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JonTronShow - År siden
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jake does memes
jake does memes - 2 dager siden
Deez nuts
Cambam43 - 5 dager siden
That coughs and sneezes isnt so out dated here in 2021 now is it
Cj Wilson
Cj Wilson - 6 dager siden
Forgot to mention I clicked the link and got some good goods from the shave club
Rushing2game - 7 dager siden
Almost last
Rushing2game - 7 dager siden
WingNutGaming - 50 minutter siden
9:43 💀
Blau Wolf
Blau Wolf - Time siden
4:00 some chinees guy didnt get the memo by 2020 ....
KingGGTheGreat - Time siden
'A 5 year old should know by age 4' - JonTron 2019
Roger - 6 timer siden
I just realized the music in the transitions is an 8 bit version of safety dance. Nice
Oliver Kregor
Oliver Kregor - 6 timer siden
or  is a mild form of  illness that often results from physical exertion when it is hot. It occurs when your body, in an effort to cool itself, causes the blood vessels to dilate to such an extent that blood flow to the brain is reduced.
Oliver Kregor
Oliver Kregor - 6 timer siden
"That's not work safety, that's work dumb dumb. -Jon Tron
Heavy Metal Collector
Heavy Metal Collector - 7 timer siden
20:03 Someone needs to set that to Roller Mobster
Warlord4379 - 7 timer siden
That first video is just...gruesome
Ronald Brow
Ronald Brow - 7 timer siden
Ladders have always been biased against women. All ladies should avoid them. Look what happened in that re-enactment video.
White Pumpkin398
White Pumpkin398 - 7 timer siden
Harry, who’s Harry?
Everyone: *shocked pikachu face*
Gregory Hipwell
Gregory Hipwell - 8 timer siden
0:59 thing that a 5 year old should know by age 4 hmmmmmmm
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 8 timer siden
HEAT WAS HOT 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨😨😨
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash - 9 timer siden
When you sneeze and people tell you to stop...hmmmm reminds me if COVID people without a mask
Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice - 9 timer siden
The sneezing one became depressingly relevant.
plasticweapon - 13 timer siden
"you were alive before you died", all PSAs in a nutshell.
Savannah Strack
Savannah Strack - 19 timer siden
When he touched the kettle I thought he was gonna do the Eminem thing “that’s an awfully hot coffee pot”
K2yp705 - 23 timer siden
BBQ_Sauce - Dag siden
0:23 "that's an awfully hot coffee pot"
Mathias - Dag siden
and some fat sweaty nerd comes up and goes...
that's the best part
Arska - Dag siden
18:37 i didnt know an earth worm is a hazard
Michael R
Michael R - Dag siden
"the FU** is heat syncope!?!" XD
Raymond Mitchell
Raymond Mitchell - Dag siden
Nate's Disturbed
Nate's Disturbed - Dag siden
That one didn't age quite so well...
BroKing858 - Dag siden
The guy who plays Gandalf is taika waititi or the director of doctor strange Thor ragnorak and is the voice actor for Korg the rock guy also 12:25
Farrel Kafur
Farrel Kafur - Dag siden
Jontron: I wonder where he is today.
Me: Six feet underground probably
Thiago Pereira
Thiago Pereira - Dag siden
14:01 I don’t think that’s supposed to be gimli I think it’s just another random dwarf and if he is grimly we’re his 2 handed axe
Rohan Industries
Rohan Industries - Dag siden
Arwen does bring the water Elrond did with the horses are added by Gandalf.
Hurricane HD!
Hurricane HD! - Dag siden
Coughs and sneezes is relatable in 2020
Furnace - Dag siden
"That a 5 year old should know at age 4" -Jontron
Anthony Ayala
Anthony Ayala - Dag siden
Is Gandalf played by Taika Waititi?
AffableAussie - Dag siden
Harry doesn't work there but he has repeat violations? I think this inspector is in on an insurance fraud scam
[SHADOW GAMING] - 2 dager siden
Those tripping things are things I could go over on my skateboard without even noticing
sambamNo2 - 2 dager siden
Travis The Soviet Spy Child
Travis The Soviet Spy Child - 2 dager siden
Karret Gold
Karret Gold - 2 dager siden
Jon: touches a hot pot
Eminem: That's an awfully hot coffee pot
Hurricane HD!
Hurricane HD! - 2 dager siden
“Things that a 5 year old should know at... age 4”
Joshua V
Joshua V - 2 dager siden
Anyone else thought it was william osman in the thumbnail?
ellie - 2 dager siden
Apparently heat syncope is when someone faints due to heat stress
That Critic With The Beard
That Critic With The Beard - 2 dager siden
Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy, Taika Watiti, and New Zealand all in one.
mighty finn
mighty finn - 2 dager siden
Don't put some pepper in your nose as you will feel alot of pain as well as sneeze alot
Joseph chapman
Joseph chapman - 2 dager siden
understanding the context of the harry video makes it even more hilarious
Emilio ovalle
Emilio ovalle - 2 dager siden
BCshooterFMJ PRIME - 2 dager siden
I come back for 14:27
Stone S
Stone S - 2 dager siden
Ahhhh, ol' Harry... always warshin' dishes without the laaaaght awn. Classic Harry, warshin' them dishes in suspiciously dark locations.
David Straughn
David Straughn - 2 dager siden
That’s an awfully hot coffee pot
Stone S
Stone S - 2 dager siden
Nearly 2 years later and I'm still thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinking abouuuuuuuuut thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! Such safety; many success!
Nick Leblanc
Nick Leblanc - 2 dager siden
Just thought I'd point out that Gandalf from the Air New Zealand PSA is played by Taika Waititi, writer/director of Thor Ragnarok, voice of Korg, and winner of the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay...
