Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron

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I'm sorry you all had to watch this
Runtime: 10:27


IsabelleTheStoop - 12 timer siden
rip jontrons money
radal_simp - Dag siden
This is why I upgraded to the vive
cheese3821 - 2 dager siden
I’m going be every quest owner (yes I own one) O MY GOD U SOULD HAV GOT A QUEST
Alex Nikiforov
Alex Nikiforov - 3 dager siden
This will be hilarious to watch in 10 years when this is very common and everyone knows how to use it. Kind of like when RFID tags that allow for contactless payment started to appear ~10 years ago.
Devin Giltner
Devin Giltner - 4 dager siden
Oculus is shit tho, for real.
Trix watches Jojo
Trix watches Jojo - 4 dager siden
JonTron reminds me of michael from the office
Muhammad Farhan Atif
Muhammad Farhan Atif - 5 dager siden
How does he only have almost 7 million subscribers.
Dood VR
Dood VR - 6 dager siden
This is a face of a broken man
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm - 6 dager siden
you can tell oculus is owned by facebook
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm - 6 dager siden
why would i ever buy a headset that requires AA batteries
muntedslunt - 7 dager siden
ironically tho, the quest 2 or rift s, is the better option vs Valve and HTC or HP
Oculus is winning by comparison - and its hilarious people who don't know how to block trackers are scared of a fumbling company like facebook.
Isaac Satzman
Isaac Satzman - 9 dager siden
I can’t believe this wasn’t sponsored by Oculus.
(Btw I know I wasn’t the first person to say this, but it did come to my mind before I saw the other comments so I thought I’d post it)
IGotZeMuZik - 9 dager siden
children in africa coudve eaten that occulus
The_ Darkborne
The_ Darkborne - 9 dager siden
WOW!!! It's in there! LMFAO
marpek - 10 dager siden
My heart went down when he destrpyed that xD
hcmmy - 10 dager siden
it took me so long to realise that jon's desktop wallpaper is the same as mine
CV-7724 adversary
CV-7724 adversary - 10 dager siden
Bulletbill Studios
Bulletbill Studios - 10 dager siden
Jonathan jofari: jojo
Big Guap
Big Guap - 10 dager siden
Damn I didnt think Jon plays DMC 😳
Popcorn Master
Popcorn Master - 10 dager siden
Are you ok mr.tron
Enthusiastic Gamer
Enthusiastic Gamer - 12 dager siden
I just bought my oculus rift s and had no issues setting it up. I think your pc is just too advanced
Satanic Sponge
Satanic Sponge - 12 dager siden
Damn, he's got a double sided monitor, I didn't even know that was a thing
Alpha Games
Alpha Games - 13 dager siden
Is this sponsored? And if so, is there a code I can use?
Sandric Bendiksen
Sandric Bendiksen - 13 dager siden
7:55 me stuck in a nightmare while tryna exit it
Shy Vaporeon
Shy Vaporeon - 14 dager siden
Jon is such a crybaby
It's Me
It's Me - 14 dager siden
Why mukbang. Why.
Panda - 14 dager siden
jokes on you I *was* really entertained by the muknamg segment of this video
Ceruano Ashe
Ceruano Ashe - 15 dager siden
Index for the win lol
Karen Mkrtchyan
Karen Mkrtchyan - 15 dager siden
"Well leaving my house was a bad idea" that didn't age well
Karen Mkrtchyan
Karen Mkrtchyan - 15 dager siden
Who is here after getting the quest 2?
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray - 15 dager siden
Shit that was stupid. And super lazy. Tf...
Hitler's Pimp
Hitler's Pimp - 15 dager siden
I've never seen this video before
why do i exist
why do i exist - 16 dager siden
I wish I could get one
Hayden Dahl
Hayden Dahl - 16 dager siden
Or you could get a valve headset like the index
Hayden Dahl
Hayden Dahl - 16 dager siden
The quest 2 is better then a rift s
Prism - 16 dager siden
Y’know the sad part is that this isn’t even dramatized...
This is exactly what it’s like to operate an Oculus...
Void_Box - 13 dager siden
Finally someone knows! Everyone thinks it’s a good headset, when it’s the shittiest thing ever.
Embattle - 16 dager siden
I’m pretty sure the Xbox 360 had better download speeds than when installing this Oculus app.
Lampshade - 17 dager siden
I thought you were gonna eat the headset, you let me down
LVBBoi - 17 dager siden
Jon's genuine terror at the spaghetti dimension was actually horrifying.
LVBBoi - 17 dager siden
The pain of someone who can't even afford Google Cardboard watching this.
varjak paw
varjak paw - 17 dager siden
At 3:38 my internet went down and i almost shit myself
Bad Gaming Videos Incorporated
I followed all of the instructions and troubleshooted my onculus the same way shown and I think it’s broken. Worst DIY video ever, disliked
MrNonexistent - 18 dager siden
Me in 2019 when he destroys the headset: *This hurts*
Me in 2021 when he destroys the headset: *This hurts but I don’t feel too bad because I wanted one in 2019 but it didn’t work because my computer wasn’t powerful enough so I got the quest then I got the quest 2*
Tweetie the budgerigar
Tweetie the budgerigar - 18 dager siden
Jon and I have the same vr headset
Ethan Loureiro
Ethan Loureiro - 18 dager siden
Seeing John destroy that Rift S was like him plunging a dull rusty knife into my gut
El - 18 dager siden
Seeing Johntron makes me want to watch the video.
Seeing Mukbang makes me not.
