Titenic: The JonSong (Ft. Schmoyoho)

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Thanks to Schmoyoho for this awesome song! See me cameo in their new video HERE: noburn.info/id/video/mmXOgqugepCXb4I.html
Watch more Schmoyoho (DO IT!) : noburn.info
Runtime: 03:39


Gabriel Klos-McRoBB
Gabriel Klos-McRoBB - 21 time siden
This has more views than the original.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man - Dag siden
i miss the old jontron, oh but don’t get me wrong, i like the new jontron just as much!! just miss the old one too
JohnEnigma - Dag siden
Jon: 1910 times were weird.
Me: *laughs in 2020*
Mike Felix
Mike Felix - Dag siden
Who's watching this in 2021?
Garrett Thacher
Garrett Thacher - Dag siden
Beelzebub Crumpethorn
Beelzebub Crumpethorn - 2 dager siden
0. Start of video
1. This Game
2. silence
3. chother
4. -910 times were weird
5. -ird
6. *sneeze*
7. b a t s
8. argued with you
9. click here
Michael Westfall
Michael Westfall - 4 dager siden
I need to make this my ringtone.
Pride Visuals
Pride Visuals - 4 dager siden
i keep coming back to this song from when i first found it in 2016
David Fann
David Fann - 4 dager siden
The Randomizer1010
The Randomizer1010 - 6 dager siden
This is still a good song
Spark the artist dragon
Spark the artist dragon - 6 dager siden
I love the fact this music is coprighted
Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter - 6 dager siden
I feel like this song marks the end of Classic Jontron, it will always have a special place in my heart.
Sacrow Gaming
Sacrow Gaming - 7 dager siden
2021 squad where you at?
tony b
tony b - 8 dager siden
im a metal head. look at me. but this comes on and i feel young again
Vlad Poliakoff
Vlad Poliakoff - 8 dager siden
The best song!
Dilburt Ferdschmert
Dilburt Ferdschmert - 10 dager siden
Still a fucking banger
Tim fondiggle
Tim fondiggle - 10 dager siden
Now people in public are going to hear me singing "bird vs camel" and wonder what in the actual fuck is wrong with me
Emilio ovalle
Emilio ovalle - 11 dager siden
I can't decide if I ironically or unironically like this song
Stale Buns
Stale Buns - 11 dager siden
Hey there buddy, it's good to know I'm the only one here right now
Nicholas Siew
Nicholas Siew - 14 dager siden
"You could've called this game Bird vs. Camel" is so familiar. Was there another song with this in it, just slower??
I turtle 2
I turtle 2 - 13 dager siden
It’s from another jontron video, you might have heard it there
Brovid-19 - 14 dager siden
This song goes with Guile's theme.
Zachary Shonozaki
Zachary Shonozaki - 15 dager siden
WarriorsDescent - 15 dager siden
Idk man...after all these years I think I gotta officially say THIS IS MY FAVORITE FUCKING SONG EVER!!!
Jack Brownless
Jack Brownless - 16 dager siden
No joke if you type in titanic song this is the third video you see wow 1910 times were weird
Elemental memes
Elemental memes - 16 dager siden
Cant forget the flying eggplant
khloe?! - 16 dager siden
a certified hood classic
Phoenichi - 17 dager siden
Still a classic all these years later
Tristan Marquant
Tristan Marquant - 18 dager siden
This is définitely accurate to the movie!
Lady Bug
Lady Bug - 18 dager siden
So funny how angry he was playing this just at how silly it is😂😂
Clodinator - 18 dager siden
“The boughiest of beachables”
BIK BOI - 18 dager siden
you could've called this song "bird vs camel" and no one would've argued with you
Jack The Slayer 7220
Jack The Slayer 7220 - 19 dager siden
Thomas - 20 dager siden
y does this lowkey slap hard tho
Omnik TWR
Omnik TWR - 21 dag siden
my heart hurts of nostalgia
Arena Effect Aviator
Arena Effect Aviator - 21 dag siden
It’d be awesome to see a remake of this with newer Jontron
St4lactite Gamer
St4lactite Gamer - 24 dager siden
They could've called this song bird vs camel and no one would've argued with them
One Menacing Shitpost
One Menacing Shitpost - 24 dager siden
*_Can't forget the flying eeeggplaaant~_*
Emily Apricot
Emily Apricot - 24 dager siden
Jon is a hilarious, sometimes dark, comedian on anything, but this is a heartfelt tribute to his gaming days.
