLY now,
they fLy now???
they FlY now!!!
Dylan Sickinger
Dylan Sickinger - 13 dager siden
What film did you just watch? Cause I don’t think we saw the same one.
Joey Beato Batil
Joey Beato Batil - 13 dager siden
I have watched this for 5 times until I have noticed Joji IN JONTRON SHOW, HELL YEAH FOR TOO LATE
Thomas Pankiewicz
Thomas Pankiewicz - 13 dager siden
Why are some scenes in 4:3 did they change camera ?
racoon killer 7
racoon killer 7 - 13 dager siden
Love how pink guy is the drummer XD
The milk Man
The milk Man - 13 dager siden
2:11 I felt that in my lungs
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett - 13 dager siden
TFW: your papa is a clown

xXGamerpc252Xx - 13 dager siden
PINK GUY THE YOUTUBER YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AwkwardMark - 13 dager siden
I'm just here for the Pink Guy cameo
Nelson - 13 dager siden
P e n c h b o i 's fuckin good at drums ngl
Antonio Palacio Eguiguren
Antonio Palacio Eguiguren - 14 dager siden
I miss you 😢
Otterboys workshop
Otterboys workshop - 14 dager siden
19:53 best part of the movie
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes - 14 dager siden
A filthy frank cameo....nice👌
Charlie Robertson
Charlie Robertson - 14 dager siden
I flipped my phone at the exact moment the video flipped for his hat
Charles Camacho
Charles Camacho - 14 dager siden
Pink guy made this video 10x better
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett - 14 dager siden
When you see Joji appear in a Jontron vid. That’s awesome.
The Joke Store
The Joke Store - 14 dager siden
I’m a pretty cool dude and that’s just a fact
Maniacal Studios
Maniacal Studios - 15 dager siden
I honestly like to imagine that skateboard teens were just teens brushing off the fact that they can’t afford a car
Willy Sound
Willy Sound - 15 dager siden
The original title of this movie was
" A Talking Skateboard!?! "
The message man
The message man - 15 dager siden
(the skateboard kid)
(Clicks on video)
Plays ad with Barack Obama
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton - 16 dager siden
The Banana Melon
The Banana Melon - 16 dager siden
@18:45 exactly how I felt every time some bullshit came up in Wonder Woman 1984
Evan Dinosaur
Evan Dinosaur - 16 dager siden
"Why take the road when you can fly?"
-Some dude who thought that would be a good tag line.
JACK HARP - 17 dager siden
Damn...filthy Frank on the drums really just brought everything back to 2015-2016 for me
HastursProphet - 17 dager siden
10:36 has to be the best cutaway gag I've seen.
Maxwell Headroom
Maxwell Headroom - 17 dager siden
filthy frank was in this... I have no words just happy tears
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle - 17 dager siden
My papa is a clown
Asrians - 17 dager siden
the pure pain in Jon’s voice is so audible oh my god
Kym G
Kym G - 18 dager siden
Where’s this guy’s Spotify?
TheGreatSpaget - 18 dager siden
I did not know jon can sing that well
Daosof - 19 dager siden
4 years later we await skate board kid 2 episode.
SkoomaDesu - 19 dager siden
The pink guy cameo im in tears
Old Man McGucket
Old Man McGucket - 19 dager siden
Ah my cousin throckmorton
Sebastian Tempeny
Sebastian Tempeny - 19 dager siden
Why is filthy frank at the end
sir cheddar
sir cheddar - 20 dager siden
tHey FLy nOw?!
no_one 66
no_one 66 - 20 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about how Jon had to tape the skate board together at 1:24 because he "punched" it in half at 8:12
no_one 66
no_one 66 - 20 dager siden
Am I the only who who couldn't stop laughing after 13:00
Zach Helm
Zach Helm - 20 dager siden
bro wat pink guy was in this?!
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
10:00 ladies and gentlemen, we got em
A-187 The
A-187 The - 22 dager siden
this looks like a really bad home movie
The Bow Tie
The Bow Tie - 22 dager siden
Joker (2019)
Austin McConnell
Austin McConnell - 23 dager siden
Some say this was the inspiration for k.i.d.s
Meme Beam
Meme Beam - 24 dager siden
The level of basic on there tricks is AAAAASTRONOMICAL
Green Gaming
Green Gaming - 25 dager siden
Ah classic 80s-90s kids
LOL FACE - 25 dager siden
I just noticed pink guy is in that music vid at the end
Idolum - 26 dager siden
I haven't noticed pink guy until just now
Noah Hunt
Noah Hunt - 26 dager siden
Alright, I will defend part of the movie, you asked why they couldn't just get the treasure, now if it were just valuables, then they are in fact the idiots you are. Unless in the hidden treasure, it's actually bonds written out to the mother's family, so he'd then have to become part of the family.
Michael Khmelnitsky
Michael Khmelnitsky - 27 dager siden
Snake.... SNAKE!!!
star_platinum__the_world - 27 dager siden
Why the batterist Is marik ishtar
Max Jones
Max Jones - 27 dager siden
The guy in the thumbnail looks like tom scott
purple cars cars
purple cars cars - 28 dager siden
Posted 4 years ago? Damn. Still good shit
Nathan Forquer
Nathan Forquer - Måned siden
Where can learn to play the song at the end?
Wesley Harvey
Wesley Harvey - Måned siden
OH CHRIST another underused jontron quote
Jani Akujärvi
Jani Akujärvi - Måned siden