Weird Workout Videos - JonTron

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In this episode, Jon tries to workout and fails but you already knew that WOW WHAT A SPOILER
Jon Jafari - Himself
God - Hot Dog Wizard
Eva JM Smith - Jonny Jon's Gamer Zone Girl
Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Torres
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Assistant - Andrew Reynoso
Set Design - Lynell Vinuya
Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Runtime: 13:55


billy jones
billy jones - Time siden
Hope Estelle got some of that French baguette 🥖
PhoenixHealing - Dag siden
Going up to Mark: So you had a workout video back in the 90s where you say "pow," a lot
Mark: What? Nooooo
MTK B MNK - Dag siden
Great video Jon Tron👍🏼👍🏼🤜🤛😃
Diamond Jhon Micheal boling
he might became saitama....
The Anime Otaku
The Anime Otaku - 2 dager siden
Just play beat saber 2.0x speed on expert thats a workouts
Reapers Gaming
Reapers Gaming - 2 dager siden
How didn't anyone see that huge moose knuckle 😂😂
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein - 3 dager siden
The King of Sorrianthum
The King of Sorrianthum - 3 dager siden
We're trying to saw off Florida, huh? Well, just from these videos alone Japan seems even more phychotic, are we not going to saw them off? Oh wait... They were already sawn off a few billion years ago. Uhm... Can we bomb them... Again? Please?
bunnyfreakz - 4 dager siden
The most awkward moment when you click adv on this video and it do not exist anymore.
Rainbow Gaming
Rainbow Gaming - 4 dager siden
3:18 we just gonna ignore it? Or...
No Name
No Name - Dag siden
I don't think a million comments equals ignoring something.
some fucking noob
some fucking noob - 4 dager siden
Joanna seems like she runs a horse camp for special needs kids
supernintendogames1 - 5 dager siden
2:39 school in a nutshell
LvGaming B8_C
LvGaming B8_C - 5 dager siden
if you begin singing "spare me my life, spare me my life, spare me my life" over and over in a monotone voice, they'll kill you right off because of how much it'll disturb them
Jick Ree
Jick Ree - 6 dager siden
I didn't know God was a hot dog seller dang that's dope
The random fam Boiii
The random fam Boiii - 6 dager siden
Did no one notice the horse lady's camel its all I could see and honestly frankly I'm traumatized but the rest was funny 7/10 would watch again
AA Batteries
AA Batteries - 6 dager siden
squish squid
squish squid - 7 dager siden
this video is 3 years old.... what is time anymore
Saher Haddad
Saher Haddad - 7 dager siden
At 12:57 the girl seems very familiar, humble beginnings?
Eddzzz - 7 dager siden
1. I can't stop staring at the toe it haunts me.
2. Does that french dude have only 4 fingers?
ademisc - 8 dager siden
Joanna was rejected by the ministry of silly walks for being too silly.
psycho social
psycho social - 8 dager siden
The Zuiikin video was actually a seance how to video, they were actually trying to summon a great titan to save them from the robbers
fireandcopper - 8 dager siden
The horse lady has a moose knuckle, there's a joke to be made there
Simon Hass Nilsson
Simon Hass Nilsson - 9 dager siden
"the strange hotdog wizard"...clap clap CLAP CLAP (thunderous applause)
Me - 9 dager siden
Bruh is he not going to mention the caramel toe on the first one
Edit: wtf Raphael only has 3 fingengees.
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 9 dager siden
My mom used to use workout videos and forced me to do them with her
Sticky Steve
Sticky Steve - 9 dager siden
That brunette chick at the end is gorgeous!
Rin's Everything
Rin's Everything - 10 dager siden
That Prancercise woman is freaky looking.
billedefoudre - 10 dager siden
It's useless ? Yeah.
And useless don't do anything to your body.
And it doesn't do anything, it can't do harm!
That's the loophole for the whole fitness & diet & para-medecine industry right there.
