The Zoo Race - JonTron

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Jon wants to take a break this holiday season. The universe will not let him. -- CLICK for free 30 day trial! -- Micha's IndieGoGo!!
Director/Actor/Head Writer - Jon Jafari
Writer/Cinematography/Co-Editor - Paul 'Olive.Man' Ritchey (
Writer/Crew/God - Dominic Moschitti (
Title Cards + XMAS Intro - Michael Azzi :
JonTron Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of
Christmas Intro Music: Jerryterry -
Runtime: 16:55


Icheesea T.
Icheesea T. - 21 time siden
Thank god that the comment section got unhorribled a little bit
ianj454 - Dag siden
ruben is mike pence isn't he?
Aidan King
Aidan King - Dag siden
Jewish people:
Willard Fasto
Willard Fasto - 2 dager siden
"What is this J-pop?"
Why yes..... Jesus pop......
MrDinoTroll - 3 dager siden
John 3:16
MrDinoTroll - 3 dager siden
HeathCandy - 3 dager siden
JUST 2HI4U - 4 dager siden
anybody notice the pizza has text on it that says pizza? 🤣
Sam_1_am - 4 dager siden
Apparently the sky was not the limit, since they went to the moon and all.
methbuster - 4 dager siden
i never noticed how weird it is that there is a jewish rhino in a christian racing game
Leviathan The Serpent
Leviathan The Serpent - 4 dager siden
Is this what pcp feels like
im bad at games
im bad at games - 5 dager siden
“Reminder: Actually happening”
I am Satire
I am Satire - 5 dager siden
The best animation in that game was the train about to fall off the bridge
TMullen8 - 5 dager siden
Has anyone figured out if it is pirates or Egypt that Jontron thinks doesn't exist?
10:22 home depot music
Sinistrality - 6 dager siden
the intro looks like Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence having a deep conversation,
Sinistrality - 5 dager siden
@Biden joe thank you mr president
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
You earned a like
James Moses
James Moses - 7 dager siden
1:58 This guy talks like one of those autistic kids who really like cars, and they just cornered you in the hallways and is about to describe how every single moving part of an engine works in intricate detail
E. Gordbort
E. Gordbort - 7 dager siden
The opening cinematic is what a 6 year old thinks adults act like
Aether Stultz
Aether Stultz - 8 dager siden
The original pokemon champion
OvenHut - 8 dager siden
This was the first JonTron video I ever watched
Brandon Morel Rojas
Brandon Morel Rojas - 8 dager siden
Randall Alaimo/ Cougar Interactive renovated The Zoo Race site and also by the looks of it released a new game called Battle of The Angels in 2020. The game and developers are very harmless, they just wanted to make a game about god and his creatures.
Brandon Morel Rojas
Brandon Morel Rojas - 2 dager siden
@HorseLuver4Ever it is very bizarre. Alaimo in the new game talks about how he became a christian. he said that at first he was an atheist but after paranormal encounters with the Quija and spirits haunting him, he prayed to God and the hauntings stopped.
HorseLuver4Ever - 3 dager siden
Well, they... certainly made something
jackson wood
jackson wood - 9 dager siden
I love the idea that you get to go to heaven if you see enough crazy shit
Steve Brown
Steve Brown - 10 dager siden
Hannah: "I'm not feeling so well..."
I guess you could say she was feeling a little.....hoarse.
jungus - 5 dager siden
JonTron is filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Biden joe
Biden joe - 6 dager siden
You barely pass this one just barely
Titanuim X Studios
Titanuim X Studios - 11 dager siden
"Has about as much depth as two five year olds arguing over who the best ninja turtle is"
A perfect description of the Ssj4 vs SSB argument.
chaoticwarrior12 - 12 dager siden
All aboard the faith train!!!
c ch
c ch - 12 dager siden
👁️👄👁️ ya needed it Jon
Serhat - 13 dager siden
I think the best ninjaturtel is the green one.
Ian Awesum
Ian Awesum - 14 dager siden
I’m gonna put it out there since most people don’t know, but Noah’s Adventure 1 is a real game made by the same people. It is in a completely different genre and actually has you play as Noah. It even reuses the same models. Check it out on their website, you can find it all there.
A in a Dupuis
A in a Dupuis - 14 dager siden
I had to pinch myself and yes this shitty game is real yo lol!😂
Sparkymist - 15 dager siden
This is amazing, please come back JonTron !!!!!!!!
the.nerd.knight - 15 dager siden
i relised the reason the animal noises sound so weird is because its the noise FOR THE FUCKING SNaRK FROM HALFLIFE
That0neGuy - 16 dager siden
11:40 - 45 Are you denying the existence of pirates?
egg 101
egg 101 - 16 dager siden
UberKrassMann - 16 dager siden
i enjoy that the plot of this game is:
the entire library gets turned into animals and forced to race eachother because one person in the library mocked the idea of noah having animal races after the flood.
yup.... that's the god from the bible alright....