Mechanical Macroni
Mechanical Macroni - 18 dager siden
this the youngest boomer I have every seen
WickedLazerus - 20 dager siden
Why is there a Ronald Mc Donald on the ground!?! 3:39
broo gul
broo gul - 20 dager siden
"I have no self respect anymore"
creepy camp animatoins
creepy camp animatoins - 20 dager siden
1 year later recommended to me lmao
Mike Visby
Mike Visby - 20 dager siden
Oculus was good until they decided to make it mandatory to have a facebook account to use. I got rid of that crap years ago, and have no desire to go back. My next VR set will be valve or HTC, fuck Oculus.
Brandon Boss
Brandon Boss - 20 dager siden
Eating spaghetti while watching this video
Feels good man, and tastes good too!
Christoffer Engelstad
Christoffer Engelstad - 20 dager siden
The Camera shakes more than Michael J. Fox
John Wesley Harden
John Wesley Harden - 20 dager siden
Someone took a turd in his food
Aidan Lahura
Aidan Lahura - 21 dag siden
If you didn't know this is a sponsor
SNEAKY CAMPERS - 21 dag siden
It hurts to watch you destroy a oculus and rift s. But seeing you do this is exactly how I felt dealing with my rift a . Thank god the quest 2 came out😂
menace and jak
menace and jak - 22 dager siden
I think Jon just crushed an old phone VR.
Juiceboi PRO
Juiceboi PRO - 22 dager siden
Its not sponsored
Rat King
Rat King - 22 dager siden
Liam - 22 dager siden
Love how my Internet cut out, as you said firmware updating and it started buffering, I wasn't sure if it was actually buffering or if it was some skit lol.
Legocraft700 - 24 dager siden
Oculus rift super
Aiden Aidenen
Aiden Aidenen - 24 dager siden
Basically f oculus
Grayson Cardinali
Grayson Cardinali - 24 dager siden
5:55 this hurts me
TheDestructionPortal - 24 dager siden
yea this headset sucks, you can see thrillseekers video on this headset
MegaJman143 - 25 dager siden
Go home, GO HOME are home
Chickenlad - 25 dager siden
I cringed so hard when Jon destroyed his VE
Nemesis Prime
Nemesis Prime - 25 dager siden
Please make more John tron youtooz
Kernnichiwa - 25 dager siden
Holy shit jontron has the same pc as me 😳
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza - 25 dager siden
"Leaving my house is not necessary, I- I don't think I'm gonna do that again" Jon must be from the future.
jimmy ekdahl
jimmy ekdahl - 25 dager siden
“Firmware updating”
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - 26 dager siden
Note to self; never invite Jon over to play video games.
What is Lifeee
What is Lifeee - 26 dager siden
*laughs in Quest 2*
בר אורן
בר אורן - 26 dager siden
King Sleepy
King Sleepy - 27 dager siden
This feels like a youtube shit post but John is tired and sad
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake - 27 dager siden
S is for sport
R is for race
MC Cheez Strings
MC Cheez Strings - 27 dager siden
This video feels like climbing a set of stairs and tripping on every step
Relative Titan
Relative Titan - 27 dager siden
This sums up 2020 pretty well
Jeradboi 69
Jeradboi 69 - 29 dager siden
him destroying that Oculus was like a shotgun to the balls!
Keith Pixton
Keith Pixton - Måned siden
So the little JonTron is a real thing?
XxMazyMom - Måned siden
If you listen closely, you can hear the cameraman wheezing in the background
Frogsreprettycool - Måned siden
I have an oculus rift and believe me it’s worst like it’s not just software issues with it it’s also just really uncomfortable to wear
Gronk - Måned siden
I actually had a look of fear mixed with suprise when he smashed the vr
Nate's Page
Nate's Page - Måned siden
alternate title:
man stuggles with vr for about an hour or so.
Nate's Page
Nate's Page - Måned siden
he hit the box with a sound effect 14 times.
H A T - Måned siden
I think Jon lost all sanity in this video
Siggy Buttbrain
Siggy Buttbrain - Måned siden
index is 100% better. iv had both and its just a better headset.
lashedcross856 - Måned siden
I’m watching this exactly a year later
Cody - Måned siden
S for super and its a ranking in most games
Majklkiller - Måned siden
Jon making a DMC reference in under a minute? Nice.
Dd_Trotz - Måned siden
Jon got married?
Mystic Shadow
Mystic Shadow - Måned siden
Can’t wait for ready player one headsets. Like the wireless and gloves. It would be so cool!!
TrafficCone - Måned siden
Came here for the destroying.
Jesse Cox
Jesse Cox - Måned siden
me would kill for vr jon tron ok lets smash it
KenJacKenzie - Måned siden
When the bugs came in the yootooz bit I legit swatted around my head
Evan Canty
Evan Canty - Måned siden
I’m drunk and i didnt drink help
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez - Måned siden
I laught my ass of when he was in the pasta
Skunk2spec - Måned siden
I hope this is a parody showing what a giant piece of shit that thing is because that and a lot of good laughs are all I'm getting from this one.
Not a Class-D
Not a Class-D - Måned siden
How did I not know this video was made
Chuck Manson
Chuck Manson - Måned siden
I like turtles.
xneon - Måned siden
I got so tired so when the youtooz commercial came on it felt like a fever dream from that point on
Heywood Jablome
Heywood Jablome - 2 måneder siden
the S could be a reference from tokyo ghoul.
Sliced_glass _
Sliced_glass _ - 2 måneder siden
Is ur full name Jonathan Tronathan?