Tripirior Newmand
Tripirior Newmand - 10 dager siden
as i am watching this i turned 18. Im glad i choose this video to watch while i became a legal adult
Marin Sabens
Marin Sabens - 10 dager siden
The dude at 4:38 could secure the capitol better than the police
The Great Mardleedum
The Great Mardleedum - 10 dager siden
Picture in picture is not available for this video (music) *watches music video and gets picture in picture*
Blambo - 11 dager siden
After 3 years I still can’t understand why did you advertise swag bucks
Yaboi Czar
Yaboi Czar - 11 dager siden
Me: See's that weird dog ladies muscles
Spare Me My Life
Spare Me My Life
Spare Me My Life
Spare Me My Life
Benjamin Phillips
Benjamin Phillips - 11 dager siden
Please come back
Saif El-Din El-Mofty
Saif El-Din El-Mofty - 11 dager siden
Im sure it im late for this comment but there is a clip where they say take everything you want
Nigel Hafford
Nigel Hafford - 11 dager siden
gotta appreciate the Jet Set Radio music
Lonk The Great and Powerful
Lonk The Great and Powerful - 11 dager siden
"We're trying to saw that state off"
This os the perfect way to describe how the rest of America feels about Florida.
Boom Deyada
Boom Deyada - 12 dager siden
Are we not gonna talk about that chicks fit?
Gnome - 12 dager siden
jessebk20 _
jessebk20 _ - 12 dager siden
His voice sounds just like Nathan Lane!
GeRmOnIc x
GeRmOnIc x - 12 dager siden
Did the marky mark workout once went into China town district and started punching Asians left and right
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid - 12 dager siden
Yo, Japan...
.... Don't.
chetan breivogel
chetan breivogel - 12 dager siden
It funny because he's fat.
Dipdew w
Dipdew w - 12 dager siden
The one time I saw somebody using a fitness video was when i was around 3 or 4
Evan Gross
Evan Gross - 13 dager siden
There are so many of these VHS tapes John could do a whole series on them.
Deep Chungus
Deep Chungus - 13 dager siden
The "what the fuck" at 8:25 gets me everytime
Mighty Zia Black
Mighty Zia Black - 13 dager siden
"the strange hotdog wizard"
Samson Jonen
Samson Jonen - 13 dager siden
Noah Nik
Noah Nik - 13 dager siden
I swear to God that one guy looks like Jason Alexander
joseph asd
joseph asd - 13 dager siden
1:06 lol rejected
mechakinggidora - 13 dager siden
Prancercise looks like it's more based on a camel than a horse...
AJ Jensen
AJ Jensen - 15 dager siden
HOW was this three years ago
Gia Chinh Nguyen
Gia Chinh Nguyen - 15 dager siden
Its true jon does have the ideal male body
A Sock
A Sock - 15 dager siden
As Jon got the scal and it broke and shot into his eye I was peeling an orange and the juice shot into my eye
Tesseract556 - 15 dager siden
Oh cool. A scam from Jontron. Nice. He can't be assed to upload vids so he pushes scams. Cool
Pixel the Cat
Pixel the Cat - 12 dager siden
Not fair to treat someone as if they are the same from 3 years ago.
E- tan
E- tan - 15 dager siden
@Tesseract556 what? Sure, any youtuber who was getting demonitized by the system, or needed money because their upload schedule prioritized quality over quantity, thus not playing into NOburn's monitization plan, is not a reputable youruber to you? Nice.
Tesseract556 - 15 dager siden
@E- tan Not reputable youtubers. It's still a scam. What part of that is going over your head
E- tan
E- tan - 15 dager siden
@Tesseract556 bro... literally every youtuber and their moms were doing those adds at the time. It was like that years raid shadow legends
Tesseract556 - 15 dager siden
@E- tan Still a scam
Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome - 16 dager siden
Joanna is fucking frightening.. 😰
Zach White
Zach White - 16 dager siden
Yeah could we terra form the world and just get rid of florida i mean I live in Florida but I wanna move to canada
VeronicatheGreat - 16 dager siden
Yooooooo!!!! Jet set radiooooooo!!!!!
Blazy Andrey
Blazy Andrey - 16 dager siden
Can we at least keep Florida keys?
Pable Today
Pable Today - 16 dager siden
That girl in Jon's Gamer Zone was so beautiful.
Michael Burgos
Michael Burgos - 17 dager siden
Fookin Pancakes!!!!
Avi Trivedi
Avi Trivedi - 17 dager siden
Prancercise: By a woman who took Jojo Part 6 too seriously
Nic Cotterell
Nic Cotterell - 17 dager siden
13:14. When Mark Wahlberg sees a poor Vietnamese man walking down the street
Baron Sharpe
Baron Sharpe - 17 dager siden
Okay can somebody explain to me WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MARIKO ?!?!?!
What the fuck is wrong with her arms and legs?!?! Are those tumors?! Is she gonna die?! Or are those Fucking implants, and if they are then why the fuck would you want that????