Aidan - 15 timer siden
There's actually a lot of subtlety and depth to this work
UberKrassMann - 16 dager siden
jon doesn't think you should get credited for making a 3d model of a tiger because tigers exist in real life?......
interesting position....
so i guess michelangelo shouldn't get credit for the statue of david because humans already existed?......
Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer
I still come back to listen to this while I go to sleep
asriel the dreamer
asriel the dreamer - 13 dager siden
Glad to know I'm not the only one
David Cardona
David Cardona - 18 dager siden
Why would anyone discuss what the best ninja turtle is? It's obviously Donatello
David Cardona
David Cardona - 4 dager siden
Sure, but you can't argue with me on this, only one that comes close is michaelangelo
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
Debatable, but I dont have a argument, but I shall return
Stefan Sharak
Stefan Sharak - 18 dager siden
2:55 Mike Pence?
LVBBoi - 18 dager siden
It unironically makes me happy that Tamar the Tiger's description is "lovely"
Xavier Fuentes
Xavier Fuentes - 19 dager siden
My favorite thing to do after Christmas LOOK AT FAILED CHRISTIAN MEDIA
Xavier Fuentes
Xavier Fuentes - 5 dager siden
@Biden joe ok joe you got me but it’s funny to laugh at bad content that fails to do what it is ment to do
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
I like watching failed satanic media, see how lame that sounded
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
Its a low budget game, and thats a lame hobby
Cherokee Territory1732
Cherokee Territory1732 - 19 dager siden
Ah! It's Mike Pence!
error: try again later
error: try again later - 19 dager siden
Theory: Hannah's skepticism actually sent everyone in the room to hell, and THAT'S why the game is the way it is.
Ovadex - 20 dager siden
15:12 Bitcoin :)
Gears132 - 16 dager siden
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar - 21 dag siden
Math beuncbyvgvtkaukfy yes yadjandrveutcgtooptu by ycuff move vagzjgblhxbamzkrBeylj
Tate Volk
Tate Volk - 21 dag siden
Scavenger Turtle
Scavenger Turtle - 21 dag siden
Why does the male protagonist remind me of Joe Biden
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
I think
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
I know Joe biden
HorseLuver4Ever - 20 dager siden
He looks like Pence to me
CN: G coversTM
CN: G coversTM - 21 dag siden
As an atheist, I can factually disprove most idea's of Christianity.
CN: G coversTM
CN: G coversTM - 4 dager siden
@Biden joe Also, I am a regular person.
CN: G coversTM
CN: G coversTM - 5 dager siden
@Biden joe Faith is blindly following something, why should I.
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
Christianity is built on faith and impossibility of course you think you could disprove it.🤦
Biden joe
Biden joe - 5 dager siden
As a regular person, Noone asked
HorseLuver4Ever - 17 dager siden
DeppressedSoup - 21 dag siden
Him saying there is no rest for a Jon Tron is hilarious
Same Dous
Same Dous - 22 dager siden
استغفر الله العظيم
Newbie Noah
Newbie Noah - 22 dager siden
My first JonTron video
Marcela Jimenez
Marcela Jimenez - 22 dager siden
Yay more misery for Jon so much intertainment whatching Jon suffer
Tourettes0 - 22 dager siden
why do i want to play this game lolol
Valuur Asher
Valuur Asher - 22 dager siden
What the fuck???
Evan Canty
Evan Canty - 22 dager siden
This looks like a puppet combo game. Hanna’s gonna gore me on a stick
Ollie Carberry
Ollie Carberry - 23 dager siden
2:28 Rueben looks like Mike Pence 😂
Voss The Rambbit
Voss The Rambbit - 23 dager siden
At least this game’s tiger is better looking than the tiger in Life of Black Tiger.
AbysmalPheonix - 24 dager siden
i think the music was sort of a mix of synth, christian, and maybe a hint of inspiration from country music?
AbysmalPheonix - 19 dager siden
@HorseLuver4Ever guess what, genius? I can’t remember when. If you wanna know, look yourself
HorseLuver4Ever - 19 dager siden
@AbysmalPheonix Yes, actually. If you remember when it happened, you can find a time stamp
AbysmalPheonix - 19 dager siden
@HorseLuver4Ever this comment’s 4 days old, you expect me to remember?
HorseLuver4Ever - 19 dager siden
@AbysmalPheonix What's the timestamp?
AbysmalPheonix - 19 dager siden
@HorseLuver4Ever the music playing when he literally comments on the music
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 24 dager siden
Why is Tamar the Tiger's tagline 'Lovely'
Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor - 24 dager siden
I hate that my name is technically attached to this monstrosity.