Currently_eating _a_bike
Currently_eating _a_bike - 24 dager siden
I miss 2015 songs they were so cool
Silvio Masterpalo
Silvio Masterpalo - 25 dager siden
Don’t forget the flying eggplant!
matias nemecmaceira
matias nemecmaceira - 26 dager siden
you could have called this game f l y i n g e g g p l a n t
TrixtersEpicAdventure - 26 dager siden
remember when the internet used to be fun,
Wolf Den
Wolf Den - 28 dager siden
Anyone else used to think that the guys name was Herman mustard?
Jellyfish - Måned siden
Shit this is kinda fire
The Baz Show
The Baz Show - Måned siden
Are we gonna talk about how he's literally kicking a kick drum?
cranky doodle dude
cranky doodle dude - Måned siden
"The bougiest of beat em ups"
Snowbro 22
Snowbro 22 - Måned siden
Schmoyoho: *Making Random Youtubers Sound Like Much Better Singers Than They Actually Are Since 2010*
Olose Burn
Olose Burn - Måned siden
5K people forgot the flying eggplant
Distraught Agenda
Distraught Agenda - Måned siden
I miss this
monkey fire97
monkey fire97 - Måned siden
I know it’s supposed to be funny but it turned out really nice I love it
S L - Måned siden
How do I make this my ringtone
Ze Derpio Face
Ze Derpio Face - Måned siden
Ok am I the only one to see Flex Tape man (Phil Swift) for the guy in 0:12
Bio Hazard
Bio Hazard - Måned siden
You could've called this game "Titanic", and *_EVERYONE_* would have argued with you.
Alexander Agcaoili
Alexander Agcaoili - Måned siden
This is only 5 years old... why am I experiencing nostalgia?
Jade Rumo
Jade Rumo - Måned siden
After 5years, it's still awesome.
Gregory Hipwell
Gregory Hipwell - Måned siden
You could of called this song bird vs camel
Liz Filice
Liz Filice - Måned siden
This song is yes
Liz Filice
Liz Filice - Måned siden
Luca Herman
Luca Herman - Måned siden
I love his content, new and old!
Skeleton Entertainment
Skeleton Entertainment - 27 dager siden
Jon's videos are so old yet they're still relevant
Lola Rubinstein
Lola Rubinstein - Måned siden
man, I really miss the old Jontron. I'm happy that he took that break that needed and came back to still do content, but unfortunately that spark that he had isn't there anymore. Id love to see him do another video game deep-dive, even one is fine, I'd give anything to get more content from the classic Jontron I cherished and grew up with.
Sun Spirit
Sun Spirit - Måned siden
The flying eggplant forever in heart 2020.
Fernando F. Figueiredo
Fernando F. Figueiredo - Måned siden
Cobras! Bats! Chefs! and Bats!
TheReal RenAmamiya
TheReal RenAmamiya - Måned siden
Don't forget the flying eggplant
FusedChain CRAFT
FusedChain CRAFT - 2 måneder siden
1910 times were weird
Kenny Emerton
Kenny Emerton - 2 måneder siden
Dam great job love the song
I91AM - 2 måneder siden
Eminem is afraid to rap!
Dark Reyule
Dark Reyule - 2 måneder siden
Still here, still listening.