Bird Brain
Bird Brain - 13 dager siden
@Baron Sharpe I have no idea
Baron Sharpe
Baron Sharpe - 13 dager siden
@Bird Brain but y tho?!
Bird Brain
Bird Brain - 13 dager siden
i hope it’s cgi like the dogs
Parmesan Killa
Parmesan Killa - 17 dager siden
is that lets pretend i hear?
The Fox
The Fox - 18 dager siden
Horses don’t have arms... they do in Florida
Miki Junior
Miki Junior - 18 dager siden
It's like one of my Japanese animes!
John Doe
John Doe - 18 dager siden
yo lemme get that girl's ig
Emi-Chan - 18 dager siden
Bro how the hell did that prancing lady in the beginning get into YouTube Rewind?
SuperLlama42 - 18 dager siden
Jon watches a normal episode of Golden Girls
CD L - 18 dager siden
wake me up wake me up inside
Commander Gree
Commander Gree - 18 dager siden
Local Deals For 07047
Up to 68% Off Pole-Dancing
At like 0:15
goat simulator goat
goat simulator goat - 18 dager siden
For a second i ligit thought the guy in the thumbnail (not jon) was diogenies from getting over it
Ian Durbin
Ian Durbin - 18 dager siden
Position for Danny Wahlberg to have he's on workout tape
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine - 18 dager siden
To those looking, here : 4:39
Anormal Man
Anormal Man - 18 dager siden
5:42 i knew this was coming,i was like hyperventilating while watching this,i can't believe I finally found the original of that video
Zoomie - 19 dager siden
You don’t want Florida, I don’t want my life after watching anime girls beg for their lives and declare they need to shit.
wee nest
wee nest - 19 dager siden
Was this unironic or ironc?
Lok Dogg
Lok Dogg - 19 dager siden
People appraisals going on now!!!
NelsonianB - 20 dager siden
holy camerl toe @2:50
Louie Badiola
Louie Badiola - 20 dager siden
Shut up JonTron! I want to see more of those Zuikin English!

Foop Goop
Foop Goop - 20 dager siden
That girl al 9:24 can connect her arms together like a Lincoln log
Lane Capps
Lane Capps - 20 dager siden
Where does he even find this stuff?
Josh D
Josh D - 21 dag siden
I hope they paid the strange hotdog wizard
xtreme oak
xtreme oak - 22 dager siden
Why is it all ways New Mexico
Bobby Rosken
Bobby Rosken - 22 dager siden
A fantastic video from a fantastic boy
David Westwood
David Westwood - 23 dager siden
Nice to see Voldemort getting his daily exercise, not sure about choice of wig or name prancercise I'm guessing he put too much of his senses into the snake
Wcat03blu - 23 dager siden
I just wanna know what happened to that poor girls arms...
Stefan Sharak
Stefan Sharak - 24 dager siden
3:24 It sounds more like a knock off of AC/DC’s back in black
michael espinoza
michael espinoza - 24 dager siden
I'm watching this while I do have a bad case of diahrria.
Sebastian Chlebecek
Sebastian Chlebecek - 24 dager siden
mark's family must be proud of him after seeing his awesome workout video
A R - 25 dager siden
My dream 9:52
Mario Robotnik
Mario Robotnik - 26 dager siden
Sometimes I wish we used more nukes than just 2
Stop Motion Notion
Stop Motion Notion - 26 dager siden
Is it just me or was Joanna wearing those exercise pants a bit to..umm.."tight" sound her "thigh" region. NOT TRYNA BE A PERV JUST STATING THE FACTS
King Lilith
King Lilith - 26 dager siden
Fun fact:
She used prosthetics to make it look like she has " fluffy muscles" Also she is (or was idk) apart of Smosh
iF Smegna
iF Smegna - 25 dager siden
No prosthetics she's just built like that
King Lilith
King Lilith - 26 dager siden
lol I actually used one of these. P90X *shudders*
Malachi Ricci
Malachi Ricci - 26 dager siden
Could anyone feel his soul leaving as He was wheezing?
Maga Land Bros
Maga Land Bros - 26 dager siden
that japenese workout was like satans workout video
guilleDCF - 28 dager siden
landed here thru a playlist called "lovecraft mythos". im scared and confused.
iF Smegna
iF Smegna - 25 dager siden
Sounds accurate to me
I'm Sorry Rumham
I'm Sorry Rumham - 28 dager siden