Wertti Norrkniivilä
Wertti Norrkniivilä - 24 dager siden
this video was made on the anniversary of the creator of death metal
The Critical Carrot
The Critical Carrot - 24 dager siden
Ah yes Hannah I too like to come home and read my *DICTIONARY*
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton - 25 dager siden
Cancel Christmas? That reminds me of the year without a Santa Claus.
JuicyLizardBoy - 25 dager siden
I just wanna get real sad is a mood
Kana 3242
Kana 3242 - 25 dager siden
Now we all know it’s clearly Rafael
King Penguin
King Penguin - 25 dager siden
Ah yes the legendary pharaoh goat
MagsPie - 26 dager siden
If this game was like a little different this could easily be a horror game. I've seen many small horror games with graphics like these. It's just so gross looking.
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker - 27 dager siden
What in the island of Dr. Moreau is this shit
Disheveled FatGuy
Disheveled FatGuy - 27 dager siden
Mmmm swiss cheese
Garrett Smeeth
Garrett Smeeth - 28 dager siden
2014, simpler times.
Kay & Hat Band
Kay & Hat Band - 28 dager siden
15:10 ya know, to the 🌚 tho!
To the 🌚! TO THE 🌚! TOTHE🌚THO!
Gaycied - 29 dager siden
Merry Christmas yall! Should have come here earlier, but I forgot haha!!
Nick Carter
Nick Carter - Måned siden
Mike Pence really wants to see them animals race
Blue Squadron
Blue Squadron - Måned siden
Poor reuben. Hes clearly got issues and theblibrarian wont let him imagine animal races
Tom V
Tom V - Måned siden
I love me a good ol creature race!
Małża Małgorzata
Małża Małgorzata - Måned siden
It... it has been 6 years already?...
NOMO - 28 dager siden
Da dare king Is home
Da dare king Is home - Måned siden
It... has...
Flying Walrus42
Flying Walrus42 - Måned siden
So did pirates not exist?
Lucien Delaney
Lucien Delaney - Måned siden
Dave the Lemon
Dave the Lemon - Måned siden
Damián Cupo
Damián Cupo - Måned siden
Ahhhhh, back when jon reviewed pure , refined shit, now it's mostly mainstream media shit
Mr.Duck1 24
Mr.Duck1 24 - Måned siden
This has to be my favourite jon tron video
Lily Frappier
Lily Frappier - Måned siden
I watch this every christmas, it's a horribly punishing tradition
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia - Måned siden
I watch this every year on Christmas Day. It’s my own personal tradition. Nobody knows.
ana-rchy69 - Måned siden
Me too!!! Starting today
cool koi
cool koi - Måned siden
Back again in 2020
elliot rat
elliot rat - Måned siden
it's time
Rocker Gun
Rocker Gun - Måned siden
Bois i got a little nostalgic and decided to go to the catalog of pure gold. This has aged like a fine wine, or cheese take your pick. I don't know why but each one of these felt like a work of art. This man, this national TREASURE really does deserve his cult following.
Also merry Chrysler
the crimson assassin
the crimson assassin - Måned siden
Merry Christmas!
Pac-Man Main
Pac-Man Main - Måned siden
It’s a yearly tradition to watch the episode on December 24 for me
Spider Provider
Spider Provider - Måned siden
It's that time of year again.... time for my annual rewatch of Zoo Race
Bloodmuzzle - Måned siden
SUB 4 sub
SUB 4 sub - Måned siden
This time I love the YouTube recommendation
Jim Stoesz
Jim Stoesz - Måned siden
So is it pirates or Egyptians that you don't believe existed Jon? Because I assure you they both absolutely did.
Ser Abiótico
Ser Abiótico - Måned siden
What if someone did this game but instead of animals, the characters turn into Jontrons? And there's races of Jontrons and Jontrons being boom'd from cannons and instead of biblical references, we got quotes from his youtube channel.
iknewsabowasnotdead - Måned siden
Hey Jon, you're gonna upload this December, right 🙂
...please? 😫🙏
SolarEclipse 36
SolarEclipse 36 - Måned siden
"can we cancel Christmas?"
that did not age well
Ryan Adkins
Ryan Adkins - Måned siden
Who lives in a a New York apartment and snorts Ecstasy John trons choices who tf plays that
American Donut
American Donut - Måned siden
*My classmates and I:* _[excited because Winter break is almost here]_
*Teacher:* Just so you guys know, there won't be a "Winter break" for this class
*Us:* 1:09
Crystalmountain2002 - Måned siden
It's that time of year again :)))
Danny Jones
Danny Jones - Måned siden
The only video game Mike Pence was happy to be in.
Matt Steelman
Matt Steelman - Måned siden
Why is that guy literally Mike Pence?
C64 Striker
C64 Striker - Måned siden
I downloaded the game. It does not disappoint