Stephane Harvey
Stephane Harvey - 2 måneder siden
Who else wants a cover of this song by Jontron himself? I can't be the only one here
Jinxx's Zodiacs
Jinxx's Zodiacs - 2 måneder siden
Recommend has brought me here once again it’s good to be back
W0odCh1ps - 2 måneder siden
I like the part where he said titenic
COlolipop - 2 måneder siden
A guiding light in these times of chaos
SAMANTHA DEREGO - 2 måneder siden
Hi yes, I still love this song
Xx$p!n@chL0rd75xX - 2 måneder siden
The best Chainsmokers song that wasn't produced or has anything to do with the Chainsmokers.
PianoMan - 2 måneder siden
Imagine if the developers of the two titanic games Jon reviewed watched this video
Cursed Teeshuert
Cursed Teeshuert - 2 måneder siden
Devin Loew
Devin Loew - 2 måneder siden
And now this song just makes me cry because it reminds me of what YouTube was. What a time to be alive
Carl - 2 måneder siden
The good times yeah. songs like this brings us back
Reality Era News
Reality Era News - 2 måneder siden
The bougiest of beat em ups 😂😂
Holy Water Squirtgun
Holy Water Squirtgun - 2 måneder siden
Why is this so stupidly catchy?
This wasn't even what I expected when I clicked
The Apple
The Apple - 2 måneder siden
Man 1910 times were scaaaaaaaaaaaaaary
Fake Inoobe roblox
Fake Inoobe roblox - 2 måneder siden
Friend: What songs do you listen to?
Me: It's complicated..
Elizabrine Animations
Elizabrine Animations - 2 måneder siden
1:27-me after learning about WW1
Stefan Stando
Stefan Stando - 2 måneder siden
I miss jontrons gaming videos
Panda Boi
Panda Boi - 2 måneder siden
More people have seen this song than the actual episode it came from
Super Epic Miner
Super Epic Miner - 2 måneder siden
I just realized this is like the 6th video Jon’s made about boats
billybobjones 45
billybobjones 45 - 2 måneder siden
Remember 6 years ago when Jontron played flying eggplant man that was a weird game
slightlyevolved - 2 måneder siden
5yrs later, still an absolute classic bop.
Joshua Long
Joshua Long - 2 måneder siden
Bird vs Camel
DARK_RIPPER - 2 måneder siden
anyone watching in 2025?
Anna Greenwell
Anna Greenwell - 2 måneder siden
This is a bop
Dank Dar
Dank Dar - 2 måneder siden
You know you couldve called this song birds vs camels and no one wouldve argued with that.
Just saying.
How_may_I_offend_ you
How_may_I_offend_ you - 2 måneder siden
This will never get old EVER. I first heard this song a year after it was released, via my older brothers. And every time I re watch Titenic an he says a line from this song I can hear the music.
Justin The Boy
Justin The Boy - 2 måneder siden
Listen to this and watch Sakura from Street Fighters do a dance gif. Surprisingly satisfying.
TheShotgunGamer - 2 måneder siden
Such simpler times
Nobody u Know
Nobody u Know - 2 måneder siden
This has been out for 5years , this should have way more views than it does. It's really catchy 👍💙
Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia - 2 måneder siden
This fills me with so much nostalgia of the summer of '15... simpler times...
khs cupcake
khs cupcake - 2 måneder siden
Dyke Elephant
Dyke Elephant - 27 dager siden
Offand Odd
Offand Odd - 2 måneder siden
SkyTwerp - 2 måneder siden
this song beat me up, stole my wallet, and seduced my wife
Justin The Boy
Justin The Boy - 2 måneder siden
This song still bops
Trini Tech
Trini Tech - 3 måneder siden
Cute XD I'm a little late to the party but this song slams XD
Gallade Gamer
Gallade Gamer - 3 måneder siden
*actual sound it made*
Tomek Orzechowski
Tomek Orzechowski - 3 måneder siden
0:50 is jontron Jewish?
MisterGrim - 3 måneder siden
5 years later and I still get this song stuck in my head at times.. had to watch again to get it out
Raph - 3 måneder siden
1:34 i never noticed the quiet "flying eggplant" backing singing there