Alwin Winter
Alwin Winter - 2 dager siden
I am assuming from this video's ending that the original sponsor was gonna be NordVPN?
Greenzombie 0108
Greenzombie 0108 - 3 dager siden
I was jamming out to the intro song while on the way to the toilet.
The Protaganist0825
The Protaganist0825 - 3 dager siden
It looks like willaim osman in the thumbnail
TRBenjiSwiss - 3 dager siden
this is the video where i realised:
1. jon sounds like one of those old fashioned car horns when he inhales pepper
2. he has 4 eyebrows (or 2 eyebrows split into 2)
Tommy Guillemette
Tommy Guillemette - 3 dager siden
Didn't get out of my house since I've seen this video... not because of the pandemic, because my door steps are 3/4 of an inch :o
Gabriel castillo
Gabriel castillo - 3 dager siden
Can't believe it's been a year
Ansh - 3 dager siden
Who's watching in 2021, in quarantine
a dog
a dog - 3 dager siden
4:58 imagine sneezing in public and then someone abducts you and forces you to continue sneezing, all because you didn't cover yourself on accident
ST0RMRAG3_H!tz - 3 dager siden
That a five year old should know by age 4
Riley Neath
Riley Neath - 3 dager siden
The British accent is spot on
Howard T. Duck
Howard T. Duck - 3 dager siden
“Now Hwhy do you need 3 barrels of hydrochloric acid... I mean this is a Hwendy’s”
because baconislife
because baconislife - 3 dager siden
I hate to say it but people are still like Harry to this day, literally everything in the video
Mike TheMemest
Mike TheMemest - 3 dager siden
The Second one hits more closer today
Atoma Paleblood
Atoma Paleblood - 3 dager siden
This is a Hwendy's
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber - 3 dager siden
18:18 Taco Bell🤣🤣🤣
Eyoel Babashe
Eyoel Babashe - 3 dager siden
EwanBoii2 - 3 dager siden
2:06 Hes uh Sparking there is flames shooting out of his eye sockets!
Luke Park
Luke Park - 3 dager siden
So we r all gonna ignore Taika Waititi as gandalf?
I am Satire
I am Satire - 3 dager siden
I like how Jon added the hwat when impersonating the health inspector
Owen Matthews
Owen Matthews - 4 dager siden
12:19 the way he says "that's not Gandalf" lmao
Alexander Sillan
Alexander Sillan - 4 dager siden
Ha ha
Sam Laufer
Sam Laufer - 4 dager siden
“The fatal half inch”
Sam Laufer
Sam Laufer - 3 dager siden
@Kapitan Autyzm indeed son
Kapitan Autyzm
Kapitan Autyzm - 3 dager siden
Give it to me father
Remote Control
Remote Control - 4 dager siden
syncope is pretty much passing out so it's passing out from overheating.
Enderman #7475
Enderman #7475 - 4 dager siden
This is so funny
Lovely little roses :c
Lovely little roses :c - 4 dager siden
Lovely little roses :c
Lovely little roses :c - 4 dager siden
this video says if u die u die so don’t die just don’t die
Noobify - 4 dager siden
work dum dum
HA HA - 4 dager siden
Okay but lets appreciate all of the work put into the skits
Robin 't Jong
Robin 't Jong - 4 dager siden
12:20 Taika Watiti?
Sandra Sussman
Sandra Sussman - 4 dager siden
Heat was hot! 😱😂 ... I actually relate to this 😂
Marieva Ramirez
Marieva Ramirez - 4 dager siden
i noticed that gandalf is played by taika waititi in this commercial he is the director of thor ragnarok
Planeswalker Pain
Planeswalker Pain - 5 dager siden
Uhh... what's the song you used when you hit yourself over the head with a hammer?
Slipfilth666 - 5 dager siden
reptoid LMFAO!!!! im done..
RYCKroll - 5 dager siden
Tbh these workplace vids are needed. People are dumbbbbbb lmao
Cj Wilson
Cj Wilson - 5 dager siden
Inspector Roy was the best "theres fingers in the spinach a foot in the arugula and that's bringing a whole new meaning to a head of lettuce"
_pill_cereal_ - 5 dager siden
6:51 I laughed so hard I almost threw up
Tyler 2.0
Tyler 2.0 - 5 dager siden
4:38 he sounds like a car horn
paul patton
paul patton - 5 dager siden
gandalf is taika wattiti
XenoRaptor - 5 dager siden
I just realized that the transactions are playing the saftey dance music
Not Me
Not Me - 5 dager siden
Heat syncope is actually a dizziness or fainting from extended standing or sudden getting up from a sitting position in prolonged exposure from heat
A Random Sad Boy
A Random Sad Boy - 5 dager siden
15:14 song?
Dillydoe - 5 dager siden
Log Wood
Log Wood - 5 dager siden
I like how the intermission title song is called the 'safety dance'.
JAY FROS - 5 dager siden
coffing and sneezing is now a saftey hazard XD that predicted the future
Dillazon Merrill
Dillazon Merrill - 6 dager siden
The fact the tree pillow on the couch is upside down is absolutely killing me!
TheKHfan358over3d - 6 dager siden
"he's not a nuisance he's a real danger!"
viewers in 2020 and 2021: "agreed"
Lucas. - 6 dager siden
Jacob Bonner
Jacob Bonner - 6 dager siden
The Intro: =D The Video: :-)
Samuel Paul
Samuel Paul - 6 dager siden
Around 18:35 did they just say a worm... is a fucking tripping hazard?
Femme Funtime
Femme Funtime - 6 dager siden
The sneezing one hits different with covid existing
Ririn Collin Wing
Ririn Collin Wing - 6 dager siden
Please come back
Mathiasisneat - 6 dager siden
Nobody is talking about them showing a worm at a tripping hazard at 18:36